July 17, 2018

Makeup Tutorials or Whateva


Holy cow, it's been a while since my last update and is there anyone missin' me? Ehiks :3 I'm not being super busy though, well, duh of course a lil bit since this month and next month is all about celebration, beautiful occasions, and weddings. Can you believe, three out of my schoolmates/Gemstones are getting married *tears of happiness roll over and over* All my babies are big girls now and I'm so damn proud with 'em. Oh, quick catch up with me, I held an open house last week and OMG I totally forgot to update you guys about my Syawal preparation for year 2018 (like I usually do, sorry) but I will definitely upload all my Syawal/Eid OOTD very soon. Stay tuned!

Since I'm all hype with doin' makeup tutorial, I somehow adjust and upgrade lil bit of my camera and quality of the vids too. So, here, I present to you, from bottom of my heart, TARAA!

Soft Orange gold look

Blue oh Blue look

*why this one left out the title of the blog zzz*

It's actually been a while I left my makeup collection and addiction since I'm focusing on more natural, makeup free look nowadays. Plus, I'm also slowly getting my face fully recovered from acne, dark spots and scars too. Al-Hamdulillah :) slowly but surely!

I will update more here because my blog really dusty *Fuh Fuh* sweep away all fairy dust LOL

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P/S: I miss you bloggie.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

June 5, 2018

My Precious, Dear IX feat. CASESBYWF

Hek hek, Hi lovely peeps! Assalamualaikum!

I'm actually really excited to update this blogpost because I cannot believe I finally get a chance to even have it by my own and on top of it, it is the latest and the smartest, yet beautiful thing I ever touch besides my boob (LOL, scratch that) 

NO, it is not porno or whatever shit, but this thing is totally cool shit! Can you figure out what I'm mumbling about? Drumroll please!




And, hereby, I present to my precious bloggie, meet My IX!


I gotta admit, having this baby in front of me is seriously like a dream (and until now I'm still pinching my damn chubby cheek to make sure I am awake, FML) and I never, even thought that I will change my current Iphone C to Iphone X in blink of eye. It's still weird for me to explore and understand to use lots of amazing and cool effects that Iphone X provide that happen to be missin' in Iphone C. And I'm still learning to adapt but whatever it is, It is indeed one of the Best thing that ever happen to me in Year 2018, well for now, it is *smirk*

Since I just recently got this baby like a week ago, I'm all hype when it comes to find 'Eid' outfit for my baby IX! I mean, hello, your phone also need new casing to celebrate the joyous and meaningful day right? especially Syawal month is approaching, like real soon! 

TBH, my sisters and fambam notice that I always stick with big handphone casing when I'm using Iphone 5C. Even my love also knows that. So, I'm thinking, since I'm already switch my baby to latest one, I'm thinking to keep it real simple yet still have the girly vibe on it. My sissy Nyek aisya knows a friend of her, that really expert when it comes to design phone cases and also shawls, so I check upon the website, OMGGGGG all the designs is SOOOOO FREAKING ME!

I meannnnnnnn......................................................
 can you not falling in love with these babies?????????????????????????????????

Because, I do. I really, extremely do. The designs are so cute, have a lil bit of girly vibes with hint of flowers, small animals and geometry pattern. Urgh, it's too precious! 

Lucky for beautiful people outside who still looking for the cutest and simple thin phone cases, I totally recommend this brand, called 'CASESBYWF'. It's reachable via Instagram and also website too.

Oh, another bonus of Ramadhan Holy month, each purchases will received Money packet for FREE if you happen to buy the flash deal (buy 3 for RM100, using specific code of course) But fret not, when I check 'CASESBYWF' Instagram, the owner is generous enough to give flash deal for all new potential/current customers. What's more, the website also caters various handphone brands  (Iphone, Samsung, Oppo and etc) so then everyone smartphone can look cute, everyday. Duh, the more the merrier right? and cheaper too LOL 

Since I received 12 types of hand phone cases, My precious IX will definitely have to change 'outfit' every month so then, IX will be happy. Over sangat, even I, myself pun tak ada baju berlambak macam tu (eh, no. I do have a lot, apparently. erk)


Here, the links to get it, loves!


