April 4, 2018

Singapore Blog & Vlog

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

I'm so excited that I just finished editin' my precious Vlog regarding with my recent visit in Singapore YEAY *clap clap* 

Well, TBH, This is actually my second time trip to SG but it's still amazing like the first trip I went last year. Singapore such a nice country but the currency is way too crazy, RM3 = 1 SGD LOL 

For my first visit, It was kinda OKAY because I went there with le fam and I still remember, My sissy mok is pregnant 5-6 months and we only go to the recommended places by the tour guide that my lovely friend Zu suggested such as Merlion Park, USS Globe, Gardens by the bay, Masjid Sultan, Arab Street and more. So for my second time reaching SG is because I wanna celebrate my birthday by experiencing fun kinda moment outside Malaysia. So, yeah, Singapore is the perfect one. Here some sneak peek for the first vlog PART 1 in SG!

Budget for first day itinerary:-

1. Hotel: Ghazrin's Classic for two nights: RM160 
2. USS Entrance fee + transportation: RM250
3. Miscellaneous (I buy Toothless pillow (SGD 24.90) + Hello kitty Pen(ss) (4 for SGD20) + Sesame streets Pen(sss) (4 for SGD20) + Sesame street toy for Iris Gretchen (SGD 5.90) + Hello kitty towel (SGD 25) 
4. Foods and Slushies : SGD8 + SGD 15 + SGD6

I love everything inside USS especially their games instead of their performance street or whatever because that's my main priority. USS divided into 6 areas, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park, Far Far Away, Madagascar and lastly Hollywood fame. Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to play most of the recommended games by some of comments from Trip Advisor and cut out the unnecessary games to attend, so yeay to that! 

Second Vlog PART 2 in SG is here!

Budget for second day itinerary:-

1. Private Transportation: RM300
2. S.E.A Aquarium, Gardens by the bay (Flower dome + Cloud Forest) : RM95
Madam Tussauds Singapore entrance fees: RM85
3. Hotlink Roaming: RM10
4. Miscellaneous: (Ice cream Froyo (SGD2-3) + marvel 4D (SGD 5) + Souvenirs plush toys (SGD 20) + Madam Tussauds Pen(ss) and keychain (SGD 30) + Flower lollipop (SGD 10)
5. Bus trip from TBS-LARKIN sentral (Round trip): RM77

During my second day in Singapore, I totally love every bits of it because I always have a thanggg when it comes to discover beautiful ocean life where I can learn more about different species and it's an amazing feeling to know that these creatures is another way to understand and feels humble towards God creation. Oh, and also, le quality of le Vlog is getting good. LOL

Gardens by the bay is so beautiful and I'm happy that I managed to discover another beauty of flora and embrace all of it in one place :)

All of the tickets can be buy personally thru online and definitely much cheaper than what I listed above, but since I'm using travel agency services, so yeah of course the price is quite expensive, but the experience and making memories is precious.

Enjoy le Vlog for Part 1 and Part 2 okay, loves! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and yes, maybe I can do more interesting Vlog near future! Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)