July 30, 2018

Let's Glow Up with St.Ives!

Hello beautiful people, how’s your day goin? Assalamualaikum 

Oh god, guys! I’m beyond shook and excited when I think back about this entry, I mean, yeah I know I haven’t even begin yet, but I’m already over joy with the brand as it’s already one step ahead among everyone who joining the contest and do you know, the huge prize that winner gonna get?

A full whole week vacay to Sunny California! YASSSSSS BISHHH that’s why I’m thrill about it! And oh, do you know which brand gonna sponsor the trip? It’s St.Ives baby!

I, myself actually not familiar with St.Ives product because I rarely use their No.1 scrubs that people loves most because I’m prefer wearing local scrub where any kind of Coffee scrub (despite whatever brand, as long as it’s coffee) as my staple skincare routine every time after cleanse my face. However, I got an opportunity when Nuffnang sent me one of St.Ives most favorite scrub, the original one which is Apricot scrub, I feel like, I need to try because that one is basically almost all beauty editor’s favorite and mark as an icon of St.Ives brand before it came out with different scents and others type (Easy, moderate, Hard), The classic icon of St.Ives scrub (which I received) is in Hard condition, where the micro-beads is hard coarse but at same time it didn’t injured your skin as the scrub mixed with natural walnut shell powder to gives an instant and smooth glow on le skin. How kewllll is that?!

The box that that I received is super cute, where the item consist of headband, some info about the scrubs and also the Apricot scrub, star of St.Ives!

Oh, you gotta love the simple instructions for every single time you scrub your face. Damp your hands, and squeeze the bottle, just pea-size is enough to cover whole face, and let the game of scrubbin’ begin!

St.Ives also provided several type of scrubs to cater customers demand, where it focus on energizing (coconut and coffee scrub), Radiant skin (Pink lemon & Mandarin Orange scrub),Blackhead clearing (Green tea scrub) and lastly, Gentle smoothing (Oatmeal scrub & Mask). Since the scrub that I got is hard type, so I bought another two to test out the textures and yes, the smells is wayyy too good! How can you not falling in love when you scrub your face? *smile heavenly with sparkling eyes*

I bought Oatmeal scrubs because I believe Oatmeal is a very humble and great for soothing skin irritations in long-term usage. Plus, it’s the only St.Ives scrubs that also serves as Mask too! Oh, but for the mask, you gotta have to wait for about 5-10 minutes before you rinse off the scrubs, and yes you will feel instant relieves and fresh.

Another scrub, is none other than the gorgeous pink bottle (this color captures my eyes LOL, like anyone never know that) Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange scrubs because the product claims it will fade away dark spots and even out your skin tone to give glowing skin without irritate your skin because all the exfoliants made with 100% California Walnut shell. Of course, no animal testing when this product is born, YEZZZ!

I know, I’m not gonna have a chance to win this contest ( I mean, we’re talking about California, US, like hello!) and I check there’s a lot of insta-famous people who post with creative pictures and they all looks beautiful while I’m here scrolling each post with heavy sigh LOL


I’m gonna try my best and I hope I can win! Fighting!

Oh, you guys can get St.Ives product at nearby stores, Watsons and Guardian Malaysia serve the very best when it comes to beauty and health. Man,what I’m gonna do without these two!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 25, 2018

With love, Essano ❤

Hello beautiful! Assalamualaikum everyone :)

Since my bloggie is being so ridiculously dull without some yummy and bubbly gossip these days (thanks to me for being lazy AF to update le blog since I’m more active with IG) finally, I managed to spare some time to update about one of the beauty event I went located in The Forum, Signatures Suites & Residences regarding with one of the most anticipating beauty brand for Malaysians to feel excited because!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you, Essano!

First thing to highlight, this event is nearby my office (thank GOD, LOL) and second, it’s all in freaking pink! When I got the invitation to attend Essano beauty launch, I’m intrigued to know more about this brand and since Google is my life saviour, I got to know lil bit about Essano. Essano is an organic and natural product skin care range proudly made in New Zealand.  I also heard that, this brand is top selling/famous natural skincare people raved about and it’s also certified by the largest inspection and certification body in the world- EcoCert.

Another fun fact about Essano, it’s the name itself. I mean, there must be a reason why the name been chosen and I thought it’s similar with some kind of coffee name, Espresso (LOL, I’m effin’ noob) but turns out, the name derived from combination of Essence, that represents “the essence of nature” and Sano stands for “ natural and healthy” in Latin. Kinda cool, huh? Kudos to Mr.Anthony Gadsdon, the brand’s co-founder for sticking out that name idea. ESSANO whuttt? ESSANO whutttttt?


Since I go to the event during lunch, I managed to heard lil brief about Essano background, where it was an sharing idea between the co-founders and Mr.Shane Young back in 2013, where they both inspires by plants of the wild, they decided to create certified organic skincare that focus on three main problems for every skins;

1.       Hydrate
2.       Nourish
3.       Brighten

while using all mother earth natural surroundings, of course! Essano also been created with a concept of no preservatives, artificial colours, fragrances, mineral oils, vegan and against animal testing. Thumbs up on that effort, though! During the event, there’s some demonstration on how to apply Essano product step-by-step from the beautician starting from using  Essano’s best-seller products such as Micellar Water, Rosehip oil, Refreshing Toner, Collagen Repair Serum and Rose clay mask.

And yeah, I can totally see the difference on the models faces where the beautician put a comparison of the face where the left side is all using Essano’s whereas the right one is none/fully makeup. Most of the answers I received are:- the face feels much more refresh, cooling effect, brighten lil bit and smells so good.

With the cutting ribbon ceremony held between the representative from Guardian Malaysia and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), now, Essano’s are exclusively launch and sold separately in Guardian Malaysia outlets. YEAY!

Essano’s help everyone to embrace natural and efficacious beauty from head to toe and only contains the eesence of nature, while eliminating nasties. I think I should totally give a try for this babies out. I mean, I am looking more serious when it comes to find the all natural skincare whatsoever and I think, I maybe already found THE ONE. Yes, I’m talking about you, ESSANO!

All Essano’s products price range is around RM50-RM100, and it’s actually depends on what you guys wanna buy. If you’re not sure what to buy from this brand, I suggest that you guys should try the Micellar Water (because the Water is pure New Zealand water infused with Rosehip) , Rosehip oil (duhh, it’s the star product okay!) toner and also the clay mask (another star baby from this brand).

I got the goodies and I can’t wait to try. So far, I’m using the Rosehip oil and Mist Toner once, and OMGGGGGG it really made my skin feels smooth and fresh, with lil  bit of rosehip smells, dayummm it’s good!

Whatcha waitin’ for? Get yours now, babydoll!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)