December 10, 2011

Reading is a part of learning

Assalamualaikum and hiii to all!Finally,I managed to set up my time to update new entry.It's really difficult to me finding leisure time when now I'm currently busy with assignment(s),deals with speaking practice and IGA,watching movie..*erk erk,considered busy lah kan ._.*,et cetera.Even though I'm busy like hell,there's no way i will abundant you,dearest blog.Sape tak sayang blog kan!Hehe >.< 

As you all know,this week is a HELL week;


1.IGA a.k.a In-Class Grade Assessment.Damn!I did studied,even though I'm still in shock because Madam Zeti and Sir Kasrol didn't mentioned anything about our IGA.Well,they did tell the whole class to be prepared,but it didn't occurs in my mind that MONDAY is the day.Praised to ALLAH,I studied,well not much but still I'm focusing on my writing part.I need to achieve my motto:Get BAND 6 for writing.I used to hear this quote said;

                              DREAM AS HIGH AS YOU CAN.

              Originated from Madam Zeti.I heart you Madam.You're my idol :)

Yes,I'm doing it :) Band 6 must be in my wishlist for this sem,for this end of year 2011.If ALLAH wills it,next sem I will not going to see this subject again.*I hope soo* >.<

2.Speaking practice.In order for IIUM's student to get through Main campus,we need to face this three deadliest test ever.


Sounds familiar?Uh-huh exactly like MUET,right?but,they just implements this three sections only,excluding listening and whatsoever,I dunno.I didn't take MUET yet,but I heard the exam is pretty scary. T.T

So,whether we like or not,we have to deal with the speaking practice.I love speaking even I know I am not a GOOD speaker.But,we never know until we dig in thoroughly.But,the worse part is,I got the same speaking partner,again.Urghh,serius benci XD,I thought that i will be with some other new classmates,but damn it's HIM.Name start with an A and end with S.Arghhh!I've known this guy since last shortsem,and to be honest,he's very shy.Over-ly malu-malu ayam -.-,perghh,and then dapat partner yang macam aku which is bising2 macam makcik,memang macam combination yang ERK ERK lah kan -.-* Whatever,I accept this as an obstacles to achieve success.<--Ayat pujuk hati. :P

3.Practical exam.I HATE Computer.Too straightforward?Yes,I am.I've been hating this subject since last sem.But,when I have to repeat this subject and took in this sem,I figure out that,IT IS NOT HARD,ITS PRETTY OKAY if you understand the concept and the terms of query,forms,report and switchboard apa kebenda tah.Hihi* I'm dying to know my result's test this monday.Pray for the best for me,okay readers T.T


SUCKS.IT SUCKS MAN.You guys know how much I love to spends.The story goes like this,In a very great monday,my mum banked in some money in my CIMB account and guess what.I spends every penny of it.Well,not on foods,of course.But for this!

I'm not in the mood of reading.But these books are very tempting.Seduced me all over again and again and persuade me to buy them.*wait,how comes book can be soo sexy? =.='*I can't believe how I can spends almost 100++ over these without rational thinking.Urghh,buku-buku ini sangat dangerous! T.T

From the top ->Forget About it
Next ->Hard To Get
Then ->The Not so secret diary of City girl
Forth ->Honey traps
Fifth ->Before I fall
Lastly ->The Times traveler's wife,VINTAGE edition.If only you can see the pages are all in pink. wink wink >.<

I've read the fifth novel and it's a very interesting.The author is Lauren Oliver and I bought the paperback edition,I surfs in the Internet and found out that this novel have almost 32 different edition all around the world.Now,I'm reading the last novel,urmm I'm not even touch the book yet but I do know that this novel have been published into Motion Picture.Is the story in the movie good?If you heard about it,leave some feedback here,okay :)

Some people will say that why buying all this while you can read on the Internet?Some of my friends argued about this and they said,it's a waste.I know that with the latest gadgets and whatsoever,makes our lives more consummates,but firstly,dear friend.I didn't think that buying book is a waste.Never across in my mind even a bit.Reading book is a part of learning.By reading,we know how to master and speaks different languages.Secondly,I think by reading,It gives higher satisfaction because we feel the character's inside the book more deeply and like almost we're in the story.Next,we can know the organization of author's mind when they're creating the book starting from the prologue,movements of the novel,climax and epilogue.Thirdly,we can gains a lot of knowledge about other communities and culture.I read some of the historic books and it gives me an opportunity to know about other people culture.Their passion,their lives.It made me realized that how incredible it is that they shared their experienced and turns in into a book.And what makes me feel happy is we appreciate what they are doing by keeping these book in the lovely shelves and in the next years,somebody will read it and tell the stories to others.By doing that,the story remains continue to our future generations. How perfect it is.Have you ever think that before you say it is a waste?

Alhamdullilah,Now I have a lot of strength to speaks in English.All thanks to these novels.Hey,it is my first attempt to read English novel.But,I'm cool with it.Don't ever feel shy to read English novel because it is a part of learning.Learning something new.Same goes with other stories.

Bunch of loves.Thank you for reading this.Till we meet again :)