July 30, 2019

LENNOX #LoveYourSkin Collagen Workshop

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum everyone!

WOWWWWWW, we’re almost approaching month of August and I’m really excited and lil bit stress due to workload coming all ways from blog posting deadline, Instagram’s engagement,editing more beauty videos, my hell work life….aishhh everything need to be settle immediately before end of August because! My family and I will head to Jeju, Korea this year! LOL

I know,yeah,yeah, I know I just travelled to Thailand this early time of year 2019 for BTS concert and short vacay with mumzy (just the two of us), but for family vacay, it is a MUST for us especially during September because my mumzy birthday is on 8th September. Last year, we celebrated her birthday in Perth, Aussie and this year, In shaa ALLAH, Jeju :) Since I already traveled to Korea three years ago, so yeah, I’m heading back to my third favorite place on earth (My forever homie- Japan and Malaysia come next) and I can’t wait to explore lots of beautiful things and nature in Jeju *Excited mode intensified* But! Anyway, I gotta finish my priority first, cleaning my bedroom LOL JK

(I’m not a messy person, okay scratch that, I am)

Last week, I did some spring clean all over my room and that’s include my favorite beauty stuff, the cupboard full with makeup and skincare thanggg XD when I look back all the makeup that I collect and used, I felt lil bit emotional because as I’m growing wiser and mature, all beauty makeup is just a phase. Three years ago, I’m such a huge fan of makeup, and I still remember my skin is really plump, clean and acne-free. I used to have like, three dots(pimples, such a bitch) on my cheeks and will gone about 2-3 days afterwards. That’s show how good my skin during my younger days, but now, my skin still looks great as I’m invested more towards skincare but I gotta admit, all kind of skincare also doesn’t help that much if your body and skin appearance started to shows slow wrinkles, fine lines and require longer times for skin to heal after having major breakout, from  there, I know, not only outside matter, but inside of our body too. I used to consume healthy supplements when I’m at age 20 and above and then at certain point, I started to feel discourage to do that because I found new love which is makeup. I believe makeup can cover every damn imperfection on my skins, but I’m major wrong on that. Boy, I’m stupid AF to even remind back those moments. Now, as I’m approaching late end of 20s, I NEED & I MUST pick up back all my youth, my confidence to stay bare-face all the times during my University life.

   Since I know there’s a lot of beauty/healthy supplements sold in bulk in market with amazing marketing ads, people tends to buy without seek any professional or consultations from doctors. And I thank God for sure, I’m not that stupid to follow and buy supplements just to follow current beauty trends. Even though I love to try new things when any beauty makeup/supplements drop, but I do know and I will always love is this beautiful supplement brand called ‘LENNOX’.

     Pleaseeeeeeee! Don’t deny it that you guys never heard about this brand, it is sell most of the time in Guardians, Watsons, and nearby pharmacies either in packs or bottles. But if you guys still never know about this brand, LENNOX has always come with big giant bottle as their classic signature packaging and people tend to see it anyway because it’s beautifully decorate with pink colors LOL (I mean, come on, it’s pink!) LENNOX is one of amazing beauty collagen/beauty supplements that my older sissy Mok introduced to me during my early days and until today, if someone ask me about good collagen, I will definitely recommend LENNOX because LENNOX used to be my jams and I just love the taste of the beauty drink, the main star is Kyouho grape juice concentrated, and OMG, Kyouho Grape is one of the most expensive grapes that sell in market because of its goodness, widely use in Japan collagen supplements that benefits your body and skin in long terms.

   I do believe that any collagen that certified with doctors approval, either it is originally created raw/manual or using technologies advance, both are equally fine to eat/drink. Consuming collagen can keep your face beautiful but please bear in mind; stick with one you trust the most and safe for your health too. And therefore, without doubt, I choose LENNOX as my love :)

     I got an opportunity to go to workshop/beauty event under The Butterfly Project and LENNOX’s team last week to experience and know more about LENNOX brand. I mean, I already know the goodness of LENNOX’s collagen but the most exciting part is, all beautiful butterflies will experience different kinds of LENNOX’s collagen drink testing and …. (I’ll tell you guys very soon, keep on reading!) There are two major reasons why I personally recommend to people to try LENNOX collagen, because First, all of LENNOX’s products are made using natural, organic and carefully selected ingredients that are proven to safe and effective for everyone’s well-being (I mean, technologies usage specifically from Japan is always the best!) and secondly, all of LENNOX’s collagen uses aqueous marine collagen, which is 100% water soluble and has a low molecular weight for better digestibility. Therefore, it is much easier to dissolve easily and absorbed by the body. Some of collagen require pills and sometimes its taste yucks! But LENNOX made it easy to consume to everyone and age-friendly too!

