August 31, 2016

Let's slim with K.U.R.O.S

Assalamualaikum, hey loves one!

Well, I'm very busy updating all my pending/sponsored post but this one is exception because I love it! I mean, I already try the product and to be honest I am really one of their favorite VIP buyer since I consumed their products diligently. Well, right now no lah since I'm having money crisis but whatever.

Remember my post regarding with preparation for this year eid, I consumed cleanse teatox and I'm blown away with the result. I just love the taste of the cleanse tea because it is not bitter and weird like usual detox tea, but their tea? amazing! It's a tea with pop of lemon scent, makes you just wanna sip and relax all day. But besides cleanse teatox, the company also come out with their main product, K.U.R.O.S Organic slimming juice. This is another phenomenal product that I also consume because I love the flavors. Besides yummy and curbs appetite, the juice can keep up a week or two, depends on your intake. 

K.U.R.O.S Organic Slimming Juice with combination of Mangosteen, Acai Berry, Garcinia, Red and Green grapes and Pomegranate extract. 

K.U.R.O.S organic juice claims to help people in need of reducing their weight and also edible for ladies and gentleman. Their benefits is listed below:

👉 Perut BUNCIT??
👉 Pipi TEMBAM??
👉 Peha BERLAGA??
👉 STRECTH MARKs selepas bersalin??
👉 Berat badan NAIK MENDADAK???
👉 Lemak tersembunyi banyak didalam badan??
👉 Kerap penat sebab TOKSIN BANYAK dalam badan??
👉 Susah untuk BUANG AIR BESAR??

Wajib CUBA Jus K.U.R.O.S KERANA :👇
👉 Menggunakan 100% bahan organik
👉 Halal, Selamat
👉 Tiada kesan sampingan
👉 Rasa jus yg sgt LAZAT
👉 PALING PENTING membantu menyelesaikan masalah diats👆
👉 Mengurangkan selera makan
👉 Memberi TENAGA sepanjang hari
👉 Tidak perlu BERSENAM
👉 Tidak perlu MENAHAN LAPAR
👉 Membantu anda mendapatkan bentuk badan yang langsing
👉 Senang untuk DIBAWA KEMANA2 sahaja 

So, here are the best promotion I can give to you guys for reading my blog! Anyone who buy 2 bottle of K.U.R.O.S juice, will get free cleanse tea tox!

Cleanse Teatox
Yes, I know the promotion is almost over, but since you're reading my blog, you're eligible to acquire these juices and detox tea with price below than original price.

Not RM100!
Not RM90!
Not RM80!
Not RM60!
Below than that. Don't you just love it! Email me now for more information at aiminursyameem.ans@gmail.com

Lots of love,
Miss A :)


Assalamualaikum, hello again dearlings!

Today, this very special Independence day I already mention in previous entry that I wanna publish all my sponsored review by all products I got this month and so far it's give me an amazing experience to became one of users to try new and improve formula of Sumber Ayu Betel leaf hygiene wash!

Yes, guys I got an exclusive pink box consist of three bottles of new look, new enhanced formula from Sumber Ayu. TBH, I heard about this product before in drugstore especially at Watson and Guardian, at personal hygiene area where all the pads, condoms, tissue and feminine wash located together in one place. When I was in secondary school, I used to wear Sumber Ayu and I love the result because it gave me all freshness during day and night until I got some body rashes, then I stop. So, like up until now I never use any feminine hygiene except the latest one product from Rozita Che Wan's collection, which is Goyang Segar. 

I know the product have kinda 'eeerrr' name, but it did attract million people in Malaysia to buy for it and I'm one of them too LOL

But, since my Goyang Segar just finish recently, so I try this out. I just love the colors, looking all vibrant and very sexy for all ladies don't you think? I got Rose,Gambir and Floral. Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf Feminine Hygiene Wash were infused with all natural ingredients formulated to keep the intimate area in healthy and hygienic condition. A condition that is free from bad bacteria, itchiness and bad odor while regulating pH levels to the ideal pH3.5 to keep the feminine area ecosystem in check. 

As what I concerned, the new Sumber Ayu Betel Leaf Feminine Hygiene Wash provide greater anti-bacterial properties and further enhanced with extra natural fragrance to ensure long-lasting freshness.The bottle still retaining its classic shape inspired by a woman’s curves, now also comes in punchy new colors distinguishing each variant from the next and donning a more sophisticated look. Not only that, this feminine wash is also certified Halal by JAKIM for the benefit of valued Muslim consumers. So yeayy, now you girls don't have to be so worry and being soooo syubhah about it because it is guarantee 100% good.

Meet Rose, guys! LOL currently, I'm using this baby and I love how rosiee it's feel. Each of feminine wash have different value and different scent so that people can collect all of them. I mean, how cool can be that everyday you can use different kind of scents for you intimate part? or is it just only me? -.-' Rose claims a light sweet scent of blooming roses, for soothing and clean feeling to last the whole day. A choice for the romantic at heart.

