September 7, 2020


 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Happy Independence day, Malaysia! Yeah, I know it's quite late since my last update because I went into fun and tan with my friends LOL but I'm back again and I really can't wait for next upcoming trip to Langkawi at early Nov. Since my family couldn't travel oversea, so yeah, inside MY we goes, there's abundance of beautiful islands to explore but idk, I prefer to go outside MY. I'm so annoying LOL

I received this package around June, and I'm so excited to finally have my own SUNNIES FACE brand in my vanity makeup collection! I browse and aimin' to buy this baby long while ago because the makeup purpose is to always enhance your nature, beautiful face without makeup conquering your whole face and called it 'natural makeup' or whateva There's actually not lots of makeup brand that emphasize your nature beauty, so when I look over SUNNIES FACE, I know it by heartbeat, this makeup line really suits me the most, so cute! If you guys wanna try out these brand, please do try out!

Here some of the swatches and makeup flatlays for your eyes treat LOL the limited edition fluffmatte is one of SUNNIES FACE best sellers and it compiles all the best nudes in their collection. 

From left to right for Nud-ish Fluffmatte collection;

Milk tea, Baby spice, On repeat, Casual, Bday, Brunette

I just tried out Baby spice and holy shit, it's so pretty!

The swatches really cute, right!

For Airblush Cheeks, the colors really beautiful and glide smoothly on your cheeks. Since I couldn't leave one of 'em, I just need to get all colors because issoooo pretty :) and the names also cute! DISCO, MOON, RAZZ, PEACHED, BISCUITS AND DOLL! I remember their name vividly because it literally givin' me aesthetic, nude vibe when I applied 'em on my face. I never try to use it on my eyelids, but I will soon hehehe 

I also posted video for this baby on youtube, check it out!

If you guys wanna buy SUNNIES FACE MALAYSIA reseller at the most cheapest and friendliest seller, click link below okay darling!


You guys gonna love SUNNIES FACE so much like I do, so please drop by if you wanna buy for yourself since the brand only available in Philippines. Sux right? I know 


AimiiiLove :)

August 17, 2020


Hello loves! Assalamualaikum and happy tuesday!

Holy moly, it's been a while I update my latest post and I'm so sorry for being MIA last month, I'm kinda, sorta, having lil bit of personal issues and I just need to get away from all negatives vibes that I've received, and now I'm in good and better condition. August has always been one of my favorite month because I managed to celebrate my hubby's birthday and there's gonna be more surprise soon, but I let you guys know later LOL oh, and I'll be heading to Pulau Pangkor end of this month, so I can't wait for that too! [Welp, don't worry, I will always abide SOP rules due to CORONA Pandemic, so make sure you guys also do the same, okay!]

I'm actually beyond excited when I got an opportunity to try out NEOGEN's products during CORONA time, and I'm forever grateful to STYLE KOREAN & NEOGEN for letting me try out famous/best-sellers products from NEOGEN. I heard about this brand while ago and I kinda wanna try because my favorite beauty guru, Michelle Phan recommend this brand during her interview with Harper's BAZAAR. I'm inspire to be like her, and I try my best to invest more on skincare because I believe when we look good without makeup, that's the true definition of natural beauty for me. I think most of you guys know how much I love makeup, but I also don't wanna wear full face of makeup when I'm getting older, so I know, I need to take care of my skin starting from now. I opt with heavy makeup if I want to, but I will never ever skip my skincare routine. So, you guys should too, okay. So, wanna see what I got?

1. NEOGEN Real ferment Micro Essence

2. NEOGEN real ferment Micro serum

3. NEOGEN Green Tea Cleansing stick

4. NEOGEN Soothing Acne- Patch spot

5. NEOGEN Canadian clay pore mask with brush

During my trial period for this babies, I totally in love with no 1 & 2 so freakin' much! So good, NGL and the most interesting part is that, The essence is recognized as the "First Treatment Essence” made with over 93% skin-compatible naturally fermented ingredients! Even though it’s look watery, but when apply on face, the essence easily absorb and melt like butter on your beautiful skin. Oh, here the fun facts! do you guys know it falls under Glo-Getter duo where it paired with (Micro serum) where 61% of natural ferment components deliver a concentrated boost of nutrients and antioxidant benefits to your skin. Oh well, what do you know, these babies are famous with ingredients such as Rice Ferment filtrate (sake extract), niacinamide, gluthathione, Birch ark extract & meadow white tea extract!Phew, both of 'em  made up with fermented, natural ingredients with ZERO harsh chemicals! 

My second bias, definitely the cleansing stick because it acts as exfoliator/cleanser at same time! you can always go with double cleansing method using this baby and I gotta say, the cleansing stick is also beautifully made using great oils that give benefits for your face such as sunflower, coconut, olive, orange peel and more! Literally one-of-a-kind cleanser, after all. The soothing spot patch is remarkable! It literally helps to soothe, reduce my acne and scars appearance, not to mention it came with two size too! Last but not least, I also love the Canadian Clay pore mask because it helps to reduce my blackhead and made my face less shiny (since I'm having combo skin type, LOL) The micro-particles of natural glacial marine soil, colloidal clay from West Coast British Columbia, Canada, and carbonated water ingredients, so it is advisable to try out with the brush so it will leave zero irritation afterwards. So when you try out, you’ll gonna get amazing fresh skin later! 

