August 26, 2014

Liselle X Lisa Lee

Assalamualaikum, Hey all babylove  

I'm really in the mood of blogging about this amazing experience I captured and store it, never ever going to erase in my mind. Oh yeah, before that, Al-Hamdulillah, the sketch event held by KL Sketch Nation is inspiring and everything going well. Except, I didn't go for their sketch jam *sketch sama-sama session and other fun session since I'm only came at Saturday and screw me, datang terlalu awal pukul 10, but the event launch at 2 in the evening LIKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER T.T* Basically, sempat tengok my sketches tersidai di Gallery Titik Merah and others amazing sketches drawn by other fantastic people. Yes, They all very great people  

However, what I love the most during I attend Publika hari sabtu tersebut, I bumped with this amazing and stunning lady when it comes to her art illustrations! check it out!

Introducing, LISELLE!

These are some of the majestic art paint done by Lisa Lee, the founder and also the creator of Liselle. Can you believe that this canvas painting for sale? all the prices range from RM120-RM700 high! *feeling happy, joget-joget suka*

In order to make Liselle more famous not only on canvas, Lisa Lee invented that Liselle can be collected through four different types of Tea and comes with Rose, Jasmine, Blooming scented and Peppermint *I'm not quite sure remembering with Peppermint name, but if you guys ask about Blooming scented tea, the owner claims that the the tea will bloom/grows like magic after you pour hot water inside mug/cup. Make sure it were transparent, though :3*  

and then it comes also with beautiful postcards, cute stickers, Baby Tee and T-shirt with Liselle paint on it, CD's and so on!

What I love most about Liselle is, the owner are very beautiful and petite! very sweet lady with grace. I remembered when I met her, I didn't believe that she spontaneously took pictures with me and give me three kisses on my cheeks   sooo lovable!

It is such a  bliss that I met with a great art illustrator like her. In shaa ALLAH, she's gonna be my role model to pursue my dreams to become a great illustrator too, one day. One Fine Day  

It's such a great loss if I don't buy any Liselle's products because this chance is like, once in a lifetime! met with the owner and bought Liselle's postcards and Rose Tea too such a great experienced to missed out. Thank God I managed to grab these babies before leaving Publika that day and head out watching my sketches. And yeah, thank you to Lisa Lee because you treat me very nice. I feel like macam kawan'kawan girl cina masa I study di St.Mary dulu. Amoi cantik :3

Click here to find Liselle!


Nanti saya update about my sketches. toddles!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 22, 2014

Tribute for MH17 and MH370

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all my lovelies. 

This drawing is made specially for the bad and long journey of MH17 and MH370. Actually, it was more to MH17. To be honest, there's a lot of feelings I fill inside this sketch. Sad + disappointed + hurt + emptiness are mixed up until I can't find the way out to stop. My deepest condolences goes to the family who involve with tragic accident regarding with plane MH17. May God bless their beautiful souls and hoping for the best for all the muslims and non-muslims passengers :(

P/S: In conjunction with #KLFEST2014 for tomorrow and Sunday, they will collect and print all the #Sketchonblack and #Sketchtribute for all artists out there on instagram for upcoming event which is #Sidaisketch in Gallery Titik Merah, Artrow, Publika. #Sketchonblack and #Sketchtribute are made up based on national mourning day, 22 August, remembering MH17. 

P/S lagi: Let me know if you want to re-post, crop or edit my picture. Thank you.

Cover sketchbook for display tomorrow. Moga dimudahkan urusan esok! :3

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 19, 2014

KL Sketch Nation ♥

Assalamualaikum, Hai dolls!

Great news for arts lover out there and me too *yes yes yes* come and visit this new and big event held by KL Sketch Nation *Mood excited*

Here are the details *based on the email that I got*:-


We are happy to announce that KLsketchnation is set to hold an exquisite and grand event, KLSketchFest2014/Mari Sketch KL, in a collaboration with our talented friends of Galeri Titik Merah at the Art Row, Publika.

The tentative dates are from Friday 22 August 2014 until Sunday 24 August 2014 — a three-day long celebration of sketches and sketching consisting of exhibitions, sketch walks, workshops, talks and discussions, and many more.

Through a series of multiple sketch walks and social media campaigns, the KLsketchnation platform has welcomed people appreciative of the act of sketching coming from various, different backgrounds. At the raw age of only six months young, KLsketchnation has been able to charter its growth, accelerated the spread its message and consolidated the community's core value: to add togetherness in sketching. 

For sure, none of these are possible without your support. 

We therefore would like to extend our gratitude by extending an invitation to be a part of this event.You are welcome to:

1) To submit your artwork in forms of sketchbooks or sketch pieces, framed sketch or

2) To volunteer for the three-day event.

3) Come, enjoy and show your support *ni memang memandai saya add hahaha :3*

and you may attach 5-10 of your best scanned pieces
by Wednesday 20 August 2014. 

For those interested to submit their artworks, we will be delighted to receive your artworks beginning Wednesday 20 August 2014 until Thursday 21st August 2014.Works may be submitted physically, directly to our representatives currently based at the venue itself in Galeri Titik Merah, Artrow, Publika. And we might need some contribution of RM25 per person to support the event as we are on a zero budget event.

Feel free to reply via e-mail or call or text the number attached below if you have any questions. We are keen to guide you through.

Jom, lukis sama-sama. We hope to hear from you back as soon as possible as this is an adhoc/guerilla event! 


Coordinator: Syahmi - 0172740704
Director: Hakym - 0122051990
Co-Director -Syukri - 0122880737
Secretary: Qaisy - 0172798708
Treasurer: Ieqa - 0173886015

The End"

Whatcha waiting for, loves? jom support our arts and I'm really sure you guys gonna love it!

