January 29, 2018

Hello Kitty X Guardian Malaysia cutie patotie collection launch

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

OMG! January month is almost over and can’t wait to wave biggest shout out to FEB! and OMG can’t wait to go on vacay too! It’s literally the craziest moment ever since my family schedule need to squeeze in all agenda for this weekend (Havin’ luncheon together with le fam at Hilton (exclude me sobs sobs) and Aqiqah ceremony for my beautiful anak-anak Mama Meem. Too bad Iris Gretchen havin’ such a bad flu and cough at same time this week, I really hope she’s getting better and happier soon. This week is all about take care of my beautiful Iris Gretchen so that I’m so sure and qualified to get that extra point on le journey of motherhood LOL Oh, I cannot wait to attend two exclusive events before flying of to Eke hem :P

Okay, scratch all mumbles, let’s update some le blog shall we!

Yesterday, besides attending my colleague wedding (LOL), I got an opportunity to attend an event that definitely will WOW all people (and I mean literally) all genders and age group! The events basically focus for people who always looking for fun, excitement, happy and young at heart! Oh, and also for people who have the biggest crush on le big kitty pur pur, HELLO KITTY!

As you guys know about my updates regarding with ANNA SUI X GUARDIAN MALAYSIA >>>CLICK HERE<< Guardian Malaysia, once again stepping up their game to collaborate with one of the legendary and le cutest icon, and yet, another surprise is that, you guys can collect all 9 (NINE) items exclusively designed just to cater all Hello Kitty lovers. How to? Scroll for more!

According to Mr Soren Lauridsen, the CEO of GUARDIAN MALAYSIA, he said that:-

“This unique marketing initiative is being launched to delight customers and fans of the ever-green and popular Hello kitty. On top of it, the items can be get at amazing affordable price range RM25 and below. "

Hello kitty posing happily with some of major sponsor brand you guys can find and redeem HELLO KITTY merchandise via P-W-P (Purchase with Purchase). Furthermore, the event enchanted with amazing lion dance and kids show too!

Hello Kitty merchandise is divided into two parts, celebration moods and International Women’s Day moods.  For the first phase, since in Malaysia, we’re like an ocean of amazing nation that celebrate different festive season (plus public hols too), the most appealing products such as blanket, cushions, notebook and bookmark will be sold from 1 FEB-7 MARCH. The choices of colors also kinda cute, I mean hello to Orange and Yellow! The colors of happiness and joyful, am I right! 

 Well, and for the second phase comprising tote bag, lunch bag, cosmetics pouch and laptop bag to carry messages of three amazing words, ‘LOVE’, ‘CHEER’ and ‘SPREAD LOVE’ that can boost women self-confidence and reflect every women who loves being appreciates with one another. I saw all the collections and what attract me the most is super fluffy blanket, cushion and OMG the laptop cover such a bliss! It’s come with pink and purple shade, I mean OMG the color really speaks to me directly to le heart and ask me to buy this, very soon! LOL

Some of the goodies that I got during the event and yes, I got the fluffy blanket :B  

So yeah, the first surprise is already reveal, another surprise is that, if you guys  making purchases for ANY  kind of brand from major sponsor (NIVEA, MAYBELLINE, BIO-ESENCE, DOVE, PANADOL and THYMOS) up to RM150 (Spends RM20,you’re entitle to buy ANY Hello Kitty Merchandise within those two phases), you are eligible to receive two complimentary tickets to go on tour to Hello Kitty Town, Plus, an opportunity to meet and greet with cutest big kitty pur pur, Hello Kitty in Johor!  OMG guys, what are you waiting for? The tix is limited, so better hurry up! 

Major shoutout to Krispy Kreme Malaysia for serving all medias and guest that cover the event that day with yummy food and refreshments.

This one is so good and it is one of Krispy Kreme best selling sandwich too! Simply delicious, and the hot thick cocoa drink just blew my head away, combination of this two made me feel happy to come to the event and met with few bloggers and Hello kitty too! Yeay!

MOTD for le event,

Makeup deets on my latest INSTAGRAM post. Go check it out. Ehiks

For more information, click link below:-



Lots of love,
Miss A :)

January 21, 2018

Keep it glow with SKINGOLD

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Okay, it's been like already 21st day of January 2018, and how your beautiful life goes so far, my loves? if you ask me, LOL of course I'm gonna spill some yeay news because I'm totally excited to celebrate beautiful 'Aqiqah' ceremony for my beautiful precious babies because yes, I'm their vogue and the most awesome Mama Meem that they gonna love me extremely much and! I just couldn't wait to fly to Japan this upcoming February. I really hope everything goes well and maybe I can VLOG about that too (LOL, if VLOG can be done only edit by using Iphone? and on top of it, Iphone 5C? not so sure errr) I don't feel like I wanna update what I go and whatsoever in le blog since I keep on promising about the place that I go and I wanna blog about it, but turns out I got completely distracted. So yeahhh... errr

That's why I think VLOG will be so nice :) Yep, totally wanna experience doin' VLOG! 

