June 15, 2017

HAIRDEPOT, the place for Hair Paradise!

Hello, Assalamualaikum loves!

Soooo, how’s your Puasa so far, loves? It’s almost 20 days now and count down to beautiful 10 days, which is the most beautiful upcoming 10 days ahead where we all, Muslims will meet Lailatul Qadr holy night. O ALLAH, this is such a great opportunity to increase all your good doings and pray as much as you can to seek ALLAH forgiveness. May ALLAH bless you, beautiful people. Oh wait, I heard Mood Republic will be held tomorrow until this Sunday, 16-18 June *facepalm* I can’t wait to shop like super crazyyy tomorrow despite what trouble I’m facing right now LOL It’s super embarrassing but yeah, whatever. Like I have my courage to tell you lovely peeps about that funny yet really tragic story. Only some of my friends know about that and they laughing instead of feeling pity, I’m not gonna judge, but it is funny. Like really sad funny OMG

My preparation for this coming Eid Mubarak is like around 60% because I still haven’t found my beautiful dress. I mean, yeah my mum already bought for me and Sissy Nyek Aisya when she took one day leave for Eid Shopping last week, but the outfit I bought, I’m not feeling that ‘Raya’ spirit. That’s why I want to shop in Mood Republic tomorrow LOL

BUT! When it come to super beautiful Raya hair, yes I already prepared 100% for it and all that can be found in HAIRDEPOT!

TBH, I never try to buy any products from HAIRDEPOT before since I’m such a big fan of Watsons Argan Oil, which the name is Lucido-L >>>CLICK HERE<<< this baby is freaking amazing, I tell ya! It is quite affordable and I believe that when I apply Lucido-L Argan oil, it does made my hair turn beautiful golden black hair and it shines like super cool dramatic. Arghh, I just wish you guys can see what I mean since I don’t explain really well here SMH but for HAIRDEPOT, OMG I think I just found a beautiful paradise for my beautiful hair. Influenced by the fashion scene, HAIRDEPOT is created with commitments to sell hair and scalp care products for every hair and scalp conditions at reasonable prices without compromising on product quality and are easily available for customers’ shopping convenience. As I can see, HAIRDEPOT claim to be one stop beauty center for everyone hair where all the products are internationally branded that derives from Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Finland and more!

All items are separated by label for each product. Parallel with HAIRDEPOT slogan, Treat Your Hair RIGHT!, now the brand establish as one of Malaysia leading hair and scalp care retail chains providing root to tip hair and scalp care solutions through an assorted mix of over 1000 products under twenty over renowned brands sold in HAIRDEPOT outlets strategically located in Malaysia. 

If you guys come to HAIRDEPOT for the first time, fret not! Now I’m listing several reason why you have to, no scratch that, why you need to shop here and be crazy because all the product is amaze-ball!

All beautiful customers will experience a very pleasant and interactive shopping because all the beauty expert will explain to you the most suitable product that fit your need. I mean, that day I try to find next second best Argan Oil for my hair and I found the new one, which originated from Aussie and the product infused with Macademia oil. OMG, I really have re-purchase that baby back this weekend and I would really love to be pampered by their beauty expert to show what best for me even more. So like, Yeay!

HAIRDEPOT have the most amazing visual products are displayed by type categories; from cleansing, treatment, intensive care, styling, tools, accessories and other hair & scalp care essentials, customers can browse through over 1000 products at ease.

Customer can choose whether shopping for a regularly used brand or seeking out options of alternatives. In HAIRDEPOT,  there are variety of wide selection of brands and products for every hair and scalp care needs and awarded with exclusive distributorship in Malaysia by the Principal of LITTLE GREEN, NEW YORK STREET, PHYTORELAX LABAROTORIES, CAB’S, ERAYBA and FARCOM. The most important thing is that, all house brands formed 80% of HAIRDEPOT brands mix are quality products researched, tested and manufactured by international panel of manufacturing partners.

Scalp scan service is available in HAIRDEPOT for beauty expert associates to better understand of customers hair and scalp conditions, providing consultation as needed and finding the right hair and scalp care solutions.

If you guys really lazy to go to any HAIRDEPOT branches, you can always shop online! The best part is that every month, there’s gonna be more and more exclusive deals for everyone to purchase and experience big discounts that not only save your money, but it is all about quantity baby!

