July 29, 2018

Makeup Tutorials or Whateva PT2

Hello beautiful! Assalamualaikum :)

Well, since I'm gather all my strength and throw away my laziness to update le blog, here I present to you guys, my second post about my makeup tutorials.

     Brown Mauve makeup look

 Pink & Pretty makeup look

Hey, look at that cute tsum tsum I win from winning claw machine game! Can you believe I won those babies using my own effort (without my sayang  help because he suck at that game too, LOL no offence sayang) So, as an appreciation post, I'm gonna post more piccas :3

And omg, guysss! since I'm winning those cuties, I really wanna collect almost all of cute tsum-tsum so bad. So yeah, wish me luck for next game LOL

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Till then, 
Lots of love,
Miss A :)