May 8, 2019

NAELOFAR X GUARDIAN Malaysia Exclusive Summer Collection | Event

Assalamualaikum and Happy Ramadhan Kareem, everyone!

Al-hamdulillah, Praise to ALLAH, I still got an opportunity to perform my duty as humble and weird person to double my obligations, increasing my activities to do and become a better person this year in order to receive good rewards by ALLAH, and and and!  I truly hope that I can overcome all my insecurities, all my imperfections so that I can focus what’s matter most for this year Ramadhan. To all my muslim readers or followers or whateva you are, I hope you guys doing good and always set our niyyah’ to become better than yesterday, and more for tomorrow. In shaa ALLAH :)

Okay guys, I had lots of fun attending events before Ramadhan month struck, but one of the amazing event I went is regarding with Guardian Malaysia (thank you for always inviting me to lots of amazing events, you guys rock!) and this time, Guardian Malaysia have an exclusive collaboration with none other than amazing brand, NAELOFAR!

I went a lil bit late during the event because of damn traffic (lol, I gotta reduce the urge of need to curse this holy month T____T) but according to Ms Wong Vai Chi, Head Of Marketing, Health And Beauty, Guardian Health and Beauty mentioned that,
“This collaboration with NAELOFAR is our special way to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan with our customers. We want to offer our customers something exclusive and, of course, beautiful, when they drop in to shop for their health and beauty necessities at Guardian stores.”
She added,
Guardian stores will have a special theme called “Seiring Ramadan” during the month of Ramadan where Guardian will strive to offer customers the best deals throughout this Ramadan season with discounts of up to 50% on some products. Gotta stock up some essential products for your Raya, loves!
So in the month of Ramadan, what better time to shop at Guardian and to carry your purchases home in a must-have tote bag designed by Neelofa herself. DUHH, I ‘m pretty sure everyone knows who Neelofa is, talented actress, TV Presenter, model, successful entrepreneur and the owner of one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary fashion brand, NAELOFAR.

Andddd the wait is over, Guardian Malaysia finally revealing NATURE BEAUTY, RED BLOSSOMS and FLORAL SERENITY tote bag, the one and only Exclusive Summer Collection for Ramadan. All the tote bags look really cute and my favs goes to Floral Serenity. It looks perfect to carry my telekung and prayer mat during Taraweeh. Just a perfect size!

As the tote bags are limited edition, those bags can be purchased at a 40% discount with any purchase of a sponsor’s product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsor’s product. After the 40% discount, the bags will retail for only RM17.90.  The Guardian Exclusive Summer Collection is available now until stocks last. So, whatcha waiting for, love? Heads over to any Guardian Malaysia outlets to feel the materials upclose. It’s so worth it, you definitely gonna collect all of ‘em!

Sneak peek of goodies that I got, Major congrats to NAELOFAR and Guardian Malaysia for the invitation, See you in next event okay?
Cheers & Kisses,