December 31, 2014


Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

Soooooooo, can you hear the clock is ticking tick tock tick tock! Oh yes, year 2015 is around the corner, well...approximately less than three hours to go before I hit my favorite number of my youth 22 years old to 23. Oh my, I'm getting old. No wonder I can feel my face getting a lot of wrinkles LOLOLOL no wrinkles, just smart line on my forehead that shows my matured and feminine side due to struggling becoming a smart and tough lady. There is so much things to do but I don't think I managed to perform well during the period of year 2014. Whatever it is, I am still the girl who have ; 

1) Stubborn fats that still sticking around my ass and my stomach *sigh*
2) I still love to eat. Damn you, fat mouth!
3) and I complain I'm fat. then eat again. *double sigh*

It's okay. At least I can act cute right? zzzz

Well, 2-3 days ago I had super battle with my final exam and it is still continue until 11th January. So yeah, I don't really mind celebrating new year with excited feelings since I know that people are sick worried about what current situation happens in Pantai Timur and missing Air Asia plane. I hope everything going smooth and really hope everyone can be happy as sweet as cake. I really am :( Despite having final exams, my super mum and my family going on vacation at Johore Bahru and shopping there, like last year, leaving me alone in IIUM. 

Because I can't go + my mum didn't buy anything for me due to limited time shopping at JPO + My gedik sis got to buy something for her instead of me -.- I sulked so bad until my mum opened her heart to buy a new leather handbag with combination of Gold/Fucshia colors

The bag have a classy, elegant look and accompanied with 3 side-kick inside it! Goldie makeup handbag and Goldie tag! How cool is that, people! *really don't have a clue why I need to insert exclamation points at every end of sentences*

Sneak peek.

Le inside of Goldie Tag. My mum really know my taste very well since I love gold color. Not too shine or look to 'keling'y LOLOLOL

Le Makeup bag. I REALLY NEED ONE RIGHT NOW and THANK YOU MUM FOR THIS! Best present ever to conclude my sad, tired month for the year of 2014 :') 

SMART. Yeah,be SMART love with SMART Goldie bag 

I'm not a sucker for handbag because clutch is my preference. However, this bag is exceptional since my mum try so hard to please me because I'm really sad that time when she mentioned that she did not buy anything for me. It's okay mum, now I'm okay :3

Le brand. Thank you again mum for this bag. I really appreciate it and I can't wait to use for family vacation in Turkey  The bag is really cool and the price is quite expensive, I must say *because I accidentally check the price tag*, but I assume it was a gift from sweet mother to her precious daughter....LOL

P/S: New motivation to strive harder for my next paper on 5th Jan. ME, come on!

P/S again: I can smell something new is coming up. Oh, please hold that feelings, dear heart! DUPDAPDUPDAP *wink*

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

December 14, 2014

Product review: Naturactor

Assalamualaikum, hi dolls!

Yeayyyyyyyy, I finally sneak out my time from hectic schedules for this month just to write a fresh, new entry for my dearly blog. I know, BTMA's sucks without new updates! I mean come on, you guys of course know how it feels when we abandon our precious online diary due to non-stop assignments and presentations. Moreover, this month is the final exam month. So yeah, I need to prepare for my finals and my first paper is on 30th December T.T I need a break. over and over and over again zzzz

Here, I wanna write quick updates regarding with makeup products from my favorite place on earth a.k.a the place I wanna visit every year due to beautiful precious pinky flowers sakura! Yup, I'm talking about NATURACTOR baby!

As you lovelies can see, I bought these babies because I used to wear Naturactor skincare products which are Naturactor soap and Hi-Care freshener *CLICK HERE to read*  I had a very bad and terrible problem skin when I was studying in CFS IIUM, Nilai. After few times searching for the best to kill all the acne(sssssssss) on my face, I finally found Naturactor and it works real good for my face. After that experience, I put my trust to Naturactor products regardless skincare or makeup to enhance my puffy face with their famous ever, NATURACTOR COVER FACE (on the left) and MAGIC LIPSTICK (on the right) into pretty, living doll,and natural face * I'm over exaggerating about it* LOLOLOL 

So here are the real appearance that come out from the box. I add up another item from NATURACTOR. Let me list out the names:

NATURACTOR COVER FACE CODE 141 (CF) fair for malay skin.
NATURACTOR SUMMER CAKE CODE 630 (SC) too fair and suitable for chinese skin. wtf 
NATURACTOR MAGIC LIPSTICK CODE 01 (ML) Orange kiss and I love it to max 

Personal review:

