October 10, 2021


 Hello & Hi everyone, May Peace Always for you dearies! Wow, we’re almost reach at end of Sept 2020 and I can’t believe the COVID-19 cases around Malaysia are slowly reduce at amazing pace. Yeah, sure slowly but at least everything seems be improving plus! Almost 80% peeps are getting their vaccine shots. I’m so proud with all Malaysians, I hope we can achieve herd immunity & let the imagination & dream of #FREEMASK will realize one fine day, May God wills it :3 My post on Social medias are crazy pack this months because there’s a lot I need to try & giving out honest review (literally tho, pray for my skin LOL) One of the amazing brand that I really got the opportunity to try out is on this update; Since my blog is the first that will encounter for this brand (I didn’t announce or publish yet on other platform) SOME-thing Green, SOME-thing Cute , SOME-thing about K-Skincare, can you guys guess it? *wink wink*

I present to you, SOME BY MI Korean Skincare! Yeayyyy this brand literally & always has been on my skincare dream wishlist because I really wanna try out their amazing skin range that focus on every skin types (AHA,BHA,PHA Calming/Soothing, Yuja Niacin Brightening & Snail Truecica Wrinkle Care) the one that I received is the most perfect one for my current skin condition; the first one yeay *happy dance* There are 4 products that I got which are Miracle Toner, Miracle Serum, Miracle Acne Clear Body & Miracle Cream. 

Some brief about the brand; The brand name "Some By Mi" came from the combined words of “Something”, “By A Miracle” and “Mi”, meaning “beauty” in Korean. The brand formulates its products with mild and skin-friendly ingredients that are FREE FROM harmful chemicals such as carcinogen, colorants and parabens. All of Some By Mi products are Dermatologist Safe & Non-Comedogenic verified. Oh, shall we begin with the product deets?

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150 ML. (CLICK HERE)

The toner claims to everyone within 30 days you’re gonna experience soft & supple skin like a baby bum LOL it is highly-effective toner to use for gentle exfoliation due to combination of Papaya Extract, Witch Hazel & Real TeaTree extracts whilst removes impurities on skin. I believe the toner might be perfect for my babes out there who having acne-prone skin. Well, in my daily skincare routine, I hardly use Toner because I’m more focus on essence/Cream & Facial sheet mask (yes you know it if you guys following me on my instagram LOL) But since I already bought for myself the Compression Sheet mask where the mask expand when in contact with liquid, so I’m excited to test out this toner.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 50ML. (CLICK HERE)

The Serum contains 14.5% of Centella Asiatica Extract that widely known for soothes & calming properties for dry & normal skin. But the TeaTree Extract inside also helps for trouble acne problems too. The serum textures kinda oily-watery mixed when I first open it, I did apply on my neck & my wrist to do some patch test for few hours, so far it does absorb quickly on my skin without feel sticky which took me by surprise consider the serum looks oily at first glance. The Serum focuses on pores & boost hydration on skin.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream 60 Gram (CLICK HERE)

Well, most of Some By Mi 30 Days range are packed with Centella Asiatica & TeaTree Extract, the Cream complements& follows routine like any other skincare; Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Cream! The cream helps to purifies & removes dead skin cells within one pea size of finger. The only thing that kinda hassle for me is that the cream didn’t come with spoon to scoop out the product, you need to use your finger tho LOL but I’m in love with the medicated scents on each products, so I don’t find it big problem after all.

Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Body Cleanser 400 Gram (CLICK HERE) This one, ladies & Gentlemen; TOP NOTCH!

I heard soooooo many good feedbacks & great result if you’re having back acne problem especially for hijabis like me. LITERALLY. Well, I didn’t imply it for everyone, but for poor soul like me, the back acne is a nightmare because you couldn’t do anything about it so this one actually the product I’m excited the most to try out when I received the parcel. The body cleanser helps to exfoliates dead skin cells & alleviate body acne with salicylic acid to improve skin texture & oil control. The TrueCica & Heartleaf extract is the main ingredients for it, so I have no doubt this body cleanser are great to use every day yeay! Overview & final verdicts; I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to try out these products, so far my skin still adapting Some By Mi skincare, and it is good skin journey! My favorite definitely the Cream and Body Cleanser, these two are gold. I love it and I wish everyone can try out the product itself because it’s truly amazing!

