December 9, 2017

'THESELINA' Christmas Collection Preview X The Studio

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

I feel like, I’ve been abandoning my blog for quite long (well, almost 1 week, but I miss chu, bloggie *hugs*) and for today, wait I mean for every other weekend it’s family time and I can’t wait for tomorrow family plan. Yes, we’re gonna have ‘Cendol Durian with Sticky Rice’ plus, movie date with le momzy Oh, and also, there’s another special event will be encounter too, but I’m gonna keep it low before for everyone sake. It’s a good thing though, so yeah gonna expect that one will be upload in next entry soon. In shaa ALLAH :)

So yeah guys, last week on 2nd December, I attend one of the most casual yet very beautiful place setting for the product displayed event in The Studio, on le very top building located in The Garden Mall. Well, gotta say I’m quite lost at first time I went there because I rarely window shops in Mid Valley because I’m much more prefer to shop in KLCC, Pavilion, Sunway Putra and others  LOL but IDK out of sudden, last week  my momzy came out with an idea to go for STAY-cation in Cititel Hotel, which located inside Mid Valley ( and yeay, the decorations for Christmas is way too perfect and not to mention, I got some gift wrapped real nice in Swarovski paperbag for myself from mumzy, yeay!) so I’m like,

‘dah alang-alang tidoq dekat Cititel, pergi jelah event nearby The Garden”

When I went there, I’m attracted to some of the products such as accessories, gowns, dresses, body care displayed perfectly fit in each section.  BUT! I would really, really love to show my appreciation to PR for inviting me over there and have some sneak peek for the latest ‘THESELINA’ Christmas collection!

Oh danggggg, would you just look at these sexy bag! I mean like, seriously OMG so pretty!

Lil bit info about ‘THESELINA’:-

THESELINA, a handbag brand based in Malaysia, designed for the discerning modern women. Selina Yeop Jr, the founder and brainchild behind this dynamic brand believes that no woman should have to choose between fashion and functionality or practicality and elegance.
(Directly from this SOURCE)

The main brain for the product definitely by beautiful, sophisticated Mrs Selina Yeop Jr, a PR and Communications specialist of 20 years, ventured into lifestyle and fashion a couple of years ago with her business partner, Malaysia’s #1 R&B songstress: Ning Baizura under the label ROMYDA_KL.

Due to successful and overwhelming response from all people surrounds her, she began noticing that Malaysian women, like her, take pride in ‘metaphorically’ flying the Malaysian flag. While dressing up in the national costume, or adorning made in Malaysia labels, the handbag brands are almost always of an imported label.
She said’ Why not a Malaysian label then?’

And that’s when the idea of ‘THESELINA’ is born! I gotta say, it is really genius and bold move behalf of her because she’s taking risk to compete with other famous brand “Guess, Louis Vuitton, Coach you name it!” with her baby, ‘THESELINA’.

I experience the bags myself on the shelf and it really does gives that ‘classy’ vibe for all of her collection. ‘THESELINA’ promotes 3 types of collection; The work hard, play harder collection, The Travel collection and The twilight collection. Each of the collection have unique characteristic and just really fit with the name given.

I managed to snap some pics for the first collection, Mini duffle in brown. One thing pop out of my mouth is ‘WOW’ really beautiful, and not to mention its literally practical for working people to look smart but at same time, trendy as well. Besides that, another colors and design are pony hair mini tote and mini tote. You can choose which one you love honey because its crafted with immaculate leather body and intricate embroidery, taking from day to night functions. 

