January 19, 2017

CURE Water Treatment Cream X SASA Malaysia launch event ♥

Hey lovely peeps, Assalamualaikum :)

   Al-Hamdulillah, this year and also last year is very good year for me in term of family, love, work, travelling around (well, half) of the world and most of it is social events. Thank you so much for putting trust in me and my humble bloggie. I mean, my blog basically cover beauty and my arts at first place. Then I’m drawing to attend social events and cover as part of media in my social accounts.

  The latest one, I got new job to attend Anuar Zain & You concert proudly by Yonder Music Malaysia & Universal Malaysia that stream live from Panggung Anniversary, Lake Garden KL. That one such a huge opportunity for me to received and oh yeah, if you want to purchase Anuar Zain concert ticket, click my INSTAGRAM Icon (link in bio) I’m very honored to accept the invitation as much as I attend CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream event, that launching their second baby beside Aqua Gel in Tous Les Jours,Empire Damansara. I actually never heard about this product because mostly sell in SASA and trust me, I’m not a big fan of SASA but very fond with Watson. I think I should be crown as Watson public figure (if they accept chubby girl like me LOL)

Look at these decoration infused with blue and white that looks like a diamond tear drop. I found it very cute and I think all the foods serve appropriate with the small and casual event. The place itself looks very retro with full of old photos hanging on the floor and sweet aroma scented can be sense when entering the café.

Cure Water Treatment Cream a.k.a WTC is another remarkable skin care product that gently remove dead skin using activated hydrogen water, that can acts as toner and emulsion. What I love about WTC because it is a great solution for people battling with dry skin. As the product originally made in Japan and you know, the country having 4 seasons, so WTC is really good product to try!

The texture of the product is more like a lotion rather than cream. This is actually true because when I apply WTC on my face and my hand, OMG the lotion absorbs directly into the skin without leaving any sticky feeling. When you rub against your skin, the lotion will create water emulsion effect and BAM! You good to go baby!

Water Treatment Cream (WTC) help preventing fine lines and wrinkles, what’s more it leaves your skin supple, firmer and smoother skin. I apply WTC during bedtime because that’s the only way my skin and my face makeup free and breathe freely without problem. Plus, during night I'm rotating whether to apply mask gel, Mask, Lip mask, mosturizer or WTC. It’s depends on my mood though LOL

CURE WTC and Natural Aqua gel (first baby from CURE, act like a peeling gel, but very mild and you feel really smooth after once application) is perfect combination to have as the product claims to be ‘Legendary Product/Monster Product’ in most Asian country. How cool is that!

Since Japanese women mostly emphasize on minimal look for everyday, that is why I believe their netizens skin look really pretty, natural way. So jealous with their skin urghh! How you wanna balance between having natural skin but at same time you love putting makeup on your face? Damn T.T

WTC is coloring, fragrance and non-oil based free. Perfect for everyday usage day and night (which in my opinion, like VERY MUCH!) For more information, click link below:-


Thank you CURE team X SASA Malaysia for having me ♥

Lots of love,
Miss A 

January 18, 2017

MWM X Micellar Water Madness!

Hello , Assalamualaikum my dears!

I feel really amazing and I can’t wait to go for vacay for another 2 weeks more! Have you guys planning your CNY vacation, yet? LOL So like, I’m totally gonna expect sunburns and tanned skin, like usual when I’m visiting any place that famous with name of Earth Second Paradise (yes, I’m talking about previous vacay in Lombok and next one? Pfftt, like I’m gonna tell you guys!)

Kidding! You can always check and follow my Instagram as I update so much in my second blog of social media. I’m thinking about makeup look that I wanna glam, but I also feel that,

‘Meh, the place condition is quite hot and humid'

I’m gonna go with simple and easy look. Not too much applying foundation, fake eyelashes and dolling up my eye with sexy eye shadow that I got from my love during our surprise anniversary. I will update that baby next time.  

I opt with simple makeup. Because less is better right, mate! Oh, not to mention that less makeup, less nuisance I need to cleanse my face using makeup remover, or IDK, using Micellar water makeup remover!

This entry, for me is very perfect for people who are really lazy to wipe off their makeup after long, tiring day in office or maybe people who love simple makeup. Don’t tell me you guys never heard about Micellar Water! If you visit nearest drugstore, Watson, Sasa and Guardian Micellar water cleanse is like new and hot item to grab. Even I let myself pampered with these babies too!

 Yes, I got different kind of Micellar Water cleanse because that’s show how greedy I am to try! So,you wanna see which one is the best and which one is not? Scroll down for more!

