October 23, 2017

Stay Fabulous with Fabulash!

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum!
This weekend *I know we just finish another weekend but I already excited for next one!*, I can’t wait to spends lotsaaa amazing time with my babygirl, Ekin *hello sisturrrrr* while my mum and my other siblings will go to Avilion PD for RHB Management team activities. So yeah, I’m expecting lil bit freedom from stuck in the house taking care my beautiful Gretchen/Iris Rumaysa (Mama Meem love you, baby!)

My next plan will be one of the best in year 2017, YES! I am been invited by PinkBoxCereal X Shiseido MY to attend the beauty workshop held in Four Point, Sheraton Penang! I can’t wait to go and I am freakin’ glad that I got myself some lil treat for pampering and beautifying my look before hittin’ November LOL Not using anything under drugs or injection guys, it is all about enhancing le beauty that I already owned since I was born *over*

Despite all the workloads, I managed to squeeze in time to book the date and time to do something that I rarely done in my entire life, getting an eyelash extension! OMG, this is super cool because I never even imagine myself being that courage and lil bit extra throughout my 25 years of life and I’m still learning to adapt the new ‘thanggg’ on my original lashes when I write this entry LOL please bear with my excitement!

The beauty center known as ‘Fabulash’ with tagline Stay flawless & Fabulous, one of my beautiful Chinese girl friend own that place and majorly focus on eyelash extension, Manicure, Pedicure and also other beauty treatments. When I first step into the place, I am already aware that the place will be lots of pink since my girlfriend name is already related with Pink, or more specific full name, Hi yin Pink  ❤️ Hi, Pink! *I know you will read my blog LOL JK*

 Cozy and very serene environment is the best when it comes to pampering le self in Fabulash.

What I love about Fabulash? Just look at those package for every eyelash choices they provide :- Korean Eyelash, Western Eyelash and also Japanese Eyelash. Each eye lashes are differ according to the price and also the style *duhh, this is damn true* Well, since I’mma huge fan for Anime, of course I will choose lashes called ‘Sakura Hime’ with big-doll curl type, and approximately 12-13 CM for each eye. I met with Mia again, one of the junior lash therapist and we’re quite close back then, when Fabulash is in middle of grand launch like 3 months ago. She is still the cutest and she took care of my lashes extremely well.

The process of doing Eyelash extension take about 80-90 minutes for both eyes and I kinda fell asleep during that time LOL *finger cross, I really hope that I’m not snoring or talking in sleep during the period* 

Excuse my naked face please! >,<

Yeay for the result!

Mia, Pink and Vivienne recommend that I should stay out from water contact around 6-7 hours and they also provide me a very cute pink brush to trim my new lashes. Thank you guys!

After that, I try Fabulash Manicure treatment for first time, and also applying some of ‘Halal’ nail colors too. There are many colors to choose from and sure are very pretty. But I suggest that if you guys wanna try it for first time, start with nude, earth tone. But if you love something bold and fancy *like I do* then go with wild colors like turquoise, gold, glitter purple, deep brown, crazy ass red or whatever, your call! 

Here, I include some of the package you guys might like if you plan on dropping by Fabulash. I think it is better if you guys buy the package as whole compared to just doin' first treatment because you can save couple of bucks and also free one session for each package!

I can't wait to purchase the package I want on my next visit. LOL

Another great thing about Fabulash is that, the beauty center become one of attractive place for Malaysian famous artist/singers drop by to do their lashes, if I’m not mistaken, some of the big names such as Ning Baizura, Yasmin Hani, Sazzy Falak, and Neelofa included! Besides that, Fabulash sometime conduct beauty workshop with charity work and club, school party and etc, which personally I think it is such a great idea because that's one way of promoting their place and services, besides spreading words via social medias. Hey, if you guys free during November, you guys can RSVP for Fabulash latest collaboration with Didiyana Ehsan X Tea Party and beauty workshop.

I will be attending both events and if you guys interested, do not hesitate to contact  down below for further details:-

MAPS: G-1-5, Plaza Arkadia, 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

So here, some of my makeup of the day/ MOTD that I try while channeling ‘Princess’ vibe thru ‘Sakura Hime’ lashes!

P/S: Hime is a princess in Japanese words, so don’t get confused love!

P/S again: I can’t wait to explore other lashes by Fabulash, so far ‘Sakura Hime’ is my favorite!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)