CF: I love this foundation sooo freaking much  It does cover all the imperfections of my face such as scars, breakouts and lighten up my face to create dewy-look finish. The coverage stands up until 6-7 hours before it gets cakey. That is why, sometimes I touch it up with pressed powder from Maybelline. But well, sometimes I don't. I love to blend it with wet sponge to create a porcellain kinda look on my face LOLOL The price are really affordable and it last about 2-3 months depending on regular usage. One thing I love most is, when I apply this foundation, it does not pop out new pimples on my face. Most of the foundation that I used, there is always, ALWAYS new pimples appeared on my face but with CF, the problem is solve! yeay 

SC: I used to wear this after I did some facial treatment using NATURACTOR skincare products. It does create flawless face for oily face type. However, I don't quite like it because SC does not provide with the sponge to touch up my face and the price quite pricey, approximately rm69, *why on earth I bought this at first place T.T*

ML: Love this product! I love because it creates orangish lippy look and the price are affordable *same price with CF* It last long around 4-5 hours without eating, but the color can be slightly fade after eat. So yeah, I have to re-apply it back but still it doesn't matter because I love the color!  

Here is the picture of mine wearing CF and ML. The CF blends well with my skin and look nice on this picture but I'm really sorry the picture turn out this way *the duckie lips* because I just want you guys to focus the colors of the ML. Damn, freaking love it! 

P/S: I don't have any other pic that shows best about the products I'm used for this entry. Harap pic ni takde kontroversi erk erk ._.

P/S again: CLICK HERE to read about my favorite makeup remover by NATURACTOR too!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 26, 2014

Let's go to Kanteen!

Assalamualaikum and hi babes! wish all of you in good states and always stay pretty 

Like I promise in previous post *CLICK HERE* I will update more about places to eat, to chill, to experience right? so here, another new place I recently dine with my friends at Plaza Damas, KL. At first glance, I was fascinated to know about the restaurant name. KANTEEN? Seriously? :P When I heard the name, immediately my mind pop out my school canteen. Canteen that serve a lot of foods, especially Chinese foods yumms! But I didn't get too much information regarding with the name of this restaurant. Adam said that the place have the most delicious Salted egg friend rice. Ekin and I were like zzzzz....K Jomlah kita try makan kat Kanteen *blank mind*

All the foods here are served with amazingly affordable price. Check out their list price for the desserts.

You guys can see ah? so cheap lohhh *sparkling eyes* Their Cha Cha desserts cost rm4.50 per bowl, ABC and Cendol are also cheap. The price can be slightly difference when you add ice cream for ABC and another flavor like Durian for Cendol. 

A lot of cili padi. Can you guys guess what is our foods? Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Introducing, the famous ever salted egg fried rice! The taste is delicious and I read some good reviews about KANTEEN's favorite dish is this one. Whereas for Ekin, she ordered a plate of white rice with Petai spicy prawn *why I got the feeling the usage of my words sounds wronggggg* and Spicy Tom Yam. Her foods is definitely the winner since I'mma Tom Yam lover. Love the spiciness and also the proportions of ingredients just perfect to create the most yummy Tom Yam 

This is mine. Thai Fried Bee Hoon. I love this one as well, when you squeeze the lime over the food, you can feel the acidity mixed with extra spicy of the Bee Hoon are definitely perfect combo to enjoy your meal. However, I didn't finish my foods because I fill my tummy with chocolate crepes before we eat here, so like,I packed some to bring in at home LOLOLOL

Totally recommended 

The sexy Tom Yam. How can ahh youu T.T

The selfie I got with my baby Ekin. Thank you Ekin and Adam for the free riding to go here #eh 

Overall, Kanteen is nice to go and enjoy simple, malay dishes with your friends. Oh yes, did I mention that all the foods we ate are only cost around rm50? Yes people. RM 50 for three of us including mineral water and chinese tea LOLOLOL 

Directory: Lot F-0-5 Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Sri Hartamas KL.
Telephone: 016-6950733

P/S: I will update more, stay tuned loves!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 23, 2014

Chocolate Galore ♥

Assalamualaikum, Hi loves!

Okay guysssssss, I'm dying to update my new entry tonight because I can't wait to share my experience visiting this amazing yet very sweet palace called 'Salon Du Chocolat' located at Publika :3 

    Last week I visited this so called Chocolate Heaven Palace sent by God due to exquisite and lovely chocolate taste and I also read some reviews that their chocolates are wayyy better than Dip N dip. I'm not so sure about comparison made by some people based on their taste buds and their experiences because I haven't got the chance to eat at DnD yet but since this is the first time I eat at Salon Du Chocolat, I'm enchanted with the foods and I ate it until the plate goes shined LOLOLOL

There are varies types of desserts inside here such as fruits, crepes, brownies, krispy rice, molten cake, ice cream and etc. However, regardless what kind of dessert they serve, chocolates will always be the most important elements. The basic colors of chocolates used are white chocolate, dark chocolates and milk chocolates.

