May 5, 2017

PinkBoxCereal Website Debut X 'Hey Dolls!' Matte Lip Creme & Cleansing Water with HERMOSA

Hello there, Assalamualaikum peeps!

OMGGGGG, finally got time to update because I know, I'm super late to publish this one due to limited usage of Lappy and I'm really am not a person to go to CC just to publish my blogpost. Plus, I believe that place got some real shit with lil kids playing the games while cursing over and over again. And I already myself full with craps and I really don't wanna deal with that kind environment. It's bad enough I'm cursing for myself alone so like yeah... LOL 

Have you guys read my post regarding with PinkBoxCereal Housewarming Party? If you haven't, well click link below (after finish this one) because in the previous entry, I think people already aware with Shafiqah, Makeup Guru & Very Professional Beauty expert in skin, LITERALLY (her skin so pretty, I wanna die) Well, I think most of Malaysians know about her and her page on Facebook & Instagram. Not to mention, her beauty class also right now have been upgraded with beauty tours outside KL and latest one, her official debut of launching Emergency Beauty Kit on 1st April. Congrats, love!

PinkBoxCereal official debut when all medias, bloggers, her previous students and new comers are very supportive towards Shaf, the owner and check out those pink hair, isn't it look freakin' dreamy TT___TT

Hello, meet my bunny accompanied with beautiful and much more magical Emergency Beauty Kit proudly present by PinkBoxCereal! To be honest, even the first box edition already an eye catching for me, so no surprise when beautiful Shaf invented the second version of beauty box. It's literally a life saver for makeup junkie like me because I got tonnesssss of makeup stuff in my room and it's consuming le space to put in proper condition. So, yeah thank you for this!

PinkBoxCereal helps people out there to acknowledge more about local products and I also know that most of the products display under Emergency Beauty Kit are all Shaf's favorite! Oil-Free, Water-based and organic are her thanggg, Well, for makeup junkie and noobies out there who wanna try and experience new local product, please get it personally from PinkBoxCereal IG and wait, did I mention that during the launching, this pink lady finally owned their official website? YES it is. How kewll is that!

These beautiful babies can get from the website right now. Each boxes/packages cames with different price. So, please choose wise before you buying all because I know everyone excited with her product, so do I *sigh* I

During first launch, I went there with my fav bitch and met some beauty bloggers such as Yana Rusli, Aanis Kramer and others (I lupa the name, so sorry, I am jenis lupa nama orang so easily) 

The surprise for PinkBoxCereal is still not over! Al-Hamdulillah, if you guys check out her IG & Facebook page, PinkBoxCereal have landed their own DollHouse and the official housewarming party is tomorrow, Sharply from 2-6 PM, located in Empire Damansara and free entrance for all pretty people :)

Oh, another big suprise is that I finally got Emergency Beauty Kit that have these baby!

My own personal Limited Edition lip Creme exclusively original from PinkBoxCereal and latest collaboration new and improved cleansing water from Hermosa. Yes, I already use the cleansing water as my makeup remover in previous entry and it is really good. With argan oil infused in their latest makeup remover, makes it even work like miracle.

But my favorite, is Shaf's limited edition Matte Lip creme!

Lip swatches, full review on my InstaStory because yes, I love Instagram more than Blog LOL With shade called 'Hey, Dolls!' her favorite tagline when she goes live on facebook videos and Instagram, it's really a cool color and suits me very much because I'mma nude lover, so getting this one personally from her is really an honor for me to not try on my lips. The brown-nudish creme really glides smoothly and I just love the packaging. It's all in pink box and the bottle lid is coated with gold. So yeah, looks kinda cute for everyone. And yes, the colors suit for everyone too for everyday wear. 

Overall look? 10/10 *smirk* 

For more information regarding with PinkBoxCereal, click link below!


P/S: Hey, let's meet up for tomorrow office launch okay? and yeah, some of the photos I took from my Instagram. Feel free to follow loves!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)