August 21, 2019

Flatlay Tea Party X Butterfly Project

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, happy Wednesday!

   This weekend gonna be so amazing and full with beauty content feeds for my social media account (I really couldn’t wait for it!) and yes, counting days for Jeju trips as well! When I scroll down some amazing attraction spots in Jeju, I feel more excited and I wanna take those pictures in beautiful, honest and simply raw. I know taking pictures is like, part of beauty blogger/vlogger do (I mean, duh) but do you know, some of pictures also need to be taken nicely and attracts people too? Y’know, don’t cha? LOL

    As one of small, very minor beauty content creator (LOL, am I?) taking amazing photos is a must because these photo represents how good and amazing skills you got even without directly know you’re actually a pretty talented photographer for your social feeds. I know I haven’t got or buy fancy camera and most of the times I use my Iphone X as my main tools to take picture, but having a nice and decent phone also helps you to get an amazing shot too! I know I take photo during the event can be lil bit crowded and not great angle but having trouble taking decent picture for blog and Instagram? Hell naww!
so, I’m gonna fix and improve my skill, and thus, here I am with other selected butterflies attending a very cute, intimate sesh flatlay partea fully organized by The Butterfly Project on last month, the event held in Delectable By Su and yes, OMGGG all the sweet treats are really yummy yum yum yummehh!

   During the flatlay partea, we got an opportunity to meet the one and only amazing flatlay teacher and to my surprise, I met her previously in makeup workshop conducted by EH! Malaysia. She such a sweetheart and her name is Miss Azrin, the owner of From The Top, willingly brought all her flatlays decoration for the partea and the flatlays sesh begun!

  Before we got the opportunity to try by ourselves snapping some amazing shot (I mean, all the props lookin’ so cute, I DIE lah weh tengok) all of us are given some slideshow/instructions-on-how to take basic flatlay pictures. The rules are pretty simple, make sure you guys prepare and check before doin’ flatlay:

1) Think of your ‘thing’ – Your main star of the product. Take it for example, you wanna promote Makeup, and your main item is an eyeshadow palette. Make sure you enhance that products more compared to other decorations surroundin’ the eyeshadow. Easy peasy right?

2)Lay down your background. Make sure the background is clean, sleek and doesn’t contain messy or vibrant pattern. It will definitely spoil the effect of the pictures that you gonna snap.

3) Pop your props. Back to number 1 situation. The eyeshadow is the main product you wanna show to everyone, thus the props must be relevance towards the product, it will be silly if you wanna promote eyeshadow but your prop is not related with makeup, thus couldn’t complement all together in photo. Make sure to categorized your props properly and trust me, the picture will look better.

4) Change and arrange! This part is next crucial things before snap photo because, sometime, we as viewer also hate messy, unprepared, blur photo on social medias and kinda irritates when things doesn’t look neat. Making changes are good, but make sure Arrange it to proper one. Same goes to photo, stick with ‘less is more’ motto and we’re good to go!

5)  Dating with the ‘handsome’ lighting.OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this is crucial things ever when it comes to flatlays, selfies, we-fies, photogroup bla bla bla and all! Make sure to always find a good lighting exposure to get better photo. Oh, did you know, You can always opt with reflector board to help ease down the unnecessary shadows behind your product? I don’t know about that, so now I tell you! LOL

6) Keeping it neutral and simple. DUHH, of course.

7) Have buttloads of fun! Well, we sure are!

    We got two fun activities to try, firstly the Flatlays Lesson Demonstration and secondly, the best and funny part, The team trial lesson! We also got tea break every sesh to indulge ourselves with cakes, cookies, chocolate drinks provided by Delectable By Su. Some of my edited photos during first trial with lil help from Miss Azrin, other beautiful butterflies and of course, the beautiful flowers arrangement from Avant Garde Blooms. So beautiful *wink wink*

    My Favorite part will definitely during second one, where I team up with Betty and Cheryl editin’ out our photos and our color is really beautiful tho, mixed of Pale pink and Tiffany. We also got to know how to edit photos using VCSO Cam Apps and Snapseed Apps. I usually didn’t edit much of my photos since I only use brightness/contrast editing tools in Instagram, having and install these Apps really fun! But too bad, we lost the game LOL but it’s was good effort! Kudos to all butterflies who decorate, takin’ picture in 90’s degree angle (OMG, why you guys so talented and I’m here like big fat potato, don’t know what the hell I’m doin’ with my life T_T) and beautiful colors too!






