March 30, 2017

DOMINO X Double Match

Assalamualaikum, hello loves!

Al-Hamdulillah, I am fully grown and happy soul of 25 this year, thanks to ALLAH for giving me an opportunity to see what’s best for my future and also my family. Thank you for all the loves *cry happily*

Hey, speaking of loves, of course we need to share those loves with someone special right? I mean, my loves not only for myself, but also for family, friends, work colleague, my love (especially) LOL so it is true, two is better than one. So why don’t you share the love with Domino’s Pizza! Omgg you guys, you will love to hear about Domino’s promotion regarding with Double Match! 

As you guys know, Domino is known for beautiful, New-York tasty pizza that comes with variety of crusts and familiar with 2 Pizza Deals which offers two pizzas for as low as RM30 for Regular pizzas, RM50 for Large pizzas and RM70 for X-tra large pizzas. With Double Match theme, now customers may choose from any 2 available sweet and savory side selections starting from as a low as RM10. Side selections available are from the Tender Chicken range, Scrumptious Sides range and the Delectable Desserts range, besides that customers may also choose a drink such as a1.5 litres bottle of Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew or Revive. Oh yes!

Domino’s Pizza offer Customers to choose Fabulous Four which contains four different sweet and savory sides in a box. The latest upgrade to the combo features the Original Crazy Chicken Crunchies in addition to the Mini Cinnadots, Cheesy Mozzarella Stix and Roasted Chicken Drummets. The Double Match happiness available until 16th April 2017 :)

 For online purchase, good news for you guys because every purchases of the 2 Pizza Deals together with the Fabulous Four will get a 1.5 litre of Pepsi bottle for free. So yeay! Heads down to any Domino Pizza Malaysia outlet now and feels all the loves!

Thank you Domino Pizza for having me. Much loves!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

March 21, 2017

APPS Hotel X Seafood Cajun madness!

Hello, hi loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Well, If I’m a kid or secondary high schooler, I really think I’m enjoying this week as much as possible because it’s holiday yezzzaa!

I know, some of parents might have couple of ideas where and how to spends these school holidays with lots of fun activity. Oh yeap, not to mention, taking lil kid during hols maybe cause pain in ass because they might quarrel with each other where to go and end up only giving headache to your parents. Not cool, kids. Really not LOL  

So, how about, I suggest you, yes this entry for family out there who concerns with financial stability and also at same time, wanna have fun at the most cheapest yet affordable APPS HOTEL!

As you guys can see, Apps Hotel located near with Kuala Selangor and provide lots of accommodation for people who wanna have relax and peace in mind, while also enjoying finger-lickin’ Shell Out seafood kind of day! The hotel & restaurant opened to the public in 2013. These place has a relax ambiance, with basic tables and chairs, with an elevated area for more tables, and round tables.

When Mr Kishen Sreedharan ,  Managing director of Apps Hotel invited me, I feel excited to go there with my love one since the hotel serving seafood. OMG, I’m such a huge fan of seafood, so thank you so much for le foods that I ate that day  LOL oh oh, did you know that Apps Hotel Shell Out version provide 4 choices of sauces, which are AsamPedas, Butter Lemon, KamHeong and Original Cajun BBQ.  The kitchen will then cook them in your choice of sauces, dumped from a plastic bag onto your table, along with vinyl gloves and tools for shelling, so you can get to work. During my visit, we are been served with Shell Out in Asam Pedas sauce. I remember my love having trouble with sweat while eating Double LOL 

 For me, the most interesting part is when the spicy Tom Yam are been served inside coconut that looks like this!

So yeah, you can feel that extra creamy and thick of the Tom Yam with lil hint of Paradise taste. Hey, Coconut + beautiful place besides Jetty+ firefly everywhere is totally new definition of Paradise. Yup, little paradise located in Kuala Selangor, Yaww!

Apps Hotel not only provide Shell Out , but also there are new additional in the menu such as Cheezy French Fries, Honey Chicken Wings, Calamari Rings, Butterfly Prawn, Melawati Banana Split add variety to main menu. There are also some signature dishes that win many hearts while staying in the Hotel for about 3 years such as Signature Coconut Prawn (my fav!), Nyonya Steamed Fish, Fried Crispy Kangkong and Homemade Pandan Chicken.

