May 11, 2022

Faery Beauty X Hydraglo Lip Tint Serum

 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

    WOWWWW, How's your Hurry Raya gang gang? Al-Hamdulillah, this year Raya kinda hectic but also funny at same time because when they announce Eid celebration is literally early 1 day advanced, everyone panic because lots of preparation need to do, lol so do I, but overall Eid this year is kinda okay 

     Since this year I'm celebrating Eid at my husbaby side, I kinda need to minimize my makeup since it's lot easier and also I'm in village nearby Kuala Klawang (Jelebu) N9, So I'm just focusing and grab any easy makeup that I can brought there, one of 'em is this cute, K-Beauty inspired lip tint serum but holy shit, it's Malaysian made! I'm so happy when I managed to grab all collections from Faery Beauty because I genuinely curious to try out the lip tint. Plus, guysss the colors so pretty! totally wearable for everyday use and just simply amazing.

Presenting, my Eid Lips look by Faery Beauty!

    There are 5 colors available since Tyha (the founder) just recently add new color in the collection. I personally bought all, the names of the shades also kinda cute;

From top to Bottom.

-Soft Necturines- the latest shade, slightly darker pink-soft pink orangish combo

-Coral Peach (nude peach orange, definitely a grab!)

-Bloody Chocolate- The most intense one, but still wearable if you tone the color with only one swipe and mixed with concealer.

-Berries Fig (Subtle pink, My absolute fav!)

-Dark Jujube- The second darkest shade from the collection, but simply beautiful! this color are usually Korean favorite, along side with BF in my opinion lol

    The packaging itself really simple and direct, you just open it and bammm you can put on your lips. Really hydrating, the color at first on lips follow the color shade, but gradually it will leave pink stains after you\re done eating, so don't worry, you can re-apply again! 

    You can actually purchase it via WEBSITE, SHOPPEE or Tiktok shop, just search FAERY BEAUTY and you're good to go. Each shades comes in 3.5ML, with soft doe foot applicator so then you can control the amount to put on your lips. You can go ahead to my INSTAGRAM Page and see my latest Reel to see the swatches of each color, but I gotta say, you'll definitely will buy all colors because all of 'em so pretty! Get them now!


Aimiiiiibaby :)

April 27, 2022


 Hello everyone! Assalamualaikum and wowwwww, almost happy Eid Mubarak :)

Al-hamdulillah, less than 5 days before we leave Beautiful Ramadhan month and we're heading to Syawal, I hope everyone having an amazing Fasting month because this month teach us how to control our lust, unnecessary desire and increase our faith by doing all holy activities, especially Night of Laylatul Qadr! Oh, for everyone that on the way to go back to hometown, drive safely and pleaseeee if you need a break from long, tiring journey, just stop the car nearby R&R and freshen up yourself hehe

Oh, talking about freshin' up, of course during Raya we all wanna smells good to 'salam' our elderly while receivin' Eid Money LOL so, I suggest you guys to try out TK BOSS Mist from Beautyra! I've followed Tyra during her early launch mists and all, but the latest collection, TK BOSS is literally one of the bomb-tastic Mist that I favors all exclusively. The box, the bottle itself feels luxury, sturdy and it cames with three different mist with an awesome names too; I Feel Like, Lurvee & Creamy Goddess!

When I reach to the launch night, everyone dress so prettily and full with dazzles, bling bling and I literally felt like potato because I don't know that I'm fit to the social event, and plus, it is my first event that I attend this year, and I'm so glad Tyra Cantik DM'ed me to go to the event! I sat with bunch of pretty gorgeous peeps and medias, so yeah I'm expecting some goodies and smells myself the mists that launched that night. Oh, FYI, I'm so glad that I managed to won myself lucky draw in the event and I received Baddie Collection 2.0 set! 

The set up of the mist really cute, the photo booth, props and foods are amazing! Love it and I also met with few beauty babies too. Oh, for everyone wondering what is the smell of each mist, 

I Feel Like- Everyone favorite mist, generally from boys and girls can use it, it's a musk, flowery scented perfume that we can actually feel glorious when spray it on top of our outfit. 

Lurvee- The mist mostly focus on Strawberry pound cake scented, really sweet and idk, it's not that cheap kind of sweet, but feels luxurious when I spray it on my hijab, I'm indulge with strawberry galore all over me ehek

Creamy Goddess- This one, OMG, OMG, OMG if you guys love sweet, Vanilla and Caramel smells infused together, this is perfect for you! 

