December 16, 2015

Baked Mac & Cheese for noobies!

    Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! Wow, our days are reaching gradually toward the end of month and conclude the year of 2015. Year of happiness and sorrow. But I gotta admit, my life as a 23 years old chic is pretty decent this year. I managed to lose weight (and I gain back, again. But not so much. I think... Not cool -.-) I participated some of memorable events as well. I managed to go hiking at Broga Hill last week. I know, pretty crazy right! Next check list: Bukit Tabur and Skytrex. Such a waste that I didn't go skytrex-ing with my classmates last sem (kot) because I thought going with my IIUM close buddies are more happening. But as usual, when you plan too long, the intention got lost in middle of sea. I can't find where is hidden. FML 

   Oh did I mention that I will get a big present at the end of this December? Yesss! It's gonna be surprise and No, I will not tell you guys what it is. In shaa ALLAH, times will reveal. LOL

      So, back to topic whatsoever, I learned some new quick recipes from my friend. She teach me, well technically us *since we're making mac & Cheese using three rectangular container with some help from three friends including myself* about how to make an easy baked Mac & Cheese!If you guys a great cooker, this should be no problem making this simple dish. However I admit, I'm quite good dealing with Malay foods. But for western cuisine, I'm noob about it. So yeah, this recipes is dedicated for noobies

Baked Mac & Cheese

So here are list of ingredients to make a yummy Mac & Cheese!

1. Macaroni (any kind of brands)
2. 1 can of Prego Cheese and herbs 
3. 1 can of Prego tomato sauce
4. 50-100 ml of full milk (any brands, we are using Dutch Lady)
5. 5-8 chicken sausages. (Optional. you can replace with other frozen foods that you desires or simply do not include)
6. Minced beef. (we use Ramlee chicken burger and we smashed gently until it looks like it was minced. Whatever, at the end of day, you just wanna eat it as long it is not raw. So yeah, LOL)
7. 1 tablespoon of sunflower/olive oil, one small spoon for pepper and salt.
8. 2-3 crushed of cloves and parsley
9. Mozzarella cheese (IMPORTANT since this is a baked Mac & Cheese, we need to do some melting here with little help from oven)

Let's begin, shall we?

1. The steps are very easy to be precise after I cook it with my friends. First thing first, you need to boil a pack of macaroni and wait until 20-25 minutes. During the boiling process, you can put the tablespoon of oil. Toss it and put aside.

2. Heat up one can of Tomato Prego sauce into a pan (Please wash the tin first for health purpose) and 5 minutes later, pour all minced beef into the pan and cook for around 15-20 minutes. Make sure all the tomato sauce plated and cook well with the minced beef. Put aside.

3. Chopped all sausages into appropriate size and boiled for about 5-8 minutes. Toss all the water and put aside. 

4.Next step, like the second stage, we heat up one tin of Prego cheese and herb for 5 minutes and then we pour slowly cup of milk. Stir well and then take all the boiled sausages, splash them into a pan full of Cheese. You can put the crushed of cloves, pepper and salt into it. 

5. After that, the boiled macaroni are poured on top of tomato minced beef. Mix well, gently. 

6.Lastly, decorating time! 

First layer: Tomato minced beef with macaroni
Second layer: Sausage Cheese and herbs 
Third layer: spread some mozzarella cheese!

This recipe is slightly different from usual Mac & Cheese because my friend does not like gravy type, that is why this dish are simple and easy to make. So, if you guys does not have any menu to serve during weekends or weekdays, or during festive season I think this recipe can be apply and it sure bring lots of happiness onto love one tummy. And yeah, welcome new fat. Well, sikit-sikit boleh lah :3

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

December 8, 2015

Current favourite make up haul!

Assalamualaikum, hey loves!

