October 9, 2018

LipAddict Malaysia Tea Party X The Butterfly Project MY

Hello loves! Assalamualaikum (saying with extra pout tonight since this post is all about sexy lippy, baby)

HOLY CRAP, It's been a while I didn't update anything on le blog since I arrived week ago from Perth trip, and I feel super lazy to update almost entirely my SocMed ever since, LOL IDK why, the happy spirit been kinda tame after I landed in Malaysia, leaving my cute little footsies at Perth, ERKKK but I'm gaining my rhythm back to update something beautiful, amazing event that I attend in collaboration between The Butterfly Project X LipAddict Malaysia :) 

Side note: I'm so freaking glad TBF chose me to try out this lips collection, I mean, who doesn't want to get beautiful,plump kissable lips without goin' under the knife and all pain shit but instead, focus on patience, effort and discipline for one month, voila! the result is there! But, lemme show the beautiful place and set up of the event, it's adorable and full with pink!


Okay, just wanna give some heads up, the piccas without my blog watermarks (LOL, I only edit mostly using Paint apps or whatever) all credit goes to lil handsome boi EROS SI, he's good with camera though and I'm so glad he managed to captured amazing candid shots for all butterflies who came and tested out the lip products. The event held at Happ Cafe, but you can just search the place by typing out"Tropicana Avenue" because the location quite new and I remember I came late, almost at 4 that time but I managed to catch up the hype because the event still hasn't started yet because people become incredibly clueless so TBF's fairies help them out and at the end of day, everyone are able to come. Yeay!

The event start with lil brief of the product description, some background for LipAddict is all about. The product is actually under ISKIN New York where most all the products from skincare to makeup are fully manufactured and made from US. TBH, I actually never heard of this brand before (and don't get me started with the price range, people! It's wilddddd $$$$)  These amazing lippies are sell exclusively in Spa(sss), so if you guys happen to love pampering yourself, your lips might wanna get some treatment too by using this baby, where all the benefits helps to moisturize your dry and chapped lips using 11 natural ingredients such as Organic Grape seed oil, Organic Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 7 E, Organic Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel oil and more!

Besides moisturize the lips, LipAddict also helps to enhance your lips appearance, fight ageing sign and finish up your final look for everyday makeup. So let's enjoy some of beautiful moments where everyone having fun tryin' out LipAddict product! 

Oh, another thangg I wanna point out, the decoration is super bliss and all the sweets are so cute! I would really love to express my greatest salute to everyone who involve with the event from start until the end. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! *HUGGGGSSS*

All the beautiful Butterflies who came and all in pink! I meannn, Urghhh demm cute lah weh :3

My favorite section is definitely the dessert table. It's literally the prettiest view and I feel all 'awedddd' when I look at it. All the desserts are good too! 

I still remember Miss Fibbie, the makeup artist who came and demonstrate step-by-step makeup guide from day look to night glam look, and afterwards we play lil game and I got candy during answering her fun quiz LOL I'm such a sucker when it comes to sweets.

Le attempt of Le self to capture the product but EROS SI did better than me, whuttt T.T his photography skill is amazing though. Literally all the pictures lookin' dreamy and fuwa-fuwa pinky :3

Beautiful 12 shades from LipAddicts that will capture your hearteuuu :)

Would you just look at that! I also managed to make new friends and get to know lotsaaa beautiful butterflies from the event, they all so sweet and I’m looking like a potato  LOL

Here are the full swatches that I captured during the event and as you guys can see, LipAddict lippies are basically lip gloss, but what makes it different from any top brands out there is because the gloss acts as natural lip filler that can help boost out your lip appearance with continuous usage. All 12 shades are easy to apply and the colors also quite similar with each other (since it’s gloss, whaddaya expect LOL) At the end of the day, each butterflies receives some goodies courtesy from LipAddicts to try out, so yeah I got these shades, which are Jewels #213 , Sweet Nothing #201 and Glamour #210