Literally, IDK about other beauty/health supplements brand range, but LENNOX has 5 products in their collagen range which are:-

LENNOX FirmUp+ (For Whitening)

    LAID EASEEEEEEE, this is my ultimate favorite when I first consume collagen drink from LENNOX. The taste stills the same and instantly still become my first love. Ahhh, how time flies :) LENNOX FirmUp+ is suitable for those who want fairer skin. The addition of CoQ10 and Grape Seed Extract, a strong antioxidant that protect skin from damaging UV rays that may cause aging, and therefore I’ll need this back to regain my youth. LOL

And, the best part is, this collagen comes with a bottle and also powder in a form, that indicates as antioxidants and better to mix well both and drink immediately to remain the total freshness and effectiveness of the beauty drink. Yeay!

LENNOX FirmUp+ Men (To Fight Oily Skin)

    Well, well, well, dear men, your time are up! According to research, men’s skin is 15%-20% thicker than women’s skin. I think this is true because men do lots of heavy works and expose too much with harsh environment compared to ladies (but kudos to strong women out there who are doing the same shitz like men do) So, LENNOX FirmUp+ Men is specially formulated for men who lead busy lives and are looking for a fuss-free skin regime that works. Just like previous one that made for ladies, LENNOX FirmUp+ Men also come with a bottle and powder to mix and drink together. Main Ingredients are Cactus Extract & Maritime Pine Bark extract, that helps to reduce excessive oil secretion and keeps skin feeling hydrated. I found out from the workshop event that Cactus extract contains high levels of antioxidants that prevent skin damage and I think that, Cactus tree/plant itself in nature display wonderful hydration properties as it can survive in extremely dry conditions and are able to store water well Whereas Maritime Bark Extract help to reduces redness and inflammation of the skin. Oh, cool!

LENNOX FirmUp+ Forte Gold (For Hydration)

    For my beautiful ladies/readers who just hit 40, don’t worry, sometime life begins at 40 :) but sadly your skin is not. So, FirmUp + Forte Gold that famous with Ceramides is the perfect choice to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Ceramides are lipid molecules found in high concentrations within cell membranes in the upper layer of skin. They hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and holds moisture, acts as barrier against bacteria. This beauty drink transforms dry and saggy skin by improving the moisture-locking function plus, slowing down the effects of aging and stress leaving your skin moist and hydrated.

LENNOX FirmUp+ EX (For combined effect of Whitening + Hydration)

    FirmUp+ EX is specially formulated to give the skin double benefits of whitening and hydration. Packed with antioxidants such as Sakura essence and Grape seed extract to fight free radicals and protected from harmful sunrays. Sakura essence possesses whitening properties that help to lighten uneven skin pigmentation caused by UV rays. Besides that, FirmUp+ EX also introduces another secret ingredient which is Apple Stem Cell to renew and repair aging skin cells. As a result, skin will stays youthful and supple. I mean, it’s like killing two birds in one stone. I’m soooo in for this LENNOX shitz for life! LOL JK (but am I? *winks*)

LENNOX Collagen 5000 (Low-Calorie, Easy-to-use collagen powder)

    I actually never try collagen powder because most of the times is in liquid form but LENNOX encourages me to try and go outside my usual form! Oh, and If you are looking for a low-calorie and convenient way of consuming collagen, try LENNOX Collagen 5000. It is made from high quality fish collagen peptide/Aqueous Marine Collagen originated from Japan that dissolves readily in any beverage to acts as moisture protection for the skin to feels elastic, supple and firm. The best part, its gets easily absorbed by the body. LENNOX Collagen 5000 can be mix with your favorite juice, milk or yogurt, the perfect collagen to a whole delicious and guilt-free treat.

