July 30, 2015

#Aimiturn23 Part 2

Assalamualaikum, hi loves!

See, I told you I will update about my 23rd birthday celebration entry  I'm really eager to write next entry regarding with my birthday because this year, like usual I'll get older -.- and also I received tons of loves and presents from people around who loves and appreciate me. Love you guys, it really feels good because you know that even you don't have many friends, they are some precious gemstones around me who still remember my existence. One of them is my loving mum 

I do believe that mum is the best person in whole world and I will trade my life just for her for raising me up until now, Al-Hamdulillah. I managed to get what I want this 23 years old living life but somehow I still haven't improved my self in front of her. In shaa ALLAH, one fine day I will make her proud having me in her life and also in this family. Love ya, mum! So, she surprise me with these babies!

As you know, I'mma huge fan of accessories related with my handzzz. Yeap, you find them all same size but different colors. I named them Goldie, Silvy and Rosie from my favorite shops from Aussie, Lovisa  Oh yess, all of them looks elegant and I can match them up with different kind of outfit to wear when I hang out with le family or le friends :3 Did I tell you guys this is only the 'appetizer' for the whole birthday gift from my mum? Let's serve the 'Entre'!

Can you guys guess what's inside this cutie paper bag? 

Voila! this kind of appearance will definitely reminds us with something related with wrist....

And time. Okay, I reveal in next photo!

Yeah, you guess it right! A beautiful silver with shining diamond around the face of the watch. It's Skagen Denmark baby  I never possessed a watch that look like this because I believe it looks old *I got this kind of perception when I was 18* but since I'm getting older, so why not my mum bought this old watch for an old lady TT.TT

Close up for better view. Don't you just love this elegant yet stunning design? I totally love it and I get to wear during new sem, so then I don't have to look at my phone to know the real time happening. I kinda have that habit because I'm not a very 'watch' person since I love bangles, but now my bangles have to shared their portion with my baby watch so then I can look beautiful donning both of them. Cheers, mum!

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P/S: I can't wait to update more about #Aimiturn23 after this. Stay tuned, dolls!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 23, 2015

Eid Mubarak's OOTD

Assalamualaikum and hi!

    I know, the sounds of this entry is kinda cheesy, like hello everyone already posted their beautiful OOTD 's during first syawal, am I right :P not to mention, Instagram have doing some hella job because that's their main of existence, to sharing piccas with love one. 

   Well, my dear bloggie also have that function too. In blog we can share our feelings, opinion, thought, lotsaa pic of foodies and etc. Actually, I'm more prefer to write inside blog rather than IG because sometimes people tend to get wrong ideas when we posting our pics. People might be jealous, happy,awkward, bashing each other or feel insecure I guess? *based on my experiences listening from other and sometimes I feel that way too, LOL* But like I said, It's all depends on our intention when we posting the pic we want. However,IG is more updated and quick compared to blog because we need TIME to write. I also struggle finding  TIME to update mine. Why you always leave me too soon, dear TIME T.T

Enough crapping. Okay, so like previous entry, I already told to my dear readers that I will donning Imaan Boutique and Rizman Ruzaini's collection.

Description about my OOTD that day:

Abaya: Mia Bella by IB
Shawl: Red stella
Shoe: Some random ankle boot I borrowed from my mum. Surprisingly, it fitted on me LOL
Size: L

I love that it look elegant and still decent to go for any occasion, which mean it's not an abaya that only specific to wear during special event. I can wear this jubah for my classes too for next sem but I'm planning to wear it when I can slim down bit since it is wayyyy to flowy in bottom, like a princess cut. I don't realize the flaws until I wear it during raya. That's explained why I give this kind of pose to make me look slimmer even though I am not FML

I like the lace on my arms and it give beautiful cut for the people who have 'sado' body type LOLOLOL

Next is my favorite! Wanna see it? scroll down now!

Third OOTD for eid.

Outfit:Midnight blooming collection from Rizman Ruzaini
Shawl: Forever New. I never knew this shawl will effective this year since I donning beautiful pastel fishtails cutting dress. I'd bought this when I go to vacation 2 years ago in Aussie.
Shoe: Unknown. You guys can't see it right LOL
Size: M

I freaking love this outfit because I never know I can wear pastel colours due to my bulky body frame but I really respect Rizman because his mission when he created this collection for Raya are specially made for every body size so that everyone can look pretty and comfortable with their own body. Auww 

 Love the floral print for the mermaid skirt though  All my siblings donning Rizman Ruzaini's for third Raya but I didn't captured my sister dress because she's too busy posing to upload into her IG -.-

My lil sis in beautiful floral peplum while me in fishtail dress. We are made for each other LOL

Sisters in pastel ♥ 

Selfies for first eid and third eid  Yeah, notice the different shawls I wore that day? I changed it during last minute before we take family portrait photo this year. 

So, how's your raya celebration my dear readers? wanna share with me, I definitely love to know!

P/S: All photos are taken using HTC One Max and HTC Desire Eye. And lil bit of effects from Cymera Apps 

P/S again: I will continue with posts regarding with #Aimiturn23 after this. I promise on my cats name T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 16, 2015

Raya 2015 Prep

Assalamualaikum and hi loveliessss!!!!! *Okay, ter'over' disitu*

It's like, a month or like two months I didn't update my humble bloggie due to unexpected situation where the screen of my lappy shatter and leave scratches all over the place. I feel so like dayyuumm why broke at the particular time where all interesting things happen during those period T.T Quick update about me, here goes:

1) I did my internship at this one private company in Plaza Mont Kiara for three weeks. Why I said I did? I will tell that in next entry. IDK whether when I will establish that story since #Aimiturn23 is still not finish. FML

2) I lose some weight. I think lah during Ramadhan month and also I do some exercise. But I'm too scared to see the number appear on scale because I know I will never lose soo much like I expected to. LOL double FML

3) I got my license, FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY but I'm still driving manual car since my mum and my bro discouraged me to drive auto car. Foine -.-

   Now, I can't wait to have Raya mood since Ramadhan is almost over and fireworks can be heard everywhere around my neighborhood. Like usual,My family and I will celebrate our first raya in KL and spend a week in Kedah. Yup, this year we will celebrate at my mother's hometown. Laksa Kedah, wait for me please :3

    So, I'm also preparing something for raya this year. It is consider as Raya 2015 preparation from head to toe. Excited to know, babydoll? scroll down for details then!

In shaa ALLAH, this year I will wear beautiful yet elegant abaya from Imaan Boutique and also floral garment from Rizman Ruzaini's collection. It's freaking cool and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. Yeay! 

I will make sure that first day of Raya, My face will look fresh, clean and pinkish. Thanks to magnificent rice masks and scrub from Borneo Wellness for keeping it up. Their product are famous with natural ingredients and that's amaze me. Totally dream come true, really 

I do something weird this year. Henna on board! But, I only did one hand, though since I'm not really anticipate with the result. The lady who drawn this pattern on my hand are very clumsy and I had to buy backup to cover the mess. Big LOL before raya, but I still love it T.T

23 just a number for me for not acting silly in front of camera. Hi 

Lastly, selamat hari raya to everyone and maaf zahir batin. I wish this upcoming raya will bring lotssaa happiness and drive safe. 

Till then,

Miss A :)