Most of the products you can purchase at THREEBS MALAYSIA; The One Stop Centre (OSC) website for great & new skincare product that you desire to buy in one click. THREEBS are really easy to use & the payment methods are very lenient too! I will link the product below for easy access; check’em out! 




So, which one of SOME BY MI product you like to try most? I can’t wait to explore more skincare on THREEBS! Teeheee see ya! 

Cheers, Aimiiiiibaby :)

October 1, 2021


 Hello loves, sending lots of love for you :)

I've been trying out this baby for few months and I gotta say, I love it. If you're an Innisfree Junkie and love mild to Matte coverage for your face, try this one out!

The Cushion came up with two tones, 21 & 23. I chose 23, but it's still bit fair for my skin so that's why I only dab it on my face with one dip. The Brand gave to me as a gift for review with some of freebies inside. I ultimate famous No-Sebum Powder, now come with compact cushion for everyday look. Isn't it amazing? 

The links are available on my INSTAGRAM. Feel free to check'em out! Till then,


Aimiiiiibaby :)

September 12, 2021


 Hello, Assalamualaikum everyone!

Yup, I know it's been a while but here I am, updating my cute, humble bloggie. Oh, if you guys wanna catch up with my current life, don't forget to follow my other SocMeds okay! (The button is up there, so check'em out!) Thank God, some of amazing brands still believe in my writing and myself to try out new makeup or skincare (literally shed tears of joy T.T) Well, since everyone right now are having Work From Home (WFH) situation, so I would like for you guys who wanna have that quick, easy look for everyday. Of course, we don't wanna look dull when we're in middle of ZOOM or Google Meet with our colleague and our bosses, Ergo, Canmake Tokyo came up with the cutest & useful makeup that perfect to cross off those list! 

As you guys can see from the picture, here is the Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF50++ and Canmake Secret Beauty Powder swatches for aesthetic vibe or whateva LOL 


OMG, you guys the packaging of the beauty powder is so cute, I feel extra magical when I apply it on my face, and pair together with the Mermaid UV Gel. The Gel really feels lightweight, easy to use without leaving feeling sticky afterwards. Besides that, it doesn't leave white cast too, which is good because it can be a bit problem for my babes out there who experience patchy, dry skin because the textures can really messed up the appearance, and lastly not looking cute. I received 2 secret beauty powder code 01 & 02. Code 01 is the white translucent powder, and another one is a bit more natural finish. 

Overall, I'm loving these two because it doesn't really irritates my skin when I apply for the first time. I'm totally recommend these two product for quick makeup, pop lil bit of gloss and you're good to go! (Welp, you're in da haus and do ZOOM Meeting, literally nothing fancy to wear to show off LOL) If you guys wanna try out; heads over and click link belows;



Aimiiiiibaby :)

August 2, 2021


Hello darlings, Assalamualaikum, Good days, ahead ehek :3

    Wow, this COVID-19 Pandemic is just getting worst nowadays, sometimes I feel really burnt out and fed up to just carry on next day to feel positive or happy. I really wish our situations getting better and we can left out this SHIT-Rona virus *sigh* NGL, Somedays really hard, but somedays kinda okay I guess. Thank God, I received my first jab on june 2020, and second one is coming up. I'm glad most of my family members and my hubby already got our first and second dose, I hope everyone manage to get for yourself too, In shaa ALLAH we will achieve herd immunity if we put all our hope and efforts together. We can do this! Since I've been WFH (Work From Home) almost a month plus for this year, I'm getting really tired easily so I 'm happy when Kose Cosmeport sent me their amazing best-selling Face sheet mask, Syokunin  Bihada. 