Okay, the moment I’ll be waiting for! Remember when I said besides learning different kind of Collagens from LENNOX, we also got another exciting activity to try out, it is….




    Baking time with LENNOX! Holy smokes, this activity is actually really interesting because as a sweet tooth like mine, dessert hunting is my favorite thing in the world, but now we all have the opportunity to bake and using LENNOX as star ingredients is a total YASS! TBH, I never bake, I never, ever bake in my entire fucking life because I only know how to eat sweets messily, not getting messy to bake sweets. Get it? LOL (I swear I'm funny...sometimes) All the butterflies who attend the baking workshop looks good handling their cooking items and I really try my best to make the best Berry SoufflĂ© cheese like everyone else because like I said, this is my first :)

    I actually already made a cooking video and I posted in my latest post on my INSTAGRAM. Feel free to check it out guys! Here are just some sneak peek of my cooking experience and I gotta say, my Berry Souffle cheese taste good! Super good that I think, I ate all of’em in home too because we all got to bring back our sweets to share with love one. Unfortunately, I am the one I love the most, So yeah, don’t mind if I eat ‘em all!

    So, now y’know that LENNOX Collagen can be used in any kind of purpose, I have an exciting news loves! Do you know that month of August 2019 is marked as LENNOX Collagen month? And this whole month campaign tagline is ‘Love Your Skin’! why don’t you try yourself out? Oh- wait, why is called ‘Love Your Skin’? It is simply because this campaign becomes a good reminder to everyone because sometimes we tend to forget ourselves and too busy coping up with busy environment and eventually, neglects that our skin deserves extra need nourishment and self-care.

    Our skin is a part of who we are, so healthy skin is worth every bit of your investment. When you feel healthy, you’ll look beautiful naturally. Trust me, I’ve been there and I wanna regain back what I lost. I hope I’m still not too late to always remind myself, my body is the most precious gift that God created for me. I want to use it until the end of time and lil help from self-care doesn’t hurt, isn’t it? :)

    For this wonderful month (of course, self-care and holiday mode for my family and I LOL) Stay tuned to  LENNOX FACEBOOK PAGE  or LENNOX WEBSITE for an incredible discounts on a different product each week and on top of that, stand a chance to win awesome LENNOX products when you take part in any buy and win contest. The more people joins, the more merrier this campaign right! Have fun loves!



#LoveYourskin #LennoxMalaysia ##butterflymsia #abccookingstudiomy 

P/S: I can’t wait for this campaign, I’m sure you will too. Let’s feel beautiful and handsome together, okay *hugs*


July 18, 2019

Make-It-Glow Series X PIXY Malaysia media launch

Hello my loves, My beautiful readers, Assalamualaikum :)

WOW, I gotta pat my back really hard and slap my face couple of times because again, I miss out to write more updates about my pending post (there’s a lot I wanna share with you guys, but hell I’m busy with tonnes of works and my lazy ass didn’t help me either LOL) but don’t worry, I still update my current mood/pictures on my INSTAGRAM (since IG is my second love after blog, and less writing too LOL JK) but whatever it is, I still thanks to some of PR that still invites me to go to beauty events/workshop and all kind of girly things that I love because without this blog, I don’t know what will I do. Blog is my sweet escape when it comes to release stress/tension with office works. So, thank you bloggie :3
In recent event launch that I went located in Colony KLCC, it is all about being glowy and fresh vibes with lil hint of rose gold theme! The product launch is none other than beauty brand, PIXY!

PIXY came up with Make-It-Glow Series (MIG) that enable our skin, all of beautiful people out there regardless genders to radiate and glow at any time throughout the day with just single application. Available exclusively at all Watsons Malaysia, MIG is made up of three different types of base makeup, which consists of Make-It-Glow (MIG) Dewy Cushion, Make-It-Glow (MIG) Silky Powdery Cake and Make-It-Glow (MIG) Beauty Skin Primer. Wow, there’s a lot of beauty glow for you to achieve glowy wowy look!