Some of the sketches lagi ehehe  

P/S: Please credit to me before you want to re-post, crop, edit my sketch. Thank you darlings  

FACEBOOK PAGE: KL Sketch Nation 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 13, 2014


Assalamualaikum, hey baby!

Okay, lama sangattttt dah saya tak check upon my blog. I mean, like not that lama since the last update. By the way, I do realize yang people love this ENTRY to find out more about Oxygen Cream + EGF serum. For now, saya dah tak pakai Oxygen Cream since dah habis T.T but the EGF serum still ada *itupun nak habis, tinggal sebutir dua LOL* I totally recommend this products for babydoll out there for perfect and beautiful skin. Try je lah tengok Instagram kak Nina and Kak Sazzy sebab banyakkkk sangat testimonies about this two miracle products! Now they are launching new product. Nak tahu lebih lanjut boleh click link di bawah :3

So like, raya month dah masuk week kedua and hey, korang dah buat ke puasa sunat enam? Better buat weh, dapat pahala berganda disamping dapat cut our cravings on raya + fatty foods. I know, open house sana sini zzz 


Well, well me nak story sikit yang before raya,during Ramadhan, I participated this #RamadhanSketchChallenge2014 anjuran KL Sketch Nation on Instagram and I heard they will helding a big and surprising new event at the end of this month *mood excited turn ON* so here, some of my sketches that I drawn 

Lil Kitty.


The moon and butterfly.


Le Ebby. 

The moustache is inspired by my lovely cat because she have big, furry fat mouth when she's meowing :3

Lady Doll.

Don't you just love moon? 

Ooookkayy tak tahu kenapa pic jadi kecik compared to pic atas -.-

Dead Flower.

Basically, these are some of the sketches and I add on some colors to brighten it up. Pemilihan colors pulak, I prefer colors yang warm compared to cold because I want the drawings to look alive and eye-catching! ehehehe :3

Honest review, I believe, melukis ni takkan kemana and tiada nilai dekat Malaysia ni since people here are not really appreciate arts. Saya perasan benda ni quite lama and that's concludes why dekat negara such as Paris, London and Australia dorang lagi banyak offer the opportunity or courses related with arts compared to Malaysia. So sad kan T.T That's why with this kind of program help to nurture and loving arts among kids, teens, or adult. Everyone can make a big art, it just matters of time, effort and passion. I really hope that one day, I got my own products related with arts. In shaa ALLAH, 25% progression on my big project regarding this arts area :3 Can't wait to tell you guys soon, biar lambat asalkan result selamat hebat, tiptop and drop dead gorgeous!

Here their Facebook Page. Go check'em out!

I got some inquiry on Facebook and Instagram regarding how I draw like a pro* Tang mana pro taktau -.-* & people asked wanting to buy my arts. To be honest, I'm still in the middle of learning and saya tak pro okay. I'm still terkedek-kedek lagi. Asalkan kita consistent and developing lil by lil, it really pays off. And for buying stuff, for now memang tak open for sale sebab I don't think I deserves to sell my products since I'm still newbie. In shaa ALLAH, real soon I give the details. Patience is virtue, darling 

P/S: All the inquiry related with my arts can directly email me on aimi_00000092@yahoo.com

P/S lagi: Give me some credits if you guys want to re-post, take, crop my doodles/ art pictures. Thank you.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 5, 2014

Raya outfit ♥

Assalamualaikum, and Hi loves!

Al-Hamdulillah, raya for this year semuanya  berjalan simple and disambut dengan sederhana and well, to be honest, I don't actually got the feeling of'keterujaan' things nak sambut raya since mengenangkan nasib-nasib orang yang malang, ditambah lagi dengan keadaan di Palestin :( So, it's not that really big deal nak celebrate raya over ehehe but so far, Raya is still Raya. So just enjoy the moment and treasure it every moment with love ones okay!

Based on this ENTRY, saya dah pok pek pasal persiapan before raya especially inner health + make up. So jeng jeng! kita cakap pasal baju raya  

Yes, this is us whole family. Dato' Dr Haji Sohaimi's happy family ♥ Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin lovelies!

Okay, raya for this year I go with jubah instead of baju kurung. Selalunya kan, like previous raya memang confirm lah beli kain kat Jakel, hantar kat Kak Adillah, tailor favorite mama untuk buat baju kurung, bagi measurements blah blah all that. But now, semua zaman mudah dah! beli terus baju siap pakai either beli kat butik mahupun shopping online. So like yeah, I beli dekat butik Von for my Raya outfit :3

One thing I love about this jubah is, it comes with sepersalinan chiffon shawls yang cantik + ada beadings area kepala. Check it out!

Simple and just nice, this is the shawl that I'm talking about!The price is also quite expensive, around RM300+ but it comes with shawls + beadings, so I think it's really worth to buy!

Oh, this jubah also been featured in Majalah pengantin as one of the latest collections by KLFN/ KLYN *I don't quite remember the brand LOLOLOL*

Unfortunately, I don't know how to don the lovely beading shawls since it were chiffon type and basically, Imma cotton viscose lover, so yeah I stick with the plain wide shawl. Hey, still look cute kan ahahaha *pedulikkan bunga dimuka*

Posing sama but different background, haishh janji happy beraya 

How's your raya, babydolls? send me some love!

P/S: I wore all Sendayu Tinggi's cosmetics masa ni except for lips. Le lips I used Obuse tints code 10. DAMNNN tu pun lupa nak review dalam bloggie zzz nanti K nanti!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)