   I know I’m still learning, but I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to try out the flatlays picture and I really need to step up my photography-insta worthy skill so then my pictures will look good! UHUK pray for me please!


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P/S: I snap raw pictures from other butterflies group and I edited myself using snapseed Apps.Check'em out on my INSTAGRAM



August 14, 2019

CEZANNE Cosmetics X Beauty In Bloom soft launch

Hello lovelies, Assalamualaikum everyone!

First of all, Happy Eid Adha to all muslims around the world, sorry if I wish lil bit late since my family and I went back to Kelantan and oh boy, the line and damn internet is super slow. Like crazy, slowww and made me feels annoyed to switch on my Iphone, so the one and only option I can do with my phone is just listening to music LOL

auwww, le cartoon version of me. cute aite?

    Oh, before I went hometown on last Friday, I managed to attend beauty event, well to be precise, more like a beauty in bloom soft launch by one of famous cosmetics brand in Japan. Yes, even though I’m so in love with Kate (my ultimate fav when it comes to foundation) but nope, it’s not Kate. It’s CEZANNE. If you guys ever heard about Canmake Tokyo makeup, then, CEZANNE is like the early makeup line before Canmake (Since both cosmetics brand falls under one company) CEZANNE is more like a sister towards Canmake Tokyo because if you guys enter into any drugstores, beauty cosmetics outlets or buy the products online,you can totally spot the packaging is hella same! Plus, hello, the initial also start from C. C stands for Cute? LOL

   I believe CEZANNE is created to offer Japanese women a very high quality cosmetics yet very affordable too (I mean, the very pricey of the product can get is not more than RM60). Besides the cute packaging (DUHHH, no surprise there since it’s Japanese products, all related with kawaii stuff >w<) this cosmetics brand also very kind and safe to our skin.   

   During the event launch, I managed to watch some makeup demonstration, get to know more deep about CEZANNE’s makeup range, mingling and made new friends, and had lots of fun there! I remember as well that CEZANNE’s cosmetics promote an amazing deal which is promotion buy 2 @RM 50 and you can mix and match! I got freebies, like a lot (wow, CEZANNE’s team and Watsons Malaysia very generous *sobs sobs*) and I’ll be doing makeup tutorial/video unboxing/swatches as well. So make sure to stay tuned on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE/PERSONAL okay! I will update once I’m done edit my video. So here, some more snippets I took during soft launch of CEZANNE.

 I haven’t play much with the products yet, so I’ll be giving my honest review on my makeup tutorial video very soon.

    You guys can get this product through physical stores (PlayUP Advance @ Fahrenheit 88, Berjaya Times Square and Watsons) and via online too! (HERMO and Watsons Malaysia), search ‘em out, you gonna love it! for more information, click link below;


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Cheers & Kisses,

August 8, 2019

Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Launch X Watsons Malaysia

Hello loves! Assalamualaikum beautiful earthlings!

Okay, so like I’m sooo on roll this month because there’s a lot of exciting events goin’ on and I’m living for it! I need to finish most of my pending post regarding with events before I’m leaving August for good (LOL, can’t wait for vacay to Jeju but we got another vacay this month which is Hajj Eid and can you guess, where my family will goin’ to?)

   I recently went to an event in Sunway Pyramid regarding with the newest collection range shower series from Shokubutsu; Mochi Hada and OMG I gotta say, FINALLY! yes, FINALLY there’s a product that help all lazy people out there who idk, still skeptical when it comes to cleanliness and when it comes to beauty world, it is only target to women where actually it is super wrong because Men need to take proper skincare too! And now, here is your solution folks. Mochi Hada Face and Body shower series is here to the rescue! The new product was launched during the event and appoint the beautiful lady, Natalie Tong, Hong Kong actress as an ambassador for this range in collaboration with Watsons Malaysia.