Next one, The travel collection where all, beautiful suede leather multi-purpose pouches styled for the women on-the-go. I love this kind bag because not only its convenient, but also the vibrant colors such as hot pink really does captivate my eyes. I love to look simple as I can be and this one gotta go in my list LOL

Next, The twilight collection. This collection, OMG I’m out of breath when writing this right now because the design sure really perfect for amazing night and evening event such as cocktail night, Gala Night, Party night or whatever fuck you wanna go because these bag will slay your entire existence that night. I think thes symbol S stands for 'SLAY' LOL  I think this clutch are perfect for every ladies out there and maybe you can give it as gift too because it’s just, urghh I can't!and that cute tassel add lil more glam into it. I had my eyes on this collection the moment I wandering inside The Studio. And yes, this also go into my Wedding list next year LOL *Nope, I’m not kidding, I want these clutch so bad, future hubby please take note* XD

I also got an opportunity to meet with Mrs Selina Yeop (she's on the right)  and she’s really  an amazing women I’ve met. I remember I almost shed a tear when she hugged me and giving pat behind me as ‘thank you’ for coming to the preview. I really hope she’s always achieve the best in her life because she totally deserve it. And I believe ‘THESELINA’ will much further on the way into the glamorous road ahead.

Major big thank you for Nivea Malaysia for sponsoring the casual event that day. Love it! For more deets, you guys can click link below:-

‘THESELINA’ bags are very famous in London too, go check’em out, UK-ians peeps! (is that even a words, UK-ians? LOLOLOLOL)
Lots of love,
Miss A :)

December 6, 2017

An Un'BULL'ievable Christmas grand launch event

Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum!
YASSS, Finally got some time to push myself to publish some of pending post because I’m super late to update this baby up! Anyone excited to watch  ‘Ferdinand’ movie? Because heck yes, I am totally gonna hit cinema real soon, and what’s more,   Quill City Mall, one of the Shopping mall situated in heart of KL in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox, is honored to present the unBULLievable Christmas at Quill City Mall KL to inspires people with Christmas Celebration concept this year! Oh yes, thanks to PR for inviting me to the grand launch, but my sayang came instead of me, so thank you, my sayang :)

FERDINAND is a movie by Twentieth Century Fox. FERDINAND tells the story of a giant bull with a big heart. Unlikely a usual bull, FERDINAND loves flowers more than bull fighting. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from this home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure. Set in Spain, Ferdinand proves you can’t judge a bull by its cover.

This Christmas, Quill City Mall KL has transformed its Main Atrium into an Andalusia Spanish Village with Christmas Floral theme which is inspired from the scene in the movie Ferdinand, providing shoppers an unforgettable experience from the movie scene. Shoppers will also experience 3D Ferdinand at Sunflower farm and a gigantic 40-feet tall LED Christmas tree with Ferdinand inspired elements as decorations. In addition, shoppers will get to experience momentous experience of photo opportunities of the exact scene from the movie.

 According to Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, Group Executive Director said that,

“The mall has decided to extend the joy throughout the whole Christmas and holiday season by giving an unBULLievable Christmas experience to family and kids, a perfect bonding session between parents and their children in the mall, Moreover there’s an opportunity to redeem custom Ferdinand premiums,”

The Grand Launch officiated by YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) and accompanied by Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, Group Executive Director of Quill Group of Companies, Ms. Moo Hon Mei, Marketing Director of Twentieth Century Fox, Mr. Ng Chee Kheong, COO of Quill Group of Companies, Mr. Alan Cheong, Centre Manager of Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur and Mr. Joseph Teo, Vice President, Marketing of Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur.

 The launch began with the opening performance by the UnBULLievable Cheerleading, a group of talented and energetic youngsters that captured the attention of the audience followed by the beautiful Christmas Song “Feliz Navidad” sang by Amelia Lee, youngest fashion designer. One of the event highlights was the 10,000 BIG Points Balloon Drop where the shoppers collected as many balloons as they could and burst it in order to redeem AirAsia BIG Points.

“It’s our great pleasure to host this year’s Christmas Celebration together with Twentieth Century Fox. We hope to continue our partnership with Twentieth Century Fox in many other exciting projects in the near future. This year, we have also welcomed 30 Single Parents from Cempaka Single Mother Club Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Revolution Self Development Association to host a Charity Bazaar in order to show our support towards them. We want to encourage them to always BULLieve yourself that you deserved to be loved and accepted, just like FERDINAND proves that you can’t judge a BULL by its cover,” said Mr. Alan Cheong, Centre Manager of Quill City Mall KL.

