April 19, 2018

Perfect with Printcious!

Hello beautiful, hello handsome, Assalamualaikum 

TBH, I'm really excited when I turned 26 this year because, duhhh! Everyone keep on asking,

"Aimi, bila kau nak kahwin?"

"Syameem tak ada calon lagi ke?"

"Weh, kau nak tak aku kenalkan kau dengan lelaki sekian sekian..."

and whatsoever gold questions that will definitely been ask especially during family gathering. But Al-Hamdulillah, I'm so happy to giving my answer with big smile on le face, YES. I am getting engaged by end of this year and right now, I'm still in middle of preparation for my engagement day and I want it to be perfect. LOL, I know we're in April, but isn't it every girls dream to have beautiful and perfect in everything when it comes to her Big day? Yes, we should feel like a princess because we deserve it! So, besides full list of dress, the exchange gifts choices, the lucky ring, the yummy catering, I'm still torn to look out when it comes to goodies to be distribute for his family. And yes, even though it is an engagement day, I want it to be meaningful and I want to share my happiness with all the guests that day (in shaa ALLAH) so, yeah, everything comes down with the goodies! When I look around, I found this website that I personally think will help for all future and clueless bride to be (including me, LOL) for
WEDDING GIFT IDEAS that also can act as one of gift during exchange session. Have you guys ever heard about PRINTCIOUS?

PRINTCIOUS is way genius because it is consider as One Stop Gift Shopping #PRINTCIOUSGIFTS for any kind of occasion, but the most important one, it also provide gift services for engagement and wedding  When I open up some of the choices of wedding gifts, all of it lookin' incredibly amazing and make me wanna change my original opinion to stick with giving basic gifts to my love, but I'm going with extravagance vibe *sparkles eyes*

Another fun part about PRINTCIOUS, the website encourages their potential clients/customer to design up to their creativity, and different choices of colors to choose too! So, shall we see the item listed?

T-Shirts (consist of Graphic tee and Cotton) both can customize design that suits with the occasion (engagement, wedding, birthday and bridal shower)

Different choices of colors and sizes to pick! 


Just like the T-shirt, the mug collection can also be given as wedding gift!It’s the most classic movement ever since Mug is use almost every day whether at work or home. So far, PRINTCIOUS focus on two kinds of mugs, which are Colors and Magic Mug.

Some of essential part that need to do before proceed with the order, the design playground! PRINTCIOUS provide customize tools by editing what kind of pictures you like to put on on the mug you select and also can insert special name (Baby, Darling, Honey and bla bla bla) You can select any kind of templates of your own, or you can use the design provided by PRINTCIOUS. This is totally helping me out without any hassle, plus budget friendly too (since all designs already there, LOL)

Next one is my favorite Engagement/ wedding gift idea ever! 

Pillow talk have never been so cute with PRINTCIOUS customized Pillow! There are 4 types, square, throw, rectangular and heart shaped. Yes, this is one of gift that I personally will order very soon and insert many pictures that I shared together with my love. Can't wait!

The step of designing is easy peasy like previous one, you kinda need to edit the color, the writing font, and of course your name! And you're done and click to cart for payment. PRINTCIOUS also provide services for people who are keen to order in bulk, after all, the more the merrier (And cheaper too!) 

Others gift such as Puzzles, Ceramic tiles and Canvas are also included in gift list for wedding ideas.

LOL this is super cute (I edit that by myself with funny face) And voila! The puzzle is done!

For Ceramic Tiles, PRINTCIOUS also provided in rectangular and square size, this also apply for the Canvas. Basically, almost all of PRINTCIOUS wedding gifts comes with basic design so then it will be much easier to put inside the fancy tray that your bridesmaid will hold in grace during exchange sesh between the bride and groom (if the item happens to be one of your exchange gift), but these babies also can be given as congratulatory gift when your friends and also guest comes to your wedding day. It’s work for both ways 

To sum up, PRINTCIOUS covers everything within fingertips and I can’t wait to buy products from their website as goodies for my upcoming E-day, or maybe better, for my wedding day too! Oh, and if you are looking for SOUVENIR GIFT IDEAS for wedding, don’t forget to contact them. What’s more, if you have any upcoming wedding event and would like to impress your guest, WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL is your best entertainment! Go check ‘em out!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

April 15, 2018

NYX Cosmetics X Mid Valley beauty launch

Hello beautiful! Assalamualaikum!