P/S: How's your Eid prep, peeps? well, if you ask me, I'm all about 65% done! Can't wait to Raya but slightly sad to leave Ramadhan. hmmm

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

June 3, 2018

Pre-Ramadhan & Eid 2018 Fashion show X Fazbulous

Hello there, beautiful people! Assalamualaikum :)

I know it's been like agessssss I didn't update my bloggie, but I'm totally active when it comes to my other SocMed, especially my INSTAGRAM. And what's more, I always keep up with latest Fashion show that I attend few weeks before Ramadhan Holy month such as Lebaran Raya Ariani, PrimaValet Fashion Show, Official Tracy NC, Infinence X Fazura and Rizman Ruzaini and more! But my favorite, will definitely from beautiful pieces and of course, the ever beautiful Fazura <3

I've always love Fazura, as an actress and also as normal human being as well (LOL, like she somekind of alien when I write this, zamnn) I met her couple of times during Meet & Greet sesh and latest, during Fazbulous Fashion show. Since her shop is quite near with my humble abode, I will definitely try to go to Strand Mall as frequent as I can because previously, I thought Strand Mall is like, far away from here (and yeah, mostly boutique/showroom that established by famous people located nearby Bangsar, Shah Alam and Bangi) Pfft, Like I have freaking time to go there??! *roll eyes but with tears a bit* Let's have a sneak peek what inside her shop, come on!

Personally, I think the price range of her products are quite affordable, and yes hello to Fazura latest launch, Mystical Body mist set! Her previous one also consist of 3 types, Berry Beautiful, I love Me and Not so sure with the third one though (LOL, but the smells is incredible and that one already sold out compared to other two) whereas for the new body mist set named after beautiful and mystical things such as Kindness, Positivity and Confidence. it is also perfect to be given as present to your love one and yeay, you can wear it different mist everyday, all day!

Well, move on, the fashion show started at around 3.30 P.M. and above and yes, her fashion show launch Pre-Ramadhan Outfits and also Kerlipan Lebaran 2018. So, here some short vids I managed to captured that day. All Kerlipan Lebaran 2018 from Fazbulous are to dieee for! It's really beautiful, every pieces of it :)

Goodies that I get during attend her Fazbulous fashion show *smirk* I love all of it! Thank you Fazbulous <3

If you guys wanna drop by Fazbulous shop, here the deets:-

ADDRESS: 36G Ground Floor Strand Mall, Jalan PJU5/22, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

P/S: So, is there anything you like from Fazbulous Eid 2018 collection? lemme know! hiks

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

May 21, 2018

SCHWARZKOPF 120 year celebration X Media launch

Hello beautiful, how you doing? :)

Well, I kinda got some time to write my current pending post (and LOL, unfortunately the media kit is already throw away when I'm doing some spring clean in my room) So, I'm just gonna remember very vividly about the latest product launch by Schwarzkopf, plus it's also marked their 120 year of hair expertise when it comes for grooming and hair care. Wow, that's kinda impressive aite, mate?

The product brand, Schwarzkopf is common heard from online and also the hair product can get easily from drugstores and beauty stores too. When I reached there, I'm not letting an opportunity to snap lots of picture as during the event held, Schwarzkopf also do Instagram competition, where all three final winner will receive RM900 worth of Schwarzkopf hair product! So awesome yet, I didn't win. Pffft

I mean, come on! Y U NO CHOOSE ME, SCHWARZKOPF? 

The event start about 1-2 hour later after registration, talk about really bad time management but I think it's okay since I got a chance to meet with their brand spoke person/ambassador that represents Schwarzkopf, which are Mawar Rashid, Emma Shazleen and I don't remember the other one (she's an insta famous though, but I'm more excited to meet the other two) The event also cover Schwarzkof latest hair product, Hydro Collagen where it's specialize for dry, coarse hair and a good choice to use for unisex. 

