April 19, 2016

Charity run | IYF2K16

Assalamualaikum, hello healthy peeps! *ececeh tetiba pulak feelin' healthy for this entry, LOL*

I got to say, this week is a definition of week of death. Dead week. ZOMBIE FREAKING WEEK! every day is a battlefield and yes, I kinda agreed with that statement. Well, only for this week because yesterday I just finished video shooting for Media biros for this coming conference on friday, two report regarding with core subject, and also survey need to be conduct for next week presentation. Yes, interview session need to be done with Yusof. Urghhh suddenly I feel tired typing this torture stuff but good point is, I'll be heading to Korea without any feeling of guilt since all my werk,werk,werk is finish. Road to final exam is coming!

I got few places to do my internship and Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to secured my intern place, and guess where is it? Is inside IIUM! How cool/kinda bit lame is that! Totally can sum up my destiny to stay and work in IIUM come true LOL I got some places to go to such as SONY, Victor Group, TELEKOM MY but I still chose IIUM because simple, it's near with my house and basically I can managed to control my pocket money every week. Oh, I also can get closer to someone too. Hi, awak! 


Currently, I'm using Huawei P8 lite smartphone, which is good for student who have budget under rm1k. I will review about this product later. About my HTC One Max? I will pour everything during that coming entry. Urgh -.-

So like, last sunday which is on 17th April 2016 where IIUM organize a charity run under International Youth Festival 2016 for about one week. If I'm not mistaken until 24th April 2016. Like I said, I'm into running this year despite I eating like mad cow everyday, but I reduce my intake when it comes to fatty foods. Well, boleh lah since that special someone keep on checking my health and my weight. Double urghh T.T So, let's see some deets and pics!

I participate this charity run with sister Ekin because our jelly dream is to shed some fats this year. Why jelly? because we still love to eat and claim we look fat. Then we exercise and we eat again. See? so inconsistent I can say LOL

The event supposed to be start at 7.15 in the morning, however, most of student woke up  late and taking their sweet ample time to go to convest hill, the starting point of the event. Yes, even Ekin and myself arrived there around 7.20. So the running start at 7.30 and finished at 9.00 We only participated the 5KM. Well it does say, fun run 5KM, so that's why we merely walk around IIUM while taking lotsaa selfie instead of running. 

Le me at starting point. Thanks Ekin for the slim effect angle LOL

Finally, we reached at finish point within one hour and half. We really enjoyed this kind of running because it's for fun and also for charity. Half of the money contribute will be given to respected organization for charity purpose. How cool is that!

Le sistur Ekin, snapped using OPPO F1. I really like this kind of smartphone, cool features for perfect selfie and capturing lotsaa memorable moment too!

We also get certificates, medal and colorful flour for ending ceremony, unfortunately we didn't attend the last event because we go straight to IYF2K16 Bazaar and load our stomach up :P

My favorite menu for that day: definitely this yummy nachos with 4 kind of sauce flavors. I love the white one, it is garlic. But damn that one is really delish!

Hey guys, do check out this one during last day of IYF2K16!

For more information, CLICK HERE for online registration ticket and CLICK HERE for FB info update.

P/S: Thank you zaza for lending me your lappy to update new entry. And yeah, kinda missin' ma blog 

P/S again: really need to create my own watermark. Using paint everytime kinda sucks. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

April 15, 2016

Feel magical with Magic Jelly, Lovera

Assalamualaikum, hey beautiful people!

I'm trying my best to publish all my pending post before the battery running out LOL yes, I'm still using my sistah nyek lappy and she's very kind to always reach home without leaving her lappy in MMU, Cyberjaya. And she's very generous to lend me her belonging because I know she love her cute, beautiful sister very much  just so you know, it's le me that beautiful sistah :3

Enough with mumble, let's get started! Currently, I'm obsess and searching any kind of serum in any online shop or drug store. Reason why I opt with serum right now and reduce my consumption on collagen because I believe that serum also give beautiful, long lasting changes gradually to our face to make us look younger and achieve radiant face. A proper serum can either make or break you, so of course I choose the most organic and less chemical serum. Right now, I'm using Vitamin C Original fluid *which I will update later* and Magic Jelly from Lovera!

I received the parcel about a week ago for review purpose. So like, here the packaging product is.

So cute right! the packaging very decent look and have nice, firm lit on top of the bottle. As you guys can see, the brand named 'Lovera' with tagline Magic Jelly, Protect Repair and Enhance. I gotta say, yes they are not kidding with the result though. I love it. But let's see more what this magic baby can do.

The back appearance for Magic Jelly. As the Lovera claimed that this non-sticky, safe, soft and easy to use product rich with  four main ingredients that gives benefits for beauty and health which are Aloe Vera *yeay, love this one!*, Cucumber, Chamomile flower and Sengkuang.  Magic Jelly also provides 25 benefits in just one bottle. Check it out!