My advice, WEHHHH! Please combine both Lurvee and Creamy Goddess Together, you'll get literally strawberry vanilla instantly! I combined this two and I love how everyone compliments how sweet, cute and delicious when I'm around them. Except for my hubby since he love when I smell fruity instead of sweet, sexy smells (his nose is considered cheap, I'm not gonna defend him on that one LOL)

If you guys wanna try out, you can get it at BEAUTYRA official Shoppee, Website and if you want to receive it fast, go to BEAUTYRA Instagram page to see any beauboss that can COD to you (within Malaysia) 

Happy shopping and Smells good everyone! Issa good start to celebrate Eid and don't worry, the scents is worth it with RM40 for 100 ML!Check'em out!


Aimiiiiibaby :) 

April 10, 2022


   Hello and good day, peeps! Hi year 2022, WOW I left my blog unattended for almost 4 months LOL but hey, you can always catch me on my other social medias and flash news, I'm also on tiktok last year! But fret not, I'm not gonna do silly dance or any weird content (yet, we'll see :P) but overall, Al-Hamdulillah, this year it's my amazing year for both husband and Me in term of financially, can't wait to move out from in-laws house and living just the two of us. Super excited about it yeay!

   So, four months ahead for year 2022, anyone achieve their new year resolution? I'm still trying to achieve mine, and one of them is thinking to switch to another telco because been an avid user for Hotlink for so long, so I wanna try new telco with better opportunity to seize, so I wanna introduce you guys with YOODO, the first truly customizable & 100% digital mobile service that powered by Celcom! what mades Yoodo unique? 

- Literally zero contract, we can renew or stop any time

-The only customizable telco that provide unlimited plan with additional add-on features that suit your lifestyle social app needs  

-100% compatible with E-sim and compatible with both IOS and Android Phone

-An amazing 12 hours of 100 GB with only RM10. hah, Layanlah all your favorite Korean/Japanese/Anime/Chinese movies and series without hassle free with cheap price. Yes!


  Yoodo mainly focus for teenagers to adult audience that have huge interest when it comes for K-pop, Music and Entertainment, sports and some more. That it why, Yoodo is perfect telco plan for you to dig the latest gossips for your favorite Korean dramas and your K-pop bias. LOL, I'm obsessed with BTS, so this plan is perfect for me ehek

  There's a lot of amazing events that held under Yoodo's during year 2021 including voting, meet & Greet event, Album Giveaways, free ticket concerts and more. I can't wait to see for this year event tho, so surprise me please, Yoodo! Maybe BTS World Tour free ticket concert? Ouhhhhh *nervous sweat lol* So far that I heard from Briefing session among bloggers for this year is the package of Monster 20/20 (20 GB data for RM20 & referral friend code, where every friend that use your code, benefit both of referee (YOU) and referral they will get 7GB Data for free (YOUR FRIEND)

So, whatcha waiting for? time to switch to Yoodo! 

Till then, kisses! :)

December 29, 2021

Safi Youth Gold Review

 Hello gorgeous people! Assalamualaikum everyone :)

It's been a while I didn't update my blog, I know, we're almost reach the last part of year 2021, month of December before hello new year eve! I can't promise much for next year that I will update my blog since I'll be officially stop do skincare or makeup review due to personal reason. I found out that I need to focus on my mental health. I'm still in middle of trying slowly to being beauty blogger or anything, but if I want to, I will update and post on my social medias. So yeah, enjoy the last post for this year.

I've received this amazing SAFI Youth Gold in luxurious gold box with cute shiny confetti inside, where lies Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser And Lifting Golden C Duo Serum. Both of the product is so good, I tried the combo for better result and so far my skin lovin' it. I used the cleanser twice a day and the golden flakes that smears on my face makes me feel rich all of sudden *even I'mma broke ass bitch hahah* The cleanser help and define 4X Age Defying, reduce double chin appearances and acts as antioxidant booster too. I think, at age 30, this baby is freakin' gold since we all wanna look young and firm, so this really helps a lot. 

Besides that, after cleanse, I use Lifting Golden C Duo Serum to complete my skincare routine. Love it so much and the dropper can minimize messy-ness when it comes to apply on the face. The serum helps strengthen skin barrier, reduce wrinkles and crow feets on your eyes, plus smile line too! I think Angelina Jolie pretty much didn't smile a lot during her younger day to avoid this problem. Gosh, we love a resting bitch face queen LOL

I'm still in middle using it, so far my skin didn't react harshly for the awesome ingredients inside this two, so I count that as good? If you wanna try for yourself, heads over to SAFI WEBSITE or maybe on nearby drugstore (Watsons or big hypermarket) because the product is not that expensive, around 20-30 bucks. So yeay!

#SAFIYouthGold #SafiMalaysia #skincaremalaysia

Till then Cheers!