The hotel provide ample parking space, surau facilities, baby chair and also can fit in 700 customers in one time which is an open air space. Apps hotel is a 100 room hotel strategically located at the vicinity of Kuala Selangor commercial centre. It is only 45mins drive from the mainland Klang Valley area by using KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway). Not only that, its also offer numerous onsite facilities to satisfy guest such as ballroom for event facilities, Firefly trip and Eagle Feeding boat ride. All room price starts from RM 65+ 

 Book yours now, today! Happy holidays love!
ADDRESS: Apps Hotel, 12, Jalan Peninsula Utama 1, Peninsula Park, 45000, Kuala Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan
CONTACT NO: 03-32772172
Lots of love,
Miss A :)

March 20, 2017

NEUTROGENA X Happy skin 24/7

Hello, Hi, Assalamualaikum loves!

If you know me, and you know about my blog, (duhh, of course I’m talking about my blog is about LOL)  You totally know that I love makeup right? But, when it comes to makeup, the most important basic of having perfect makeup is all came from clean face. I am extremely jealous for people that didn’t have any effort of keep up clear, beautiful skin because they don’t have to worried so much with appearance of unwanted ‘bumps’ on their face.For me, I have to try consuming collagen and others skincare crap routine to take care of my current skin. I HATE YOU if you experience acne free, yes you lucky bitch -.- but yeah, whatever. URGH

Actually, having clear, acne skin is easy if you know and embrace your flaws but hey, you can prevent from those bumps to happens again if you take proper care of your skin. And I know, NEUTROGENA is one of hella amazing skincare product that perfect for every Asian skin out there, including me! 

In Malaysia, NEUTROGENA® is known for its wide array of skin health-focused products starting from cleansers, hydration serum and masks to sun protection lotions. NEUTROGENA proudly present a Hollywood big name like Nicole Kidman has become global brand ambassador, besides keeping the NEUTROGENA® brand top of mind when it comes to beauty and those who appreciate healthy and beautiful skin, based on statement given by Raghu Krishnan, Country Director, Consumer, Johnson &Johnson Malaysia.

According to Nicole Kidman,

   “The world works in mysterious ways! As you probably know, I grew up in Australia where sun protection is everything – from the time I was a little girl, my mum taught me to protect my skin from the sun. So looking after the health of my skin is something I’ve grown up understanding. But as times passes, I’ve realized that, sun protection has become just part of the story…I’ve learned that your skin needs a lot of attention and support, just like the rest of your body in order to keep it its healthiest. So when I had the opportunity to partner with NEUTROGENA®, a brand that has skin health at the core of who they are, it was like the stars were aligning for me.”

She continued,

   “Right now I can honestly say I am loving life more than ever, so my overall health, including the health of my skin is a top priority. Look, the reality is, we all know choosing the right anti-ageing product is trial and error, hit or miss, some things work and some don’t. But at this point in my life I am looking for something that simply works, that’s why I am really excited to join this passionate and dedicated team. I am also extremely proud to be joining a strong and inspiring group of NEUTROGENA®women who are already a part of the family.”

    In January of 2006, Kidman was named, and continues to serve, as Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, whose goals are to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality, to raise awareness of the infringement on women’s human rights around the world and to end violence against women.. Not only that, she is also an activist in supporting research of women’s cancer. Along with her husband, Keith Urban, she helped raise nearly half a million dollars for the Women’s Cancer Program, a world-renowned center for research into the causes, treatment, prevention, and eventual cure of women’s cancer.

Here some sneak peek of interview with ever beautiful, Nicole Kidman :)

In line with the spirit of NEUTROGENA®, I can’t wait to keep update with their   new, upcoming campaign: Happy Skin 24/7 because it is believed that beauty begins with a healthy skin, because with healthy skin, comes happier, stress-free skin!

More to come, soon!

#NeutrogenaMY and #NicoleKidmanNeutrogena


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

March 13, 2017

Zumba Fitness X Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia

Hello, Assalamualaikum, happy monday, yaw!

HAHAHAHA now is my revenge time to update lotsaaaaa pending post especially events from last year. Still not updated until now but fret not, most of it I already spread via INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE. You guys can always feel free to follow up with my social media account and hey, let's be friend :)

Well, well, well this year I try to cut down some le fats and I gotta say, why don't I just having fun sweating but also feelin' so trim and neat at same time? Yeap, you guess it right! 