Some of the benefits such as:-
1) Reduce Acne
2) Reduce appearance of scars and enhance dull face.
3)Good for whole body, hair, skin, heal small cut and wound.
4) Help to heal cracked/chipped lips.
5) Good for Eczema, enhance the volume of eyebrow.
6) Great product usage for makeup
7) Reduce sunburns and many more....

You guys have to check their social medias for more information about Magic Jelly :) 

As you can see, the colorless fluid is so easy to apply on the face and I got to say, I just love the smell! It's so wonderful and gives soothing effect on my face when I'm using it. It's a lil bit breazy when you apply at first, but you get use to it, eventually. Besides Magic Jelly, the company also produced another product, which is Lovera complete cleanser. The most essential element for the cleanser is Habbatus Sauda. I can't wait to try that, if I get the chance in future. It's stated on the flyer I got but I haven't try that one yet. 

My opinion about this product?

This is actually my face, without any makeup. Just Johnson baby talcum and good sunlight. Yeap, I used Magic Jelly for about one week and I totally can see the different on my face. My pores getting better and it does give glowing effect on face. My scars? I don't quite see the different very much because maybe I only use it for one week. But it's definitely getting better, that's for sure. However, glowing effect totally the one thing I love most about Magic Jelly 

This one, without good light LOL but as you can see, my makeup look really glow when I used Magic Jelly. This product is really magical! Just freaking love it 

For more information, log on to their website and Instagram. You can find lots of testimonials and feedbacks about Magic Jelly. 


I will update more. Stay tuned, dearest.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

Product review: Rozita Che Wan's collections!

Assalamualaikum, hello babydolls!

I've done with my midterm and damn, I got a very hectic week starting next week. Presentation, video shooting, another midterm *gulp*, report, interview and yeah whatever. I need to finish all that ASAP before I'm flying off to Korea.

Since, I'll be visiting the country that is very particular about beauty and whiteningggggg, like seriously. EVERYONE WHO HAVE WHITE SKIN TONE CONSIDER VERY PRETTY! So, I am really glad I can review this product range from Rozita Che Wan, or people in Malaysia known her through her nickname, Che Ta. 

Introducing, from left to right: Gorgeous, Putih Ajaib and Precious! Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to grab her latest collections for these baby since Imma big fan of beauty product. Name it, people! I try most of them. It's just a matter whether it works on me or not. LOL 

Basically, Gorgeous and Precious is her perfumes and one of the best seller ever throughout her business.

Beautiful packaging, like a mix of gold on it. Don't you just love it! 

My favorite definitely Gorgeous rather than Precious because Gorgeous is much more sexy and smell so good, as good as international EDP out there. Oh yeah, both of them are EDP and proudly made in Malaysia. Don't worry about the quality product, it is all Halal product.

The bottle look classy eventhough it is actually plastic made. Only the top, not the bottle. The bottle are glassy and can be shattered if you drop it from high place. But main disadvantage of the lit is that, it's easily broken and popped out which is quite inconvenient for me to use it everyday. So, I'm more prefer using the perfume without the lit. LOL

This one, totally my favorite! I love the long-lasting fragrance and smell so good, it keeps my body feel fresh and sexy at the same time. Perfect for first night for married couple LOL *do it, people. It is proven by the seller who sold this to me :P*

Another amazing product, which is Putih Ajaib hand & Body whitening! This one is the best ever because the product claims you will have/earn/get fair and white hand and body within 7 days and it is proven! Combination of collagen and Vitamin E are great pair. 

For better result, I apply Putih Ajaib during night and it works magically done! I just love the smell too because it's inspires by Che Ta's first perfume collection, Precious. But IDK why I kinda feel so-so when I spray precious on my body. I think Imma lotion person. So, thank you Che Ta for the great invention for turning perfumes to lotion. Much more easier and non-sticky too. Major Love 

Price range:
Gorgeous: RM35.00
Precious: RM29.90
Putih Ajaib: RM 30 something.

Check out the different level of whiteness *whiteness?* between my face and my hand. Even I'm wearing inconsistently, I still managed to get instant result. How cool is that!
The total price I bought all of them is RM100. Much more easier rather than buying independently. I totally recommended this product for other beauty bloggers and beautiful people out there to try because it's really worth every penny. I definitely opt for Gorgeous and Putih Ajaib next time I re-purchase it. 

More to come, love.

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

April 9, 2016

Sexy attack with Magnum

Assalamualaikum, hello sugar bunny munchkins!

To be freaking honest, I'mma big fan of Ice-cream, like literally any of brand from the most cheapest to the most expensive like hell. Unfortunately, my tongue is very *really?* expensive and picky because despite all those beautiful flavors and colors, I still opt with Cornetto and even pickier, Magnum! 