    According to Carmen Foo, Senior General Manager (Marketing) Southern Lion Sdn Bhd briefly explained that everyone tends to focus more on face to keep younger and go against your actual age and indirectly tends to forget other part of your body that consist of 90% of skins. This is further compounded by busy lifestyles and people just do not have more time to do more research on how to take care of your body compared to your face. Due to this action, your body skins will age much faster than our face, thus Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Range is born! She adds,

This new product was developed with Moisture-Lock technology, trapping moisture that already present on the skin’s surface, thereby ‘locking in’ water molecules which makes it very efficient in keeping skin feels hydrated.

  Inspired by Japanese traditional & yummy sweet treat Mochi, This newest range can effectively cleanse impurities all over our body & face while in the shower and leaves with skins feels extra soft, fresh and you’ll definitely feels happy every time you take a shower. Shokubutsu Mochi Hada is family friendly and does not irritates your body & your love one. That’s show how good Japan Technologies is. Good job Shokubutsu!

  One of the great experience story I heard from beautiful Natalie Tong, the ambassador of Shokubutsu Mochi Hada is that, this range helps save time while in the shower, in addition, the texture of the products are gentle, safe & very efficient towards her face & body. Life as an actress, she claimed this range is truly remarkable! She mentions as well that within two weeks, she can seen positive results how her skin looks good and she urge people to try’em out! I’m actually really excited with her responds during sharing session because I can totally feel, she genuinely love this brand and this shower series.

  Since I’mma hoe for good & safe ingredients kinda girl, I know that Shokubutsu Mochi Hada shower series got special magic that differentiate from other cleansing brand, The Tsubaki Oil is one of star products when producing this shower series that greatly use by Japanese beauty rituals & secrets, follows by Rice Bran Oil; an anti-ageing ingredients that helps firm & tighten skin and of course, Rice Ferment Extract (or in malays call as Tapai LOL) that rich with minerals & essential amino acids to maintain skin hydration, texture and overall giving supple, healthy appearance. Yasss!

  What I found really interesting when I dig more information about Shokubutsu Mochi Hada shower series is that, it is dermatologist tested, and according to home test run which involves 450 women, 80% said that their skin felt smoother, softer & more radiant after two weeks! So, Miss Natalie definitely not lyin’ about that tho! I truly believe that everyone will achieve such an amazing skins that soft as Mochi after this LOL

   Just like I said, August month is such a bliss month for all of us because Shokubutsu also launched ‘LoveYourFaceLoveYourBody’ emochi Campaign, which I found really interesting. The guidelines pretty easy to follow; basically Everyone are invited to share a creative Emochi pictures of smiley face using different part of your body, posted on Social Media account (Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtag available and the most creative one will win Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Shower Kit every Tuesday, for entire August and September month.

  So far, I already try the Shower Oil that focus on Nourishing & softening properties and it is hella good! Like really good idek how to explain. You guys literally need to try this one out. Oh, did y’know that this one is Natalie’s most fav? *wink wink* Shokubutsu Mochi Hada also came with other variants that include two shower Lotion, Glow Radiance & Ultra Moisture. Both Shower lotion cost RM19 per bottle and Shower Oil is RM25.50. You guys can check ‘em out exclusively at Watsons Malaysia Stores & via online too! Oh, if you’re not fond with Watsons (what the hell is wrong with you???) you can find the shower series at major retail supermarkets and e-commerce stores.

I also edit some video here and I also posted on INSTAGRAM too. Show some loves okay, loves :)


P/S: Thank You Watsons Malaysia for the invitation. Click on each Hashtag with purple color to see more hypes about Shokubutsu Mochi Hada :) Can’t wait for more happening event coming up. Yay!

