June 17, 2019

BEAUTYRA X Lip Dessert collection Launch

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum and happy Eid months :)

YASSSSS, Finally I forced my damn lazy ass to update my blog and I’m terribly sorry because I left you alone baby blog L but you guys can always find me on my SOCIAL MEDIAS (Click on the Icon above) because I’m hellaaa active on others compared to blog. But don’t worry, bloggie will always remained superior when it comes to share lots of details, information and all good pictures in one platform and make people attract to your writing. Ehiks, so here goes!

This blogpost is pending for months now and if you guys actually following me on INSTAGRAM, I posted about this beauty events held by Beautyra, one of the amazing local Beautrenpreneur brand in Malaysia that of course, focusing lotsaaa love towards makeup! Yesssss, we’re going makeup vibe y’all yasss!

I got an invitation from Beautyra’s team on TWITTER, (TYSM) and I’m actually hella shock when I got that because I know people are dying to go to her private beauty launch and I’m just normal girl who loves going to any beauty events, so when she invite me, I felt really honored and yessss, I can’t wait to know what her new products during that time. When Beautyra’s launch her makeup, the founder, Miss Tyra K (damn, she’s cute even on medias and real life, like really I didn’t sugarcoating or anything, she’s simply beautiful inside out *girl crush mode activated*) goes with first product that really kept dearly on her heart, blushers! Her blushers always out of stock on shopee Apps and I’m always the lame ass who didn’t event got a chance to buy. Literally, everytime bish.
 So, since I didn’t get a chance to try her signature products, of course I’m really excited to try her latest new products. Well, what could it be?

The event set up is super beautiful! I’m not gonna lie, the place is quite far from my works place, but the café is amazing. IDK much about the place because it is my first time goin’ there and after registration takes place, I got to wondering around the place and of course, goodies bag is included!

When I check the place out and the banners displayed in front of the cafe, I kinda got to know what is the new products, it’s related with something sweet, something cute, something sexy and of course all related with lips. Hey loves, you can guess what it is right? Ehiks! More piccas below for eye candies!

The foods are really good and I got to met lots of beautiful Beaubabies as well. They all looks incredible and really fit the café theme and I’m being super boring with my undone makeup go to the event happily because I can’t wait to meet with the founder of Beautyra LOL

I told you, my makeup looks suck hahahaha T______T

Eventho my makeup sucks, but meeting with Tyra is such a bliss! sorry for my bad camera angle and lightning here. I look hella ugly and sleepy eventho I'm not, Wadehel my face looks like kerepek basi here??

As the times goes by, I got to experience her new products Lip Dessert collection consist of Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry cheesecake (OMG THE SMELLS ARE ALL AMAZINGGGGGG!) and then we all play lil quizzes and have fun together bonding around and made friends with new Beaubabies, I’m really glad Tyra actually recognized my presence and I managed to congratulated her for her latest products. 

Here are some swatches of the lippies, and I also got to swatch mine from the goodies too. All of Beaubabies managed to grab Pixie dust Highlight and random Lip Dessert collection and yes, I got Chocolate Fudge! As you guys can see from the swatches (or maybe from Beautyra’s official Instagram page) Majority of Beaubabies attend the beauty event loves Salted Caramel color the most because it’s very peachy-orangish, nude kinda type and perfect for everyday use. I mean, all of ‘em actually perfect for everyday use DUHH--- and when I looked over those two colors, Strawberry cheesecake gives off fresh girly vibe with lil hint of pink whereas Chocolate Fudge (mine) is more into bold dark chocolate but not too over the top, still enhancing the dark colors tho. However, when I applied Chocolate Fudge on my lips, people really love it! They said the colors really suits me, IDK why LOL

Here some selfies of mine using Chocolate Fudge on lips and also sometimes, on cheeks. My Third Eid look on INSTAGRAM and during my trip to Penang for Eid, I’m using Chocolate Fudge all over my face LOL and the Pixie dust really cute for subtle glow and just right amount for everyday use too! But I'm being extra like always, so gotta glow till you blow baby!

Since Beautyra’s is getting big and recognition on Beauty Magazine, I would really love to congratulates Tyra’s team again for a great effort of producing good and affordable indie makeup and it just shows how much you can actually dream until you can realize it! I can’t wait to know more about latest products, maybe ventures into skincare soon? we’ll see :)


P/S: Will update a lot,so much to update, please wait for more :3

Cheers & Kisses,


May 8, 2019

NAELOFAR X GUARDIAN Malaysia Exclusive Summer Collection | Event

Assalamualaikum and Happy Ramadhan Kareem, everyone!

