April 11, 2019

VT Cosmetics X BTS Collagen Pact B & W | Makeup Review

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum, Happy April bitchesss LOL

WOW. JUST AMAZINGLY WOWZY! Wait, is WOWZY even a words? LOL ignore my stupid Aimi-Cabulary and let’s focus for today content. Hey guys, what up? Whatcha’ doin love? Ehehehe Al-Hamdulilllah, I just got back from Bangkok, Thailand and Yes, I just happens to attend Finale of BTS: Love Yourself World Tour and it is such an amazing experience that I will never, ever, ever, ever freakin’ forget. One of the most beautiful moments in my year 2019 besides getting’ engaged, BTS paved the fuckin’ way and snapped real hard! I will definitely update my Bangkok Trip soon, but not in mean times because this month kinda busy with events and pending entries (will upload ASAP. Don’t chase me please, dear PR hahahah)

Since this post lil bit related with BTS, yes, I know I’mma bit late to update about this cosmetics line named VT COSMETICS. OMG, guys, seriously, Korean Beauty Companies have a lotttt of beauty product and skincare line, like dozensss of it and VT Cosmetics is one of ‘em. TBH, I never heard about VT Cosmetics until I saw the ambassador for VT Cosmetics is none other than my 7 crackheads Kings, BTS! Yessss I’m that late bitch who never saw this coming and I’m that sad lil bitch that spends my money just to try out VT Cosmetics collagen cushion pact. Wait, not only 1, but I bought 2 of it, Both black and white. I think this baby already released during end of year 2017 (if I’m not mistaken, sorry if this info is wrong, I’m too fuckin’ lazy to google-it) but now I got the chance to have at least beautiful Cosmetics that BTS endorsed with. I know the latest skincare products brand is MediHeal, I can’t wait to buy that one too (but not now, perhaps in near future) so, lemme give some shout out to Play Up beauty store in Times Square, Malaysia because I happen to buy both in their store with RM80 each, instead of the RP: RM139. So, good deal for me, both for RM160!

Okay, sneak peek of the packaging. How Cool is them!!! Like, Urghhh really awesome!

As you guys can see, it is divided into two, but came with different Ingredients and benefits. For Collagen cushion pact White, the major ingredients are RED YOUTH Berry Complex and Premium Marble whereas the for Collagen cushion pact Black, consists of VT BLACK COLLAGEN Complex and Premium Marble Collagen Golden. YASSS, Collagen all the way for everyone to try!

When I opened the box, both has sticker to decorate your cute Collagen Cushion Pact and it is specially designed sticker that BTS created just for their ARMY who love beauty (like me LOL) and as you guys can see, both Collagen cushion pact got beautiful flower Marble design on the surface of both Foundation Cream. I love both but my eyes falls for the White Pact instantly because the Marble design just so beautiful and complement with the White casing. And not gonna forget the Black Pact, the Marble design is mysterious and lookin’ hella expensive and you just wanna dig your finger and swirls around, like you’re being hypnotized or something LOL

Let’s see the goodness for Collagen Cushion Pact White, shall we?

Why it is different with other beauty cushion out there? It is because RED YOUTH Berry Complex derived from the red fruit that symbolize energy and providing extra moisture for people suffering dry skin. The red fruits AKA Ginseng Berry Essence helps to brighten and glow up your beautiful face even more with combination of Premium Marble Pact, where it helps to gives nutrition for more firm, healthy and luminous skin.

I tried the Collagen White pact when I attend last event before I fly to Bangkok and I also use it during office hour, it really does give your face lookin’ good and smooth.

For Collagen Cushion Pact Black, this one is of the kind and I think it is very extra in every aspect because, the Collagen that VT Cosmetics keep on emphasize in this product, is no joke. It is true! The collagen is an upgraded premium collagen containing Black Truffles, Black Caviar, Black Pearl Powder, Bora Sea Urchin, Ginseng and Beta Glucan to helps fight wrinkle and gives more elastic appearance and volumized skin.

And, if you guys worry about UV protection, well you don’t have to! Both Collagen Cushion Pact have SPF50++ to make sure your beautiful face lookin’ good and protected too! So I think we can gives two thumbs up for these babies because they both deserves it.

When I scrolled over VT Cosmetics official page on INSTAGRAM, I think BTS endorsed bit more with latest products and TBH, I’m lookin’ forward to see more progress about VT Cosmetics line. PERSONA-lly *wink wink*, I think both VT Collagen Cushion pact did an amazing job, the coverage are sheer to medium skin tone and definitely not recommended for people having tan skin because it will definitely make your skin looks greyish and that does not look cute. When I bought these two box, I didn’t see what shade I’m using because it didn’t state there, so I was like, fuck it, just buy and try it out, turns out the result are pretty good.

Hand swatches and some selfies to prove my point about this product LOL and yes, the upper one is white, the below one is black pact. Duh, I followed the exact pattern.

I brought two of ‘em during my trip to Bangkok since I know Bangkok weather is really hot and this cushion can help me with the SPF stuff or whatever, so that’s a good gestures from me to me LOL but guys, this Collagen cushion pact does gives extra dewy and glowing look on your face, and yes I know you must think I’m crazy wearing these in Bangkok (so do I, I feel stupid) but turns out, I’m lookin’ cute with these pacts, so yeay to that!

VT Cosmetics X BTS in White Pact. Why I look sooo naive in here ? LOL

And the annoying bitch is back with VT Cosmetics X BTS in Black Pact LOL

Will I re-purchase it? MMMMMMMMM, Hold that thought. I need to finish both then I can made decision. Plus, there’s a lot of BB Cushion from Korean brands and you guys can choose which one suits your skin. For me, VT Cosmetics can improve and maybe cater International tanned skin people who wanna try VT Collagen Cushion pact. Anywhere, Hey, VT Cosmetics! You’re doin’ good job. Keep it up!

P/S: Just search the name VT COSMETICS on INSTAGRAM, you guys can look it up. Oh, VT Cosmetics also available in HALLYU MART too but it is collaboration with BT21. So check ‘em both please and gives lotsaaaa love!

Cheers & Kisses,