I had neglected my bloggie for almost a month and I feel so,so,so,so bad about it! I'm sorry :( It's all because of overload assignments and paperwork that need to be submit within short range or period. Not to forget about my broken laptop screen too. I don't have time to go to any computer shop to repair it even though I have enough money. Yes, I spends most to unnecessary things rather than my cute laptop. FML

I'm not gonna nag much about it, so here some sneak peek that I want to publish later *after my lil sis return from her classes this friday to borrow her lappy -.-*

You guys familiar with The Face Shop product! IKR  that's how I feel when I first bought make-up from this brand. I absolutely love all of it, especially the CC cream, the pink compact inside pink box. I will definitely do review about it because that's my personal favorite. Plus, it did not irritate my pale,sensitive skin too. So, yeay me! 

Actually I'd receive this about month ago but I still don't find appropriate time to update about CiUM lipbalm product from AirAsia company. I will do the review after I finish with my works. OMG, over gila -.-

First pose \o/

Second pose :3

Third pose 

I know, I miss you guys! I miss my blog too. All the pictures I publish here are my face wearing CC cream from The Face Shop. Can't you see I'm freaking love this product! Remind me to update about this amazing CC cream. In shaa ALLAH 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

November 1, 2015

Gelato attack with Whimsical!

Hi, Assalamualaikum 

    Al-hamdulillah, my sis wedding reception went well and everything goes perfect as it be. Thank you for everyone who came and yeah, for the wishes too! Some of my friends couldn't make it whereas other experiencing bad moment while attending the wedding. I should explain in details in next entry. This entry will focus about late, or I should say, old entry that never publish because I love to write more other things rather than this one. LOL

    So, here some quick write regarding tiny and not-so-new cute cafe that opened in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. If you you guys love trying new dessert, this is one of the perfect spot to stop by.

     Excited yet? Oh yes, I do because I love cotton candy! the place name Whimsical-Gelateria & Caffe ♥ and their specialty of course, making super yummy Gelato. Gelato is like an ice-cream, but added more richness and the taste are soft and easily melt into your mouth compared to regular ice-cream. And yes, gelato is not that sweet too which is good for me to counting my calories intake. I love exercising, but sometimes I need sweet too in my body. Cheat day is the best when you're on diet. But, make sure you control food intake. 

    I went there with my baby boo, Zazareena because I'm curios to taste this cute little heaven inside the pic. The name called Candy Affogato, A mixed of cotton candy and gula melaka with a cup of espresso is such a dope. You guys should try this recommended menu when visiting Whimsical. However, I'm such a noobie *is there any words in dictionary? LOL* I ate most of cotton candy and I forgot to pour espresso on top of the mug. So yeah, basically I drank bitter espresso with gula melaka. Awkward! But I still love the presentation, though T.T

    Visiting Whimsical is not complete if you didn't order their delicious Gelato! I'm totally in love with this dessert because I just love those two balls*two balls?* on top of fluffy Belgium waffles. Green tea and dark chocolate Gelato is great combo. The price is affordable with the taste and actually you guys can choose up to three toppings of desired flavors. I wish I can eat there again, someday  

Last but not least, 

   Introducing, Vege goddess carbonara in the house! I love this one too because simple, I love cheese. My friend ordered this one because I still remember, she said that,

'Aimi, kau order yang sweet. Aku nak yang makanan heavy sebab aku lapar' -Zaza

And yeah, I remembered that I celebrate one day earlier for her 23rd birthday. Welcome to the club, bae! You're officially 23 and next year, we're getting older together T.T 

OMG, I can't believe I'm turning 24 next year. Getting closer to graduation road. Now I know the feelings of growing up. 

If you guys interested with the menu served, wait no more! come and visit this place and I'm assured you will love it (despite I only post few pics for review, I'm such a lame food blogger)

D2-G3-05, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur
Food is served from 9am to 5pm.
Phone No: 03-64190966

Facebook : WHIMSICA

P/S: Wedding post will be update. cosmetic review also will be update. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 10, 2015

Just Run!

Assalamualaikum, hey people!

