September 27, 2015

Product review: Favorite body care

Assalamualaikum, hi loves!

I know, I freakingggg know that I left my blog unattended due to busy schedules for this sem. Well, yeah currently I am in first sem, final year student. Oh gosh, I'm getting closer to hold graduation hat and robe. And graduation scroll looks so near to me now. Like seriously :3

Al-Hamdulillah, this year I try to look and be fit as far as I can. I mean, it's getting bored that I keep talking about exercise but I didn't do anything to achieve it. So, I try to set some goal to lose weight. So far, I'm in track. I control my food intake. I'm focusing more to eat during breakfast + dinner (little quantity compared to breakie), do any cardio workout at least one hour and above, and what's interesting the most for this sem? I join a lot of running events held by IIUM society. I'm already participate in KAED run due to KAED week and next checklist is stuff run! IDK why is it call as Stuff run, but heck with that! As long as it related with activities that burns calories, I'm good to go!

I still have pau cheek. I'm not gonna feel shy about that LOL

So, back to topic. I'm excited to write this beauty review based on product that I use, currently. Actually, it were from the same owner who invented the CC Cream that I wrote in previous entry >CLICK HERE

I'm very impressed that the owner managed to diversify her products not only for makeup, but also body care. Let's check it out!

Beautiful decoration, isn't it? LOL I did that. Good job, aimi *pat back gently* I bought all of the product range which are coffee scrub soap, Scrubs, day and night Lotion and lastly, Shower cream. I love all of them!

Close up for the products. Don't you just love their cute packaging since they stick with monochrome theme ♥ 

    At first, the owner only produced these two before she expand her products. I fell in love with these scrub as soon I applied onto my body. I keep on changing using it everyday. Means that, on Monday I feel like wanna use Dry Away scrub. The next day, I will use Detox scrub. And the pattern continues everyday. Get it? LOL FML 

   Detox is being used to get rid of toxins and impurities, whereas Dry away is specialize in minimize dry and dull skin. I love their smells! Basically, it derives from coconut oil, charcoal and milk extract. These properties are really famous when it comes to body care.

Lids for the scrubs. Well, hello there Wear White! Wear white is a day cream lotion that rich with natural sun proof SPF 30 with touch of citrus extract. You can see instant white result when applied it on your body. Mostly, I use and rub on my hands. I love the smell too. It's so good!

Close up for the packaging. It's simple and easy to bring anywhere you want. I always bring day lotion every time I go to class or standwalk *standing and walking* under sun. I mean, SPF is really important right? I'm using coffee scrub soap if I feel like I want to. I feel my skin becomes smooth after scrubbing my face using the soap. Actually, coffee is really great in deactivate acne and active in scars appearance. So far, the coffee soap that I use almost finish because it's really tiny, only around 30 gram. 

    I LOVE DREAM WASH! Dream Wash is one of the best shower cream I used so far besides Lifebuoy and Nivea shower conditioner LOL The smell is based with coconut and milk extract, just the same ingredients used in scrub. The smell is very mild and not strong which is good thing since it natural and home made recipe. Sometimes if I don't want to scrub my body, I'm just using shower cream to replace and replenish smoothness of my body. Dream Cream, on the other hand is a night lotion that can moisturize your whole body and help to have deep, calm sleep after long tired day. Just like coffee scrub soap, I'm also rarely use Dream Cream since I'm not a very lotion type of person, but I still apply it if I feel like I want to and the effects is great. Still, I love both!

     I've already repeat buying scrubs from this shop because the quantity is heavy, 700 ml for each and the price is only rm35. Don't you find it is really cheap! I buy all of these and still under my budget expectation. If you guys wanna try, go and follow them.


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 11, 2015

Current Mood

Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

Casual conversation between a guy and me.

Aimi: Jangan risau lah, Anas! in shaa ALLAH perancangan ALLAH itu baik. You will find better. Eh entah-entah nanti hang banyak scandal keliling pinggang. Lelaki kan perangai macam tu sikit *smirk face*
Anas:No, that's a boy. Not a man.
Aimi: Anas, nak tanya. 
Anas: Yes?
Aimi: Kalau berkaitan dengan CURANG, guy yang CURANG, So is that mean he is a boy, and not a man?
Anas:That's a boy lah. Fikir main-main je. A man will say the love words through her parents.
Aimi: Wow *amazeball*

Some deep shit I realize today. LOL 

Al-hamdulillah, thank you Anas. Nice words even you're just below me. You're super matured compared to me and hats down for that :)

Current mood: Crushing for someone. IDK why, but I kinda miss you. Hiks 

Al-Hamdulillah for everything. May ALLAH bless. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)