July 26, 2023


 Hehe, told ya I'm gonna active back for my blog like I promise, I just really hope people are still remember moi fondly as I've been missin' quite some time, so yeah LOL I'm back gaisss!





Walaweh, Malaysia so hot these days and I'm pretty sure we're always anticipates the latest cute cafe, new dessert spot for Instagrammable moments, Ammi right? So, of course you guys definitely heard about the latest and duhh, the cutest makeup collab ever between LilyByRed MY and Artisanal ice-cream/gelato from CDLC! If you're looking for cute, extra girlies babygirl vibe to hang, you'll definitely need to go and experience new flavors that CDLC creates just for this amazing collab, because both CDLC and LilyByRed shared same vision & values to create strong connection between beauty of natural makeup using only the best, premium natural ingredients into creating something that both makeup and dessert can be enjoy any moments. Not only that, another values that both brands want to emphasize is to seek &  enhance their feel-good factor by indulging them in a seamless blend of beauty with a touch of natural sweetness. Just as makeup enhances one's natural beauty, indulging in delightful all-natural desserts can uplift spirits and bring much joy to one’s life.



Here are the new flavors of ice creams, new flavor of drink and Edible 'Lip tint kit'!


#Like Wild Berry Cream: a tantalizing blend of wild berries swirled with creamily smooth natural
Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. This ice cream offers a refreshing and delightful burst of flavours that expresses boldness, wildness, and freedom. Indulge in the exquisite creation and let your taste buds run wild.


 #Like A Shy Peach: a delectable treat that captures the delicate sweetness of a ripe juicy peach and is interpreted in both ice cream and sorbet form. This flavour embodies the softness, sweetness, and charm of a shy peach. Indulge in its delicate and delightful taste, transporting yourself to a realm of pure bliss.


These Petits Gâteaux & Petite Gâteau  represent the unique charm and the diverse inner beauty of our audience. From the rosy strawberry to the innocent apple, the collection celebrates the spectrum of love, both past and present

#Like Rosy Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream swirled with homemade strawberry and rose jam with strawberry chunks. 

#Like Innocent Apple: Madagascar vanilla ice cream swirled with apple and lemon sorbet. 

#Maybe My Puppy Love: Sakura ice cream swirled with lychee sorbet and white chocolate coated popping candy. 

#Maybe My Past Love: 63% French dark chocolate with chocolate crisp pearls and chilli chocolate ganache

#Dollish Rose Madagascar vanilla ice cream swirled with lemon curd and dragon rose sorbet.

 #French Marsala Macadamia ice cream swirled with homemade butterscotch and macadamia nuts.

For the new flavor of drink, called as  #Like Guava Mojito: - Pink guava juice with fresh mint leaves and lemonade. 

Some of the snippets I took using my Iphone 14 Pro Max, gotta love all the features here, OMG!

In my Opinion, since I already taste all of 'em during launch, I love #LWBC so much for the ice cream! amazing chunks, balance between sweet and sour, and my fav! #LGM drink, also one of the highlight of my day during the launch, I legit add on for like 3-4 cups because I just couldn't get enough of it! I also got to try out some of the new lip kits (makeup and edible makeup as well, lol) the latest Glassy Fixing tint & Juicy Water Tint won my heart, I'm so happy I got to try some of the beautiful colors in my goodies and do some swatches because all colors came out looking so gorgeous! LilyByRed comes with Romantic Mousse, Mood Velvet, Juicy Water Tint, Glassy layer Tint, Bloody Coating Tint, but the two types I mentioned above rocks! Yeay!

Don't forget to visit CDLC and taste all new flavors today!

P/S- * indicates the pictures sent for Media to include in the writing from the brand.


July 21, 2023


Ahhhhhhh *shoulder bone cracking crack crack when I write this lol* suddenly, my mind and my body remember an awesome spa wellness time in my recent visit to Mont Kiara's outlet. Miss that moment!