Al-hamdulillah, Praise to ALLAH, I still got an opportunity to perform my duty as humble and weird person to double my obligations, increasing my activities to do and become a better person this year in order to receive good rewards by ALLAH, and and and!  I truly hope that I can overcome all my insecurities, all my imperfections so that I can focus what’s matter most for this year Ramadhan. To all my muslim readers or followers or whateva you are, I hope you guys doing good and always set our niyyah’ to become better than yesterday, and more for tomorrow. In shaa ALLAH :)

Okay guys, I had lots of fun attending events before Ramadhan month struck, but one of the amazing event I went is regarding with Guardian Malaysia (thank you for always inviting me to lots of amazing events, you guys rock!) and this time, Guardian Malaysia have an exclusive collaboration with none other than amazing brand, NAELOFAR!

I went a lil bit late during the event because of damn traffic (lol, I gotta reduce the urge of need to curse this holy month T____T) but according to Ms Wong Vai Chi, Head Of Marketing, Health And Beauty, Guardian Health and Beauty mentioned that,
“This collaboration with NAELOFAR is our special way to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan with our customers. We want to offer our customers something exclusive and, of course, beautiful, when they drop in to shop for their health and beauty necessities at Guardian stores.”
She added,
Guardian stores will have a special theme called “Seiring Ramadan” during the month of Ramadan where Guardian will strive to offer customers the best deals throughout this Ramadan season with discounts of up to 50% on some products. Gotta stock up some essential products for your Raya, loves!
So in the month of Ramadan, what better time to shop at Guardian and to carry your purchases home in a must-have tote bag designed by Neelofa herself. DUHH, I ‘m pretty sure everyone knows who Neelofa is, talented actress, TV Presenter, model, successful entrepreneur and the owner of one of Malaysia’s leading contemporary fashion brand, NAELOFAR.

Andddd the wait is over, Guardian Malaysia finally revealing NATURE BEAUTY, RED BLOSSOMS and FLORAL SERENITY tote bag, the one and only Exclusive Summer Collection for Ramadan. All the tote bags look really cute and my favs goes to Floral Serenity. It looks perfect to carry my telekung and prayer mat during Taraweeh. Just a perfect size!

As the tote bags are limited edition, those bags can be purchased at a 40% discount with any purchase of a sponsor’s product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsor’s product. After the 40% discount, the bags will retail for only RM17.90.  The Guardian Exclusive Summer Collection is available now until stocks last. So, whatcha waiting for, love? Heads over to any Guardian Malaysia outlets to feel the materials upclose. It’s so worth it, you definitely gonna collect all of ‘em!

Sneak peek of goodies that I got, Major congrats to NAELOFAR and Guardian Malaysia for the invitation, See you in next event okay?
Cheers & Kisses,

April 11, 2019

VT Cosmetics X BTS Collagen Pact B & W | Makeup Review

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, Happy April bitchesss LOL

WOW. JUST AMAZINGLY WOWZY! Wait, is WOWZY even a words? LOL ignore my stupid Aimi-Cabulary and let’s focus for today content. Hey guys, what up? Whatcha’ doin love? Ehehehe Al-Hamdulilllah, I just got back from Bangkok, Thailand and Yes, I just happens to attend Finale of BTS: Love Yourself World Tour and it is such an amazing experience that I will never, ever, ever, ever freakin’ forget. One of the most beautiful moments in my year 2019 besides getting’ engaged, BTS paved the fuckin’ way and snapped real hard! I will definitely update my Bangkok Trip soon, but not in mean times because this month kinda busy with events and pending entries (will upload ASAP. Don’t chase me please, dear PR hahahah)

Since this post lil bit related with BTS, yes, I know I’mma bit late to update about this cosmetics line named VT COSMETICS. OMG, guys, seriously, Korean Beauty Companies have a lotttt of beauty product and skincare line, like dozensss of it and VT Cosmetics is one of ‘em. TBH, I never heard about VT Cosmetics until I saw the ambassador for VT Cosmetics is none other than my 7 crackheads Kings, BTS! Yessss I’m that late bitch who never saw this coming and I’m that sad lil bitch that spends my money just to try out VT Cosmetics collagen cushion pact. Wait, not only 1, but I bought 2 of it, Both black and white. I think this baby already released during end of year 2017 (if I’m not mistaken, sorry if this info is wrong, I’m too fuckin’ lazy to google-it) but now I got the chance to have at least beautiful Cosmetics that BTS endorsed with. I know the latest skincare products brand is MediHeal, I can’t wait to buy that one too (but not now, perhaps in near future) so, lemme give some shout out to Play Up beauty store in Times Square, Malaysia because I happen to buy both in their store with RM80 each, instead of the RP: RM139. So, good deal for me, both for RM160!