I was super thrill to go for Fun zumba with fellow benebabes because Zumba is one of the many amazing ideas to help burn those fats. I know that since I'm working and whatever, I didn't keep an eye towards my health and of course, my weight too. I feel incredibly lazy (like usual LOL) to do any physical activity, but hey I did jalan a lot during my work time and also my workplace is located at level 3, and the lift available is so damn slow, so what's other alternative need to do other than taking stairs T.T

That's why I feel very much alive and happy, all thanks to Zumba by Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia. Well, in my case, I'm very excited to be part of Zumba benebabes because I know Benefit Cosmetics is one hell of amazing makeup that specialize in shaping perfect brows and also very professional when it comes to reducing pores appearance, The POREfessional primer.

Current body look now. I really need to shape up, man T.T Oh yeap, I just love GAL-ifornia Sleeveless baby T since it's really lightweight and sweat absorb easily. Actually I didn't expect the baby T that the organizer gonna give is sleeveless type, Thank god I feel like I wanna bring my maroon sweater. Hey, combination of all colors looks perfectly match, so double score for that.

Feelin' silly with Benefit box X Galifornia gal too. My favorite peak of the event were,

I am deeply in love with the GAL-ifornia blusher, it's so cute! Oh, and also Benefit best seller would be the cheek and lip tint.

From bottom to top: Orange Cha Cha tint, Rose cheek tint and Posie tint. I thought at first the Rose cheek tint looks like a  normal 'syrup' drink LOL but it's not! the color gradually shine after apply several times. Posie tint is merely like fade, soft pink which I don't see why need to create this color because it's look quite dull and the color can easily remove too *sigh* but I love Orange Cha Cha so much! I think because I am huge sucker for any orange color. Well, that's conclude why I love the blusher so much. Ermm K 

Every participant will receive goodies worth more than RM350! Oh yeah, you gott love it :)

The events of sweatin' start from 11 and finished at 12.30. So far, I love this kind of activity because it makes me feel good and plus its all about women having fun and not feel that makeup is everything. I know makeup is everything to me (man, I can't live without makeup LOL) but Zumba fitness helps me to feel confidents and carefree at same time. Well, you're very lucky if you have very skinny body and have beautiful face. Not everyone have that package, though. 

But, yeah, whatever, I still love and enjoy my self to live life to fullest. I have everyone that I love besides me and they proud of me. So, thank you Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for having me. I heard that they got another event coming up. Don't miss out peeps!


P/S: more upcoming entry and product review soon. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

Benang Hijau Darling X 'Green card' membership program!

Assalamualaikum, hi beautiful!

As you guys can see from my previous details about Benang Hijau Warehouse sale 
>>CLICK HERE<< I did mention about their second crazy sale in Johor Bahru, right? and now, good news for Kelantanese peeps because BH are heading Wakaf Che Yeh this weekend! OMG are you excited as I am? 

Yes, I know you're excited with this sale madness but what I'm gonna tell it's even more attractive benefits that you guys might get while shops with Benang Hijau :)

I think, like any other exclusive boutique that sell beautiful merchandise, of course the boutique itself provide and promote lots of benefits for their precious customer to stay loyal with the brand, BH is also not excluded with this kind of phenomenon. What's more, since the brand itself is green, so the membership "Green Card" program are invented! I'm really lucky being born as March babies because I can get "FREE SHAWL" for this month! All BH shawls are very cute and OMG you guys at least, must have one of their collection in closet :)

I personally think that Kelantanese peeps is very lucky because the membership program is happening this month. Hey, you got lots of goodness in one card!Wanna  know more?

1. Only have to pay RM20 to get this premium card, and RM10 for renewal every year. You can earn points and redeem good stuff while swiping the card. Yeay!
2. Discount 10% for all Benang Hijau product, but 20% off for BH darling member for birthday celebration. Super cool!
3. Love to earn extra income while shopping? Yes, you're considered as Benang Hijau dropshipper once you sign up the "Green card", you can promote the brand in any social media accounts that you have. 
4. Invitation for the event exclusive just for BH Darling from time to time. 

Benang Hijau is not only selling Scarves, but also beautiful Abayas, dresses and blouse. I already mentioned that on my previous entry. Make sure to be alert for next Warehouse tour sale, loves!

For more information, you guys can always click link below:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)