    Hi guys, Assalamualaikum, how are ya? I hope everyone having amazing time, especially for my muslims baes, Happy Awwal Muharram, new year for Muslim, hope for the better and we managed to reached whatever we want to accomplished during that particular, amazing year, and I just wish for prosper, good health and happiness for everyone, myself included lol I've been active back with my social medias, blog included so I hope if you're missin' my vibe, don't forget to check out my soc meds, much easier with 1 swipe yeay! But hey, nothing beat the feels of reading blog content ammirght? ;) Oh, tomorrow I can't wait to go to Skintific Event, any familiar face around, give me sum heyyyaaa :P Okay, back to main title, yessss finally I got time to go for pamperin' sesh with my mumzy, like legit I spent 2 days back-to-back with my mum (massage, mani pedi, juice hoppin', Wagyu date and Movie date, appreciate my mum feels happy all coz' of me, yeay mum!) 

    Do y'know Healthland Family Wellness have lots of branches, and To my surprise nearby my house also got one, and also nearby my office too! Healthland known as renowned spa, massage and wellness brand in Malaysia, and leading towards improving Malaysians’ quality of life through premium wellness treatments. I believe, they are also introduced the concept of a OSC, or known as One-Stop Health Centre in Malaysia, setting new standards for quality, professionalism, and a deep-rooted passion for all aspects of health. Besides that,  HealthLand envisions itself as the preferred wellness center for individuals from all walks of life. The company strives to deliver exceptional treatments, high-quality services, and compassionate care, with the ultimate ambition of becoming Asia's leading wellness platform. They are also emphasize on awesome spa ambience, exceptional quality wellness journey, convenient location and branches so that people can easily do quick drop and pamper their body anytime anywhere and lastly, amazing crafted treatment & services with professional hand. 


    Okay guys, enjoy my snippets of video I created while spending time with my mum, Healthland provided various massages & treatments that can caters your body need; Thainess Oil treatment (with aromatherapy oil), Thai traditional treatment that conduct by professional skilled therapist, foot treatment & hand spa and more! I got myself and my mum Traditional Thai massage without oil for 2 hour, it was super refreshing and my body feel bit sore the next day, but super worth it and I can feel my stress level reduce and my serotonin happy are being lifted up! thumbs up!

Another great news guys! Healthland Family Wellness expands another 5 new outlets as listed below; 

• HealthLand Taipan (opened on 25 June) 
• HealthLand Puchong Jaya (opened on 7 July)
• HealthLand Bukit Raja (opened on 16 July) 
• Royals HealthLand Puchong Jaya (opened on 20 July) 
• HealthLand Ampang (opened on 20 July) 

  This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for HealthLand as it continues to expand its footprint across the nation, solidifying its position as a leading wellness platform in Asia, and another surprise, if you guys book online for the new outlet slot, you'll get promo code NEW30 for RM30 off! 

I already get mine, so now it you, Babes!

June 9, 2023


 Hello Gorgeous babes! 

I try my best to update a lot for my blog and I hope you guys are okay with it hehe, so last two weeks ago I attend Murad's latest product launch, which is RETINAL RESCULPT OVERNIGHT TREATMENT @ Taproom, Bamboo Hills. I did came a bit late but I still managed to catch up lil bit of the product information. RETINAL is the advanced from the current RETINOL from Murad skincare; the trusted name in treating skin concerns with safe, clinically proven and cruelty-free products, The powerful treatment that dramatically lifts and improves sagging skin using retinal: one of the most efficacious forms of Vitamin A.



   "Clinically proven to tackle major signs of advanced aging by visibly lifting necks/jowl sagging and increasing elasticity, it will smoothen deep-set wrinkles and saggy skin -- what we call skin with thin, wrinkled surface that resembles crepe paper. The treatment is also supercharged with next-generation complementary ingredients -- Kangaroo paw flower and olive leaf extracts that help improve saggy appearance, smooth wrinkles and support resilience, with oat lipids and alpha glucan that help replenish ceramides (lipids that are found naturally in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of the skin) to increase moisture and restore the skin's barrier."