Meet Gambir, the sweet herbal scent to provide naturally cooling freshness. Excellent for the classic sophisticated woman who appreciates the finer things in life. And yeah, lastly, 

Meet Floral, the feminine wash for refreshing and pretty blend of sweet scented flowers and ideal for women who are always happy and easy going. I think Floral will be a good choice for teens. Besides three above, Sumber Ayu also provide Orchid, Musk and Fruity scents to complete all set for feminine wash.

Don't you feel that you need to have all these in your collection? Well, I do!  So, which one is your favorite? Grab one of these at nearest drugstores at RM 3.60 (90ml) and RM5.80 (200ml). Sumber Ayu is a quality personal care products are proudly brought to you by WIPRO UNZA and it sure will never let you down. Kudos to Sumber Ayu! 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

Sexy talk part 1: AMEZ PADS ♥

Hello, Assalamualaikum, Happy Independence day MALAYSIA!

Yeppp, I finally have time to update my blog after last entry regarding with SONY Alpha Girlfriends    (CLICK HERE) well, as you know, this is another my favorite item I wanna talk about because it is connected really well with female body and needs. I know, we as woman love to talk about beauty, about makeup, dresses, heels and also, we are not shy to talk about pads. Yes, I'm talking about sanitary pads because face it, it's already 2016 and females are no longer have to be sooooo intimidated when talking about sex and anything related with supplements to feel sexy inside out. As usual, pads is very commons displays in drugstores and supermarket because we, females are not ashamed to confess that we always gonna have the period of battling with one self and vagina every month. LITERALLY. LOL 

Due to that, there are various kind of pads we can get and not to mention their limitless brands too but not all of them are worth it if it still gives itch, unpleasant smell and discomfort in daily life. So, here is another new products that perfectly sweep away all those problems within fingertips!

Introducing, AMEZ Care! a very wise solution for every girls out there to have these during that one time in every month and yeah, the products itself provide 3 various kind of pads consists of panty liner, Pads for day and Pads for overnight. Personally, I love their sweet and simple packaging. It is very easy to use with basic routine that we know every month. I don't think I need to teach you guys the steps since everyone knows the very basics of using the pads. Please don't ask me how to wear it, unless you're dude LOL

Each packaging carry same herbs scents and have antibacterial effects properties to fight against all those discomfort I mention earlier. I love herbs pads because its help me to feel fresh all day without any doubt. I mean, you can walk thousand miles and shops,eat,travel anywhere you like nothing discomfort ever happen to you. That's cool right!

I wear AMEZ panty liner and I love it. It is very easy to use and it feels fresh. The herbs smell doesn't overcome the perfumes I wear every day because I don't wanna smell herb-ishhh all the time. What's the use of spraying expensive perfumes on your clothes then? LOL

It is very thin and breathable. This also applicable to their other pads. Most AMEZ pads are using Negative Ion, Far Infrared, Nano Silver with bio herbal extract of Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Tea Plant, Chamomile and Lavender.

Their most outstanding natural herbs definitely Chamomile and Lavender extract. Chamomile acts as anti fungal and antibacterial against any infection whereas lavender helps to soothes pains and increase level of relaxation, not to mention great booster for calm relievers/mood lifters. It is good combination because in woman sensitive lady part, it is one of dangerous place that easily got infected by bacteria and mostly this problems happen for every women regardless any stages. So, wearing AMEZ pads may reduce this percentages and I bet everyone will feel extremely happy like I do when I wear AMEZ pads   

This is the overnight pads with wings. Yes, all AMEZ pads have wings to make sure you don't experience any leakage during period. It is 100% waterproof and had strong adhesive too!

This is the day pads. I actually never try the overnight and day pads yet, but I already use the panty liner everyday especially during my internship. I feel really happy with the result as sometimes I admit I had minor discharge and the stains always left on my panties. By using AMEZ panty liner, the problems is gone. Completely. Thank you, AMEZ for the amazing products! Major love!

You guys can check their facebook for more info!


P/S: Sponsored review, but I'm honest with the contents. More upcoming review products after this.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 27, 2016

Alpha Girlfriends X SONY Malaysia

Assalamualaikum, hey peeps!

Okay, just a lil reminder that this entry is one of my favorite event that I've been besides Urban Decay event (CLICK HERE) Basically, as a blogger, snapping lots of good shot require skills that need to be enhanced and sharpen to improve your picture condition. I mean, being a blogger is easy peasy, but the content of entry and pictures give big impact to readers whether they want to continue read or otherwise. I also read some blogs that the content is creative and informative, but the background kinda boring, oh I also detect some blogs that upload tonnes of picture but in very not good angle. Or maybe, I can be one of those poor blogger too T.T So, yeah I' just went through all over without finish reading it even it is from my blog LOL

Damn, the freaking gold balloon alphabet 'S' being so bitch to me that day -.- It keeps on twirling around and not cooperate compared to other alphabet. Nevertheless, the thing is not living thing, why I should bother with this? FML

Well, in order to help me to get better pictures for my feeds on Instagram and blog, I attend a photography gathering/workshop called 'Alpha Girlfriends' collaborate with SONY Malaysia. The event highlight all the their objectives that day and also introducing some of SONY cameras to public from beginner until expert type of cameras. Follow me guys!