WOW, this week is one of my favorite week when it comes to event because it's freakin' GKR 2018 peeps! Gaya Koleksi Raya a.k.a #GKR2018 is one of the amazing events held by AndrewsModelMalaysia where it gathers almost 40++ designers to display 2018 Eid collection and all looking so good! I managed to go to two fashion shows and I'm truly excited because dUCk Cosmetics/dUCK Group/Fashion Valet are GKR 2018 major backbones goodies distribution for all VID (Very important dUCkies LOL). Thank you FV! Thank you dUCk!

the two collections I managed to sneak peek are by Tracy NC and Infinence X Rizman Ruzaini. So, go to my INSTAGRAM and check 'em out!

Another exciting event that I go this week, is none other than NYX Cosmetics fourth grand launching in Mid Valley, Malaysia. Yes, NYX Cosmetics MY really stepping up their games to expose NYX vibes for all makeup beauties out there (including me LOL) I came to the event quite late but I'm glad I did because IDK why my luck is on my side that day, I win full sets hair treatments (shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, and more) sponsored by Redken 5th Avenue NYC, oops spoilers much? 

Andddd, of course, NYX Cosmetics legendary colors, Fuschia + Black (No surprise there, unless you never try NYX Cosmetics before? LOL)

During grand launch, there's a lot of exciting games to play with and each slots have their own benefits. Since I came bit late, I'm entitled to get 50% off cosmetics haul and also, if I purchased more than RM100, I will get a mini lippy pouch and mini lippies (assorted colors, and totally random)

This is super cute or whateva!

The usual views for every NYX Cosmetics grand launch (IOI Mall, Sunway Pyramid, and the latest one, Mid Valley Megamall)

But this time, NYX Cosmetics shows off some of new stuff especially for lipsticks, highlight palette/powder and also for eyes (liner and brows)

All new and beautiful brushes from NYX Cosmetics is really cute and very good quality too! I never knew NYX came up with brushes, (or am I the only one never know that? LOL) 

Here some swatches for Born to Glow and Holo graphic halo powder!

Some of new stuff I swatch on le hand. Lookin' pretty cute!

OMG, guys! The soft matte metallic lippy is to die for! all the shades are gorgeous and pigment on point. It's sooooo good and I can't believe I didn't snatch at least ONE of it FML 

same goes with Faux Marble lippy (another FML moment)

Last but not least, thank you NYX Cosmetics Malaysia for inviting. This time your management is not suck, Kudos to that! Anddd now I'm extremely happy to blog about it compared to previous one LOL

My favorite part? I managed to engraved my name on one of liquid lippy lingerie series that I bought for free! Yeay to that and yes, I will cherish it with all my life LOL

And yes, the look I created during NYX Cosmetics Mid Valley launch because duhh, I can!

For more deets:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

April 10, 2018

And again, always feel Magical with Lovera ♥

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

WOW! it's just merely less than one month and half and we will welcoming Ramadhan :') I cannot wait for it and I really wanna do lots of good things and cleansing soul too. No, it's not because only for Ramadhan month, but it's for life time. So excited yeay!

Oh, yeah for me, this year is all about cleasing mind, body and soul. Therefore, I'mma focus on taking extra love for le self and keep beautiful inside out. I already update my INSTAGRAM for what I'm gonna do / wishlist 2018 and so far, I keep it real good. More good vibes to go and embracing beautiful natural bare skin more. Even though I love makeup (duhh, typical Aimi) I'm slowly upgrade my skincare routine to achieve flawless and healthy skin. I received LOVERA MALAYSIA product last week and I'm so excited about it because last 2-3 years back, I did review for LOVERA MAGIC JELLY and it works wonderful on my skin >>>CLICK HERE<<< Now, the product expand and introduce more babies under Lovera brand such as cleanser, day cream, glow mist and also BB cream. 

