October 31, 2016

Product review: Shizens Eye set (Dramatic Twin Eyebrow & Black Mascara)

Helloo lovely earthlings, Assalamualaikum 

Wow, it's already 1st of November! Any November babies out there? LOL of course there are and I'm pretty sure most of lucky peeps are born either in Nov or Dec. Especially the last siblings. Well, my convo's day is approaching and I got lots to do regarding with eye makeup set. I mean, yup I bought most of my makeup from ALTHEA because my face is totally comfortable with Korea makeup. And, pheww, speaking about Korean makeup, of course eyes play important roles because eyes part will shape and summarize your whole beautiful makeup after look. Lil mess up, is acceptable but if you tends to do lots of mistakes, oh honey you really need to sharpen your makeup skill. LOL

Don't worry. I totally feel ya' because I am still learning to enhance my eyebrows. Since I'm one of lucky girlsss in the world that possessed bushy and untrimmed eyebrow condition, I rely a lot on eyebrow sets when it comes to fun playing time with my face. And believe me, it's work!

Yes, I know I need to learn more. So, excuse my noob-ness, professional MUA LOL 

As you can see, I try to improve as much as I can when it comes to eyebrows part, that is why I totally recommend you guys to get another amazing product from Shizens, which I called as an Eye set!

I received the parcel, like a month ago and I love the packaging  It's so cute with ribbon on top of it and the thank you note really made my day. I got the product courtesy from Butterfly Malaysia X Shizens E-Store. Thank you so much for the opportunity and well, shall we go through deets about Shizens Eye set ;)

During purchasing period, Shizens website offers lots of great deal regarding with their products and I really, really, really want to acquire all of it! However, I already have one bag full with foundation, BB Cream and CC cream from Korea product, I figure it out that I need to choose things that I really need the most. So, I opt with simple eye set that consist of Eyebrows and Mascara. 

So, here is the Dramatic Twin Eyebrow that formulated to long lasting, the color are lightly pigmented and designed with a soft sponge tip & color cartridge which more convenient  and hygiene to use. There are three choices given, which are black and Tawny, Black and Brunette and another one is Black and Cappuccino. As you can see, I chose the one with last option because I never have Cappuccino eyebrow shade before. My personal favorite when shaping eyebrows structure is using fade brown to brownish (from other cosmetic brand I use) , then I color it using Shizens Dramatic Eyebrow. It's really great after you practice lots of time playing with your eyebrow LOL

Cappuccino: Upper, Black: Lower. Well, besides eyebrows, Eyeliner and Eye shadow, you sure don't wanna miss applying Mascara!

Eventhough I have lots of Mascaras, Shizens Mascara consider as one of great one compared to my other Mascaras, but my personal favorite is still from SugarBelle Cosmetics (CLICK HERE

Shizens Mascara helps to volume up your lashes for a natural yet defined look. That is why, it is perfect for casual outings and great companion for decent, appropriate office look. For best result, Shizens Mascara must pair up with Eye Charm which adds lengthening effect. Another fun fact is that, this mascara doesn't need to use makeup remover because it is easy to remove and not smudging your eyes. Perfect for Muslims that need to perform prayer as one of our requirement in Islamic pillars. 

Sure, every great products comes with quite expensive price. Therefore, I got lil suprise for you guys! This is open to my blog and my IG as well, you can use my code RM50 off when you wanna shop in Shizens with minimum purchase of RM200. So, what are you waiting for? Grab now before it's too late! the code available until the end of 30th November.
Shop till you drop, babydolls! Have fun 
Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 30, 2016

Watsons X Move your body with Zumba 2016

Hello and hi healthy peeps!

Woot woot! well, as you guys know I'm gonna graduate which is less than a week now (Al-Hamdulillah  ) I try as much as possible to cut down some fats and pump my adrenaline rush as possible because I wanna nail my convo outfit and looking fine AF! Yes, I'm enjoy staying in le house for about two months now and still looking for job *sigh* so I felt lil bt lazy to stay fit. But with help of my food intake and drink plenty of water, I hope everything goes well. 

Talking about going fit, have you guys heard about ZUMBA? Zumba technically means sweating while dance and having soo much fun activities to do with your girls or friends. It is open to everyone and also good for you body. Thanks to Watsons, they organizing such an amazing event that held in Sunway Lagoon Surf beach on 25th October 2016!

This health initiative presented by Watsons Malaysia attained the Malaysia Book of Record for the Largest Participation for Glow in the Dark Zumba – a one of its kind achievement with 5360 registered participants with lil help by International Zumba Instructors from Colombia and Australia.This event brought a new level of fun and exciting experience for Zumba enthusiasts with a glow in the night theme and timely to celebrate the Watson’s group 175th Anniversary celebration.