Listed below are some of the product that I got during visit in HAIRDEPOT:-

Since I didn't take the full pictures for the products, so yeah I pasted here with the description as well for easy guidance just for you guys! 

Oh, what’s more, you guys can always use my code when you do purchasing online. Insert Voucher Code: HBE20J (EXPIRED UNTIL 31'ST JULY) during check out. 

All HAIRDEPOT Shopping Mall: Mid Valley / 1Utama / Berjaya Time Square / Nu Sentral / Amcorp Mall / Pear Point 2 / Jaya Shopping Centre / Quill City Mall / eCurve / IPC Mutiara Damansara / Aeon Rawang / KL SOGO / Batu Pahat Square One / Batu Pahat Mall.
Street Shop: Kepong Baru, Kepong Metro Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, Aman Puri, Taman Bukit Maluri, TTDI, Taman Megah, SS2, PJ, Puchong Bandar Putri, Sri Petaling, Selayang Jaya, Muar Johor, Bukit Indah Johor, Taman Perling Johor.

Get your Raya hair now loves! Yes you’re very welcome to shop your favorite on their website! Yeay!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

June 14, 2017

Jerlynn'L X Butterfly 4th birthday celebration

Hello, Assalamualaikum my dear loves!

First of all, this product review supposed to be publish in middle of May, but I am terribly sorry because I don’t have time to post because the due date is when I’m visiting Singapore and of course, my cracked lappy problem. Finally my bro came in help to fix the problem and I can’t help but be very, extremely thankful enough! My friend and I came to the party, held by Butterfly Project to celebrate their 4th Birthday anniversary celebration and their theme is bright as yellow. LOL, I kinda despise the color since I don’t usually wear yellow. But it is a theme party, I can’t just disobey the rules, aite? LOL

I came quite late to the party because I need to settle some housework and fetch my girl too, oh yeah and also parking problem. Damn, the place is so crowded but thank god, the event place is super cute, located in Wondermama. Everyone looks amazing with their costumes, flower band everywhere and the food serve is quite delicious and some contest also being held, such as ‘who wear the best outfits’ but funny thing is, when I reached there, the place looks gloomy due to electric shutdown problem but the party looks fun as hell! By the way, thank you Tammy and Butterfly team for inviting and of course, to the big sponsor for the product, Jerlynn’L!

I am into any organic product lately, so I tested some of Jerlynn’L best combo for adults and also babies. So here, quick info about Jerlynn’L:

Jerlynn’L is inspired from male Chidori Bird, which spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of safe place to build the family nest.The father bird would give his life to raise his family and protect them from predators. Inspired by the story, the founder realizes that by ensuring strict control of the product- which is from source of production until the end of packaging-  must be safe, protect and care the users while being Paraben free and only use the best high grade essential oil too. This product is fit for all age group, but most importantly, specific from range new born babies to 18 years old. This is because Jerlynn’L target only natural ingredients as some of the product in the market might be too mild for babies and too harsh for the adults.

The most famous collection by Jerlynn’L  is the Signature Collection, which it is one of kind that contains 4X more Ceramide III that help to retain moisture in skin and improve skin elasticity. The Signature Collection consists of 2 bodywash, 2 hairwash, 1 body lotion, 1 hair conditional and 1 special care product. The product is easily distinguished by the label: green, blue and red. Each color represents the safe for body use, hair use and adult’s supervision when using.

The one that all the butterflies obtained are body wash, daily moisture lotion, bug no more, Hair conditioner, hair wash, and lil bit of candies and smell-scented soap. All the products are plants and herbs extract, that provides calmness physically and mentally. Fortified with Ceramide III, the fruits and veges help to promote long-term moisture and protect skin from harmful external irritation, thus play as major role in water retention of skin cells.

My favorite from all Jerlynn’L product are definitely Body wash because the packaging is super cute and Bug No more! And yeah, I found that Bug No More is one of top selling product from the website because it contains natural extract from Citronella, Spearmint, Basil, Lavender and Rosemary to prevent bug bites. The scents is really good and comes with Lemongrass fragrance with non-sticky feeling and lasted 3 hours. I used Bug No More a lot especially when I feed my kitties since some of them have ‘sengkenit’ and ‘kutu’  that spread from stray cats that always come over to our home to eat T.T but thank god, the problem is now gone and I feel really grateful that Bug No More really work like magic! Yeay to this, though! The product also preservative free, so it is safe for babies. At same time, it also contain Allantoin which acts as an-irritant agents that promote wound healing.

