February 8, 2019

Life Update Year 2019

Hello beautiful! Assalamualaikum and HI, 2019, HOW ARE YOU?????

Holy smoky guacamole, It’s been a long time I haven’t even update new entry despite lots of amazing things happen around me since the last date this blog been left out until now. I know it’s been a while, but I hope you guys still keep up with le blog of mine and still anticipating with new fun story every time I update this blog. Hiks! I miss you, do you miss me, oh opps, I should ask, do you miss my blog? I know you do LOL

Okay, news about my current life, year 2018 such a memorable in my life and I cannot wait to experience more life adventure for this year too! What I found the happiest moment in late 2018?

I stan non other than King of music, well for me personally, I found 7 of them are the King. Can you believe, le lazy self of me is stanning a very popular Korean musician group called ‘BTS’? LOL I still can’t believe that I found myself jammin’ into their songs. But I gotta say, loving BTS group helps me lot during last year and the message of each song from their amazing Albums (starting with Love Yourself Era: Wonder, Her, Tear and Answer) really and truly the best peak of my 2018 life. Yes, I am an Army, officially or whateva XD I can clearly heard my sissy Nyek Aisya ‘booing’ me from distance. Shut up! LOL

Year of 2018 is a year of travelling for my family, I went to beautiful Japan and Aussie, I got to learned new things, culture and food tasting! This year, In shaa ALLAH, we will travel to Mecca to perform Umrah and TBH, it’s exciting and worried, lil mixed feeling but I know everything gonna be foine. I’m sure of it!

Year of 2018 also is good for my job prospect because I managed to stick with one company and I never get tired doing job that I love. Working in an amazing small company is the best because it makes you to try and master almost everything and up until now I’m still learning. I really glad and thankful to my beautiful petite boss for the amazing opportunity and never looked me down because I’m such a mess sometimes, but she still keep up with me. Working in Grats Management Sdn Bhd is considered as one of the happiest thing for me. Hey, if you lookin’ for Secretarial/Accounting services and Visa/Work Permit/MM2H programme (for foreigners), hit our email up for more deets!

CONTACT NO: 03-64111 230 / 016-252 9638 

When it comes to love life, In shaa ALLAH very soon, this upcoming March 2019. I can’t wait! #PrayForTheBest #AimiXWafiy :3

Welp, I think I’m gonna stop now, but I try my best to update lots of beauty review and video tutorial regarding with makeup and skincare soon. But, I need to clean up my messy room first LOL!

P/S: I’m thinking of getting nice, Neon frame dedicated for my blog during vlog sesh/vid tuts *eew the short form is killin’ the eff out of me*But I’m still considering about it, but I hope it’s gonna look kewl XD Will let you guys know later.

Cheers and Kisses,