    I received 6 OG best-selling line from this brand, focusing on different people skin conditions. As I'm growing wiser and mature *LOL, don't judge me ehek* My skin tendency having ups and down to co-opted with current environment, and Syokunin-Bihada  (SB) is just what I need now, perfect for 10 mins relaxation before continue doin' usual work routine. There are 6 types;

    Black Pearl for Firming, Rice Bran Oil for Smoothness & Glass skin, Honey for Ultra Hydration, Coix Seed for translucency and radiance, and Japanese Sake Alcohol/Sake Lees for hydration, whilst brightening. Personally, I didn't recommend the last one if you're muslim because the main ingredients are kinda alcohol-based (I only use the others, and the two remained exceptional, I might give it to my boss when I go to office next time I see her LOL) The specialty about SB's face sheet mask is that the brand still maintaining with traditional technique that helps to absorbs the skin with beauty serum to permeate easily without leaving any drop behind. 

    The 'Washi' paper used are predominantly fine and follow shaped face comfort. Another benefit is the main ingredient! can y'believe the face sheet mask is hot spring water, Japanese peeps believe hot spring/ONSEN is considered as 'fountain of youth' because it's offer restorative power, and moreover when the sheet mask infused with each amazing ingredients (the 6 OG's), y'can actually how mind-blown & good the product is! So far, I already try out the Honey one because I'm a hoe for any honey-skincare related LOL but I'mma give a try for another one :)

   And to celebrate the newly launched, extra-moisturizing line, SB' s face sheet mask came up with 4 new with relaxing, cute scents which are White Strawberry, Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Extract, Japanese Citron and Peach Extract. I'm so excited for these set because I can clearly see how it will attract youngsters to take care more of skincare routine. YES, Masking is important steps to do at least twice a week! (Well, not me because I maskin' a lot, my hubby can vouch for that LOL) If you wanna get one for yourself and living in Malaysia, these baby can be snatch at Aeon Wellness & Shoppee Apps too. I will link below for easier research. And don't worry, the product is mineral oil, colourant free with low acidity. The only problems that occurs to me most of Japanese skincare, there are 3 famous ingredients that I always found; Alcohol, Methyl Paraben and Parfum. I'm not a big fan for these because Alcohol tends to dry your skin in long-term usage, so I try my best to avoid as much as I can when encounters any skincare that have this. But, I think since the product can be use for like 10 mins everyday, so I don't think issa problem much. But yeah... still 

Hey, if y'wanna try out, Syokunin Bihada also have cute sticker on Instagram, it will be great pleasure if everyone can flaunt their 10 mins relax on insta stories using the face sheet mask! Oh, did I forget to mention, the product is really convenient because each pack is perfect for 1 week use! Yeay :)



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Till then, Cheers!

Aimiiiiibaby :)

May 20, 2021


   Assalamualaikum and Hi loves! I promise myself that I'll update new post as much as I can because I kinda missing my bloggie so much but I'm so occupied with my other SocMeds LOL but no worries, I didn't forget my cute, ultimate blog and IDK if my loyal readers are still here, scrolling mine. I hope you guys are here happily reading my content. So, today I'mma post about another makeup that widely known in Japan, Canmake Tokyo! I know I didn't post a lot about makeup because I'm huge sucker for amazing skincare especially that suits Asians skin care. But for me, Canmake Tokyo really steps up with their product branding because these babies has been in Malaysian Market for almost 2 decades. Expanding from SASA, Aeon Wellness, Guardian and noawadays available on Shoppee. The price for the makeup  quite affordable for everyone including from high schoolers to middle range women/men (because makeup got no limit, everyone can wear it!) 

   Another great thing I found about Canmake Tokyo makeup are all designed in cute size for convenience purpose. Can you believe, the product quality with finest ingredients came in small size! Hehehe now, lemme show you guys the latest Canmake Tokyo Makeup products that I got (thank you in advanced Jijun for giving me an opportunity to try out these babies, love ya!) 

Lemme listed the products on top here,

Canmake Tokyo Perfect Stylist Eyes NO 14 Antique Ruby, NO 19 Urban Copper, NO 22 Apricot Peach and latest one NO 23 Almond Canele

Canmake Tokyo Highlighter L01 Champagne Gold and NO1 Silky Beige, Canmake Tokyo Silky Souffle Eyes latest NO 07 Nectarine Orange

Canmake Tokyo Creamy Touch Liner NO 01 Deep Black, NO 02 Medium Brown, NO 03 Dark Brown,NO 04 Garnet Burgundy

The First one, OMGGGGGG gotta loves the Perfect stylist Eyes palette! much bigger, better and got mirror too. We can create two looks within 1 palette. Most of the main shades are located at the top right and bottom left, so we can create that you want via clockwise or anticlockwise. The glitter part in every palette offering complete control of sparkle level and really cling to eyelid without powder scatter. There got 4 palette, And I'm in love with most of it, especially the latest one and Antique Ruby. So pigmented and really WOW-ed me!