To find out more about Jerlynn’L exciting activities and offers, Click link below:


P/S: I am terribly sorry for late post, a lot of thing happens around me and I also didn’t get some cool snapshot for the event since it’s quite dark when I reached there, so sorry for everything :(

Lots of love,

Miss A :)

June 10, 2017

Love Is is Love, Love Is is Lyfe

Hello, Assalamualaikum, hey darlings!

As you guys can see in my previous post where I published and suggest for you out there who loves affordable and super cute product, AROSA >>>CLICK HERE<<< this one is another one you need to get. I mean, it is literally all hand made, super organic and safe, and of course, lotsaaaa love too! Since RN I'mma huge fan of organic product *Lord No, IDK why LOL* but I tested it, I already tried couple of months and it is still my favorite till now. How cool is that impression gave such a big impact for the product that makes me wanna blog about it :)

Introducing, Love Is!

LOL, excuse the messy-ness of the background because I don't have pretty and fluffy carpet like I always snap in my previous post. I think I basuh that one when I captured this pic T.T but whatever it is, Love Is is waving hello to you guys. Hi!

I'm gonna go and brief shortly for every product because yeah, face it everyone is freakin' lazy to read a blog that is tooooooo much writing in one post. So yeah, for le start is Love Is Smooch lip balm and Love Is Chocolate face mask. TBH, these baby are my favorite. PERIOD. The product not only soothes and help my skin, but it's also makes me feel happy every time I wear them. I apply Smooch Lip balm every night to fade the dry, chapped lippy and help to enhanced my natural lip color. So, I give big thumbs up for the Lip balm, whereas for the mask, the smell is great, fully chocolate-y but guys please don't eat/taste it because the mask main ingredients is Sea salt. According to the sellers, She said that it is best apply on your face if the mask store in fridge. 

Close up for the mask jar and hello spoon! Love this one because the owner prioritize the quality and clean aspect for every face mask they sell. If I'm not mistaken, the face mask is around RM20-RM35 and the lip balm costs RM10. Super cheap right!

Since everything around me RN is revolve with Unicorn vibes, so I bought for myself this beautiful bubble bath bomb in Unicorn and Bleeding love. I love the smell, it's super amazing and helps you feel so 'kanak-kanak' when you're in vacay mood. I tried these baby out during my trip to Johor Bahru where the hotel that my mum booked happened to had a huge bath tub. I think I spent about 1-2 hours in bathroom just for me, myself and I time. 

For better result, I think it is best for you guys to mixed with Bubble bath shower gel from Bath&Body Work because dammn! you can create lotsaaaa bubbles in split second. 

Another cute product, is Love Is Petite frizzes, that wrapped in beautiful box and you can mix any kind of colors to fit in the box. I chose lavender, rose, yellow and blue frizzes. Every colors disperse each scents and dried potpourri.


For me, all prices to get these products is very reasonable and not even reach RM50+, so I definitely recommend you guys to try Love Is products. Simply Organic and Simply the best for Malaysia Local Product. You don't have to buy LUSH anymore when you can go for dupe, LOVE IS :)



Lots of love,
Miss A :)

Lacelle Jewel & Lacelle Diamond X Bausch + Lomb

Hello, Assalamualaikum loves! I am super excited to try and experience another great eye care product under Bausch + Lomb, which are Lacelle series. If you guys happen to drop by at any Optic eye care store, this brand is always one of the top major seller among consumers and to me, I'm freaking dying to try this baby too, but hey let's hear some of the info shall we? :)

Combining the safety track record of a globally recognized company and the cutting-edge innovation of the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle series, the Lacelle Diamond Daily and Lacelle®Jewel are hands down the most obvious choice of lens wear for any fashionista. OMGGG are you guys excited!

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle  Jewel is a monthly disposable colored contact lens that feature a unique jewel pattern that gives the eyes an unrivaled depth and brilliance. Its thin lens design of a mere 0.078mm thickness and water content of 38% allows for great comfort. Meanwhile its material, polymacon, minimizes protein uptake for hygienic and ease of lens wearing. This series available in seven outstanding colors namely; Melanite Black, Topaz Brown, Crystal Grey, Amber Brown, Amethyst Violet, Sapphire Blue and Peridot Green. 