   I know that people have different kind of preference. Some of them might loving Haagen Daaz and Baskin Robbins but whatever, I love Magnum, anyway :3 So like, you guys already aware with the latest obsession regarding with Magnum flavor, the pink pomegranate and Black Espresso Major love for this babies but I'm not talking about it, I wanna invite you guys to try and taste the flavors of heaven in your mouth at Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley!

Here, are the piccas I took, like so yesterday because yeah, I went to Mid Valley for some blogger meeting with this amazing food apps company called ZOMATO. I will talk about this simple and easy to use, perhaps the most IMPORTANT apps for food lovers out there. Don't miss our date next time,love!

Big fan of this Magnum Art!

I love this part, where the cafe advertise their Magnum madness to attract all Magnum lover in Malaysia. It's a bundle of frames of step-by-step how you create your own Magnum 

My pick of the day, Cookie Monster Attack  (basically explain how I got that corny title LOL)

I also posted my review on ZOMATO, do check it out!

Magnum Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

 Did I mention ZOMATO provides all relevant information related with the particular restaurant or cafes? I love it. Magnum Cafe is  a cafe that definitely worth to try and perfect place to hang out with family and BFF to taste this amazing ice-cream. Well, it does work to me LOL

P/S: I will update more product reviews and especially about ZOMATO apps. Stay tuned

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

Sushi King 100th Outlet Launch X blogger invitation

Assalamualaikum, Hello beautiful people! 

Yes, I have a lot to tell you guys about my current situation now but this one is more important because it's related with foods and yes, I couldn't say NO to food, especially Japanese foods.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE SUSHI? like hellooooo, sushi is the best answer to release my tension when I super crave and obsession over Japan. Since my family and I couldn't afford to go Japan this year, so I kinda sad about it but it's okay. Sushi are very famous in Malaysia, especially Sushi King. I got a an invitation to go to their 100th outlet launch in AEON, Shah Alam and I went there with my sis nyek. So, here the sneak peek of my captures the other day, on 15th March. I know, almost a month and I barely didn't update this entry due to super busy of midterms, presentations, doodling and I don't have time to update. Damn myself -.-

Beautiful isn't it! I just freaking love all the pink colors, cute merchandise that represents sakura blooming  tree inside AEON, Shah Alam LOL

Lil info regarding about the 100th Outlet of Sushi King: 2016 marks a very special year for Malaysia’s all-time favourite Japanese restaurant as Sushi King - a subsidiary under Texchem Group - proudly launched at the new AEON Mall Shah Alam, the latest AEON to join the array of shopping malls in the Klang Valley, amidst a grand spectacle of various uniquely Japanese traditional performances.

    As the largest Japanese restaurant chain in Malaysia and having operated for 21 years, this launch marks a huge achievement for Sushi King, showing their exceptional growth in the Malaysian market, in addition to them being the pioneer in conveyor belt restaurants in the country.

   Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Fumihiko Konishi (third from right), Founder of Sushi King and Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Berhad, executing the Mochitsuki ceremony, or pounding of rice cakes to signify the launch of Sushi King's 100th outlet store in AEON Mall Shah Alam. Together with Tan Sri are (second from left) Mr Brian Tan, Group President & CEO of Texchem Resources Berhad; Ms Nur Qamarina Chew Abdullah, Managing Director of AEON Co. (M) Bhd; and Mr Akihiko Hijioka, President & COO of Texchem Restaurant Systems Sdn Bhd.

 Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Fumihiko Konishi (right) presenting a token of RM10,000 to Mr R Nantha Kumar – Chairman-Chapter of the Malaysian Red Crescent Society in acknowledgement of the good work and dedication of the Malaysian Red Crescent Society actively rendering aid to the community during times of crisis and need.

 Invited guests and bloggers enjoying the best quality and fresh Japanese cuisine that Sushi King's 100th outlet at AEON Shah Alam has to offer. 

*Too bad I didn't go and have fun, free foodies because I need to rushed back to UIA due to class at 2. So, I grab instant sushi plate, onigiri (rice balls flavored tuna, crab, chuka hotate and chuka iidako) and couple of mineral waters to shared with my sissy nyek*

Overall, the event went well and I enjoyed myself going there with my sissy nyek despite of having troubles because I barely don't know to differentiate between bloggers and media in charge for this event T.T In shaa ALLAH, soon I try my best to associate and get to know them well in future. So, wait no more guys! If you happens to crave some japanese yummy food, you know where to heading if you live nearby Shah Alam :)

Business hour: 10am-10pm
Address: Lot F06, First Floor, AEON Mall Shah Alam, No. 1, Jalan Akuatik 13/64, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Lots of love,
Miss A :)