The 2016 edition held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach saw the enthusiastic Zumba participants sweating it all out with Zumba routines in collaboration with Zumba Fitness, and led by international renowned Zumba instructors. Besides that, the event does not complete with tonnes of amazing line-up of DJs to entertain, according to Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia. How cool is that!

Some of the DJs that entertained all Zumbas bitches that night including Jakeman & Skeletor, Leng Yein, Chukiess & Whackboi and H3.

“Watsons is known to champion innovative campaigns and empower the community around us. Watsons brand promise to Look Good, Feel Great is a continuous effort calling all Malaysians to be fit and healthy,” said Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia in her welcoming address to all participants.  As you guys knows, Watsons is widely know for their products range involve with beauty and health lifestyle. Therefore, this kind of fun activity is gonna be one of legendary night to remember. The thematic Zumba beach party with ‘Glow in the Dark’ theme was hosted by Hitz FM radio announcer, Arnold who hyped up the night with stage activities and lucky draws.

The Watsons Move Your Body Zumba session began and was led by two Zumba Education Specialists, David Velez from Colombia and Michael Thomas from Australia. Both instructors express their opinion regarding with goodness of ZUMBA.

“Zumba is loved and enjoyed by everyone around the world and many people love the fact that Zumba can help burn calories and at the same time enjoy the process. We always describe Zumba as fun, happy and sweat all together and it was great to see everyone having their fun time at this Zumba gathering,” David Velez, Zumba Education Specialist.

According to Michael Thomas, ZUMBA is describe as “The joy that people experience from Zumba remains unchanged no matter where I go. In general, the perception towards Zumba is fun. The program is easy to follow and it allows anyone and everyone to consider dance and fitness a part of their lives. And thank you to Watsons for bringing me here to Malaysia and experience Zumba with everyone”

At the end of the Zumba session, the Malaysia Book of Record certificate presentation was awarded to Watsons Malaysia and was received by Caryn and Danny. The presentation was witness together by Watsons Malaysia management team and the Zumba instructors to signify the success of Watsons Move Your Body Zumba. All thanks and credits goes to Watsons Malaysia sponsors and participating brands 

Official Venue Sunway Lagoon,Official Shopping Mall Sunway Pyramid ,Official Apparel Brooks , Official Healthcare Parkway Cancer Centre , Official Aqua & Fitness Shoe Ballop, Official Transport Partner GRAB, Alcon, Appeton, Cebien, Ebene, Champs, Brand, Cetaphil, Berocca, Scholl, NH, Kinohimitsu, Redoxon,Pharmaton and many more!

For more information and interesting next upcoming event by Watsons, don't forget to download Watsons Malaysia Mobile App available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Another option is that you can always click on their official website and give big thumbs up for their Facebook Page.


Thank you, Watsons Malaysia for the great experience and I cannot wait for next year big event. I surely hope it's gonna be more epic than this one :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 26, 2016

Product review: Eye makeup with Maybelline Blushed Nudes & Maybelline Nudes

Hello, Assalamualaikum dolls!

Yes, less than 2 weeks I will hold my graduation scroll and right now, I'm still in middle of finding jobs that suits me and so far I got none feedback LOL 

But it's okay, If I'm still in middle of finding new job, that gives me ample time to decorate and fill my blog with latest product review and great place to eat! I know IG already snatched that attention because it is more eye-catching plus less reading compared to blog *sigh* but I still love both   I'm excited to write, approximately at 1.37 a.m. in the morning, today because I will attend my special love one convo's day and also meet up with his parents. So far, I think I did pretty well handling with my future MIL and FIL after first meet during Eid Open house in August 2016. In shaa ALLAH  

So, because of that, tomorrow I'm gonna do some great eye makeover using Maybelline Nudes and Blushed eye palettes and I love both! I'm not kidding!

As you guys can see, I still remember when this eye palette came out and Gigi Hadid is their brand ambassador during the commercial at TV's and also her posters everywhere in drugstores to promote these baby. And like always, I got hooked up with the colors and plus the packaging is way cute, especially the pink blushed one!