  The second one, the highlighter make you choose your preferred finish, the textures so fine that's literally melted into your skin. The dewy-silky smooth powders holds onto your highlight bone area without looking too powdery. For Silky SoufflĂ© Eyes, the new code really pretty with rich texture that fluffy like souffle teehee! The application also feels very great and glide smoothly with free of powder scatters and glitter shed. I didn't test out this one yet because it's so pretty to touch, so I'mma use a lot with the perfect stylist eyes palettes first.

    Last thing, this one is my favorite so far from the collection, Creamy Touch Liner. OMG. OMG.OMG this one is perfect for my babes who love WATERPROOF liners (literally resistant to water, sweats, tears and sebum). Not only that, the 1.5 mm hyper-slim tip liner can help filling in the gaps between lashes and the twist-up design is good for beginners too. The liner enriched with beautifying/moisturizing ingredients such as Squalene (vegan), jojoba seed oil & macadamia seed oil. I totally recommend these one because it is so good!

If you guys want to purchase Canmake Tokyo makeups, don't forget to heads over nearby drugstores Malaysia and Shoppee for online shop. I'll do makeup review on my Instagram very soon, so don't forget to follow, show some loves and comment okies!


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Aimiiiilove :)

May 17, 2021


Hello prettiest :) 

   Bla, Bla, Blaaaa I know my blog is full with dust *phew phew* because I'm more active on my Instagram & Twiter lol (you can always click on my SocMeds Icon above and don't forget to follow me ehek) this post gonna be like Makeup Product first impressions and I'm so happy when PR Dewycel Malaysia reached me out to try three best items from their brand; which are Pure-ing Cream, Super Cover Cushion in shade No.23  and Tintouring Lipbalm Code 01 Rare Pink. As you can see, I include the video makeup on my youtube channel. 

    The makeup I did in the video is literally my everyday look, with a pinch of purple shimmer on my eyelids because I'm 'mengada' liddat LOL so, for the first items, Pure-Ing Cream (idk why the pronunciation is weird, why Not Pure Ring instead of Pure-Ing? T_T) it is common phenomenon for every beauties junkies out there to hear about tone up essence or fluid after done applying moisturizers and sunscreen, so the best thing about Pureing cream from Dewycel is that the cream not only use natural coloring & suitable for every asian skin types due to Raspberry leaf extract that helps to increase & protect skin barrier, it is alsosafe to use during overnight too! But for me, when it comes for makeup, it is better to let your skin breath during night and I want my skin to soaked all goodness of skincare rather than makeup, so yeah... For my babes who wanna have quickie makeup look without your skin looking dull, squeeze appropriate amount on your finger and dab dab on your face. Trust me, your skin tone will look natural fresh without leaving white cast residue. For the next one, the one and only item that literally blew my mind is the Super Cover cushion, WOW. OMG.WOW!  The coverage is no joke, so damn good because one layer can cover up whole my face. I actually still in disbelief mode because the cushion can cover my faded scars on my skin, I’m also glad because I’m no longer experiencing bad skin nowadays, so with minimum apply is enough. The Essence & soothing formula inside the cushion is equal to70% skincare extract were added to get that healthy glow look afterwards with SPF50+/PA+++ The last Item for Dewycel is the tintouring lip balm. The balm glides smoothly on my lips and not to mention, it's follow body temperature whilst moisturizes your lips. The balm enriched with pomegranate & rose extract that are widely known for the benefits, and came up with three shades to suits every occasion; Rare Pink, Rare Coral & Lips Coral.

