November 26, 2011

Hidden talent

Assalamualaikum and hiii to alll!Wow,it's been a long time i didn't update my blog,did you notice about this?Hehe 

*Ehem,okay tak pembukaan entry speaking English?Ececeh,fulamak HEBAKK Miss A speaking omputih. -.-' Well,kalau korang nak tahu,aku baru je kene critic from this guy a.k.a IIUM'S BEN student sebab aku tulis status english aku yang salah.Aduhh memang malu tahap cipanzee dah aku,tapi takpelah.Tiba-tiba teringat balik ayat Madam Zeti,

"Doing mistakes doesn't make you look STUPID,It just part of LEARNING.Learning something new."

*I heart you,Madam.Anda terbaekk >.<

Al-hamdulillah,recently i received a lot of positive and negative views regarding about my blog appearance.If you are the new blogger and maybe this is your first time steps into my blog,probably you being clueless,don't know what i'm bubbling about but trust me.Actually,before this my blog are much more heavier and full with unnecessary gadgets.That's why I make a decision by changing it with a new look,and of course,more lighter,*lagi ringan dari cotton candy,wee~*,we all know that most of the blogger(s) loves a simple and light blog.By that,they will be happy to come and visit again.Hehe,so what do you think?Is my blog okay or not?LEAVE A COMMENT.PLEASE,I DO NEED SOME FEEDBACK :)

Okay,honestly speak,aku bukannya nak jadi DIVA,berlagak cakap orang putih.Serius tak.Tapi,short sem kali ni membuatkan aku terasa nak speaking English.Motif utama aku,sem ni ambik course English and Comp 2.Urghh,we meet again,dear Comp 2 >D* So,if possible,i want to learn and speak English very well,not only for my study,but till future.Yelah,dalam dunia sekarang ni,semua nak cakap bahasa omputih je,so nak taknak kena lah ber'speak-speak'!Hehe,but don't worry,I still the same person that you all know,Miss A!Miss A is a LEGENDARY!Mwahahah *erk,okay sedikit over di situ. -.-*

Nama entry kali ni,korang rasa apa yang aku cuba nak cakap?Hehe *teaser*,ada tak korang pernah terfikir,what is my hidden talent?Ada pernah tak terlintas di fikiran korang?Well,figure out yourself okay,because you know yourself well.And for me,YES.I already found it.You guys know how much I love ANIME.So,from that,I get my inspiration.I love to draw.If you don't believe it,try click here and here,*click jangan tak click!*,urmm my drawing is not very good,but still.It's my first attempt okay!But now,I still love to draw,but not cartoon.Now,it's WARDROBE.Hehe,yes!I'm drawing dresses.Entah lah mana dapat idea nak melukis baju,gown2 ape sume.Ini pun,baru first attempt,bukan real punya.Hanya suka-suki je.Wanna see it?

                                                    *DURIAN MUCH? :P

No,no dear.It looks like a Durians fruit,but it's not.Hee,i draw this from the right side,I have to mention it before you make any judge,because almost all my friend said that,

'is the hole in front of the left chest is flower?' -CRAP-

Flower?dude,seriously?I haven't draw any petal there!Hehe,Okay next picture!

Okay,macam over sikit lah dress ni.Hehe theme for this dress is ballroom.Compared to the first dress and the second dress,my vote goes for the first.I think because this dress is too simple and more to princesses/royalty gown.Hurmm,I need to mould up my drawing.Hehe *Fine,aku admit,aku AMATUR*

Nice and simple.Just like my blog's motto.SC!Hehe,eh aku tak cakap lagi eh pasal ni?Sekarang motto blog aku Simple and Chic.Blog yang ringan dan lebih kearah feminin look.

Based on these 3 pictures,rasa2 nye korang minat yang mana?Aku faham,korang taknak vote pun takpe,tak masuk Project runaway pun baju2 ciptaan Miss A ni *sadis T.T tapi,semua lukisan ni membawa seribu maksud dalam diri aku.

Dress pertama:Kelam-kabut.Riben berlingkar sana-sini,samalah jugak dengan diri aku.Messy and hard to obey any rules.Do anything what I want to be.

Dress kedua:Terperuk dalam dunia fantasy.Yeah,I do like that sebab bila dalam dunia fantasy,I'm alive and I love that.Being recognized by every people,same just like a princess :)

Dress ketiga:Soo chic and simple.That's me.Aku seorang yang simple minded,tapi kadang2 ter'demand' jugak benda2 yang sukar aku nak dapat.Example: Badan kurus,otak pandai dan jadi model terkenal T.T Well,that's life right?We cannot always get what we want but we can still be like the one we want to be.Erkk merapu,aku tulis apa ni?? -.-

Anyway,semua ni hanya untuk suka suka je,takde kena-mengena dengan hidup atau mati.For FUN,bebeh :D Goodnight bebeh!