Okay, sneak peek of the packaging. How Cool is them!!! Like, Urghhh really awesome!

As you guys can see, it is divided into two, but came with different Ingredients and benefits. For Collagen cushion pact White, the major ingredients are RED YOUTH Berry Complex and Premium Marble whereas the for Collagen cushion pact Black, consists of VT BLACK COLLAGEN Complex and Premium Marble Collagen Golden. YASSS, Collagen all the way for everyone to try!

When I opened the box, both has sticker to decorate your cute Collagen Cushion Pact and it is specially designed sticker that BTS created just for their ARMY who love beauty (like me LOL) and as you guys can see, both Collagen cushion pact got beautiful flower Marble design on the surface of both Foundation Cream. I love both but my eyes falls for the White Pact instantly because the Marble design just so beautiful and complement with the White casing. And not gonna forget the Black Pact, the Marble design is mysterious and lookin’ hella expensive and you just wanna dig your finger and swirls around, like you’re being hypnotized or something LOL

Let’s see the goodness for Collagen Cushion Pact White, shall we?

Why it is different with other beauty cushion out there? It is because RED YOUTH Berry Complex derived from the red fruit that symbolize energy and providing extra moisture for people suffering dry skin. The red fruits AKA Ginseng Berry Essence helps to brighten and glow up your beautiful face even more with combination of Premium Marble Pact, where it helps to gives nutrition for more firm, healthy and luminous skin.

I tried the Collagen White pact when I attend last event before I fly to Bangkok and I also use it during office hour, it really does give your face lookin’ good and smooth.

For Collagen Cushion Pact Black, this one is of the kind and I think it is very extra in every aspect because, the Collagen that VT Cosmetics keep on emphasize in this product, is no joke. It is true! The collagen is an upgraded premium collagen containing Black Truffles, Black Caviar, Black Pearl Powder, Bora Sea Urchin, Ginseng and Beta Glucan to helps fight wrinkle and gives more elastic appearance and volumized skin.

And, if you guys worry about UV protection, well you don’t have to! Both Collagen Cushion Pact have SPF50++ to make sure your beautiful face lookin’ good and protected too! So I think we can gives two thumbs up for these babies because they both deserves it.

When I scrolled over VT Cosmetics official page on INSTAGRAM, I think BTS endorsed bit more with latest products and TBH, I’m lookin’ forward to see more progress about VT Cosmetics line. PERSONA-lly *wink wink*, I think both VT Collagen Cushion pact did an amazing job, the coverage are sheer to medium skin tone and definitely not recommended for people having tan skin because it will definitely make your skin looks greyish and that does not look cute. When I bought these two box, I didn’t see what shade I’m using because it didn’t state there, so I was like, fuck it, just buy and try it out, turns out the result are pretty good.

Hand swatches and some selfies to prove my point about this product LOL and yes, the upper one is white, the below one is black pact. Duh, I followed the exact pattern.

I brought two of ‘em during my trip to Bangkok since I know Bangkok weather is really hot and this cushion can help me with the SPF stuff or whatever, so that’s a good gestures from me to me LOL but guys, this Collagen cushion pact does gives extra dewy and glowing look on your face, and yes I know you must think I’m crazy wearing these in Bangkok (so do I, I feel stupid) but turns out, I’m lookin’ cute with these pacts, so yeay to that!

VT Cosmetics X BTS in White Pact. Why I look sooo naive in here ? LOL

And the annoying bitch is back with VT Cosmetics X BTS in Black Pact LOL

Will I re-purchase it? MMMMMMMMM, Hold that thought. I need to finish both then I can made decision. Plus, there’s a lot of BB Cushion from Korean brands and you guys can choose which one suits your skin. For me, VT Cosmetics can improve and maybe cater International tanned skin people who wanna try VT Collagen Cushion pact. Anywhere, Hey, VT Cosmetics! You’re doin’ good job. Keep it up!

P/S: Just search the name VT COSMETICS on INSTAGRAM, you guys can look it up. Oh, VT Cosmetics also available in HALLYU MART too but it is collaboration with BT21. So check ‘em both please and gives lotsaaaa love!

Cheers & Kisses,


March 27, 2019

HYUGENS French Beauty Apothecary | Event Launch

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum and happy March babies!