I did youtube review for this products, so don't forget to watch and subscribe loves!


Personal and last verdict;

I'm so honored to try these babies out, and yes, all are worth to give a try because you gonna love it as much as I do, and believe me, the Micro Essence & Micro serum are gold, I swear by it! I just finish my first bottle (which inside the box that I got from STYLE KOREAN) and I bought another 3 because my skin love it! it is such an awesome essence and it really help my skin to radiate healthy, good glow without even need to try out using bleach products (whatsoeva bullshits) so, I encourage you guys to try it. It's so good, I'm not even lie! the serum is my favorite, next to essence because it doesn't leave sticky, white-cast residue when applied on skin and the smells is bearable, it's more towards very minimal scents to no scents for me, so it is sooo good! The other 3 products I received also good, but the most memorable one for me are the one I mentioned earlier, so please try it guys!

Thank you so much NEOGEN & STYLE KOREAN for letting me be part of 'TRY ME REVIEW ME' beauty program, and I wish to try others products too from their website. I also attach links here for you guys okay!

WEBSITE: https://bit.ly/2YGdgya

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AimiiiLove :)

June 25, 2020

Nudrop Collection X Holika Holika Malaysia

Hello darlings! Assalamualaikum everyone :)

I know right, I'm on roll todaiiii to update new stuff on my bloggie. I actually, currently more focus on creating cute videos and I usually use my SocMeds platforms especially INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE/PERSONAL, that's why, well you kinda need to know why I'mma bit slow to update my blog. But I try my best to find time to show here once a month, or twice..or thrice LOL but if you missing my content, you can always welcome to follow my others platform and see latest update about product review/makeup review/food recommendation/lifestyle of moi. 

I know, that this collection dropped around Early of year 2020( in Malaysia, I'm not sure with others tho), and being slowpoke as moi, Now I just got time to try out Nudrop Collection, special and exclusive by HOLIKA HOLIKA

If you're into K-Beauty and prefer simple, yet enhancing your natural skin, you probably, I mean everyone knows that most of Koreans prefer these kind of makeup look and they love cute design too! Welp, I think I'm also a sucker for cute products, that's why I managed to grab couple of cute stuff from Nudrop Collection. 

Nudrop Collection by HOLIKA HOLIKA literally perfect for everyone, regardless your skin tones because peach, warm vibes are so in right now and always remained classic when it comes to summer mood! I love the simple packaging of the eye shadows that I got which are code 06 and 07. Besides that, another major fav of mine from Nudrop Collection is the Lumi Cheeks, which is cream kind of blush that perfect for everyone to try on. I super love cream blush or any cream products for makeup because it is so comfortable and easy to blend compared to powder. I usually wear my liquid lip matte as base for my cheeks to create rosy-glowy blush skin, so that's why, any kind of blush cream is approved by moi! LOL

I also got Magic Inside Liquid shadow by HOLIKA HOLIKA, but the problem is, I kinda forgot the code (clumsy me) that's why as you can see here, the sparkles reflects gold (upper), whereas another one rose gold (bottom). I did got myself 3 of 'em but I forgot (again) where da hell I put that, so here goes, only two shades. But, the liquid shadows is not part of Nudrop collection, so I think it's okay to voice out about that. Next is the Dewy Liquid lipstick where I got code 01,02,03. More details of shades and swatches in video below!

Personal opinion:

1. I love Lumi Cheeks, and I wish I can get all shades but I has code 01 and 03 in my possession. I believe this cream blush is perfect for everyday use and not to mention, the small compact is convenient to slide into your makeup bag. Really worth it! but please keep in cool area as it will melt due to creamy texture. (duh, it's cream blush)

2. The eye shadow palette is for everyday usage, you can always mix and match using these babies to get that peachy look. The packaging is neat and also good for beginners/newbie who wanna jumps into makeup beauty world!

3. Dewy stick lipstick is kinda cute, nothing fancy for me, at least. I can get tonnes of nudes/orange lipsticks from other brands too. But overall, the texture quite light,but I'm having trouble to roll the lipstick out because the tip can be messy and cannot push inwards back. So, yeah.. LOL

I did some eye makeup look using two palette, wanna see it?

LOL, I look cute, NGL :P

If you wanna try Nudrop Collection, you can always go to GUARDIAN Malaysia stores and if you wanna shops online, Please go with HERMO, SHOPPEE & LAZADA Malaysia official stores. Some of deals are really worth to buy! 

Till then, babies! Cheers!


Milani Malaysia X Ludicrous Lip Gloss swatches!