What I love about Micellar cleanse water? Basically the base itself is water and looks at all the pink packaging! So cute, well except the brand from Simple because they wanna show how’Natural’ you look using ‘Natural’ product. But well, I gotta say Simple nailed it this time! I got the water base and also facial cleanse base (which is much more convenience for people to carry around without big puffy cotton every time in their bag)

Before I were exposed with Micellar Water madness, I try Maybelline first and I love it! Yes, previously I have oil based, cream and spray kind of makeup remover but when I try the Maybelline Micellar, it’s completely the best thing ever because the product itself claims smooth, locking your face hydration, Alcohol free and fragrance free which is really did! I totally recommend Maybelline to everyone out there with great price, comes with great benefits. After that, I got Simple products and its feel really good and no sticky feeling left behind.

Compared to Simple and Maybelline, I also try another brand Micellar Water cleanse which are Nivea and  Garnier.

IMHO, all Micellar Water cleanse have same action, same property but its actually not. When I try Nivea, the next day acne or mild rashes spotted instantly. I notice several times but I ignore it because I thought maybe happens because my skin try to adapt new product but it was not. The acne keep on marking my face either in cheeks area or chin and then leave bad spot on my face and takes million times to recover back to normal urgh!

So, I guess Nivea Micellar water cleanse, despite very cheap and pink packaging, maybe some of the ingredients not suitable with my skin. But like I said, different people have different skins. So it’s up to you people to decide. For Garnier brand, I actually tried like couple of times but it seems off. The feeling of freshness and smooth is nowhere good compared to Maybelline. I think these babies put some kind of spell on me to keep on fallin’ in love and buy more from their brand LOL but whatever, I always love Maybelline cosmetics anyway! So yeay to that!

Comparison between the price? I gotta say Garnier and Nivea is really conducive for people aiming cheap item. 
For the product quality? My vote goes to  Maybelline.
 For product attractiveness? Maybelline and Nivea looks really pretty and decent.
For convenience? Simple is the better choice (because the product comes with face wipe) or Garnier ( but not for me lah LOL)

You guys can get your favorite Micellar Water cleanse now via online shop or Physical store. Your choice, baby!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

January 14, 2017

FAME Cosmetics Limited Edition X Mascara X Eyeliner

Heyya, Assalamualaikum loves!

I just got back from attending VR Events that involve with real life games and it's feel like you're playing inside it too! How cool is that! I will update the event later because I got tonnes of pending post to write and I still haven't finish, even the last years event shoutout. OMG however, you guys can always check my latest review, swatches, and events on my INSTAGRAM because my Instagram is like my second 'nyawa' when it comes to short info regarding with events that I go. Most of times. LOL

But lemme cut to chase, remember when I said that I used to have and try some of FAME Cosmetics >>CLICK HERE<< to read more, but this time, I managed to grab their limited edition Fall's collection 

Yes, all these baby is mine! and I also got their latest products too which are FAME Eyeliner and FAME Mascara. TBH, I'm majorly in love with their Mascara. Is like, the best thing ever that I apply for my eyes. It really does pop out my eyes to look extra sexy and very thick with just only 1 usage. 

FAME such a dope because not only the price is reasonable, but the product itself is really compatible with the price. Since I'mma newbie makeup junkie, I did some swatches on my Insta Story. So wanna see more deets about it?

The packaging itself is already eye catching, it looks expensive and exclusive but actually is not. FAME Eyeliner is really easy to apply because look at how thin the felt tip! If you love wings or cat's eye look, this is really good one!

Yes, all FAME lip liquid is very beautiful, but I listed these 5 as my top favorite when I choose FAME to end the perfect makeup look before I shoot some selfies 236523362981761 times then upload on my IG. I know, lame right LOL

From above to below: Violet,Nude, Gossip, Glam (NEW!), Topaz (NEW!)

Both TOPAZ and GLAM is their Fall's collection because I remember when I stalk FAME's Cosmetics Instagram, all MUA and famous artists chose either these two colors to complete their fall makeup look. Such a bae!

The price for each babies: RM29 (All colors)
RM70 (Limited Edition)
RM29 (FAME Eyeliner)
RM45 (FAME Mascara) 

So, as noob girl who love makeup T.T I did try some of their products too!

P/S: Please don't judge me, I'm improving more and more these days :)

TOPAZ shade X FAME Eyeliner X Fame Mascara 

I can't wait to create another look for GLAM shade. So, whatcha waiting for? grab them now, loves!

FAME Cosmetics >>CLICK HERE<<

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

January 12, 2017

KLARA Cosmetics Grand Opening launch ♥

Assalamualaikum, hello my dolls!

