December 16, 2015

Baked Mac & Cheese for noobies!

    Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! Wow, our days are reaching gradually toward the end of month and conclude the year of 2015. Year of happiness and sorrow. But I gotta admit, my life as a 23 years old chic is pretty decent this year. I managed to lose weight (and I gain back, again. But not so much. I think... Not cool -.-) I participated some of memorable events as well. I managed to go hiking at Broga Hill last week. I know, pretty crazy right! Next check list: Bukit Tabur and Skytrex. Such a waste that I didn't go skytrex-ing with my classmates last sem (kot) because I thought going with my IIUM close buddies are more happening. But as usual, when you plan too long, the intention got lost in middle of sea. I can't find where is hidden. FML 

   Oh did I mention that I will get a big present at the end of this December? Yesss! It's gonna be surprise and No, I will not tell you guys what it is. In shaa ALLAH, times will reveal. LOL

      So, back to topic whatsoever, I learned some new quick recipes from my friend. She teach me, well technically us *since we're making mac & Cheese using three rectangular container with some help from three friends including myself* about how to make an easy baked Mac & Cheese!If you guys a great cooker, this should be no problem making this simple dish. However I admit, I'm quite good dealing with Malay foods. But for western cuisine, I'm noob about it. So yeah, this recipes is dedicated for noobies

Baked Mac & Cheese

So here are list of ingredients to make a yummy Mac & Cheese!

1. Macaroni (any kind of brands)
2. 1 can of Prego Cheese and herbs 
3. 1 can of Prego tomato sauce
4. 50-100 ml of full milk (any brands, we are using Dutch Lady)
5. 5-8 chicken sausages. (Optional. you can replace with other frozen foods that you desires or simply do not include)
6. Minced beef. (we use Ramlee chicken burger and we smashed gently until it looks like it was minced. Whatever, at the end of day, you just wanna eat it as long it is not raw. So yeah, LOL)
7. 1 tablespoon of sunflower/olive oil, one small spoon for pepper and salt.
8. 2-3 crushed of cloves and parsley
9. Mozzarella cheese (IMPORTANT since this is a baked Mac & Cheese, we need to do some melting here with little help from oven)

Let's begin, shall we?

1. The steps are very easy to be precise after I cook it with my friends. First thing first, you need to boil a pack of macaroni and wait until 20-25 minutes. During the boiling process, you can put the tablespoon of oil. Toss it and put aside.

2. Heat up one can of Tomato Prego sauce into a pan (Please wash the tin first for health purpose) and 5 minutes later, pour all minced beef into the pan and cook for around 15-20 minutes. Make sure all the tomato sauce plated and cook well with the minced beef. Put aside.

3. Chopped all sausages into appropriate size and boiled for about 5-8 minutes. Toss all the water and put aside. 

4.Next step, like the second stage, we heat up one tin of Prego cheese and herb for 5 minutes and then we pour slowly cup of milk. Stir well and then take all the boiled sausages, splash them into a pan full of Cheese. You can put the crushed of cloves, pepper and salt into it. 

5. After that, the boiled macaroni are poured on top of tomato minced beef. Mix well, gently. 

6.Lastly, decorating time! 

First layer: Tomato minced beef with macaroni
Second layer: Sausage Cheese and herbs 
Third layer: spread some mozzarella cheese!

This recipe is slightly different from usual Mac & Cheese because my friend does not like gravy type, that is why this dish are simple and easy to make. So, if you guys does not have any menu to serve during weekends or weekdays, or during festive season I think this recipe can be apply and it sure bring lots of happiness onto love one tummy. And yeah, welcome new fat. Well, sikit-sikit boleh lah :3

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

December 8, 2015

Current favourite make up haul!

Assalamualaikum, hey loves!

I had neglected my bloggie for almost a month and I feel so,so,so,so bad about it! I'm sorry :( It's all because of overload assignments and paperwork that need to be submit within short range or period. Not to forget about my broken laptop screen too. I don't have time to go to any computer shop to repair it even though I have enough money. Yes, I spends most to unnecessary things rather than my cute laptop. FML

I'm not gonna nag much about it, so here some sneak peek that I want to publish later *after my lil sis return from her classes this friday to borrow her lappy -.-*

You guys familiar with The Face Shop product! IKR  that's how I feel when I first bought make-up from this brand. I absolutely love all of it, especially the CC cream, the pink compact inside pink box. I will definitely do review about it because that's my personal favorite. Plus, it did not irritate my pale,sensitive skin too. So, yeay me! 

Actually I'd receive this about month ago but I still don't find appropriate time to update about CiUM lipbalm product from AirAsia company. I will do the review after I finish with my works. OMG, over gila -.-

First pose \o/

Second pose :3

Third pose 

I know, I miss you guys! I miss my blog too. All the pictures I publish here are my face wearing CC cream from The Face Shop. Can't you see I'm freaking love this product! Remind me to update about this amazing CC cream. In shaa ALLAH 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)