Well, I don't know why I'm sooo in the mood of blogging today because I'm tremendously happy about all excitement I went through this month. And also last month :P I joined lots of running this sem (I already mentioned about this in previous entry) and I wanna share with you guys and to spread lots of healthy positive vibes for people to stay fit throughout their life. Who doesn't love our precious body? Our one and only perfect living being in this universe that ALLAH created for betterment. To carry out our duties too as a caliph, In shaa ALLAH. Always stick with words "Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Munkar" (Do all good things and leave bad things behind)

I'm not a very Islamic person, but at least I know some stuff when it comes to my religion rules. And I believe that Islam, no scratch that. All religion encourages their worshipers that in order to achieve balance life in this world and hereafter, we have to be active physically and mentally prepared. So, keep your body fit and healthy is one of the checklist for physical condition. Loves 

I used to exercise and obey some healthy diets before and Al-Hamdulillah it works for my body. And now, I feel that when I'm getting more and more ladylike, I need to take care of my body. Oh, I also want to fulfill my resolution this year. I need to get active and do exercise at least 5-6 times for 1 hours every week. 

Yup, the purpose I display my huge picca here is because later you won't be able to recognize me. And also I'm promoting new cosmetic product. Can you guess what is it? LOL 

Shall we begin?

I joined Kaed run on 16th September 2015.The place of event at Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED). It's started around 7.45 a.m and finish at 11. Actually, this is the first time I joined a huge event that involved with healthy stuff since I'm always attracted more on shopping and fatty foods in previous sem. So, I'm determined to reduce at least 10-15 kgs this year. I left only 2 months to go, so like wish me luck guys!

Every running events regardless inside or outside IIUM, they always provide kits for all participants. So, Kaed run also one of it. 

They also provide us with certificates and gifts for all winners. LOL I'm one of the winner bebeh!

*JK, it's actually the prize for Diba, but she didn't want it. So she gave it to me*

Cute mug with some chocolates inside it. Great, you just made us run and now you want us to gained fats again? -.-

Kaed run was amazing, but not as excited as Stuff run!

Today, on 10th October 2015, is one of big day for all Malaysians since the event is same date as Hari Sukan Negara Malaysia. All places are doing a lots of games and sports just for sake of being fit.All ages are welcomes and yes, IIUM is one of them too!

Yeahh, this is our face(Anis, Ekin and I) when you've been splash with tons of rainbow flours. The dirt is really hard to rid of and I need to scrub real hard to diminish most of dirt that cover my sensitive, pale zombie face T.T

Just like Kaed run, Stuff run also provides the same kits. Event shirt, medal finisher and certificates, breakfast and also lunch(available for KR). Totally worth it!

Today event is located at Sayyidina Hamzah stadium, nearby male sport complex. This is our look because we are allowed to throw those flours after running. LOL

Why I shut my eyes in this picca? LOL

Basically, this all for today entry and I can't wait to join more running event after this. Next pit stop in my fit list:-

1)Tesl Batik Run
2) Aikol Run
3) Forest trail Run
4) Isetan Run
and many more!

Oh yes, I forgot to say that Kaed Run and Stuff Run that I joined are for 5km. Actually they open for two session, but I choose the easy-medium level. I'm not that expert to go running for 10-16km. That's very tense for me and my body to embrace. It's okay, practice makes perfect babydoll!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 3, 2015

Momzy birthday celebration

Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

    Okay, tonight I'm just gonna update my blog with lotsaa love just for my mom. I know my mum probably not gonna read my blog, but I don't mind. This is my blog anyway LOL Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys! I've been receiving some product to be review and its related with beauty and health. Definitely not gonna miss our date in future, okay? ♥ 

   Cut the chase!Basically, this entry should be published on September since my mum is a Virgo babe, but I don't have time to upload enormous piccas into my sis's notebook and also I'm pretty occupied with other unnecessary things that I shouldn't supposed to involve with. Double LOL 

    Every year, we definitely will celebrate our mum birthday. And this year, we didn't forget the tradition. We celebrated in Halia, Sime Darby convention centre. Actually, I never knew there is a fine-dining restaurant located in that place since the place is well known for exhibition, wedding and other events that need to be celebrate exaggeratedly. Beware, this entry gonna slap you with thousands of piccass T.T

So, here the signboard that I captured that day. We ate here, a day before my mum birthday *if i'm not mistaken* so, wanna see the decoration?