This coming entry is definitely one of my new favorite makeup brands in list! As you guys know, that this year, YES. The year of 2017 is all about improving my passion towards makeup and enhances my skill from beginner to immediate makeup junkie. I can’t exactly confirm that I’m good at makeup because there’s a lot of time to learn every new application. So basically I’m still in beginner stage and I can’t wait to excel perfectly in any makeup look. Pray for me LOL *tetiba*

You guys ever heard about KLARA Cosmetics? Okay, frankly speak, even I myself never heard of that brand because I’m blinded with major common cosmetics brands in Watsons such as Maybelline, Lo’real, Kate, Revlon and so much more! So, of course KLARA is soo freakin’ blank when I heard for first time. But that’s all about to change because this baby, proudly made In Australia, Vegan & Animal cruelty free and also all the colors are to die for now available in One Utama, New wing (opposite to Dorothy Perkins Shoplot)

KLARA Cosmetics is definitely worth to try because I believe, any products that Vegan, less chemical you will apply on your face because let’s face it, everyone love having beautiful and acne-free face when applying makeup. So do I! That’s why I know KLARA Cosmetics will become one of hot item makeup you don’t wanna miss it!

Actually, KLARA Cosmetics grand lauching is on 15th and 16th of December 2016 and pretty sad because I couldn’t meet with the owner of the product and also some of the beautiful shades that display will only available next year, 2017 (which is now and yes, some of the colors I saw from KLARA official IG sooo sexy I wanna buy all T.T) 

But I’m really happy because KLARA been such a doll for giving all lucky 100 to get their KLARA Matte lipstick for free! How cool is that, mate!

Take a look at these glow babies! 

Can you just not being so tempting, KLARA Urghhh!

Shut up and take my money now, I’m begging LOL

I also got some eye makeup makeover during KLARA Cosmetics opening for second day and their free coupon RM10 off. Thank you for dolling me up  ♥

Swatches for KLARA goodies!

This one is my absolute favorite because it's really suit with my skin, lightweight, and leave no oily appearance after 6-8 hours usage! The price is affordable and I think this best use as primer before heavy foundation. Or maybe you can just wear this all day long without foundation because it does cover your small pimples and redness within 3-4 pumps.

I can’t wait to shop their limited edition Eye shadows palette consists of Coachella, Burning Man and Desert Rose because during my first visit, All Eye shadows collection sold like hot cakes! Every single pieces finish in second. So that’s why, I need to acquire at least one of the Limited Edition especially Coachella because all the colors is so beautiful. What’s more, Each palette packaged in limited edition silver packaging with pressed powder eye shadow infused with diamond bling bling! KLARA Cosmetics will available online this 20th January and I know it’s gonna be huge with lots of discounts for all KLARA Barbie! 

For more information,  click links below:-


Till then, dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

January 5, 2017

New year 2017

Hello, Assalamualaikum dolls!

Al-Hamdulillah, new year, new me, same resolution (keep on repeating on trying to cut some fats and reduce weight since secondary school *sigh*) So, LOL welcome 2017!

I know, it’s been like forever I’m updating my blog last December and  now I got time to write my precious blog. Sorry, I’d been swarmed with next upcoming events and project and not to mention, WERK WERK WERK in YKS. Actually, working here pretty good but I’m trying to find another job because I think I want one. LOL I mean,  I wanna gain others experience rather than working in admin field. We will see lah after this. I’m still considering about this, so not so much opinion to think or talk about.

Well, I’m also have my new year resolution for 2017. Wanna check it?

1.       I’m planning to lose at least 10KG this year. I’m not aiming to much because I’m scared I’m not able to execute my mission.  And yeah, all my upcoming events involve with foods. Like really delicious foods. FAT food.

2.       Sharpening my makeup skills. I’m planning to master my makeup skills time to time. I know I’m still not pro handling contour/highlight whatsoever, but I’m getting there. Oh yes, I wanna focus specifically on different kind of makeup look that involves with bright colors and goth look instead of usual one.

3.       Able to give my pocket money to mum. I know, it’s about time to cherish and pamper my mum with my salary after all these years she’s support my study until I graduated last year. Al-Hamdulillah for that.

4.       Planning to travel in many places. Yes, and using my own money instead of mum. LOL

5.       Eating clean food more veges and drinks at least 3-4 litres water every day.

6.       Spend more time reading Al-Quran and perform other Solat (Dhuha, Tahajjud,Taubat). In shaa ALLAH. Amin

7.   I wanna doodle back. I miss drawing world so much T.T

Yup, getting there. Happy new year, loves!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)