April 19, 2018

Perfect with Printcious!

Hello beautiful, hello handsome, Assalamualaikum 

TBH, I'm really excited when I turned 26 this year because, duhhh! Everyone keep on asking,

"Aimi, bila kau nak kahwin?"

"Syameem tak ada calon lagi ke?"

"Weh, kau nak tak aku kenalkan kau dengan lelaki sekian sekian..."

and whatsoever gold questions that will definitely been ask especially during family gathering. But Al-Hamdulillah, I'm so happy to giving my answer with big smile on le face, YES. I am getting engaged by end of this year and right now, I'm still in middle of preparation for my engagement day and I want it to be perfect. LOL, I know we're in April, but isn't it every girls dream to have beautiful and perfect in everything when it comes to her Big day? Yes, we should feel like a princess because we deserve it! So, besides full list of dress, the exchange gifts choices, the lucky ring, the yummy catering, I'm still torn to look out when it comes to goodies to be distribute for his family. And yes, even though it is an engagement day, I want it to be meaningful and I want to share my happiness with all the guests that day (in shaa ALLAH) so, yeah, everything comes down with the goodies! When I look around, I found this website that I personally think will help for all future and clueless bride to be (including me, LOL) for
WEDDING GIFT IDEAS that also can act as one of gift during exchange session. Have you guys ever heard about PRINTCIOUS?

PRINTCIOUS is way genius because it is consider as One Stop Gift Shopping #PRINTCIOUSGIFTS for any kind of occasion, but the most important one, it also provide gift services for engagement and wedding  When I open up some of the choices of wedding gifts, all of it lookin' incredibly amazing and make me wanna change my original opinion to stick with giving basic gifts to my love, but I'm going with extravagance vibe *sparkles eyes*

Another fun part about PRINTCIOUS, the website encourages their potential clients/customer to design up to their creativity, and different choices of colors to choose too! So, shall we see the item listed?

T-Shirts (consist of Graphic tee and Cotton) both can customize design that suits with the occasion (engagement, wedding, birthday and bridal shower)

Different choices of colors and sizes to pick! 


Just like the T-shirt, the mug collection can also be given as wedding gift!It’s the most classic movement ever since Mug is use almost every day whether at work or home. So far, PRINTCIOUS focus on two kinds of mugs, which are Colors and Magic Mug.

Some of essential part that need to do before proceed with the order, the design playground! PRINTCIOUS provide customize tools by editing what kind of pictures you like to put on on the mug you select and also can insert special name (Baby, Darling, Honey and bla bla bla) You can select any kind of templates of your own, or you can use the design provided by PRINTCIOUS. This is totally helping me out without any hassle, plus budget friendly too (since all designs already there, LOL)

Next one is my favorite Engagement/ wedding gift idea ever! 

Pillow talk have never been so cute with PRINTCIOUS customized Pillow! There are 4 types, square, throw, rectangular and heart shaped. Yes, this is one of gift that I personally will order very soon and insert many pictures that I shared together with my love. Can't wait!

The step of designing is easy peasy like previous one, you kinda need to edit the color, the writing font, and of course your name! And you're done and click to cart for payment. PRINTCIOUS also provide services for people who are keen to order in bulk, after all, the more the merrier (And cheaper too!) 

Others gift such as Puzzles, Ceramic tiles and Canvas are also included in gift list for wedding ideas.

LOL this is super cute (I edit that by myself with funny face) And voila! The puzzle is done!

For Ceramic Tiles, PRINTCIOUS also provided in rectangular and square size, this also apply for the Canvas. Basically, almost all of PRINTCIOUS wedding gifts comes with basic design so then it will be much easier to put inside the fancy tray that your bridesmaid will hold in grace during exchange sesh between the bride and groom (if the item happens to be one of your exchange gift), but these babies also can be given as congratulatory gift when your friends and also guest comes to your wedding day. It’s work for both ways 

To sum up, PRINTCIOUS covers everything within fingertips and I can’t wait to buy products from their website as goodies for my upcoming E-day, or maybe better, for my wedding day too! Oh, and if you are looking for SOUVENIR GIFT IDEAS for wedding, don’t forget to contact them. What’s more, if you have any upcoming wedding event and would like to impress your guest, WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL is your best entertainment! Go check ‘em out!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)