Yes, it is that one beautiful month where all March babies are gather and by babies, I meant my family LOL

Wow, I can’t believe we’re approaching end of March really soon and TBH, I still haven’t reach any my 2019 resolutions . . . . . yet but I’m damn sure, I wanna have and experience good and clear skin by end of this year. So yeah, wish me luck I guess? And another wish that I want, is to reduce plastic usage and carry more reusable bag. I also wanna focus of experiencing organic foods, organic skincare, almost everything organic! So, when I heard about HYUGENS FRENCH BEAUTY APOTHECARY, I got hook with their products. No freaking joke, from Cosmetics to Bespoke bath & body care to clean perfumes, roll-on, face care formulas until Home Aromatherapy, everything seems magical and all are Organic!

I just happened to attend Hyugens Media launch and I got to know more deets about Hyugens. Okay, loves, first of all, do you know how to pronounce the brand name? If you can get it at first place, you are damn smart but if you’re crack dumbass like me (sadly, LOL) I didn’t know how to say the name without leaving the H out, it was supposed to pronounce and say it in French accent or whateva (since the products are made freshly in France), so the correct way to deliver the words, is UUI-GE-NS. So, now you got it? Learn the name already? Okay cool! Move on :P

Small appreciation shout out about Hyugens background, in year 2013, the co-founder Daan Sins and Sebastien Guerra discover the abandoned alchemist’s house in the heart of Le Marais, Paris. Inspired by the beauty of exceptional mansion and it’s amazing lingering energy, they decided to create Hyugens, The French Beauty Apothecary that offers 100% pure clean, cruelty free (of course) and derived from France. And now, Hyugens are welcome to Malaysia!

I remembered during the launch, Mr Sebastien Guerra said that Hyugens was created and inspired because in the past, organic cosmetics is way underrated and lack of efficiency but extremely more pleasant rather than conventional cosmetics. So, Hyugens not only focus for women, but men as well. Hyugens is perfect for every beautiful soul out there who wanna reconnect with nature and pure organic ingredients in contemporary way because that’s what Hyugens originality, clean and organic. Man, I’m sorry because this post gonna be too organic until you puke your eyes out in organic way LOL

Hyugens are organic product that does not tested on animals and all ingredients are prepared in carefully selected certified laboratories to maintain the essence as already stated in every beauty range of Hyugens products. 97% are natural origin, whilst other 3% are grown from organic farming.

The event also introduce the beautiful lady Denise Pereira, Business Development Manager of Clini7 (M) Sdn Bhd, and mentioned that Hyugens are unique and extensive range of clean organic beauty offering is both appealing and purposeful as the next generation of organic cosmetics. The most interesting part is when Hyugens introduce BESPOKE Collection consist of Body, Bath and Hair products where its focus on customization concept that meets everyone personal taste and preferences.

So far, Hyugens already dominated in France, Taiwan, Tokyo, Isetan Singapore, Parkson One Utama Malaysia, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur Shoppes Four Season Place and Robinsons @ The Garden Mall, Malaysia. So if you guys wanna check’em out, do visit the place, it’s really beautiful and many offers to grab!

Lemme spam some amazing pics I took using my Iphone X (I know its time to upgrade, but shut up I don’t want to LOL)

Refreshments courtesy from BEN'S @ The Garden Mall :)

Since Hyugens mostly covers all comprehensive range, I’m loving the clean perfumes range where all the unique creations by the best French organic flower water and distant from harmful UV Filters, and the price is also reasonable and match with the awesome production where one of the perfume called  Les Roses are extracted and created using 15,000 of organic roses petals, thus the perfumes is defines as clean and so exclusive. I’ve tried the other scents which are La Cologne and La Perfume Originiel and three of ‘em smells amazing and perfect for unisex. I can’t wait to use my coupon code to buy Les Roses during my paycheck day. So excited! Oh, for the prices, I listed below:-

The Hyugens Bespoke Body, Bath and Hair Collection retails respectively from RM 165 to RM 278 (Body), RM 98 to RM 308 (Bath) and RM 108 to RM 202 (Hair), Whereas Hyugens Perfumes are priced from RM 499 (La Cologne), RM 575 (Les Roses) and RM575 (Le Parfum Originel) respectively.

For me, Hyugens is perfect example of an Organic comprehensive products because it is super clean (free from chemicals and harmful ingredients), cruelty free and vegan, last charms, it is Eco-friendly packaging. So, you gotta recycle and love the beautiful earth baby, that’s what Hyugens aims for.

Sneak peek of the goodies that I got and the complimentary hand massage? Yes, I’m sold!

Hey love, for more information about Hyugens, you can check’em out via website and Instagram, there’s a lot of product you can explore and know more about Hyugens, or even better, just by walk-in to wherever physical stores I mentioned just now and you can see the magic of Hyugens :)


Cheers & Kisses,