For me, when I got the products, The colors fits me so much because I just love nude (Duhh, everyone love this one aite?) and pinkish vibe when it comes to apply lipstick on my lips. I think most of my selfies are fill with these colors if you guys happen to follow me on SOCmED LOL but! I’m not into glosses since I’m more a Matte kinda girl, but LipAddict really help me to widen my interest towards glosses and show me how good my lips look when I’m applying gloss on le lips. First impression? I gotta say, it’s cool diggity bomb man! All the cool sensation just splash all over my lips during first coat and can you imagine the feeling of minty ice glides sexily over your lips, because yeah that’s how I feel. No joke!

 So I’m gonna show you guys two of my favorite colors;

Sweet Nothing. My ultimate favorite because the colors itself really is pretty. For Jewel shade, I totally recommend you guys to wear it during at night because LipAddict also works best as midnight treatments.

Sweet Nothing. Excuse le chin of mine because my skin doesn't behave good since I'm back from Aussie and I'm just tooo damn lazy to upload anything related with my face *sigh*

Jewel on my lip. This color is suitable for both sex, so nothing surprise me if guys also wearing gloss. So cute!

Honest review: For me, LipAddict is such a nice creation for every girls who wanna achieve sexy pout with minimal effort. It's also contains lots of hydration properties such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to smooths the appearance of the lips. I didn't use so much this product since I'm having major worse skin experience during my visit to Aussie, and my lips also not in good condition due to over-cracked (is that even a word? LOL), so I'm not sure whether I should include that as a pro or cons because I know, each of us have different skins reaction when it comes to try new product. IDK whether if weather climate is the reason why my skin react lil bit weird, urghh :( but I'm pretty sure most of Butterflies who receives and try LipAddict products looks amazing when apply this baby but too bad, I'm not one of them. Another reason why I think this product is a no-no because of the stickiness. It's wayyy to thick and it can cause messy if I didn't tie my hair or whatever everytime I'm trying this out during sleep time LOL but Overall, I think the product is good. So guys, don't forget to check out LipAddict Social Medias too!


P/S: I'm truly sorry this post a bit late, but thank you for the reminder though. I feel completely lost these days after I'm back from Aussie, IDK why. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 13, 2018

My Product Co Masks review | Ginger Gold | Red Ginseng | Rice ❤

Hello there, Hi! Assalamualaikum lovelies 

First of all, I’m so glad that I’m part of Butterfly project beauty campaign again where all the beautiful butterflies got lotsaaaaa new products to try and experiences first before we expose to others and convince them to buy the product based on our review. I’m gonna be brutally honest here, but despite all that, I’m very thankful to Tammy Mama-San, Butterfly Project, and also of course, My Beauty Product Co for sending these masks to me, Yeay, more mask to try on!

For a beauty blogger like me (ehem, promote le blog and myself much?) LOL but I am damn proud to be one of beauty blogger in Malaysia, One of the Asian country that produce lots of entrepreneurs to venture into beauty and health business and I gotta admit, some of local products are good as International brand though! But gotta be careful with the process of R & D and check the precautions/safety  first before you dive into try new products. I know my skin sometimes can be super sensitive or another day, will get super oily, So I need to know most of the ingredients and do some background check of the beauty companies so then my skin not gonna react all crazy shit and stuff using their product. And OMG, Honest first impression, these masks are surprisingly good and my skin can adapt with it. Double Yeay!

My Product Co is a new brand beauty and proudly made from Korea!  I received three types of masks consist of Hydro gel mask and face sheet mask.

Guys, introducing, My Product Co masks!

My eyes literally capture theseee beauty and gold mask without doubt because it’s so pretty! And Yes, say hello to Ginger Gold Hydro gel mask and Red Ginseng Gold Hydro gel mask please!