Speaking about wanna fly to the most beautiful and super harmonious country, my second home, I'm planning to to do makeup challenge there! Wadehel I mean by that? Well, since if you guys follow me on INSTAGRAM (click icon above) I'm an extremely into makeup and I buy tonnes of makeup, (welp, some of it I got for free) I tend to do lots of bold,intense and nude makeup and I posted it every week. But, I'm plan to go subtle, minimal look during my upcoming vacay because I believe the weather quite cold and I really don't wanna my skin to look dry. I'm gonna keep it moisturize and look healthy inside out too! I happened to came across with amazing home made/natural product called SKINGOLD!

The box and super cute bottle of SKINGOLD! First of all, I never heard about this product before until I entered one of BOMBSHELLBEAUTE contest and I'm one of lucky sumbitches that scored  19 products in beautiful box packed with all beauty stuff including this baby! I tried some of the product, so I'mma bit late with this one but one day, I simply wanna try this product and the result is super blessed! I immediately falling in love!

SKINGOLD first product is Golden Turmeric Mask, and next baby is Glow Green Mask. Personally, I'm more into with Golden Turmeric because it is indeed their best selling product. You can just mixed the powder mask using honey, plain water, or yogurt too.The process of making the clay into paste is like taking 5 minutes, and then you gotta wait (up to your preference) to wash and sleep like a baby throughout the night :)

Basically, the Golden Turmeric mask focus on clearing skin, oil control, promotes anti-ageing too! whereas for the Green glow mask more focus on calm redness, cures acne  and clear skin. I personally think that,Turmeric and Green tea are good raw ingredients when it comes to heal skin in natural way. If you guys happen to hate all chemical stuff etc, try this mask and you definitely hooked! I guaranteed of it!

Actually, during the first time winning the contest, the bottle of this mask is different and I like that version better compared to the latest one. But welp, IDK why the owner change it to different bottle. Hmmm *thinking hard* LOL

Next product from SKINGOLD, is body scrub! I mean, duhhh you gotta complete to scrub your whole body too right?

SKINGOLD Body scrub came with three different flavors and I managed to grab two of 'em which are Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum. Each body scrub has different scents too. And excuse me, look at the colors! Can you not!

I am amaze with the color combination and the scents, it's really smells so good BUT! the only problem I found with these baby is that, it is SUPER HARD to rub around the body and it does not cover a lot for whole body. The textures is all really sticky and leaves oil stain on le body, which I'm not happy about it :( I thought SKINGOLD second baby gonna be amazing like the first product, but yeah, maybe I put too much high expectation for the next product. I really hope the Owner of SKINGOLD will improve the textures so then, it's gonna be sooooo easy to rub all over le body. Please don't take it as negative comment, I just expressing my opinion about SKINGOLD Body scrub that's all LOL

MASK is super YEAY! Body scrub is super NAY!

RM39 (for mask)
RM45 (for body scrub)

Here some fresh face of le mine after using Golden Mask. Please excuse the un-trimmed brows LOL


You guys can get this babies at link below:-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

January 13, 2018

So much ❤ with ENCHANTEUR exclusive Gift sets

 Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

   It’s been an amazing journey so far for le year 2018 and frankly, I feel like this year is all about forgiving and enjoying what you desire most. I love my family so much and with presence of my beautiful and handsome babies, I couldn’t wait to settle my big day, soon LOL 

  I received this package from PR Salina & Associates regarding with ENCHANTEUR Gift sets and I just super excited about it since it’s literally the cutest gifts you can ever give to your love one or maybe, present for your own (since you’re damn awesome, so yeah why not) instead of basic cliché chocolates, roses or whatever gift standard that everyone wish for and come with expensive price tag, go with subtle and affordable gift set! Well, screwed ‘em because at the end of the day, it’s you the one wearing it and you’re the one smells good 

  ENCHANTEUR is introducing five distinctive perfume gift sets which are made available in beautifully designed boxes, suitable for all celebrations – be it anniversaries, festivities, birthdays, achievements and appreciation days. Also, what I loves most is that these travel-friendly EDT pack sizes of 15ml makes the gift set great for surprises and easy to carry in a handbag! Perfect for holiday in overseas too since you cannot expect to bring lots of fragrance with high liquid, you might need to throw ‘em away before even begin to experience fun holiday. So, thumbs up ENCHANTEUR!

   As commonly known and if you guys read my bloggie, ENCHANTEUR has built its reputation as the leading quality French-inspired fine fragrances and personal care brand where each fragrance has been carefully curated by French perfumers. So here some of the mix and match collection for the gifts set!