For a girl who trying to enhance her makeup skills, I know eye makeup is one of the main presentation that need to look perfect because eyes captures many hearts and without proper skills, it can lead to disaster and ruined your overall face look. I believe that these eye palettes has help me to know how to apply eye shadow because each of them provides tips and tricks for expert to noob styles (which is Quads, Trios and Duos) and also guidance what to apply for entire eye areas, follows by shading the lids, contour crease and then last step, line around eye. Each step is reduced one by one according to what level you specialize in. For me, I always go either Duos and Trios because I'm not comfortable enough to apply lots of eye shadow for my eyes, well because mainly I wanna avoid looking like total drag Q LOL 

However, the first thing I always do when applying eye shadow, I will apply eye shadow base to maintain the eye makeup. This is actually to help the makeup looks good and does not grease out easily. I'm using Catrice Eyeshadow base but sometimes, when I overuse my BB/CC cream in eyes area, I can also use that as my eyeshadow base too. Easy right! LOL

The texture is really easy to blend and does not smudge during application. The price is pretty cheap too compared to eye shadow base that you can found in Sephora outlet. So, better choose the most effective and quality, compared to branded and overprice, okay?

Look at those cute colors! Don't you wanna try every colors for your eyes because I do! I love all the colors   Maybelline Blushed Nudes is suitable for casual, romantic kind of day to apply when you wanna spends time with love one. The colors itself is pretty common with love and innocence essence. Here are some of the swatches.

I don't quite remember the names because believe me, they got 12 shades for each eye palette but I will always opt with the one that suits me, especially the one with orang-ish and soft pink kind of eye shadow. Both products long lasting up to almost 24 hours (well, if you're in ABC mood, lucky you!) it's also easy to remove using any kind of eye makeup remover but I definitely recommend you guys to use Maybelline Micellar Water because I effin' love that one! I will review later about that, don't worry  

For next one, Maybelline Nudes is my favorite-must-have eye shadow palette for every beginner who wanna try to have sexy, earthy kind of sense and simple look for every day. I actually using this one more compared to Maybelline Blushed Nudes because this colors is literally shows inner sides of me  

This eye palette is more suitable for me because I love having natural eye look compared to fancy one. But yeah, on special occasion I can have some excuse to look extra great. Besides that, the colors can match from morning until night events. You can always choose what best for your eyes and please, be as neat as possible when applying eyeshadow, girls. Remember, less is more better :)

This is one of example of I'm wearing Maybelline Nudes eye palette.

I matched this look with FAME Cosmetic, Nudes shade (scroll down for FAME Cosmetics entry, will ya  ) during my date with love one. 

I can't wait to try another look using either these two eye palette for tomorrow event. You guys can always check my other makeup look on my IG for fun. Do you think I should go with Natural and simple OR Innocence and warm look? Help me! LOL

You can buy these babies at nearest drugstores, Watsons and Guardian or SASA, totally up to your preference. The price range is quite expensive but I think it's worth it with amazing result after look. Totally dope ass product or Maybe it's Maybelline  

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 21, 2016

Product review: FAB with FAME Cosmetics ❤

Hello, Assalamualaikum sexy dolls!

Okay time to buckle up your suit of sexiness because one hell of an amazing matte lipsticks has arrive and it it soooo on! Previously, I mention about SugarBelle right (Just scroll down please)? Now moving on with FAME!

Yes, I received the products during the celebration of ALTHEA Korea first celebration birthday, which is also I will review about some of the pretty makeup haul I got when using RM150 free voucher courtesy of ALTHEA ❤ 


My main highlight is the plastic lay next to the pink box of ALTHEA. It's FAME and are you excited to see the colors I got?

Such a cutie casing black box that fit perfectly for each matte lipsticks. Oh, by the way during I received the products, I got combination of new and also old bottle packaging of FAME's cosmetics. Actually I prefer the new one because it looks more sophisticated and does not roll on when you suddenly drop it near floor or maybe on your makeup desk. 

See that? can you guess which one the old and new case? LOL

So here are the 7 colors established by FAME. See, the new case looks much more cooler than the old one LOL whatever but one thing I love about FAME cosmetics is that the consistency of the liquid itself. The products can long lasting up to 6-7 hours (if you're not eating a big, giant double cheeseburger or perhaps GCB T.T) the products itself claims to have scented smells but I think the smells just okay but unbeatable compared to SugarBelle matte lipsticks. 

Each bottle of FAME matte lipsticks is around 5-8 ml (I think, but it's around that range) and here are the colors of FAME from above:- Gossip, Fuschia, Desire, Candy, Nude, Party and Violet. My absolute favorite are all of them, but Violet,Nude and Gossip totally captures my heart. I actually a big fan of these colors the moment I try them on and it does looks good on your lips. Oh, remember to always apply your lip balm before applying soft matte lipsticks/super matte lipsticks to produce a great, sexy pucker lips. 

From their authentic Instagram account, the company launched new products such as FAME BB cushion and also their latest limited edition FAME matte lipsticks, Topaz and Glam which I didn't acquire that one, yet (LOL) FAME is also another Bumiputera products from Malaysia because I know, girls are dying to try new cosmetics that have variety of cosmetics. I think FAME cosmetics will further more success in near future with new products that I can't wait to see. 