That day, Adam ordered a three layer pancakes fill with chocolates and vanilla ice cream for the side dish. Definitely worth the penny because this is delish!

Whereas, Ekin ordered Rice krispy. Personal review, I like this one the most because I love the crunchiness when I'm eating it and you can feel that you're eating cereals with lotsa chocolates. Yumms 

Oh yeah 

I ordered this for myself, Waffle stick with chocolates melt on top.

Too much chocolates we ate during our dinner that day until we can't afford to walk back to UIA LOLOLOL

Don't you just love it :3

For today, we go and eat here again due to our chocolates craving and I ordered Chocolates crepes. I love that they serve it during the crepes are still warm. Not to forget, Ekin and Adam also requested the All-Time-Favorite menu which is Brownies crepes. But I forgot to take the pic of their foods since they already take a bite LOLOLOL


The prices are quite affordable and much cheaper compared to DnD *based on what people are saying* so I think that I need to go and have a bite at DnD before I can give my honest opinion on both. If you wanna find place to chill with friends or searching new cafe that mainly serves chocolates, this is a perfect place to go. Whatever it is,Salon Du Chocolat definitely leading the way here :3 

Find them here, people!

Facebook: Salon Du Chocolat
Website: Salon Du Chocolat

P/S: I will update more food place to go. Stay tuned dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 12, 2014

Fashland! 2. LOL

Assalamualaikum and hey loves!

If you guys ever read my blog, like almost the beginning of most of my entries, I'm always include what I'm doing before I even write my blog. So like yeah, like always I'm often open my Facebook to play the game and my favorite among others is definitely one and only FASHLAND 

CLICK HERE to read my entry related with my experiences playing FASHLAND. However, I wrote that entry in Malay. Maybe only common readers can read it whereas other readers around the world will have some difficulties to read. My apology *sigh*

I'm glad that until now I stick to play FASHLAND regardless how old I am. Hey, I'm still young *saying 22 Y.O. in sparkling eyes* If I ever giving up my journey in opening Fashion house, I will never taste the feelings of satisfactions seeing and delivering my products, oh did I mention, I make some renovations too compared to my first attempt? :3

Babydoll's House Fashion 

As you can see, Babydoll's House Fashion have been upgraded from level amateur to intermediate. I can't say that I reach high level since I'm still learning about fashion LOLOL Check out some cute stuff I put in my Fashion house such as Lipsy Kissy couch in each side of Business magazine rack, Haute Couture statue near my Dreamy land door  oh oh, I put Flower bike to make the Fashion house looks feminine. I also did some changes for my fitting rooms and my paycheck table. Both are constructed and well build with Palatial design.

GAMEGOS  add on new outfits for every style of fashion. These are some of the newest collections. Right now, Shasha *my doll name* is wearing Retro style. I just love those polka dot headband. Cutie pie much 

Another gorgeous garments. I decided to go for Fantasy look with my 'Sequin strapless dress' *OMGOMGOMG* 

Never start a day with bad shoes. You have to find the perfect shoes because face it, you gonna run and walk around with your feet. Sure we gonna pick the comfortable and beautiful shoes. Some of the new shoes I unlocked using my keys by voting appropriate looks and completing task.

Another shoes collections in my wardrobe *jaw dropping* I love rock and roll boots. Just too freaking awesome!

With a slight touch of necklace, You gonna look cute! Here are new pieces of my accessories collections too 

You sure don't wanna miss these when you go out!

Newest collections thanks to GAMEGOS! I chose 'Magical glitter purse' because it looks Goldie and me Likey LOLOLOL

I love clutches, Hey check out my apple clutch for evening looks! Oh yeah, Old money clutch for Bridal look too and the fluffy Monster clutch for Haute couture? DOPE!

From Frizzy to Braids! I put her some new eye shadows and also GAMEGOS updated the choices of the lips color too!

Uuuu ♥ sexy and bold! Another interesting part is, for the cheeks baby!

Dark Blush are perfect for Gothic, Rock and Roll, Avant Garde and Evening look *based on my opinions* as long as you know how to mix and match, you gonna get the fabulous result. Just don't be a makeup victim okay *grins*

Overall, I'm really happy with the progression of this game and I don't wanna miss a single things or changes when it comes to FASHLAND. Keep up with the good work, GAMEGOS

Oh, for people who wanna be my neighbors to collect more hearts, do PM me on my FACEBOOK PAGE. See you soon, loves!