Beautiful isn't it! It's so simple and classy. You feel so relax when sitting there. Sorry, I didn't take much for the whole room since my foot goes straight to food center ♥ 

Here comes all the foodies!

Some of the foods I took that day. Like usual, I'm photographing most of the foods for my bloggie material. And yeah, I ate all the fruits first before proceed with other yummy foods because it's one of sunnah from our noble Prophet Muhammad :)

Pizza, seri muka and fried banana also been served. My sis eat this since I'm more interested in other delicious foods.

I think this one is quite different compared to other foods I eat that day. Actually, my lil sis consumed this food that called 'mee in pan' Or something, I just came out with the idea for title. Silly me :P

I love this simple dessert. Pancake with maple syrup + ice cream on top. Who doesn't love this kind of lil heaven enter into your fat mouth!

The bread pudding with custard sauce is a big flop, like ever *thumbs down* The sauce is way tasteless and too milky. It didn't make a great combination with that fluffy pudding. Better try harder, Halia's chef. I really love your food, but not this. 

MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE, NO, HIGHLIGHT dish of the day. Baked mussel cheesy. I freaking love this one!

Hello birthday girl! Love you mama. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices you have done these all years. I love you to moon and back ♥ 

Besides Halia, we also eat in Sushi King for fun. I still remember, it was my lil sis treats since she get an opportunity to withdraw some of her ASB's money from account. This is one of the great investment nyeks. Cheers!

I love sushi. The one who despise sushi because they have thoughts that sushi is all raw foods, you're real lame, partner. So sad. So shame LOL

And that night, we surprised our mum with this cutie cake from Baskin Robbins! We really glad that mama is really happy with our ice-cream cake choice. Who doesn't love cookies and cream right? 

And to wrap up that beautiful night, 

My mum bought all these for her birthday gift. I think she spends almost rm2k and I'm thinking dayummm like seriously! But it's okay, as long as she happy, we all happy for her. Happy birthday mama ♥ 

P/S: I think I will stop writing about #Aimiturn23 since it's no use writing those bitter moments. Well, just some part of it. Not all of them. But I'm getting bored to write about entry related with my birthday. Aimi, you're already 23. Cut it out. Act like a matured lady okay, dear self? T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 27, 2015

Product review: Favorite body care

Assalamualaikum, hi loves!

I know, I freakingggg know that I left my blog unattended due to busy schedules for this sem. Well, yeah currently I am in first sem, final year student. Oh gosh, I'm getting closer to hold graduation hat and robe. And graduation scroll looks so near to me now. Like seriously :3

Al-Hamdulillah, this year I try to look and be fit as far as I can. I mean, it's getting bored that I keep talking about exercise but I didn't do anything to achieve it. So, I try to set some goal to lose weight. So far, I'm in track. I control my food intake. I'm focusing more to eat during breakfast + dinner (little quantity compared to breakie), do any cardio workout at least one hour and above, and what's interesting the most for this sem? I join a lot of running events held by IIUM society. I'm already participate in KAED run due to KAED week and next checklist is stuff run! IDK why is it call as Stuff run, but heck with that! As long as it related with activities that burns calories, I'm good to go!

I still have pau cheek. I'm not gonna feel shy about that LOL

So, back to topic. I'm excited to write this beauty review based on product that I use, currently. Actually, it were from the same owner who invented the CC Cream that I wrote in previous entry >CLICK HERE

I'm very impressed that the owner managed to diversify her products not only for makeup, but also body care. Let's check it out!