Drying twimeee!

Voila! opps, sorry for the Violet part because I accidentally rub my hands due to mosquito bite during that time -.- But I assure you, that colors is amazeball! I rarely use Candy because I look super dead wearing it LOL for fuschia and Party, not very appealing for me and for Desire? If and only if I have courage to apply it during everyday casual routine because Red is sooooo not me LOL 

Well, the price is appropriate for me and I think it's got some standard level as Silkygirl or In2it but not as high as comparable to Maybelline or Revlon. Or Kate! so, that's my honest review for FAME. Maybe I will upload myself wearing FAME matte lipsticks on IG. Do check it out and follow me, peeps!


P/S: Some of MUA Malaysian also recommended and include FAME as their favorite lists when it comes to photo shoot or other special occasion. You sure don't wanna miss the opportunity to grab at least ONE today. I try to update my makeup haul ASAP. Wait up!

Lots of love,
Miss A :) 

October 20, 2016

Product review: SugarBelle cosmetics X Bella Ammara

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely peeps!

FINALLY! my sister hit home after her tough final exam period and now, voila! she's on vacay mood for almost a month and I won't miss this chance to update my blog as soon as possible because I got lotsaaaa pending posts related with cosmetic review and product review to do for on behalf of respective companies. So sorry I abandon my bloggie for almost 2 weeks. Miss me? :P

So, this entry is one of my favorite products I received longgg ago (IKR) and now, they produce and establish latest colors that I'm dying to try for! As you guys know, I'm in love with lipbalms, liptints an also matte lipsticks. I know Matte is everyone favorite and if you love to add up in your cosmetics collection, try these baby on!

Yes, if you happen to notice Bella Ammara muslimah collection that emphasize on abaya, Baju Kurung, exclusive blouses and Telekung, SugarBelle is their next baby besides their amazing Spas that opened at Setapak. But, whatever it is, since I love makeup, so totally my eyes focus on nude collections by SugarBelle. 

I love the exclusive packaging that sticks with black and gold theme, it looks super fine and very elegant. Even their colors of matte are very beautiful and totally match with my preference. These past months, I am trying to look extra good when it comes to makeup skills because I'm planning to apply GIAT MARA regarding with grooming and makeup classes, but that still in middle of progress because I'm also thinking to further my Master. Pheww, what a tough decision to do! Even applying makeup can be hard as shit, zzz

This is their nude range and my favorite part is their sexy and scented smell. All SugarBelle cosmetics smells so good with vanilla-ish and made exclusively/manufactured from Korea. See, all cosmetics are all links together to mother of Asian cosmetics country. Don't you see, how much I freaking love Korean cosmetics! gosh

These are 6 shades of nudes from above : Bombshell, Love Struck, Mocha Dream, Sandstorm, Nude Kisses and lastly, Amber Blush. I love all their colors but my dibs totally goes for Bombshell and Amber Blush. I always do some ombre lips using those colors and it turns so perfect, just the way I want it. You can always check my Instagram because sometimes I post my makeup of the day on several occasion. Or just filling up my boredom and coloring my face with makeup.

Another favorite of mine under SugarBelle cosmetics are ink-tense eyeliner and lengthening mascara. Check it out!

From left is the mascara and next is the eyeliner. Compared to several products I try when it comes to mascara, I think SugarBelle hold the longest one without smudging your makeup. The application is really easy, and I think almost all MUA knows how to apply mascara. I actually never really try the ink-tense eyeliner because I favor more using mascara nowadays. I love my 'lentik' eye and well, if I got some happy mood, I will apply eyeliner. Over betul--'

But SugarBelle mascara consist of 2 coat, one is Mascara and another is fibre brush mascara to enhance the volume of your eyes. If you wanna have simple and casual outing, perhaps apply 1-2 times of mascara is enough. But if its really special occasions or dinner, I think adding the first and second coat is a must. You sure wanna pop out from others, so then all the attention goes to you. say what? LOL

Loving the looks! Yeay

All the prices for each matte lipsticks is RM49-59, depends on the special edition gold cap edition but I think having the normal one is enough and compatible with the price. Lengtening eye mascara is around RM65, whereas for eyeliner is RM59 something. Not very sure because I got the products long ago during my internship period. I think its around 3-4 months LOL 

For more information, click link below for more information. Oh yup, SugarBelle cosmetics is proudly based in Malaysia and I think they can handle oversea purchase too. Make sure you guys buy the original ones, because you don't wanna messed up your precious eyes and lips for cheap one. 


P/S: Check out these babies.

See, I told you I wasn't kidding about my long, longgggg pending makeup haul posts! Wait up for more love! Cheers!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)