Take your glow look to next level with these bitches as PIXY claimed all MIG contain moisturizing botanical extracts such as Olive Oil, Jojoba and Yuzu extract that give the skin a healthy complexion and natural-looking glow without compromising the coverage. PIXY’s MIG Series is part of the new rebranding for PIXY commencing this year in creating a clear brand positioning and relevance towards the current and overall cosmetics category targeting the trends of the youth lifestyle and showcasing the brand’s new image of feminine, simple, chic and modern.

Formulated with Light Reflection Technology that is seamlessly embedded into the MIG series, the radiant effect is produced when light bounces off the skin. Working together with this special technology is the Smooth Polished Powder that blends into the skin to give the base makeup a longer lasting staying power, thereby allowing makeup to stay intact for up to 10 hours. But, the most important part is, all products have SPF with a range of 23 to 35, coupled with PA++ to PA+++ for optimum skin protection from the harmful UVB and UVA rays. I mean, come on! SPF is super important for your skin and PIXY just make it better for you guys who looking for makeup and SPF protection at same time.

Idk about you guys, but ever since I’m growing wiser and prettier these day (Don’t laugh, I mean it every word) Makeup is just not my cup of tea anymore and I’m more invest over skincare. Having a hella great skins and that’s show how unbelievably beautiful your makeup can look, and thus, there’s word said, “The beauty industry is now seeing a major shift towards a beauty trend many dubbed as “glowy,” “dewy” or “glossy” exist.  

During the PIXY “Make-It-Glow” series media launch event, the media and beauty influencers had an opportunity to witness the launch of the new make-up series and also a “glow” make-up tutorial session with make-up guru Teyn Athirah using PIXY’s “Make-It- Glow” base make-up products. The winner of the #PIXYMakeItGlow Contest Review was also announced, where the ten key influencers were requested to upload their photos of their face with a sunray touch & a natural glowing look using medium and close-up angles and invite their fans to join the contest as well with hashtag #ThewayIGlow. The top 3 winners are then selected based on the best 3 photos with the #ThewayIGlow statement (how they glow inside out). The winners received make-up beauty boxes, PIXY MIG boxes and Watsons vouchers. Congrats to all winners!

Present at the event were Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia, Shinichi Takata, Senior Executive Director of Mandom Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, Tokushi Misawa, Marketing Division General Manager of Mandom Malaysia, Thoren Tan, Trading Director of Watsons Malaysia and Caryn Tan, Sales Division General Manager of Mandom Malaysia.

“As for PIXY, Mandom uses its cosmetics expertise and technology to develop quality cosmetics for Asian women. PIXY products are created with the Japan quality standards with formulations that are compatible and clinically tested safe for the Asian women's skin starting from its very first based series which is UV Whitening Perfect Fit series and now Make It Glow series! We are grateful to be able to launch PIXY Make It Glow series in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No. 1 Drugstore / Pharmacy, we have trusted and valued Watsons’ support for the brand. As of today, we have expanded to more than 500 Watsons stores nationwide and available via online. Now, I am excited to announce the new series of PIXY - the Make It Glow range, our first premium based series!” said by Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia.

Some selfies and refreshments during the event :)

Move along, 

The “Make-It-Glow” MIG series base make-up products consists of:

Make-It-Glow Dewy Cushion (15g)

 Priced at RM54.90, Packaged in a convenient cushion form for easy access and reapplication of makeup, this base product flawlessly covers blemishes and evens out facial skin tone to give the skin a natural glowy look. The light texture and high coverage of the product ensures that the skin continues to radiate for up to 10 hours without the oily feeling. Available shades include 101 Light Beige, 201 Neutral Beige and 301 Medium Beige.

Make-It-Glow Silky Powdery Cake (10g)

Where, priced at RM 34.90 with refill at RM24.90. This two-way cake powder that works in replacement of a foundation applies on softly and seamlessly onto skin, without comprising on coverage and glow. Embedded with the fine particles of Smooth Polished Powder, the product blends into the skin to give it a natural “no makeup” makeup look that lasts up to 10 hours. Due to its lightweight and easy-to-apply nature, the product is perfect for those who are looking for a fuss-free high coverage powder that can be used daily. Available shades include 101 Light Beige, 201 Neutral Beige, 301 Medium Beige and 401 Sandy Beige.