   Personal thought & final verdict; The cushion definitely took me by surprise! it is so good & I’m definitely recommend that out of 3, LOL for the Pureing cream, it is safe to use on my neck & hands too without giving me any rash, discomfort etc so that one is also yay! But I'm recommending to use it all over your body too to balance the tone of your skin and other part. The tintouring balm is cute, and I've been trying out other lip product that also have these kind of functions, but nothing much do to me because I fancy gloss rather than balm/matte. The price range is quite Affordable. I’m giving out 5/5 for the Super Cover Cushion, 4.5/5 for the Pure-Ing Cream, 3/5 for the balm. You can check out on Shoppee Apps about Dewycel, here the links teehee!

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Till we meet on next post! Cheers!

Foot Notes:

BTW, Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! another year passing by and another year of torments for our brother and sisters in GAZA, PALESTINE. If you guys happens to watch on news and social medias, there's a lot of awareness spread and I'm so happy because big famous public figures in western took part with it, same goes with Malaysians. May ALLAH bless their innocents souls and their level granted to the highest in Akhirah #FREEPALESTINE  #PALESTINELIVESMATTER It's been kinda bleak moments for me to celebrate Eid this year when I heard about these matters, I mean, is it really hard for everyone to live in peace? in good terms without need of war? I wish everyone will love and spread joyous all around the world, I know there's still goodness in everyone heart, so WAR AND KILLING INNOCENTS LIVES IS NOT AN OPTION. Do your part and everyone will knows how CRUEL and EVIL is ZIONIST ISRAEL. May ALLAH ease everything. Peace be upon you.

February 7, 2021


 Hello loves,Assalamualaikum, and happy year 2021!


*Okay, I'm done laughing*

I'm finally back on my blog and I cannot believe it's been almost long time I didn't visit my bloggie because I'm more invested towards my SocMeds (you guys can click on icon above, like per usual in case you miss me, bb) There's a lot of things is going on now around us with COVID-19 Pandemic, Economic failure, Corruptions of Gov' management in Malaysia, People dying, Baby COVID Creation (yup all my friends getting knock up due to stay at home rules, congrats btw lol), my works, and so on *sigh* I just, really, really wish these situations will fades ASAP so then everyone can celebrate and travel again because I know, it is super hard for everyone now, either you're in Malaysia and international peeps too. But one of the things that kinda stings is because we have to wear mask. I mean, I don't mind with it, but because wearing masks way too much and stay indoor, make my body and my skin behave poorly, thus welcoming all unnecessary skin problems, or MASK-NE to be exact. Urghhh, since my skin is falls in combination and super sensitive/dry nearby my cheeks, it's really hard to co-op with sudden situation and I need to try lot of try-and-error skincare to adjust back my skin balance. So, I got an opportunity to try out COSRX Pure Fit Cica Range in collaboration with Style Korean Global and I'm so glad because this is the second time I got to try another great skincare from 'em. Thank you so much for believing me and my blog and my SocMeds, and I try my best to give honest review about these babies. I heard lots of good reviews from my beauty-fluencer/skincare junkies babes and dudes that COSRX skincare is one of holy-grail brand that need to try out. And my skin kinda need helps for all these MASK-NE situation, I just know it, I need to give a try for this brand and CICA Range. I've been tryin' some of CICA products before, so I'm intrigued to see vast difference about COSRX from the others. 

Here, I include le video of mine unboxing the box, Check it out!

As you guys can see inside the video and pictures included above, I received 7-8 items inside the care package. And hereby, I will listed down details for the products.

1. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cleanser 150 GM. The Cleanser really gentle and produce mild bubbles when you  lather it on your hand with water, And like usual, I use it as like usual, morning and night time, and sometimes I use it as double cleanse if I happens to wear extra makeup during that particular day. 

2. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Serum 30 ML. The serum contains all kind of benefit for recovering, Calming effect and strengthen our skin barrier and voted as number 1 in Allure Editors pick in April 2020. I think is very common for every skincare serum in Korea, they use droppers applicator because it's one of the easiest method to apply on face. Smart!

3. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Toner 150 ML. OMG, this toner looks so cute because the bottle looks some kind of medical vibe lol idk why I felt like that when I opened the box. The toner is usually use as second step after cleanse because it helps our skin to feel revitalize, and the calming scents soothes my skin at same time. Toner can be use it on cotton pads or solely use on palms, so it's your choice to use whatever method you want. 