When I went to the registration table, I noticed that this event mainly attend by chinese. Like, a lot of chinese I barely even find one of my kind there LOL but fret not, I did make friend with some of these beautiful ladies and surprisingly, they are very nice with me. Oh, I just love meet new people even though I can be quite shy sometimes. Double LOL

During registration session, the person in charge greet us warmly and we need to wrote down our email, blog link, name and etc. In exchange of giving choices of camera we want, we need to give our driving license card. Very clever move *wink*

The favorite thing I love most during the event is acquiring this baby   

Yes, it is pink Alpha 5000 SONY camera, ladies! I really excited when I got the opportunity to explore the camera thoroughly and I managed to discover new features and cool apps inside it especially for beauty effect and perfect selfie. There are 3 colors available which are pink, black and white but since I'm following the theme for that event/workshop, I opted with pink.   

Beautiful, isn't it? When I do some research about this camera, this is a good camera for beginner/noob like me since I'm not a huge fan of bringing camera for any event because face it, what's the function of smartphone if they are not for capturing moments and piccas, right? But after I went through whole day with the event, I'm really interested to buy this baby in future. Well, maybe not now but yeah, later   

Goodies bag distribution twimeee! Inside each bag consist of free pink baby-Tee, voucher for SONY camera, Book of latest SONY gadgets and this!

Free whole 16gb memory card, baby! and it is all yours LOL I just wanna come clean that during posting the pictures of SONY Alpha 5000 camera on Instagram, my friend got confused whether I got the camera for free when attending the event. HOW I WISH THAT COME TRUE :') 

But it is not, my darling. All of the participant only got the free memory card, not the camera. Damn it! Sorry for any inconvenience occurs, I got really excited until I don't know what da heck I'm replying to my friends comment FML

During that day, all the participants including me being divided into three groups because there are 3 main activities to do for this event, which are Cupcake decoration & Shooting, Food Photography and Selfie/Beauty session. Personally, I love all of it. Plus, all the refreshments provide are really delicious and lotsaaa cakes. I mean, all small cupcakes are delicious and so friggin' cute. 

Oh, the event/workshop is specific to only females. So, boys are not allowed although our MC mostly are dude. But I think, it is great that this only for girls because I can act freely as I can without feel shy to communicate with people, plus all girls are all about pretty and selfies and yeah, guys don't. Some of guys, not entirely all. Get the facts right, bitches LOL

Thank you, SONY Malaysia!

For first session, I got to dress all kimonos and Hanbok traditional garments from Japan and Korea. This session is all about perfect beauty and selfie. The camera include the apps that help to enhanced our skin tones, brightness, contrast and many more, so then all these can be apply during our outdoor photography session.

Since the hanbok I wore that day is really thick, plus the unpleasant hot weather, I decided to change to my regular outfit and voila, snap selfies time using my phone with courtesy from Salmah, the blogger/beauty vlogger from US to help me get the pictures I want during first session. How cool is that!

The camera claims to get all perfect videos and shots that looks like a pro. Oh, I wish I can show you guys the real pictures using the camera because all the pictures are stored inside memory card.

This session is my favorite because we are able to decorate our cupcakes as we please. Each person in my group (since I'mma white ribbon tribe) are been given 2 vanilla cupcakes and vanilla pink and cream icing. So, wanna see my progress in doing cupcake decoration? LOL

First attempt in making rose petal using pink icing. 

Yes, you guess it right. Second cupcake decoration almost finish. Wanna see the end result?

This session emphasize on great angle and brightness of taking foods picture. Some of the pictures we take can be disturbed or become not perfect due to shadows, bad position, lighting and adjustment of related foods with surroundings.  The MC in charge that day help us to get the perfect photos for any occasion by using Alpha 5000 SONY Camera and it turns out pretty good. 

Last session is inside Aether Cafe. This one basically cover all the amazing apps inside the camera such as white balance, focus and flash. Each function have their own specialty, so if you guys plan on buying this camera, you can always check rough guidance from SONY Malaysia website. 

Overall, I'm having major fun attend the event/workshop and I got to met with new people. So, if you guys searching for new gadget for blogging purpose or maybe other occasions, I totally recommend Alpha 5000 SONY. Thank you for the amazing opportunity SONY Malaysia   


P/S: Yes, I'm thinking to buy this after I'm settling with my lappy. All the photos I took that day using Iphone and the camera itself. I will update next event, soon!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)