Make-It-Glow Beauty Skin Primer (25ml)

Last baby from MIG series, priced at RM28.90, help to ensure long-lasting base makeup, one of the not-to-be-missed products before anything else is the primer. PIXY’s Make It Glow primer specially works to cover uneven skin tones as well as to camouflage dark spots or wrinkles, thus brightening up overall complexion of the face with just one product. Encapsulated with moisturizing properties as well, this primer is the perfect combination with either the Make-It-Glow Dewy Cushion or the Make-It-Glow Silky Powdery Cake for that perfect, healthy-looking skin.

This product series is available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia stores and Watsons Online, go check ‘em out! I will definitely do some swatches and post on my INSTAGRAM very soon. See you on next update, loves!



July 4, 2019

Laneige Moisture To Power ♥

Hello my love, Assalamualaikum, Sending lots of love 

It's been a while I left my blog and I'm missing my cute blog when I'm not around. Plus, one of the amazing event that I went just for beauty bloggers community is still in draft, still in there, just wait! almosttttt okay! Ehiks

Since this event is basically a public event, I think last week everyone kinda knew about this already and duhh, it's one of big brand skincare in Korea too. Yup, as you guys can see the title, is Laneige bitches!

I went to the public event with one of my beauty content creator baby, Keera and we got to experience the new Water bank essence series, where the bank cream and bank essence formula are been upgraded with natural Green mineral Water extracted from 6 Super Vegetables nutrients and with combination of water Zipper technology helps made it even better and few games are also included to make the event happening and appropriate for all ages to comes and enjoy themselves. so do I!

There are several checkpoints that we need to scan before proceed to next one. But my most memorable one are included below.


each of the balls represent the micro particles essence of Laneige new improve water bank and at the end of session, we got to score any ball here for free goodies! I got two size of Hydro essence water bank and it's really good! Besides games, there also got wonderful photo booth to snap pic for the sake of grams LOL

To match with the Laneige event main color or whatever, I go there dressing up with baby blue. Man, I look awkward but I look cute at same time. OMG, is that even posible? *flip tudung*

Laneige Moisture to Power public roadshow/event also emphasize the 'Waterful Sharing Campaign' where every RM10 proceeds from every NEW Water Bank Cream sold will be contributed to provide clean waters in rural villages. ANDDDDDD! you also got an opportunity to DIY your free A5 size bottle with 'Refill Me sticker!' *while stock last, and I'm sure its already done since the events already finish LOL*

I got my short skin consultation during my visit to Laneige Moisture to Power booth and I found out my skin is lil bit combo with oily and dry on cheeks area. I mean, no surprise there due to my sedentary lifestyle in office that AC open 24/7. So I kinda know that I need to get the water bank series for myself. TBH, I started using Laneige products two weeks before Eid and my skin appearances looks good! even my beautician mummy who doin' my lashes also notice that I my skin looks amazing. I think my main product that I used are the Laneige Cream skin Refiner toner, Water sleeping mask, lip mask and both essence and moisturizer of Hydro series from water bank from Laneige beauty workshop. I try my best to change my skincare routine because apparently I wanna look good when I'm not wearing any makeup. I wanna be comfortable with my own skin. And that's when Laneige happen. Damn, why I never try these babies before?  (I mean, I did tried but just temporary, then I switch to other weird beauty skincare and harms my skin in long term FML FML FML)

Auwww baby 

End of the event, I managed to grab amazing deals for Laneige Water bank series and since I already know that my skin is adaptable with Hydro instead of cream type (this one much suitable for dry to normal skin) I grab the full size with price around RM395 (for all items) instead of the original price (around RM470 plus) so yeah, it's good deal! I'm not suggesting you guys to try Laneige, but that's exactly what I'm said LOL 

P/S: Laneige products have become my favorite one,I'm not kidding, It is really good! I'm hoping my skin will look great and acne free during my wedding day. Maybe I can try other range from Laneige too when my age become wiser and prettier soon :P but now, I'm sticking with Laneige Water bank Essence set. And that toner? MY SKIN SAVIOR! MY HERO! get it while you can, bitches!

Double P/S again: You can actually grab lots of amazing deals in ALTHEA KOREA website because the price are cheap and you'll get to collect lots of cute boxes and samples too.

Cheers & Kisses,