January 22, 2016

Product review: Aura CC cream and BB water cushion TheFaceShop

 Hello! Assalamualaikum and happy new year everyone! LOL I KNOW I'mma bit late to update new entry for this new and fresh year T.T I really hope everyone is doing great and have an awesome weekend. Oh yeah, selamat hari Thaipusam too, Malaysia still a great country despite having gov corruptions and stuff. Oops

So, yeah. I'm 24 this year, freaking 2 to the 4 and I'm still reading manga -.- but I found that, all the reading and learning purpose about Japanese pays off since I will visiting Japan this spring. Dayummm, I can't wait to capture lots of sakura blooming flower and selfies 123748378279 times when I visit there. I'm totally sure I spam a lot on my IG. I'm planning to go Korea too during Autumn season. Pray I managed to gather all my savings before this upcoming October 

Okay, cut all craps. I mentioned before that I will update my blog regarding with latest obsession right? I'm officially in love with all The Face Shop (TFS) products especially their makeup, girls! Like holy crap, Why da heck I'm not aware with their existence before??!

You see there? CC cream and BB water cushion  Major love much!

As you guys can see, the CC cream is a pink compact, whereas BB cushion is the white, circle one. I also include the packaging and also brief review about the fillings I got for free when I purchase both. I'm not really sure the exact date I bought all these baby, I think around August-Sept last year.

The front view 

Back view with some of Korean words description regarding with the products.Since I fond very much with Japan, I quite sure I don't have to understand Korean words. But yeah, I still can speak lil bit of their languages too.

Here, I want to brief about CC cream code that I wear, which is 02. Aura Color control cream that pack with SPF 30++ helps to brighten your complexion and keep your morning makeup intact without darken your skin. This is unbelievably true because between these two, I love CC cream better for better coverage and nice blend during application. Usually I squeeze about 1-2 times and spread it around my face. I dab it either using the foundation brush or sponge that available inside the compact. CC cream really help to cover all my imperfections and some stubborn scars on my face. wanna see the look?

These piccas and also 7342726188 others in my HTC phone are one of magic results using Aura CC cream of TFS. As you can see, the liquid cover nicely and transform my face into beautiful, flawless complexion like,

                 "yeah, bitch. I'm prettier than you,yyou,you and yeah you!"

That's how I can interpret it :P  
P/S: Sorry for my 'party' mouth. Double Oops

Another miracle product from TFS is Oil control BB water cushion!

I don't have any damn clue why I forgot to snap the detail inside CC cream, but I remember to snap for BB water cushion -.- But yeah, whatever, as you girls can see, the inside of this compact is cushion type. So spongy and squishy :3 When you press gently inside to absorb the liquid of cream, you can see clearly the micro that gave air to go through and then dab it into you face. Usually I dab into respected areas of my face, then I spread it all over my face like I'm wearing powder compact. It give nice coverage too but this product gave pinkish, cute appearance when you stay outdoor. 

BB water cushion give moist cover, fresh and long lasting look. I wear around 4 hours and sometimes when I'm sweating, I thought the liquid gonna comes off but actually it didn't. It sticks very well and yeah, it have SPF 50+++ too, so don't worry about getting sunburns or 'hitam' T.T

I chose code 201, apricot beige and honestly I think it's very fair for me, that's why I rarely wear this one compared to CC cream. But now, I somehow understand some of the tricks I discover when applying this babies on my face. It takes sometimes to understand makeup methods and I gotta say I'm still noob when it comes to makeup. But 25% boleh lah.

I look freakin' weird during the first time I apply BB water cushion on my face. Excuse the duck lips LOL

Range prices for these babies are quite expensive for student like me, but eottoke! I love them so friggin' much T.T 

Aura Color Control cream: RM149.50, Filling: RM85 something
Oil control BB water cushion: RM70-RM85 something. I got the filling for free, so idk the real price for the filling. 

I will update more and more about TheFaceShop products. And also CiUM's lipbalm I got from AirAsia company for review. Stay tuned!

P/S: I got my rexy wing already. Can you guess, what it is? *smirk face*

Lots of love,
Miss A :)