Beautiful decoration, isn't it? LOL I did that. Good job, aimi *pat back gently* I bought all of the product range which are coffee scrub soap, Scrubs, day and night Lotion and lastly, Shower cream. I love all of them!

Close up for the products. Don't you just love their cute packaging since they stick with monochrome theme ♥ 

    At first, the owner only produced these two before she expand her products. I fell in love with these scrub as soon I applied onto my body. I keep on changing using it everyday. Means that, on Monday I feel like wanna use Dry Away scrub. The next day, I will use Detox scrub. And the pattern continues everyday. Get it? LOL FML 

   Detox is being used to get rid of toxins and impurities, whereas Dry away is specialize in minimize dry and dull skin. I love their smells! Basically, it derives from coconut oil, charcoal and milk extract. These properties are really famous when it comes to body care.

Lids for the scrubs. Well, hello there Wear White! Wear white is a day cream lotion that rich with natural sun proof SPF 30 with touch of citrus extract. You can see instant white result when applied it on your body. Mostly, I use and rub on my hands. I love the smell too. It's so good!

Close up for the packaging. It's simple and easy to bring anywhere you want. I always bring day lotion every time I go to class or standwalk *standing and walking* under sun. I mean, SPF is really important right? I'm using coffee scrub soap if I feel like I want to. I feel my skin becomes smooth after scrubbing my face using the soap. Actually, coffee is really great in deactivate acne and active in scars appearance. So far, the coffee soap that I use almost finish because it's really tiny, only around 30 gram. 

    I LOVE DREAM WASH! Dream Wash is one of the best shower cream I used so far besides Lifebuoy and Nivea shower conditioner LOL The smell is based with coconut and milk extract, just the same ingredients used in scrub. The smell is very mild and not strong which is good thing since it natural and home made recipe. Sometimes if I don't want to scrub my body, I'm just using shower cream to replace and replenish smoothness of my body. Dream Cream, on the other hand is a night lotion that can moisturize your whole body and help to have deep, calm sleep after long tired day. Just like coffee scrub soap, I'm also rarely use Dream Cream since I'm not a very lotion type of person, but I still apply it if I feel like I want to and the effects is great. Still, I love both!

     I've already repeat buying scrubs from this shop because the quantity is heavy, 700 ml for each and the price is only rm35. Don't you find it is really cheap! I buy all of these and still under my budget expectation. If you guys wanna try, go and follow them.


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 11, 2015

Current Mood

Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

Casual conversation between a guy and me.

Aimi: Jangan risau lah, Anas! in shaa ALLAH perancangan ALLAH itu baik. You will find better. Eh entah-entah nanti hang banyak scandal keliling pinggang. Lelaki kan perangai macam tu sikit *smirk face*
Anas:No, that's a boy. Not a man.
Aimi: Anas, nak tanya. 
Anas: Yes?
Aimi: Kalau berkaitan dengan CURANG, guy yang CURANG, So is that mean he is a boy, and not a man?
Anas:That's a boy lah. Fikir main-main je. A man will say the love words through her parents.
Aimi: Wow *amazeball*

Some deep shit I realize today. LOL 

Al-hamdulillah, thank you Anas. Nice words even you're just below me. You're super matured compared to me and hats down for that :)

Current mood: Crushing for someone. IDK why, but I kinda miss you. Hiks 

Al-Hamdulillah for everything. May ALLAH bless. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 22, 2015

Fresh start

Assalamualaikum, hiyyahh people!

Finally. Breaking free from any bullshitz, any speculation, any betrayal, any stupid assumptions, any stupid feelings that I'm not supposed to develop at first place. In shaa ALLAH, Allah knows best and I'm just hoping that everything work well between us. You go in your path, and I'm in my way. 