Mon Amie which translates to the meaning of My Friend, keeps a girl smelling pleasant and fresh when she is out and about; while Belle Amour which means Beautiful Love, a scent of admiration for that dream girl. These two embody the truest friendship and youthful love. This is perfect as a gift to celebrate, as the fragrances come in a cute-sized chamfered bottle with the ENCHANTEUR Paris signature ribbon cap – as if a gift tied with a ribbon. This gift set consists of a 15ml bottle of Belle Amour and Mon Amie EDT respectively.
Mon Amie is the scent of her captivating personality in all relationships, where it perfectly embodies her bright and sunny persona. Adore resembles the scent of your favorite, adorable girl who has created a lasting impression. This gift set is impeccably stunning and set to make someone feel uplifted, special and confident.

This enchanting set contains a bottle of 15ml EDT and a 100ml tube of nourishing Light & Fresh hand and body lotion, both in Mon Amie variant. The fragrance is rejuvenating, and the lotion is enriched with aloe vera, portulaca, liquorice extract and sunscreen agent to protect skin plump, brightened, moisturized and protected from UV rays. These two items are intricately packed in a cheerful, yellow box
This gift set comprises of 15ml bottle of Mon Amie and Charming EDT each, Inspired by the day-and-night concept, this set complements the girl’s lifestyle where she has different scents for different occasions at different time of the day. During the day, she has the Mon Amie persona – jovial and approachable and when evening comes, she prepares for night out with an irresistibly sophisticated scent which will keep him spellbound.

Enthused by romantic side, ENCHANTEUR introduced a gift set available in a passionate pink color box – inside includes a Belle Amour and a Romantic EDT at 15ml each. The pleasing scents are meant to ignite sparks of courting love and to make each moment spent together special.
The one I got is the combination between Belle Amour and Romantic gift set, my always and go to daily perfumes are Belle Amour and Adore because the smell is nice and pleasant to wear too. 

Last but not least, ENCHANTEUR PARIS MINIATURE EDT GIFT SETS are priced at RM34.90 in both West and East Malaysia. The ENCHANTEUR PARIS MON AMIE GIFT SET is priced at RM23.50 in both West and East Malaysia. Furthermore, the ENCHANTEUR MINIATURE GIFT SETS are priced at RM34.90 in West Malaysia & RM36.70 in East Malaysia.

So, go get ‘em now loves!

Lots of loves,
Miss A :)

January 8, 2018

Cheers to new Bio-Oil! (I mean the packaging and benefits too, of course)

Hello lovers, Assalamualaikum :)

   Happy new year guys! OMG yasssss it’s the beautiful year ahead and another collection of memory counting (and more soon) to cherish and keep dearly in heart. I’m away from bloggie world about 1-2 weeks because I wanna spends more time with my family.And oh, I cannot wait to celebrate ‘Aqiqah’ day with my beautiful precious Iris Gretchen and Jack S.Pa’il by this month in shaa ALLAH (Yeah, I know, the name pretty kewl and weird right? Because I am their vogue-est Mama Meem they ever love so much, and I know very well of it LOL)

    I’m spending too much family twime and dealing with work life too, so I’m deeply sorry to my bloggie and also my readers (LOL, like I have the loyal one T.T) if you’re waiting for my next update. Actually, this year, for my blog, I’m gonna focus more on lifestyle and beauty genre. I know, I’m not very amazing with doing product review and others bla bla bla but I try my best to focus more on this two. If I’m missing from le blog, you guys can always follow and show some loves on le INSTAGRAM. Another 2018 new resolution of mine, is that I wanna try explorin’ VLOGGING. I really hope I can cross-checked for this one. And yeah, in need of beautiful SONY Alpha pink camera too. Ermmm K

Well, I know this brand is well-known when it comes to treat scars and burns, and I bet million hearts that people at least try this baby once in their lifetime. It’s the amazing Bio-Oil, the miraculous multi-purpose oil comes with new look, much sleeker and decent too without fail to change the theme color, Orange! The product, is highly favored by many for its superior efficacy and is the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in over 24 countries including Malaysia.

I got this baby from PR right before 2-3 days before Christmas and I just love the smell of Bio-Oil, like ever since it is formulated with a blend of vitamins A & E and natural plant oils - lavender, Calendula, rosemary, chamomile and the special ingredients that help nourish the skin without feels oily and sticky residue? All hail to PurCellin Oil baby! Another great news to Bio Oil lovers! the packaging now includes some brief information listed on the box to accompany and definitely focus on numerous skin problem such as ageing and dehydrated skin and extra safe to use for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-acnegenic too.

 It is also perfectly safe to be used on pregnant women to prevent pregnancy-related skin concerns such as stretch marks and pigmentation.

Well, need to stock up this baby when I’m getting marry soon. LOL

You guys can check this baby out at major leading pharmacies and personal care stores nationwide in different sizes:-
 60ml (RM 34.95)
 125ml (RM 58.25) 
200ml (RM 79.45) 
(all included GST)

For more information, Please click down below:-


Lots of love,

Miss A :)