   The net effect is dramatic, transformative results in just two weeks of use for sagging and crepey skin, with improved skin elasticity in about four weeks of use. Not only that, the texture is very lightweight- nourishing formula, which is good for balanced, oily, dry or combination skin -- will leave you feeling supple, soft and moisturized.

   Good news, the Retinal Resculpt is Available from June 1 onwards at all Murad outlets, as well as at https://www.murad.com.my, where it will retail at RM598. I still haven't try it yet because OMG, the price legit have-have level tho lol, I think if I do apply it, I'mma squeeze like legit atom size or something!

Will totally update on my social medias about the result, not sure how long it takes but I will see the progress along the way, wish me luck!



June 8, 2023


Hi Gorgeous babes!

YESSSSSS, I'm back again, finally, Al-Hamdulillah my bloggie is not full with dust anymore! I've been MIA in a year, but hey you guys can always catch me up on my social medias (just tap the iconic Icons on my bars if y'miss me *wink wink*) TBH, life pretty great right now, I'm no longer working with previous job anymore (kinda got an upgrade because I'm no longer stuck at menial dead end job and earn lesser than RM2.3K every month, come on commitment high AF now lol) New company looks great, so far OK lah. Marriage life? Al- Hamdulillah better, can't complain because I got my husband that love and cherish me 24/7 gaduh manja and all is normal lol thank you husbaby sayang :) I'm still working with few PR's these days, but I can't focus solely doin' this awesome job because I have full time now lol but sometimes, YES I DO, I miss going out and meet my blogger friends, but everything all connected coz' we're following each other on Instagram and all. 

I just wanna inform that now, all my social medias and blog will be change entirely to name;


So, yeah. you will see me, my socmeds named this. If you're new here, Hi!

See ya, Cheers!


May 11, 2022

Faery Beauty X Hydraglo Lip Tint Serum

 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

    WOWWWW, How's your Hurry Raya gang gang? Al-Hamdulillah, this year Raya kinda hectic but also funny at same time because when they announce Eid celebration is literally early 1 day advanced, everyone panic because lots of preparation need to do, lol so do I, but overall Eid this year is kinda okay 

     Since this year I'm celebrating Eid at my husbaby side, I kinda need to minimize my makeup since it's lot easier and also I'm in village nearby Kuala Klawang (Jelebu) N9, So I'm just focusing and grab any easy makeup that I can brought there, one of 'em is this cute, K-Beauty inspired lip tint serum but holy shit, it's Malaysian made! I'm so happy when I managed to grab all collections from Faery Beauty because I genuinely curious to try out the lip tint. Plus, guysss the colors so pretty! totally wearable for everyday use and just simply amazing.

Presenting, my Eid Lips look by Faery Beauty!

    There are 5 colors available since Tyha (the founder) just recently add new color in the collection. I personally bought all, the names of the shades also kinda cute;

From top to Bottom.

-Soft Necturines- the latest shade, slightly darker pink-soft pink orangish combo

-Coral Peach (nude peach orange, definitely a grab!)

-Bloody Chocolate- The most intense one, but still wearable if you tone the color with only one swipe and mixed with concealer.

-Berries Fig (Subtle pink, My absolute fav!)

-Dark Jujube- The second darkest shade from the collection, but simply beautiful! this color are usually Korean favorite, along side with BF in my opinion lol

    The packaging itself really simple and direct, you just open it and bammm you can put on your lips. Really hydrating, the color at first on lips follow the color shade, but gradually it will leave pink stains after you\re done eating, so don't worry, you can re-apply again! 

    You can actually purchase it via WEBSITE, SHOPPEE or Tiktok shop, just search FAERY BEAUTY and you're good to go. Each shades comes in 3.5ML, with soft doe foot applicator so then you can control the amount to put on your lips. You can go ahead to my INSTAGRAM Page and see my latest Reel to see the swatches of each color, but I gotta say, you'll definitely will buy all colors because all of 'em so pretty! Get them now!


Aimiiiiibaby :)