On the other hand, the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily magically dazzles up the eyes with a diamond-like sparkle while providing the convenience and hygiene that comes with wearing a daily disposable. Its 14.2mm diameter iris, gives wearers a doe-eyed look without the use of make-up. The Lacelle Diamond daily comes in 3 scintillating colours; Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown and Pink Rose.

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Jewel series retails at RM68 per box for 2 pieces.
Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily retails at RM42 per box for 10 pieces and RM110 per box for 30 pieces.
Both Lacelle series are available at all major optical stores nationwide.


P/S: Can't wait to receive mine! and yes, I will definitely put some POTD for this Lacelle Series.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

June 8, 2017

AROSA X Home Made body care

Hello, Assalamualaikum my loves!

So guys, how's your puasa so far? Lookin' incredibly good or otherwise? I hope you guys fully utilize this beautiful Ramadhan month because we only experience once every single year. Al-Hamdulillah, this holy month is very special to me due to certain beautiful events happen in term of job & my status. I wish I can tell you dear loves, but not yet! LOL  #ExpectTheUnexpected *AsNTM fan detected Double LOL*

Well, when it comes to Ramadhan month, it is all about cleansing your soul, your mind spiritually & mentally and yeah, physical too! And I mean, literally physical! If you guys looking for safe and home made body care, scroll down for more because I have another product that suits your budget and of course, the packaging is super cute! Introducing, AROSA!

Have you guys familiar with the name yet? if you know IRISSENTIAL homemade product, then this is the same product but RN the founder having some renovation of changing the name to AROSA. I don't really know much about the product but I used to try IRISSENTIAL Whitening scrub before but I thought that one is under TEMYRACLE. So kinda confuse with the name though LOL but whatever it is, it's definitely smell really good! So, let's get to know them individually, shall we?

Among of all four items, This one is on top! I think because I am always have 'mood' for purple & pink, so this one is totally recommended. The smell is super nice and enriched with Vitamin C & E, infused with Fine Mineral salt, Avocado butter and Virgin Coconut Oil that doesn't harm your skin, and super cheap price too! I think for people who loves scrubbing their impurities, you should try one. 

Close up for the scrub, for more details. Oh, AROSA Whitening scrub came in three flavors which are Tropical sensation, Milky Vanilla and Cheering Cherry. All scrubs are made with love and suitable for every skin tones. 

For next AROSA product that I love is Kissy Missy lip scrub!

When I received the parcel, I got Cotton Candy Lip scrub, which in my opinion is the best and delicious one compared to other flavors such as honeydew, strawberry, Chocolate and more. If you're heavy matte lippy lover, going for lippy scrub is a must for 2-3 times a week. 

AROSA Home made lip scrub also help to heal dry lips and enhanced your natural lip color gradually until you achieve rosy and beautiful kissable lips. Oh, who doesn't want that? *smirk*

The next product is, I personally think everyone love because it is regarding with facial face scrub! It is advisable for everyone to scrub your face twice a week to exfoliate and re-generate new skin cell and remove dead skin. Some of the scrub can be really painful and will damage some of people having sensitive/acne skin *OMG, I can feel that! T.T* but fret not! this scrub is one of the mild and gentle to skin face scrub ever!Thumbs up!

The scrub in close up. It is perfect for everyone and as you know, Rice is famous for Asian skin type and yeah, for 50GM with price around RM10-20, Worth every penny!

Last but not least, 

AROSA Body Mist! I don't quite remember the scent since I'mma big hoarder for Perfume & Body mist collection LOL but among the products of AROSA, this is my least favorite because I don't quite liking the smell and to be honest, I gave this one to my sayang because I think the scents suit him. Nevertheless, it's a great effort to AROSA for came up with the ideas of body mist inspired by some international perfumes.

For me, AROSA Home Made body & face care is perfect for everyone and especially for people who loves anything related with home made  and organic. I know some of people who cannot use proper skincare that sell in drugstore, but hey now you can always try AROSA. Super cheap & Super easy! Go get one from nearest stockist or even better, contact the owner personally for proper guidance and good price! Good luck loves!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)