Le classic ass of mine posing behind curtain because the lighting so gewddd! The moment I got the parcel, that night I immediately apply on face because I still remember that I experience dry skin on cheeks and I still continue to wear it until today. My feeling never change, LOVERA MAGIC JELLY is the perfect serum/watery gel that not only non-sticky and natural derives, it's also multipurpose use for whole body! 

LOVERA MAGIC JELLY focus on protect, repair and enhance your beautiful skin naturally and clinical approved. So far, I'm loving the product, and yes, the texture and formula remained same that also comes with affordable price, RM70 per bottle!

Next new thangg, LOVERA BB JELLY! First impression? the packaging super cute and travel friendly! You basically can wear anytime and anywhere without hassle. Oh, and what's more, it's wudhu' friendly too! 

First application for BB JELLY, the texture is indeed watery BB cream and it does not stain your palm. Same like MAGIC JELLY, BB JELLY also infused with Aloe Vera extract as their main ingredients.

I did upload review for the product on my YT channel, so check'em out!



All prices exclude postage. For more information about these babies, Click link below:-


P/S: I will update more VLOG soon, so yeah stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

April 4, 2018

Singapore Blog & Vlog

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

I'm so excited that I just finished editin' my precious Vlog regarding with my recent visit in Singapore YEAY *clap clap* 

Well, TBH, This is actually my second time trip to SG but it's still amazing like the first trip I went last year. Singapore such a nice country but the currency is way too crazy, RM3 = 1 SGD LOL 

For my first visit, It was kinda OKAY because I went there with le fam and I still remember, My sissy mok is pregnant 5-6 months and we only go to the recommended places by the tour guide that my lovely friend Zu suggested such as Merlion Park, USS Globe, Gardens by the bay, Masjid Sultan, Arab Street and more. So for my second time reaching SG is because I wanna celebrate my birthday by experiencing fun kinda moment outside Malaysia. So, yeah, Singapore is the perfect one. Here some sneak peek for the first vlog PART 1 in SG!

Budget for first day itinerary:-

1. Hotel: Ghazrin's Classic for two nights: RM160 
2. USS Entrance fee + transportation: RM250
3. Miscellaneous (I buy Toothless pillow (SGD 24.90) + Hello kitty Pen(ss) (4 for SGD20) + Sesame streets Pen(sss) (4 for SGD20) + Sesame street toy for Iris Gretchen (SGD 5.90) + Hello kitty towel (SGD 25) 
4. Foods and Slushies : SGD8 + SGD 15 + SGD6

I love everything inside USS especially their games instead of their performance street or whatever because that's my main priority. USS divided into 6 areas, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park, Far Far Away, Madagascar and lastly Hollywood fame. Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to play most of the recommended games by some of comments from Trip Advisor and cut out the unnecessary games to attend, so yeay to that! 

Second Vlog PART 2 in SG is here!

Budget for second day itinerary:-

1. Private Transportation: RM300
2. S.E.A Aquarium, Gardens by the bay (Flower dome + Cloud Forest) : RM95
Madam Tussauds Singapore entrance fees: RM85
3. Hotlink Roaming: RM10
4. Miscellaneous: (Ice cream Froyo (SGD2-3) + marvel 4D (SGD 5) + Souvenirs plush toys (SGD 20) + Madam Tussauds Pen(ss) and keychain (SGD 30) + Flower lollipop (SGD 10)
5. Bus trip from TBS-LARKIN sentral (Round trip): RM77

During my second day in Singapore, I totally love every bits of it because I always have a thanggg when it comes to discover beautiful ocean life where I can learn more about different species and it's an amazing feeling to know that these creatures is another way to understand and feels humble towards God creation. Oh, and also, le quality of le Vlog is getting good. LOL

Gardens by the bay is so beautiful and I'm happy that I managed to discover another beauty of flora and embrace all of it in one place :)

All of the tickets can be buy personally thru online and definitely much cheaper than what I listed above, but since I'm using travel agency services, so yeah of course the price is quite expensive, but the experience and making memories is precious.

Enjoy le Vlog for Part 1 and Part 2 okay, loves! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and yes, maybe I can do more interesting Vlog near future! Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)