Okay, first of all, I never try Hydrogel mask ever because I’m more fond with Sheet mask (plus it’s more cheap LOL) so yeah, this is all new experience to me. I know I sound lame, but don’t hate the pretty lady (ehem), hate the empty purse in my bag because I gotta buy others stuff and pay my responsibility towards bills, commitment, makeup opps! 

>>>insert awksss background music<<<

Okay, move on.

During my first night, I tried Ginger Gold Hydrogel Mask, it got two part, where the first put on the eyes to nose area (T-ZONE), and next part from lips to chin area (U-ZONE) The mask is gel-textured and extremely thin. It feels like you didn’t wear anything on le face, plus I didn’t smells anything ginger-y or whateva when I applied it. All the leftover inside the packaging, you can spread it over your neck. Every drop is precious!

Le bare face during application and after look using Ginger Gold Hydrogel mask. Excuse my redness and lil acne that pop out due to imbalance hormones in my body zzzz and no, I didn’t get any allergic reaction when I first try this baby on :)

 All I can say, it really does give cool, sensation vibes after wear it for the first time and if you’re beginner like me (I mean to apply the hydrogel mask), you gotta be careful because the mask can easily tear without proper usage. All the three masks are infused with natural, pure honey and gold flakes and eliminate 8 substances which are:- Formaldehyde, Paraben, Sulfate Amine, Mineral Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Silicone, Coal Tar Dyes and Animal-derived Ingredients. 

Another mask that I try is the Red Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask. This one also similar with the Ginger mask and consider as special and star mask because the red ginseng is stored for about 6 years before the extraction process can be done to produce this mask. I visited Korea 2 years ago and one of the places that I went is Ginseng Root Museum/factory where it’s describe as one of Korea major ingredients when it comes to make health supplements for long-living life. But sadly, the security officers forbid all visitors to snap piccas because it will damage the quality of the process and I think because of competition factor too. So yeah, I tried one of the sweet ginseng titbits that give benefits for woman reproductive organs and health and until now, my family still keep that sweet ginseng in the fridge because it’s good to eat while it’s still chilled. So, all I can say, Red Ginseng is one of the amazing health food that can be eaten raw, chill, tablet, powder and now can be apply as mask! 

The last mask I try on, is none other than Rice Face sheet mask. I didn’t snap my bare face using this one because this type of mask is the normal face sheet mask that mostly use by everyone, and despite all kind of beauty brands, Rice extract is mostly use because needless to aware the goodness of rice because it’s an Asian staple food! Why only focus on foods where we can also use it as mask! Rice is like, amazing ingredients and been use for generations and still valid until now due to the good benefits. And what’s more, this sheet mask is cheaper compared to other two and everyone can use it twice, no, maybe three times a week to get supple, natural glow.

Okay, my conclusion?

I love Ginger Gold hydrogel mask the most. IDK how I’m going to explain, but when I tried the Ginger gold one, I can feel my skin looks more hydrates and plumps  than usual and it’s smell good too! However, all of the masks are amazing, no joke guys! But every review got the winner, and so my vote goes to Ginger Gold ❤ You should try three of ‘em and experience the feelings of been wrapped up with good Ginger, Red Ginseng and Rice scents, it will definitely lift up your mask game when it comes to skincare routine ❤ Plus the price is appropriate too, I promise!


Hydrogel Gold Ginger (My fav! You should try this one!)
RM100 / 5pcs

Hydrogel Gold Red Ginseng (Second fav, even it’s old, but it’s gold!)
RM100 / 5pcs

Rice Sheet Mask (Everyone ultimate choice *thumbs up*)
RM28 / 3pcs

For more information, drop by My Product Co. website and Instagram for updates.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 9, 2018

Eid Mubarak 2018 X OOTD ❤

Hello loves, how you doin’? Assalamualaikum :)

This post, Urghh, I know it’s been like couple of months (literally during Eid month, LOL) and now I only got time to upload the beautiful dresses that I bought just for my Eid OOTD. I mean, Eid-Adha celebration is comin’ up and I’m still stuck with these dresses to post in le blog. Oh, if you guys happen to follow me on INSTAGRAM *Click icon above and show some love!* I’m usually active with  my IG feeds, so for more quick and instant reply/opportunities/collab, hit me up!