Is not necessary to promise everything if you're not on board and couldn't make those promises came true. Jangan berjanji, jangan pandai cakap tapi last-last you cheated on me. Don't judge me like I'm the whore here. You know nothing about me, my past and my feelings. You just don't.

Thank you abang Aidil for your advice. Aimi akan ingat sampai bila-bila. In shaa ALLAH, one day. One fine day :)

Dear you,

I gotta say now that I'm also naturally feels that you're not even worth it to get know, blend and meet at first place. With you, a lots of drama happened and at the end, you think you're the victim. Urgh, please -.- 

After we're done, I heard a lot about you but idgaf about it because we're over. ada hikmah disebalik semua benda ni terjadi. I'm free for the first time. ever :) Thank you!

Now, I can focus with my study as final year student and thinking of studying abroad. In shaa ALLAH. Dear someone, wait for me. I'm coming to you as fast as I can after I reached everything in my life. LOL

May ALLAH bless everything.

Live as single lady sure give you chills because almost everyone want to flirt with you. Oh god, I hope I'm strong to handle all these bullshitz from guys out there T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 5, 2015

#Aimiturn23 part 3

Assalamualaikum and hi loves!

I'm gonna make this entry as smooth and quick since the battery of this lappy almost reach its limit and damn my sis told me that her lappy need like one day and a half to complete charge. It's insane to hear right? but that's the truth. ASUS, you're sucks as hell -.-

So, here are some of the birthday presents I got from special people in my life during my birthday. 

First of all, I would like to say thank you for your sincerity of loving and care for me even though I sometimes hurt you with my words, my attitudes, the way I expressed my love towards you is kinda different from any girls that you know, probably. This presents actually comes from me and him. Well, surprise things happen is that we're both March babies so I was thinking, why not exchanging gift with each other ♥ At the end, I received enormous perfumes and also birthday treat from him *which I will write in next entry*

I'm in love with most of the perfumes that I got especially from Balmain Paris. The smell is super nice and have sweet scent with touch of vanilla-ey mixed cinnamon perhaps? LOL but I just love sweet strong smell. Some of my perfume collection mostly comes from Paris Hilton brand because damn her perfumes are all smell very sweet! 

He bought Purr from Katy Perry, Jimmy Choo, Extatic Balmain Paris and some of miniatures we got for free from Lady Million, Repetto and Karl Lagerfeld body lotion. In exchange, I gave Pierre Balmain set of belt and wallet which the price is quite cheaper compared to my gifts. Big LOL 

Another meaningful yet very cute gift I got from my babygirls since we're in elementary school! Her name is Athirah Azizan and she set a perfect picnic bash for me after two weeks of my birthday date. It's actually more like belated birthday celebration but whatever, I still love it! Who doesn't love dream catcher right?  *I will update about this later, in shaa ALLAH*

My twinny girlfriends Afiqqah and Syafiqah Eskandar celebrated my birthday too in Murni restaurant where we enjoy having Mee Raja since that it's the most favorite dish people order during dining or lunchies in this restaurant. I also love the dessert Roti canai + Vanilla ice-cream on top 

Since we're cake lover and we don't wanna have whole of 1kg cake, why don't we just bought different cakes and stick it together! Ahaahh, that's how my family do baby! My sister bought all these to celebrate most of March babies in our little family *Dearest papa, abang, Aisya and me* Mine is red velvet one and I loving it. Thank you sis!

We can never, EVER say no to pizza during birthday celebration! LOL this lovely meals is came from my mother. After all she gave the presents, she pampered her daughter all over again. Thanks mum!

Another picnic bash set up from my gorgeous girls Hanani and Athirah *again* for our birthday celebration. OUR? yup, we''re celebrating Athirah's birthday during that time and I'm truly grateful that the picnic went well and gosh, I love you girls!

So, here the entries regarding #Aimiturn23 if you guys miss it!

Part 1 >>CLICK HERE<<
Part 2 >>CLICK HERE<<

Lots of love,
Miss A :)