CLICK HERE for my first entry related with FASHLAND. Sorry for the big pictures for this entry. I couldn't help it LOLOL

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 9, 2014

Bang Bang Bangles!

Assalamualaikum, Hi there!

Like usual, when I open my dashboard, home, main page *whatever they call* Entry related with TABITA will always popped up and being the most frequent entry visited. So guys, if you wanna check out how I used to wear TABITA as my skincare, click link down here.


Okay, as a girl, as a hijabi's baby fashionista who wear shawls to cover my precious hair, I'm pretty sure that people gonna think that the girls who wear hijab have limited accessories to put on themselves compared to free-hair girls. AM I BLOODY RIGHT? It is quite true actually since we're hijabi's, we are forbidden to wear excessive accessories that might attract opposite gender attention. However, as the world of fashion evolved, a lot of accessories such as earrings, necklace,flower hairband, pearls, beauty small pins and bangles play important roles towards hijabi's appearance. So that's why, all the accessories nowadays designed for hijabi's are practically small and decent look and at the same time, it can match together with their outfit 

To be honest, I'm not good in beautifying my daily look since I'm more focus on my face with makeup. Well, light makeup I'm talking about :3 But, I feel like my day out to go for exclusive events, family outing, girls day out ♥ will be bored without my cute bangles! So yeah, I collected most of my bangles around the world such as UK, Aussie, Paris, Medina and Sarawak to match it up with my look of the day. I'm sure that bangles are much convenient to wear compared to necklace because face it, necklace may stuck at our shawls and make it look kinda messy, same goes to the earrings too! LOLOLOL

These are some of my new born babies too LOLOLOL my favorite bangle is on top, right side which is cost approximately rm60++ I'm not saying I'm being bias among other bangles, but that one is da bomb 

I'm a loyal believer when it comes to "less is better" words because when we dress up simple and plain colors, These little piece of "makeup hand" appear more bold, edgy and complete our look. For me, bangle shows attitude and can make total change of someone appearance. I don't mind with any kind of type *gold, plastic, metallic, strings, zipper style* as long as it bangles, I'm on it. 

Directly snap from front camera Galaxy Note 3. Love it! Yeah, this is the bangle I love the most *dah kenapa lighting muka gelap, lighting tangan cerah zzz*

So tell me, who said Hijabi's can't rock with lil bling bling accessories? *angkat kening* till then, lovelies!

Lots of love,
Miss A :) 

October 3, 2014

Beauty review: AVON Color magic lipstick

Assalamualaikum, Hi loves!

WOWWW, lama sangat dah I tak buat beauty review which is, I know most of it my fault sebab sometimes I kena perah idea nak snap pic + bukak lappy + tulis entry + publish entry blah blah blah all that and turn out I'm more excited opening my Facebook main games rather than my blog errrrr K

So here! I wanna share with you guys this cute yet very girlish product by AVON. When we are talking about AVON, of course you will immediately think, OMG OMG Fazura! *if I'm not mistaken, Fazura is being the most appear ambassador for AVON right :3* Hahh, sama je kita dengan awak awak. Kita masa tengok AVON terus teringat Fazura. I just love her natural beauty and she's a fashion icon  therefore, jeng jeng! I pun try this product and first time I tengok, I memang fell for their packaging 

Is it natural to love pink? Ahahah so here, there are three types of AVON Color magic lipsticks and I love them all! 

From left to right: Snow pink, Mango yellow and Shiny silver  Gahhh, their colors captivate my eyes and they're saying 'try me, try me!' repeatedly.

Personally, my favorite are Yellow mango and Shiny silver   

What so magical about these lipsticks? the colors gradually change depends on your body temperature either are they in cool or hot mood. To be frank, I'm not into these kind of magic lipsticks because I love lipsticks based on matte type. But sometimes, I feel like I wanna try to do something different and that's why I want to apply these babies on my lips. The colors stay well up to 6-7 hours in one application and give moisturize effects for your lips. I'm sorry I didn't do any swatches, but I can briefly tell you guys the colors after it being applied on my hand *which conclude that I did do the swatches, I just don't have time to snap pics to upload in my lappy* 

Snow pink: pink. very rosy pink.
Shiny silver: slightly fade pink, compared to SP.
Yellow mango: Orang-ish fade red. 

I don't know whether these cutie lipsticks are famous and used by many girls out there or maybe I'm the one yang still noob when it comes to AVON product -.- *my bad* but whatever it is, I think you guys can get it at any toko-toko jamu or AVON distributors since the price is reasonable to get it. RM6.90 for each Perfectly cheap for students!

