February 24, 2019

Time for Detox with Mintox!

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, How the hell are ya people!

YES, YES, YES, it’s almost March 2019 and OMG OMG OMG, I finally got time to update my dusty and crusty bloggie. I mean, Urghhh my writing skill is getting worse and I found myself enjoying every BTS concert/shows via social media. Okay, basically I don’t know whether that two information is helping you guys (eff that)  I’m sorry for abandoning my precious blog, you’re still my favorite boo, but I love BTS more LOL  Hey! if you wanna check out my current life update, you can always heads over to my social medias (especially my INSTAGRAM for beauty review because I posted lots of funny thing on TWITTER and yes all related with BTS) if you want to, or maybe you miss me or whateva LOL but hey, we gotta enjoy our life to fullest right?

Okay, since I’m getting closer to my E-day and wedding by end of this year, I promise myself one thing, which is to cut down excessive body fats. I’ve been talking about this over and over again but I still couldn’t cross this wish yet. But this year, this MF 2019  I’mma gonna do it in healthy and most natural way without hurting my body. I know people can get extra crazy when it comes to lose weight by consuming lots of weight loss product without proper concern with the ingredients and to be truth, it’s sad looking at those people who got unnecessary health problems when they  are about to achieve their body goal. I’m just gonna keep it real good and made my body comfortable with my diet routine. So, for now, I’m planning to lose 10 KG within 1 months ++ (IDK why, but I think I can do it, let’s pray!) and I also already try to cut down some carbs and refrain myself to eat after 7-8PM. I do believe foods plays huge role when it comes to lose weight and exercise regularly is cherry on top to lose weight naturally. Yes, sometime I still munching fat food (cannot tolerate with that, sometimes due to hormones tho LOL)  but I try to keep it low. My diet journey just started and I know there’s a lot of health product out there, but  above all that, my attention goes straight to this product.

OKAY, I’m not even kidding but what the fuck. This product is amazing! I swear to God, I swear on my cats but holy shit, this product is freaking amazing and on top of it, it’s Kiwi flavors! I mean, who doesn’t love KIWI??? WHOOOO???

Have any of you heard about MINTOX? I’m being dead honest, I've never ever heard about MINTOX before and then one day, when PR team came to me directly and ask me to try this product, I’mma bit skeptical at first because believe me, I try many lost weight product before until my body kinda immune with it, but MINTOX is different. MINTOX main focus is for bowel cleanses and detoxification. I think it is great innovation for people having difficulties to lose weight and constipation because this product can:

-Flushed out excessive toxin in body and maintain body balance weight (I think everyone suffer this problem, including me, and that’s one of MAIN REASON why we all (chubby peeps) having difficulty losing weight T_T

-Improve bowel function and reduce chances of inviting bad disease (I mean, we’re talking about the mighty KIWI peeps! Kiwi is THAT bitch)

-Improve body immune and prevent constipation. Bla bla bla is normal for every detox drinks to have this benefits and lastly,

-Reduce cholesterol level and get rid of stubborn fat in body naturally. Ohh, I like this one the most. Yes, dear MINTOX, please ask my lazy ass fats to get them aware that I wanna have healthy body this year.  thank you!

MINTOX detox drink, personally for me is bit far different with other detox drinks that I tried previously because the dose of daily usage is safe for all ages, including pregnant and breastfeed mommies. What’s more, for people suffering diabetic disease also is free to try and for kiwi lovers, OMG, this detox drink gonna blew you away with combination of high quality fresh Kiwi from New Zealand, Raw Peach Juice, Inulin, Stevia and Phsyllium husk. Each box contains 14 sachets and only 36 cals. MINTOX are vegan, 100% natural and GMP Certified.

The direction is pretty straight forward, you just need to pour down 1 (ONE) sachet and mix well with 250-300ML of plain water. I believe with proper diet and water intake regularly (depends on your body weight), you can see the difference within 1 month. NO JOKE. 1 month, peeps.

Honestly, I still drink this baby and I can feel my body lil bit okay, much more better and my skin also looks clearer and that’s why I’m aiming to reduce more weight before hittin’ my E-day, so wish me luck loves! Oh, this drink is your savior if you guys happen to be in at least 2 (TWO) of category below:-

1.Loss of good bacteria in her/his body, so the constipation and toxin accumulated in body*sigh*

2. Sooo little amount of fibre intake in everyday *double sigh*
3.People who drink less water (what’s up with you? Plain water is natural FOOD to reduce weight, drink up!)
4.People experiencing sedentary lifestyle. . . . *welp, can’t help it LOL*
5.People having difficulties to poop or whateva
6.Excessive stress and tension, thus you feel de-motivated.

So, you already check the list? If you do and yes, if you that sad lil chubby chums, MINTOX is here for you. It’s really good, no joke. I leave the socials and contact below because I wanna help everyone to feel more energetic and leads healthy way for year 2019. If I can do it, why stoppin’ you, loves?

CONTACT SALES: 011-23450201 (MISS NG) 

P/S: I will always keep in progress regarding with Mintox drink in my blog. So, stay tuned :)

Cheers and Kisses,