Personally, I never try Schwarzkopf brand before, I mean, OMG even I'm having trouble how to say the brand name correctly, so I just opt using SAFI since the brand cover for Hijabians as well as other ordinary girls. I'm still trying to like this brand and in the middle of using it. So far so good, but nothing changes so much. Maybe I can see the difference like after a month, or two after wearing it. LOL bear with me please, dear hair!

And I'm done for this one! see you beautiful at next entry  :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :) 

May 3, 2018

ARIANI X Guardian Malaysia "Lebaran Edition" launch

 Hello wonderful people, Assalamualaikum :)

I’m in the mood of writing and updating bloggie now because I’m having such a difficult moment today. I heard from my doctor during my next eye medical check-up and turns out, I might be (I REALLY, REALLY HOPE IT IS NOT) suffering mild cornea ulcer. I see the infection by myself and also googling all about this disease. The major problem of this happens is due to contact lenses. Majorly eye infections is because of this, which is kinda sad for me because I’mma loyal user of Imagene lenses that I always purchase in Focus Point outlet since I studied in IIUM up until now, and then, BAM! when I know about this eye problem, it’s really a big bummer for me to handle it. I really hope everything turns out okay, and yes, I’m un-gladly will announce that specs will be my eye buddy now *dramatic tears*

Just recently I went to an event that is all about happiness and of course, I’m one of influencers that cover for that even though it’s just quick catch because the time clashes with my lunch break LOL but I managed to squeeze in last minute and see all the hype about. Oh yes, did you know ARIANI collaborate something amazing with Guardian Malaysia for this upcoming holy month of Ramadhan and Eid month? OMG!

Available exclusively to Guardian Malaysia customers, the “Lebaran Edition”, is made from high quality material, and comes in four designs inspired by Malaysia’s flora, in colors currently in vogue.

According to Ms. Anna Hull, Merchandise Director of Guardian Health And Beauty Sdn Bhd, 

We are rolling out the specially designed items, just before the holy month of Ramadan, to ensure our customers can get their hands on these delightful, quality scarves and shawls in time for the Hari Raya celebrations. And more importantly, at prices that are real value for money!

She also added, 

“The exclusive-print headscarves come in four different designs, and produced in quality materials that are both light and durable, making them very wardrobe-versatile and easy to wear.  Given these qualities, we believe   our Muslim customers will find them a valuable addition to their wardrobe for the upcoming Raya festivities.”

What’s the best part of partnership between Ariani and Guardian Malaysia?

There is no minimum purchase requirement! A customer only needs to purchase an item from one of Guardian main partners/brands which are Maybelline, Loreal, Pantene, Thymos and Safi to be entitled to purchase any of the headscarves.  

 “The notion of beauty from within through the use of the products in Guardian stores is now further enhanced with the donning of the Ariani headscarves, all of which are available for grab under one roof!” as mentioned by Datin Farah Haryani, Marketing Director of Ariani.

Live update for Hijab stylin' sesh 

Lebaran Edition” are designed to fulfill the three core elements – exclusivity, demeanour, and contemporary. They come in four wonderful designs, with “Blooming Flowers/MEKAR Collection” as its theme. It's come with Essential Basic Shawl (Plain), Blush Printed Square (Square), Blooming Printed Shawl (Shawl), and the queen of the cream, the Florescence Premium Shawl. During the two-month promotion (from 1 May to 27 June) the scarves can be purchased at half the recommended retail prices, where all  prices ranging from RM29.90 to RM89.90.

I’m super excited with the goodies that I got during attending the event because I already received like, 3 out of 4 design from “Lebaran Edition” LOL and I can’t wait to have the last one left!

The material is super soft and the colors are all really cute! I mean, blush pink is like, everythinggg for every girls to at least have in their wardrobe. It’s the perfect colors for every one to wear it despite all kind of occasion.

 My dream colors for my big day, Blush pink and grey 

Such a pretty view! Yeay to me!

For more details, click link below:-


Don’t forget to check out Guardian Physical stores, One Stop Center for health and beauty for everyone :)

P/S:Thank you Guardian Malaysia for inviting me, much loves 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)