August 2, 2021


Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum, Good days, ahead ehek :3

    Wow, this COVID-19 Pandemic is just getting worst nowadays, sometimes I feel really burnt out and fed up to just carry on next day to feel positive or happy. I really wish our situations getting better and we can left out this SHIT-Rona virus *sigh* NGL, Somedays really hard, but somedays kinda okay I guess. Thank God, I received my first jab on june 2020, and second one is coming up. I'm glad most of my family members and my hubby already got our first and second dose, I hope everyone manage to get for yourself too, In shaa ALLAH we will achieve herd immunity if we put all our hope and efforts together. We can do this! Since I've been WFH (Work From Home) almost a month plus for this year, I'm getting really tired easily so I 'm happy when Kose Cosmeport sent me their amazing best-selling Face sheet mask, Syokunin  Bihada. 

    I received 6 OG best-selling line from this brand, focusing on different people skin conditions. As I'm growing wiser and mature *LOL, don't judge me ehek* My skin tendency having ups and down to co-opted with current environment, and Syokunin-Bihada  (SB) is just what I need now, perfect for 10 mins relaxation before continue doin' usual work routine. There are 6 types;

    Black Pearl for Firming, Rice Bran Oil for Smoothness & Glass skin, Honey for Ultra Hydration, Coix Seed for translucency and radiance, and Japanese Sake Alcohol/Sake Lees for hydration, whilst brightening. Personally, I didn't recommend the last one if you're muslim because the main ingredients are kinda alcohol-based (I only use the others, and the two remained exceptional, I might give it to my boss when I go to office next time I see her LOL) The specialty about SB's face sheet mask is that the brand still maintaining with traditional technique that helps to absorbs the skin with beauty serum to permeate easily without leaving any drop behind. 

    The 'Washi' paper used are predominantly fine and follow shaped face comfort. Another benefit is the main ingredient! can y'believe the face sheet mask is hot spring water, Japanese peeps believe hot spring/ONSEN is considered as 'fountain of youth' because it's offer restorative power, and moreover when the sheet mask infused with each amazing ingredients (the 6 OG's), y'can actually how mind-blown & good the product is! So far, I already try out the Honey one because I'm a hoe for any honey-skincare related LOL but I'mma give a try for another one :)

   And to celebrate the newly launched, extra-moisturizing line, SB' s face sheet mask came up with 4 new with relaxing, cute scents which are White Strawberry, Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Extract, Japanese Citron and Peach Extract. I'm so excited for these set because I can clearly see how it will attract youngsters to take care more of skincare routine. YES, Masking is important steps to do at least twice a week! (Well, not me because I maskin' a lot, my hubby can vouch for that LOL) If you wanna get one for yourself and living in Malaysia, these baby can be snatch at Aeon Wellness & Shoppee Apps too. I will link below for easier research. And don't worry, the product is mineral oil, colourant free with low acidity. The only problems that occurs to me most of Japanese skincare, there are 3 famous ingredients that I always found; Alcohol, Methyl Paraben and Parfum. I'm not a big fan for these because Alcohol tends to dry your skin in long-term usage, so I try my best to avoid as much as I can when encounters any skincare that have this. But, I think since the product can be use for like 10 mins everyday, so I don't think issa problem much. But yeah... still 

Hey, if y'wanna try out, Syokunin Bihada also have cute sticker on Instagram, it will be great pleasure if everyone can flaunt their 10 mins relax on insta stories using the face sheet mask! Oh, did I forget to mention, the product is really convenient because each pack is perfect for 1 week use! Yeay :)



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Till then, Cheers!

Aimiiiiibaby :)