Cheers & kisses,


August 4, 2019

Self Love Honey Mask X CHUCK'S | Beauty Review

Hello Honey, Assalamualaikum my bay-bees! LOL

     Hey guys, it’s been a while I update mine and I just love keeping up with my blog for now because I’m trying to be a better beauty blogger / beauty enthusiast and I really wanna make my blog another great source for everyone to read about my reviews on beauty. I know I cover lots of media on my social media accounts (check above icons especially my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for more deets) but sometimes, just writing out amazing stuff that I bought and I try, And I hope I got to cheers my blog up so it’s not gonna be dusty and crusty.

This is not a sponsored review or whatever, I’m gonna be dead honest siaaa so bear with me. And my rempit-ness. LOL I am not rempit, JK

    So like, before Eid month, I try out this new local mask that I bought from Shoppe Apps. If you guys never heard about Jane Chucks (she’s pretty famous and insta-diva too) well, now it’s your time to know about her newest brand, CHUCKS! Honestly, I followed her on Instagram and I always adore her through blog because I think she’s a blogger before she become one of famous people in beauty industry (correct me if I’m wrong LOL) Some of my chinese baes in office knows about Jane too and they said she’s pretty, like real nature beauty. I gotta admit that because she is hella gorgeous! So to show my support towards her new baby, I try the CHUCKS out and OMG, OMG, OMG it’s still without a doubt, one of my favorite sheet mask I’ve ever apply on my damn face. I’m not kidding, I simply in love with CHUCKS :)

    I bought CHUCKS Self-Love Honey mask 2 weeks before EID and it is such a good experience for me because my face really love CHUCKS. I think the face sheet mask quite interesting and make me crave for honey essence a lot because I think everyone know the goodness of Honey, aite? I used to do some homemade DIY Mask using Honey, milk and Oat and blend together and pour all over my face (yeah, I know, such a typical Malays trying out beauty tips in traditional way) before I found out the next best things in life, INTERNET! Of course, it’s got tonnes of recipes, new beauty skincare product related with honey. But I’m very particular with my face and I know what I’m allergic towards some chemicals. So, I always opt with Paraben, Colorant, Alcohol and Fragrance free and voila, CHUCKS complete all those requirements and no wonder my face really love CHUCKS. ISTG!

     One of the greatest ingredients in CHUCKS is the texture of the mask, it is Cupra sheet mask and that make it easy to spread all over the face without torn out. Some of the masks that I tried are good but the textures can be quite thin and make it slippery during the wait game. CHUCKS doesn’t even move when I applied on my face and don’t make me start with the buttload of Royal Jelly/Honey essence inside the packet of the mask. I can easily squeeze out all the essence and spread over my neck, collarbone, wrist, and sometimes arms area. Can you believe, you manage to cover all those part in just one packet of mask? Ouff, yes please :)

    Another reason why I love CHUCKS, is because of the simplicity of the product itself. It’s orange in color (which describe as one of the happiest and bright color to lift up your mood) and come in 5 pieces in each box. The box and the letter on top of the box really get me every time I apply CHUCKS on my face, because it’s literally scream; TIME FOR YOURSELF, MOTHERCHUCKERS! MASK UP! Oh, and the packet also is semi-environment friendly(for me) because CHUCKS is one of the mask that doesn’t involve much with plastic usage and the packaging really try to go natural all the way. The packet of the mask is not feelin’ very plastic-ly and I love it. I heard that their brand will try and improve more on the packaging to go all the way without using any plastic. YASS, that’s what I wanna hear!

Each box price at RM68 (5 PIECES) and also pack in bundle too, RM195 (15 PIECES), the magic trio! I will link down below for the official accounts and website, and trust me; I love this mask a lot. I really, really, really do. It’s really good deal and made exclusively from Korea. Try one for yourself, you gonna love it!

So this is the video I made, and hey don’t forget to heads over my INSTAGRAM because I posted there, too! LOL

Yes, Everyday is always a Self-Love Day :)


P/S: have fun, MotherChuckers!