This year, my Eid is soooooooo basic. I didn’t managed to reduce my love towards food and I still keep on eating like fat hippo or whateva, LOL but I still love my body like this. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know mumzy all about “Syameem, lose some weight if you wanna get marry!” and keep on repeat for like millions of times, I know it’s about time to burn those stubborn fats that happily resides almost in my body. But I’m still glad because some of the dresses/Baju kurung that bought mostly fit me perfectly and without hassle to alter after purchase. So, let’s diggin’!

Oh, and this year Eid celebration, our lil fam bam chose Maroon as theme color because face it, Maroon/Dark red represents ‘kurus’-ness and great savior for chubby chubs like me and my Sissy Mok LOL

First Dress;-

I’m so happy I chose to wear their brand for my first Eid because this color also represents luck! And I’m lucky enough to win RM300 bucks just posting my OOTD on Instagram :) 
How kewlll is that, peeps!

Second dress;-

This dress is simply lookin’ cute and gives slim effect with contrast of both colors, Dusty pink and pale pink.

Next in line, none other than…


This dress is simple but I didn’t like it so much compared to the others, and TBH, this one is my least favourite to wear during Eid Month. NEXT!

Dress: Caftan from BYFATINSUHANA

My, My, My! This Caftan abaya with slight hint of drape style looks incredible! I love this one because I can wear it during any occasion because the design of the sleeve is genius!

Oh wait, but the one I love the most is,

Dress: UMMA ❤ 

Simply gorgeous and I got tonnes of compliments when I wore this during last Eid month/Open house too ❤ Everyone keep saying I look slim or whateva but actually the design made me looks good. I love you, UMMA 

All my beautiful Eid outfits can be purchase via Zalora, Fashion Valet, each of brand website too (for more amazing deals) so, what colors are you up to this year?

Till then, loves!
P/S: I cannot wait to buy new outfit for Eid-Adha,how about you? Teehee

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 3, 2018

My forever Gemstones ❤

Hey there, Assalamuaikum loves one 

WOWOWOWWWWWW It’s August month already? OMG guysss! This month is super effin’ hectic because there’s a lot of things to do (bridesmaid stuff, Birthday celebs, Weddings, MUA) and I’m so happy that my girls a.k.a Gemstones are getting marry! Just cannot believe it, that we used to push and pull each others tudung, gossiping about who’s hot or not during Sekolah Agama Rendah and Kebangsaan, and then we do tonnes of stupid thing together. And Now, here they are, instead of coloring each other nails with highlighter, now it’s almost cover with Inai. Heels and Wedges covering le foot instead of school shoes, We used to mumble around and writing funny stuff in each other textbook instead of focusing what de hell we even learn in front of teachers LOL and more. I’m gonna love and cherish these beautiful moments before they got hitch *happy tears*

THREE (3) of my beautiful friends is getting marry, so just like others, we celebrate the “MUSLIMAH” bachelorette partayy or whateva in Grand Season Hotel, where gold and White is the theme we chose because we’re cool people LOL

During the partayyy, we shared a lot of fun times together by eating yummy foods and watched midnight movie too! It was fun though, I really do enjoy every moments of it. I got to know more secrets and dirts when gossiping, I mean, duhhh isn’t it almost every girls dream to mockin’ each other behind their back? No, I’m kidding! My friends are real Gemstones, they never talk back and bring down other women, And I’m lucky to have them as my Gemstones, the one stickin’ with me throughout my school years and up until now, they still do. And I love each one of you, Thank you for accepting me and be friend with me and love me. I would really love to seek forgiveness if I happen to cross the line and saying mean things because I am like that, and I can’t believe you guys still accept me despite my forever worst moments and happy moments.