In conjunction with Hari Keluarga, a group of 30 single parents from the Charity Bazaar received a mock board and goodie bags presented and all Charity Bazaar is available on every Friday to Sunday, starting from now to 1 January 2018 at First Floor Concourse in Quill City Mall KL. Over 30 vendors will be available selling cookies, apparels, bags & accessories, cosmetics and homemade items for Christmas shopping spree. 

 Not to forget, interesting Christmas redemption of Limited Edition Ferdinand Christmas Premiums such as Ferdinand Stationary Set, Ferdinand Plush Key chain, Ferdinand Pillow and Ferdinand Backpack, with a minimum spend of RM50 in a maximum of two accumulated receipts awaits you at Quill City Mall KL.

This Christmas, Quill City Mall KL is delighted to provide you and an unBULLievable Christmas experience and it is the best choice to gather with family and friends as shoppers can enjoy festive Christmas offerings from our valued tenants and Christmas vendors with various promotions ranging from food, fashion, entertainment and much more. Also, in conjunction with Malaysia Year End Sales, our outlets will be having marked down sales and promotions to cater to shoppers needs throughout this Christmas season. 

Let’s come to Quill City Mall KL to watch FERDINAND which screening from 14 December 2017 in GSC!

For more deets:-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

November 26, 2017

Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Christmas buffet celebration

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Well, as you guys can see, most of my blog entries is all about beauty review and event, but I’m also covering for the foods, like literally delicious food! And this entry is superb for you to bring and treat your family/love one to le amazing yummy buffet in Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Christmas celebration!

Since our country are diverse with multiple culture and race, of course December month is holy month for Christians, and what’s better way to celebrate and sit together while feeling thankful to God and appreciate new year eve 2018? Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur have all the best food baby! Check it out :)

Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur invites all guests and patrons to experience an exquisite holiday experience with an array of extraordinary culinary delights made exclusively for your taste buds at Warisan Café. Located at ground floor, it features an open kitchen and buffet dining. When I reach there, I was greeted and escorted by PR to my table and just after 5 minutes, the food fest start! There are 3 section for the Christmas special buffet preview, which are carving station:-

My favorite, ever! Since the Chef is very sweet to slice me some extra lamb grilled with ‘Otak-Otak’ kind of food that wrapped together with cheese.

Next one, is another Christmas section, there are beef and chicken Pate’, IMO, I’m not liking this section very much compared to the first one LOL

Gingerbread section, Heaven for sweet lover, all kind of cakes, bread, biscuits, confectioneries are here baby!

Warisan Cafe' highlighting the flavors of the world, the dishes are a wide selection of Malaysia, Japanese, and Italian specialties, as well as other international cuisines. Also, like any other exquisite hotel that serve some of the best deals and promotions for peeps out there, like featuring  High Tea on weekends and it is also a Halal-certified restaurant. The café opens daily for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner till 10.30pm.

Promotion Christmas buffet for this month until New Year’s Eve 2018 is listed below:-

Christmas Eve Dinner
·   24th December 2017
·   Buffet Dinner at RM 150.00 nett per person
     *Stand a chance to win exciting lucky draw prizes and free entrance to Heritage Club

New Year’s Eve Countdown 2018
·    31st December 2017
·    RM 150.00 nett per person
*Stand a chance to win exciting lucky draw prizes and free entrance to Heritage Club

All prices quoted are in MYR and inclusive of 6% goods and service tax. I will link down below for more deets:-

TELEPHONE: 03-2688 9688/9645 

Lots of love,

Miss A J

November 12, 2017

Product review: Beauty in the Drops X 9HERBS Health & Beauty

Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum!