Hello babies, Hello everyone, Assalamualaikum :)

I KNOOOOOWWWWW, YESSSS, I KNOWWWWWWWWWW I left my blog for idk, three to four freaking months because Al-hamdulillah, I'm adapting my life as married people, soon mom to be (In shaa ALLAH, please pray for me lol) No, I'm not pregnant yet, I'm still in honey-mooning kissing cuddling phase, but I would really glad to hear good news before I hit 30. I really hope every mothers-to-be out there are having wonderful times during preggy and I'm sending lots of loves to you guys. You're doing great, keep it up hun!

As you guys know that right now, entire world are having mental breakdown due to COVID-19 outbursts all over the medias and people are suffering hard times adapting to "new normal" but Al-hamdulillah eventhough Malaysia still experiencing new cluster everyday, but it's still under control, not to mention All Malaysians are giving their best to follow rules and together we can prevent COVID19. Slowly but surely we getting better. I still remember during 3 months lockdown in house, all brands are having major sales on website, and of course, as rakyat Marhaen as my lazy ass, I also shops online a lot, yup of course it's not apparels, but I'm stocking up my essential things, such as makeup LOL (I know, I hate myself for getting not one, or two but whole bunch of makeup stuff) and since I'm curious to try out MILANI's brand, I bought some of the products that I want at first batch and one of 'em is new (well, new in Malaysia during that time) Ludicrous Lip Gloss! 

When I first tried out first shade 110 Luster Light, I immediately fell in love with it! It is undeniably one of the best, BEST drugstore lip glosses that I've tried because well, as you gaysss know, I'm such a huge fan of glosses and I'm slowly ditching Matte lipstick's fam because I love to create natural, dewy-healthy glow look and focusing more on skincare rather than heavy makeup, and I believe using simple or go-to quick makeup like gloss, eyeliner, cream blush is a must thangggg to get natural no-make up, makeup look. LOL you got me?

After I tried out first shade, I became obsessed with it and I know, I just has to collect all of the shades, and yes! I did bought all of 'em in my vanity and I'm so happy to get to try other colors. It's freaking genius! *pat back aggressively* So, as you guys can see, here are the collection of mine!

Code names:

-200 WHATEVER **
-210 SO FLY 

Based on the video I include here, there are ten shades/code available in Malaysia and you can get it at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets. I'm having major fun using all these shades but there are some shades that always have special place in my heart especially the one with slight shimmer/crystal inside of it. the see-thru kind of glosses are also available and the color just splendid! I really hope you guys love the mini swatches I did because it tooks time to edit the vid LOL

If you are also one of glosses peeps, you really need to have MILANI Ludicrous Lip gloss in your collection. It's freaking sin if you didn't have it! I mean, like, what the hell is wrong with you? -.- Oh by the way, MILANI's glosses can also be a dupe for FENTY BEAUTY (based on my experience, but nothing can beat FB when it comes for High-end Gloss) so choose wisely as each glosses happens to retail price at RM48 ishh. It would be freaking steal if you buy it during sales! so, be smart and wear gloss! 

Okay, I'mma heads out.



March 1, 2020

20.2|22.2|24.2 [Solemnization ♥ ]

Hello darling, Assalamualaikum and YES, OMG, OMG OMG I'm back!

WOW. Year 2020 is already reach month of my favorite, March and there's a lot of amazing stuff happens on last February 2020. My magical wedding is finally here and I'm having roller-coaster full of emotions (happy, terrified, amazing, sad, just all in!) And I couldn't stress enough for all the wonderful experience I encounters for the last two weeks of February 2020. Yes, this entry is gonna be special because it's all about the happiest day of my life. Thank you to my family and husbaby mok's family for make it happen. I love you, I truly and deeply meant it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

20/2/2020, around 11.30 A.M., in SHAH MOSQUE IIUM, is the day I finally became a wife to my sayang A.K.A Husbaby mok and here some of amazing pictures that I got after done with photoshoots during my solemnization day. I KNOW, the date is so kiuk or whatever and do you know, some of Malaysians artist also got married with the same date as I do? told you the date is precious!

Everything feels magical. Biggest love  goes to;

My family. Husbaby Mok's family. Ustaz Hilmi (the one who officiate us). My dulang girls (Hana, Asykeen, Zuhairah, Piqqah, Syapiqah, Zana, Zaza baby). My awesome photographer, Nisa' chantek!. My wedding dress designer, Kamaliah Ngamin. My solemnization accessories and hand bouquet, akak Azie. My sissy mok haneem for sponsoring all my cakes and my dulang girls lace cardigan.My MUA, anis manis  and last but not least, my husband, AW   I love you all so much, thank you for making my 20/2/2020 the best date ever! 

P/S: coming up next, In shaa ALLAH, 22/2 update!

P/S again: I miss you bloggie. I'm so glad I still haven't forgot my password lol

all photographed from Nisa's camera, so I didn't put my watermark, plus it will be damn ugly and I create heavy crime to ruin these awesome masterpiece!