October 10, 2021


 Hello & Hi everyone, May Peace Always for you dearies! Wow, we’re almost reach at end of Sept 2020 and I can’t believe the COVID-19 cases around Malaysia are slowly reduce at amazing pace. Yeah, sure slowly but at least everything seems be improving plus! Almost 80% peeps are getting their vaccine shots. I’m so proud with all Malaysians, I hope we can achieve herd immunity & let the imagination & dream of #FREEMASK will realize one fine day, May God wills it :3 My post on Social medias are crazy pack this months because there’s a lot I need to try & giving out honest review (literally tho, pray for my skin LOL) One of the amazing brand that I really got the opportunity to try out is on this update; Since my blog is the first that will encounter for this brand (I didn’t announce or publish yet on other platform) SOME-thing Green, SOME-thing Cute , SOME-thing about K-Skincare, can you guys guess it? *wink wink*

I present to you, SOME BY MI Korean Skincare! Yeayyyy this brand literally & always has been on my skincare dream wishlist because I really wanna try out their amazing skin range that focus on every skin types (AHA,BHA,PHA Calming/Soothing, Yuja Niacin Brightening & Snail Truecica Wrinkle Care) the one that I received is the most perfect one for my current skin condition; the first one yeay *happy dance* There are 4 products that I got which are Miracle Toner, Miracle Serum, Miracle Acne Clear Body & Miracle Cream. 

Some brief about the brand; The brand name "Some By Mi" came from the combined words of “Something”, “By A Miracle” and “Mi”, meaning “beauty” in Korean. The brand formulates its products with mild and skin-friendly ingredients that are FREE FROM harmful chemicals such as carcinogen, colorants and parabens. All of Some By Mi products are Dermatologist Safe & Non-Comedogenic verified. Oh, shall we begin with the product deets?

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150 ML. (CLICK HERE)

The toner claims to everyone within 30 days you’re gonna experience soft & supple skin like a baby bum LOL it is highly-effective toner to use for gentle exfoliation due to combination of Papaya Extract, Witch Hazel & Real TeaTree extracts whilst removes impurities on skin. I believe the toner might be perfect for my babes out there who having acne-prone skin. Well, in my daily skincare routine, I hardly use Toner because I’m more focus on essence/Cream & Facial sheet mask (yes you know it if you guys following me on my instagram LOL) But since I already bought for myself the Compression Sheet mask where the mask expand when in contact with liquid, so I’m excited to test out this toner.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 50ML. (CLICK HERE)

The Serum contains 14.5% of Centella Asiatica Extract that widely known for soothes & calming properties for dry & normal skin. But the TeaTree Extract inside also helps for trouble acne problems too. The serum textures kinda oily-watery mixed when I first open it, I did apply on my neck & my wrist to do some patch test for few hours, so far it does absorb quickly on my skin without feel sticky which took me by surprise consider the serum looks oily at first glance. The Serum focuses on pores & boost hydration on skin.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream 60 Gram (CLICK HERE)

Well, most of Some By Mi 30 Days range are packed with Centella Asiatica & TeaTree Extract, the Cream complements& follows routine like any other skincare; Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Cream! The cream helps to purifies & removes dead skin cells within one pea size of finger. The only thing that kinda hassle for me is that the cream didn’t come with spoon to scoop out the product, you need to use your finger tho LOL but I’m in love with the medicated scents on each products, so I don’t find it big problem after all.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Body Cleanser 400 Gram (CLICK HERE) This one, ladies & Gentlemen; TOP NOTCH!

I heard soooooo many good feedbacks & great result if you’re having back acne problem especially for hijabis like me. LITERALLY. Well, I didn’t imply it for everyone, but for poor soul like me, the back acne is a nightmare because you couldn’t do anything about it so this one actually the product I’m excited the most to try out when I received the parcel. The body cleanser helps to exfoliates dead skin cells & alleviate body acne with salicylic acid to improve skin texture & oil control. The TrueCica & Heartleaf extract is the main ingredients for it, so I have no doubt this body cleanser are great to use every day yeay! Overview & final verdicts; I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to try out these products, so far my skin still adapting Some By Mi skincare, and it is good skin journey! My favorite definitely the Cream and Body Cleanser, these two are gold. I love it and I wish everyone can try out the product itself because it’s truly amazing!

Most of the products you can purchase at THREEBS MALAYSIA; The One Stop Centre (OSC) website for great & new skincare product that you desire to buy in one click. THREEBS are really easy to use & the payment methods are very lenient too! I will link the product below for easy access; check’em out! 




So, which one of SOME BY MI product you like to try most? I can’t wait to explore more skincare on THREEBS! Teeheee see ya! 

Cheers, Aimiiiiibaby :)