This week, I’m fully charge on duty as ‘Mama Meem’ since my sissy Mok need to attend some work course, but it doesn’t stop me to play with my makeup and also celebrating one of Gemstones baby, Zana! Happy belated birthday Zana, I know I wish you lil late, but the thoughts and cheesy leleh Cake do counts a lot, aite? LOL

Oh yes, for yesterday and today makeup theme, I chose something red and spicy because why? LOL, IDK why double LOL

Oh no, I remember why I opt with Red theme because I never done Red makeup before because I always stick with my kind of favorite colors which are Purple, Peach, and Pink. I’m very familiar with these colors, plus it’s super bonus that most of Malaysian beauty community favors earthy tone and pink vibe because it’s more pleasant to look at compared to heavy black, green or whatever makeup look for every day. Oh please, don’t lie to me that you always do GRUNGE or SMOKEY for everyday look LOL but kudos to any darlings out there if you’re in those category, you’re damn awesome!  *HEAVY APPLAUSE*

*make sure to remove your makeup properly though when you wanna perform pray :)*

As one of beauty blogger that love to try new makeup, I’ve try some of local Malaysian-made, drugstores cosmetics and High End haul too. But for Local made, I got to say, this baby is pure gold!

TARAA! Introducing to you guys, exclusively from 9HERBS Bioceauticals Resources, Beauty in the Drops! Or yeah, you can call in (BitD) for shorts. OH MY GOD. My first reaction when I received the parcel,  is that three damn words. And then, it occurs in my mind that, I never try any Primer from Local made before. I used to try Baby skin Pore Eraser from Maybelline/The POREfessional from Benefits Cosmetics but I need to put that away when I apply this baby on le skin. It’s really amazing and absorb really quick when you rubbed over your face gently. BitD act as 2-in-1, UV Face Primer & Luminous Day Serum. You got twice of goodness pack in 30 ML bottle compared to standard primer out there. So cool!

Beauty in the Drops/BitD is infused magically with ingredients that famous with moisturizing properties such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. When I apply on my skin, I can feel it’s softening my skin appearances and on top of it, I can see my skin looks real glow in consistent usage.  I try this baby as Makeup Primer and also without normal amount of makeup too, so yeah I can feel the difference for the past 10 days. The product is Vegan and cruelty free, GMP product and HALAL certified too.

The goodness in Beauty in the Drops/BitD are:-

a)  Long lasting and waterproof. 

b) Creates radiant and natural looking complexion. This fact beyond bomb because even though the essence is mixtures with glitter that safe to use and the color is in purple serum *my fav, yeay*  it doesn’t leave your skin all looking oily and turn purplish whatsoever. It’s good for  primer, makeup base and also can be use as finishing touch after paintin’ your face LOL

c) UV Protection and helps protect the skin from free radical damage.

So here, some MOTD of mine using Beauty in the Drops for yesterday occasion.

Lovin’ my hot Cheetos eye makeup look LOL are you feelin’ the heat *smirk* some of the product I used is listed in previous entry >>>CLICK HERE<<< For makeup details, head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM okay!

For more information, please click link bellows:


P/S: Personal opinion, I believe this primer can be dupe for FARSALI unicorn essence, one of Mega-hit product from SEPHORA in much affordable price and heals your skin 100% in natural way. Plus their website having major sale now for BitD! hurry up and buy now loves!

P/S: Thank you PR 9HERBS for the love!

P/S Again: I will update le trip to Penang very soon. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)

November 8, 2017

Product Review: Safi Rania Gold Beetox collection

Assalamualaikum and hello my darlings!

YES, YES AND HECK YEAH I’m extremely happy today because at last, I marked my promise that I will collect all Guardian X Anna Sui Travel bag collection and BAMM! I did! Oh, check out my FACEBOOK PAGE & INSTAGRAM for better view because I’m not gonna upload in here LOL

BUT! I did update the write up about the event and surprisingly, it is one of the highest entry view compared to others *well, for now* and thank you so much guys for referring to my humble bloggie about the event. If you wanna read it, CLICK HERE for deets.