Here some sneak peak of our amazing stay-cation in le Hotel!

Aren’t we cute or whateva?

Attempt to try Dua Lipa’s move, but end up looking soooo awksss ._.

*Why my shoulder look so big here ZZZZ* Is the camera fail trick PEOPLE!

Here some flying kisses!

We look dope!

I really wish the best for your happiness and girls, please make lotsaaa babies so they will love me the most! Just like how I nurture my Iris Gretchen & Jack Pail to always love me more than their other mamas! Hiks!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 30, 2018

Let's Glow Up with St.Ives!

Hello beautiful people, how’s your day goin? Assalamualaikum 

Oh god, guys! I’m beyond shook and excited when I think back about this entry, I mean, yeah I know I haven’t even begin yet, but I’m already over joy with the brand as it’s already one step ahead among everyone who joining the contest and do you know, the huge prize that winner gonna get?

A full whole week vacay to Sunny California! YASSSSSS BISHHH that’s why I’m thrill about it! And oh, do you know which brand gonna sponsor the trip? It’s St.Ives baby!

I, myself actually not familiar with St.Ives product because I rarely use their No.1 scrubs that people loves most because I’m prefer wearing local scrub where any kind of Coffee scrub (despite whatever brand, as long as it’s coffee) as my staple skincare routine every time after cleanse my face. However, I got an opportunity when Nuffnang sent me one of St.Ives most favorite scrub, the original one which is Apricot scrub, I feel like, I need to try because that one is basically almost all beauty editor’s favorite and mark as an icon of St.Ives brand before it came out with different scents and others type (Easy, moderate, Hard), The classic icon of St.Ives scrub (which I received) is in Hard condition, where the micro-beads is hard coarse but at same time it didn’t injured your skin as the scrub mixed with natural walnut shell powder to gives an instant and smooth glow on le skin. How kewllll is that?!

The box that that I received is super cute, where the item consist of headband, some info about the scrubs and also the Apricot scrub, star of St.Ives!

Oh, you gotta love the simple instructions for every single time you scrub your face. Damp your hands, and squeeze the bottle, just pea-size is enough to cover whole face, and let the game of scrubbin’ begin!

St.Ives also provided several type of scrubs to cater customers demand, where it focus on energizing (coconut and coffee scrub), Radiant skin (Pink lemon & Mandarin Orange scrub),Blackhead clearing (Green tea scrub) and lastly, Gentle smoothing (Oatmeal scrub & Mask). Since the scrub that I got is hard type, so I bought another two to test out the textures and yes, the smells is wayyy too good! How can you not falling in love when you scrub your face? *smile heavenly with sparkling eyes*

I bought Oatmeal scrubs because I believe Oatmeal is a very humble and great for soothing skin irritations in long-term usage. Plus, it’s the only St.Ives scrubs that also serves as Mask too! Oh, but for the mask, you gotta have to wait for about 5-10 minutes before you rinse off the scrubs, and yes you will feel instant relieves and fresh.

Another scrub, is none other than the gorgeous pink bottle (this color captures my eyes LOL, like anyone never know that) Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange scrubs because the product claims it will fade away dark spots and even out your skin tone to give glowing skin without irritate your skin because all the exfoliants made with 100% California Walnut shell. Of course, no animal testing when this product is born, YEZZZ!

I know, I’m not gonna have a chance to win this contest ( I mean, we’re talking about California, US, like hello!) and I check there’s a lot of insta-famous people who post with creative pictures and they all looks beautiful while I’m here scrolling each post with heavy sigh LOL


I’m gonna try my best and I hope I can win! Fighting!

Oh, you guys can get St.Ives product at nearby stores, Watsons and Guardian Malaysia serve the very best when it comes to beauty and health. Man,what I’m gonna do without these two!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)