June 10, 2016

ZOMATO whattt?

Assalamualaikum, and hello beautiful people! 

First of all, happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all muslim around the world. It is sure a pleasure to meet with Ramadhan this year especially with the one you love and also we managed to eat lotsaaaaa foods that we couldn't find during normal night market, or known Ramadhan Bazar! This year resolution, get rid of 10 kg because I got several important things that need to be finish and do this year. In shaa ALLAH, everything will be alright. Can't wait!

Lil progress about myself. I will do my internship this coming monday and so far, my life is amazing. My final exam already finished and that dictates my unofficially graduate student from IIUM. It's actually pretty sad but happy at the same time because if I got, in shaa ALLAH I will good result, I managed to finished my graduation period with flying colors. Oh yeah, another thing is I'm officially an Iphone user now LOL I did mention about my latest phone, HUAWEI p8 lite right? but that one I deal with it later. 

So, when talk about Ramadhan month, all mind focus on one thing: WHERE WE SHOULD GO AND EAT? yes, this question can lead to several choices and voila, can create pretty funny and annoyingly not awesome conversation with your girlfriends and yeah, probably with your bae too. So, why don't you guys rely on ZOMATO Apps! 

 I know about ZOMATO Apps during my android time, but now since I'm switching my phone, here you guys can see 2 different version of layout. You guys can download this app manually on App stores and also Google play. Yes, the LOGO from Iphone is the latest version because previously their logo is like a giant big white sperm spoon thingy ._. 

So... yeah what makes ZOMATO Apps different from other food apps? Personally, I love this apps because it is very reliable to find the perfect restaurants and cafe nearby. Other than that, you can snap some of beautiful pictures of the food and write some review about it. 

Using ZOMATO Apps not only searching for the perfect foods, but also can build friendship that have same interest about foods. The Apps gives variety of food choices and gives  information before we wanna do some reservation for special occasion like birthday, meeting, family gathering and many more!

Since ZOMATO Apps is quite new and still emerging day by day, this Apps is seriously awesome and easy to use. First, you gotta create your account. Fill up some email and new password for completion of creating your food account. 

 After sign up session, then you guys can explore all the amazing application of ZOMATO Apps by selecting your current locations, then ZOMATO can do their work. In my situation, I lived nearby Kepong (Jinjang Utara). So, ZOMATO Apps will give plenty of restaurant and cool cafes choices with their complete details too. 

Sometimes, ZOMATO Apps will help you to pick which places you should eat accordingly to your budget. 

ZOMATO Apps also encourages all their users or ZOMATO community to left their experiences about specific food places and also for more temptation, upload lotsaaa photos! I do this all the time before I eat but now I try to reduce this madness because it's fasting month. LOL but heck with that, since this is food apps of course people gonna get sooo drooolinngggg seeing all the sexy foods that being uploaded. But all depends to our intentions. As long as it good, then it is good. 

Besides that, you guys can set up some bookmarks or consider as wishlist restaurant that need to go in your list. This will help you to just click the restaurant details and do online reservation. How cool is that!

In your account section, you can edit your profile and knows latest notifications about the people surrounds you too.

 Here, check out my ZOMATO Apps profile!

I'm still noobies when using ZOMATO so I'm not that really food expert to received food achievements like certain famous foods bloggers but I'm really glad I become part of ZOMATO family. I love this apps, you guys should give a try to this apps too, because eventually you gonna love it and become really useful during vacation at different countries. Since I become one of ZOMATO users, I received some of goodies and opportunities to meet and greet with other ZOMATO users too. This coming event, they will organize Iftar event for ZOMATO users at Enak, Starhill Pavilion and I'm soooo excited to join since I didn't go during the meeting last month because it clashes with my Korea trip LOL so, this time I cannot wait to go! ZOMATO Apps also love to give surprises for their users such as food coupons. Oh, I will give surprise to you guys too, soon! stay tuned with my blog and download ZOMATO Apps now! 

Lots of love, 
Miss A :)