Okay, enough crapping with my obsession towards Anna Sui travel bags, now I’m moving on with another amazing product launch none other that, Safi Rania Gold Beetox!

Okay guys, I’m being dead serious, Forwardly I’m gonna say that I’m not a big fan of Safi Malaysia products because I used to try one of the cleanser from IDK which Safi skincare range, and it does not work on my skin. So yeah, pass on that one. However, when SAFI came out with the next launch and it’s related with 24K Gold and Bee Venom, I am indeed happy because currently I am sucker for any kind of gold due to my current age now LOL *25 years old and still  young* When I received the parcel, I am living for that bling bling gold box and match with Safi Rania Gold major color, Purple and Gold ribbon on top. Super cute!

What makes this skincare range differ from other brands out there? Of course the main ingredients which are Nano Gold 24K, Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis. Since I know, when we reach certain age that balancing our mind between thinking in adult kind of way, or act silly like lil kid, We must make sure that our skin are following the natural behavior where it is SHOULD ageing gracefully without people already call you ‘kakak’ or ‘makcik’ at young age. I already experience that situation and until now, it’s stings me lil bit when  those bitches calling me with that nickname even when  I am still young, 20. Like hello? Rude much -.-

But yeah, past is past LOL so now, this is perfect solution for beautiful ladies out there who I highly begging to never experience the same things like I did. When we talk about benefits of Honey, you can straightly google about it and VOILA, Listsss of goodness when we consume/use/apply honey for whole body/face purpose. Yes, Honey is like a natural life saver for every skin tone and help promoting anti-wrinkle at young age. Combination of Royal Jelly, that rich with 20 amino acid, vitamins and mineral help to lifting our skin appearance and sparks le face naturally and Propolis, a natural anti-oxidant properties that also help to prevent fine lines at our face make it this product launch is the best!

Oh yes, another fancy ingredients is none other that Bee Venom! Bee Venom helps to plump our skin, as if you’re injecting BOTOX upon your skin. But of course, it is safe and doesn’t harm or irritate your skin because its also help to improve skin structure and not to mention, a great catch to avoid early pigmentation. Yeay!

In the gold box, I received some of the best item in Safi Rania Gold Beetox collection which are:-

1) The cleanser, rich cream foam type that have combination between Nano Gold 24K and Royal Jelly, will help maintain moisture balance and can remove makeup instantly.  It’s also using the latest Micro foam formulation for deep cleansing into inner skin.

2) Youthful Gold Essence, help to maintain 24H Moisture Lock skin look with combination of Duo Gold 24K, Honey and Hyaluronic Acid. This one is like, dupe for Bio-Essence 24K Gold water that I currently use (of course this one, much cheaper LOL) so, yeah, IDK yet how its going to work, but maybe I will try this baby later.

3) Next best thing, oh yes! Youth Elixir! I think this one is bomb compared to others that I got because it is new, and it is infused with Bee Venom, Nano Gold 24K and Vitamin C that help to elevate your skin texture 3X times younger, improve epidermis layer and avoid early pigmentation! Anyone suffering this kind of skin condition, this product is a must have for you love!

Before use, you need to shake the bottle up to ensure the essence is well mix and can be spread evenly on your beautiful skin.

4) Last, but not least Day cream with SPF 25++ that help to prevent from direct UVA/UVB sunlight directly onto face. I think, sunscreen is a must have item in your skincare routine. Never skip this step, it’s really important to care for your skin at young age okay? 

The texture is quite lightweight and easy to absorb, so it doesn’t have that sticky feeling after application. This is good for people who have combination to oily skin type.

A big applause to Safi Malaysia Team for coming out with these innovation that perfect solution for Malaysian that experience humid and hot weather in our country. Oh, and also for more information, click link below:-


P/S: Thank you PR for sending this to me since I can’t attend the event during the product launch. Nevertheless, you are rock!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)