Rating: 4.5/5 Totally recommended.

P/S: Esok balik kampung weh! yeay

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 26, 2014

Sweet treats just like Sweetree

Assalamualaikum, Hey munchkins, 안녕!

I'm dying to write and update my blog now because yesterday I just came to this new restaurant, and what makes it more unique and awesome? This restaurant is managed by a truly Korean citizen who been stayed here for about 8 years and the restaurant are full with Korea sense of living like ambiances,foods, decorations, traditional garments and shoes :) At first, I don't quite enthusiastic to know about Korean foods since I'm sucker for Japanese foods *I know, I'm being bias but hey, the first country I had visit is Japan. Of course Japan will forever win in my heart  * But I think, now I got the new place to experienced and know better about Korea. 

If you guys ever go to shopping near Ampang, sure you guys will encounters a lot of Korea Restaurant and Sweetree is one of the famous restaurant due to beautiful, like seriously! the views inside of the place is magnificent. Check out the entrance!

The menus that shows most favorite foods people love when they visit Sweetree as their place to chill and eat. Oh yes, The restaurant operate from 10 a.m until 12 a.m.

These tables are served for people who sit in ground floor, but when my friends and I go there, we sat at the second level of the restaurant and bamm! what a beautiful things captures my attention!

A big tree inside the restaurant! *Sparkling eyes detected*

All the beautiful traditional games and miniature on rack and they place it at easy-to-view corner, which is actually in front of the stairs after we reach at second floor. We also saw all the Korean singer and band at the grill beside the stairs. How cozy and sweet is that 

After that, we sat at this beautiful table that are being surrounded by fake, plastic flowers and then we orders the foods. Before we do that, we take some of the pictures because that is our first time visiting a restaurant that have nice interior design. I feel like I'm living in a dream when I'm eating at Sweetree yesterday. LOLOLOL

Soo, you guys wanna see the foods? My friends Ekin and Zuhairah accompanied and want to breakfasting with me yesterday *thank you babies * We ordered different kinds of foods because we wanna taste sikit-sikit from one to another dishes hahaha :P

Here it is!

Tasteless rice porridge with a bits of kimchi flavors. Because I were fasting yesterday, I just grab the spoon and eat it until finish. Both of my friends are eager to eat their main dishes and they forget about their porridge LOLOLOL

Seafood Teppoki for Ekin's. This food is really nice but you gonna feel fed up eating the same things since most of Teppokis are chewy, perhaps too chewyish to chew T.T But I still love the taste. Not too spicy and also not too sweet.

This is Kimbab BBQ sauce. It's more like a sushi for me, so like yeayy! The Japanese sense are not clearly gone in this matter. 

Blueberry cheesecake and Caramel Macchiato for Ekin and me. We share the cake into two. I love the base and the cheesecake, but not so much for the blueberry topping since I felt it was a lil bit too thick. Hard to crack on T.T 

Mango-Orange Sorbet for Zuhairah's. I love this! Three of us agree that this one is a good dessert to taste. Furthermore it was serve inside Orange peel, how creative is that!

Jjam Bong ♥ This belongs to me and I'm totally recommended for you newbies out there, try this food! It's really delicious. DAMN GOOD 

Blended chocolate Oreo for me too. After that, Zu also ordered the same thing. and then tak habis -.-

This is spring onion pancake and basically is the least favorite to eat among us because this pancake arrived after our stomach are fully loaded with the main course. The sauce in the middle is really sour and what funny thing is, Zu ordered this menu and then she said, 'Korang habiskan lah pancake ni, sebab pancake ni ada sayur. Aku tak makan sayur'

zzzzz K Zu K

Last but not least, Bulgogi pot with egg served with 4 side dishes consists of Egg mayo, medium fry mash potato and carrots, White radish and kimchi. Special appearance: Zu's face LOL *sila berbangga ye Zu*

Another fun things we did, we tried Hanbok! Hanbok is a traditional outfit to wear inside the palace in Korea. So like, *frust tak dapat pakai Hanbok kat Korea? takpe, meh datang Sweetree and fefeeling sendiri rasa macam princess pakai baju ni*


Lady with grace Sister Ekin :P

Fun bubbly sister Zu :3

Sweetree restaurant is totally recommended for babydolls out there who wanna tasting different foods other than usual nasi lemak and Kopi O, which is the typical malay food. Try Korean foods then! Find them on:-

Facebook: Sweetree
Website: www.sweetree.net

안녕 and lots of love,
Miss A :)