4. COSRX Pure Cica Powder 7GM. OHOHOHO, this one is actually kinda surprise me because I never try any skincare in powder type, but when I look up upon the instruction, it's only to use for special step(or simply say, additional step for perfect, balance after-effect face) I sometimes use the powder and mixed together with the toner or Cica Cream and I love it! 

5. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Pad 90(EACH). Another great invention for Pure Fit Cica range for people who on-the-go because the pad helps to calm/soothes redness on skin,anytime anywhere! The cooling effect after use is amazing and I love how thinnnnnnnn the pad is! You can apply on your face for an extra care too, just like the powder. The pads also refresh your skin so then you feel stress-free throughout the days.

6. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cream 50 ML. The cream is very fast absorp, and doesn't leave sticky residue after use, literally one of the best midnight cream to help my trouble, sensitive skin with Centella extract. 

7. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Calming True Sheet Mask 1 EACH. The additional 1 mask in Pure Fit Cica Range is pure genius because it's an extra helps to reduce redness and sensitive red spots on skin, the sheet mask smells kinda medicated, but in good way. So, I have no issue with it whatsoever lol

8. Oh, and inside the package also include cute doorknob sign, bookmarks, few samples to try out and guidelines how to use all 7 Cica Range.

My final verdicts,

Okay guys, I'm gonna be honest real bad. Like, real honest okay. First of all, I'm sorry I didn't list out properly inside the video of the correct steps, so please assure that the correct steps to apply Cica skincare are;


However, during the month I try out COSRX, I use 4 items the most out of 7 items inside, another 3...well I only use it when I feel like I want to (p/s: the cream, the soothing pad, the mask) Well, the mask is only one time usage, so it's basically gone now lol, so yeah... 

Okay, here goes. For me, the cleanser is quite amazing, I tried several cleansers before but for me, the COSRX one did good, but not as good as other cleanser that I used. And the smells is quite medicated, I think this is because of the Centella extract that helps to eradicate trouble bums, acne scars and pores too, so the smells is nice for me, but i'm not sure everyone like medicated scents. It's actually depends on people preferences. Don't hate me, okay lol

For the Toner, literally one of favorite with medicated scents (like usual) but it helps to reduce redness and hydrates my skin so I didn't feel tight after cleanse. I also sometimes mixed the powder with toner and serum most of the times because I wanna reduce redness on my nose and cheeks area. However, sometimes the toner feels flops, but some other times the toner is savior, I actually don't understand why my skin react like that with the toner because I like it. 

The Serum and The powder literally save my skin the most, because all my redness and small acne nearby my ear and sometimes at below around chin area, the zits will reduce the appearance and gone within 3-4 days, so I really like this two combo. And TBH, these two are the main products that I love in COSRX Cica Range. 

For the Cream, I sometimes mix it with the powder, and I like my skin looks okay on next morning, but I'm pretty sure the serum helps most of my trouble spots, so I'm not against the cream, but if you wanna try it, try it baby because I'm not gonna stop you from using it. Oh, the textures is amazing! really glides smoothly on face, so yeah, it's good! 

And for the cooling pad, I didn't use it so much because I'm more focus with the main items, the pads can easily be use during weekends or during my free time in office when I feel stress or whatever, but the cool effect? dayummmm son, it's good! same goes with the sheet mask, it's good but I only use it once and I didn't feel like a princess afterwards with flawless face because my skin is kinda terrible right now, and with help from only one sheet mask? NOPE, life is not easy like that, hunney, lol


Cleanser? 8.5/10

Toner? 7.5/10

Cica Pad? 8/10

Sheet Mask? 7/10

Cream? 7/10

Serum?10/10!!! (yup, yup, yup!)

Powder? 10/10!!! (totally gonna buy it again, same with the serum!) 

Hey, if you wanna buy COSRX Pure Fit Cica Range, I'll include the link below where to buy and what's best for you to try out. 

SPECIAL COUPON : tryme_vtcosrx to entitle 10% off and can be use before March 19, 2021!


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Lastly, thank you so much Style Korean Global and Cosrx for the loves, and I hope you guys enjoy my honest reviews. I'll be updating my blog again, soon so no worries, bb, I'm back!


Aimiiii :)