April 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum my dear readers <3 How do you all do?DON'T ever dare to ask me,because my life now,TOTALLY DULL,i mean,completely DULL and BORED.Eventhough I have tonnes of work,assignments for the subject that I took for this sem(only one,Math 2 -.-) I dunno why I had become the same person during studying in Nilai.Lazy girl.Damnn,I need,no have to get rid this attitude if i wanna achieve dean list(Insya-ALLAH) this sem for this subject.Pray for me,please T.T

In order to filled up my boredom times,I tried surf the Internet and opened up my fb,I take a look at my page.Oh my,the first time I saw the timeline,I felt like I want to crush my head to the wall.What the bloody hell happens here?My God!I hate it so much.Plus,I feel that timeline is for the kids.(sorry,for those who love timeline),not cool at all.And then,I realized,something.My sweet doodles.Yeah,if you ever read my previous entry,which is this one,I got to admit that I love doodles and I loves drawing as well.Insanityy kan!Kecomelan doodles ni betul-betu buat aku jatuh hati. >w<


Hehe,If you guys love sketching,drawing and sort of that,then you must LOVES these cuties.I ordered these doodles from my favorite doodler which is Cik Mel Amalina.I suppose that,some of the blogger might know about her due to the doodles that she creates.She's undeniably talented in sketching doodles and I wish I have that gift which turn up to be yes,I do.I loves to draw too,but not as talented and cute like these doodles.To the doodlers,Continue to shape up your potential,Insya-ALLAH,might be one day,you'll be able to become the most successful person in the future,by just sketching doodles.Doodles not just by drawing people,but other such as cartoons,nature,animals. *I think* :)

Eventhough I love doodles *who doesn't right? ><*,There's some of arguments said in the Hadith or in the Holly Al-Quran mentioned,drawings a human being is HARAM.I knew about it.And I think other people notices about this phenomenon too.That's why,for those who loves sketching,drawings,PLEASE try to change the directions by drawing people to nature or flower for examples.Much more ease and we feel calm after see it,right?I know it's difficult,but we have to.For the sake of ALLAH.Because we never know what lies behind it.Anyway,let ALLAH decide what the best for you,for us.Looks like,after this,I don't want Cik Mel to create doodle,human doodle for me but more to things.Yes!Cupcakes <--*this is NOT a thing,Aimi =.='*

My final exams around the corner,about 9 days from now.I'm hoping that I can get an A for this subject.I really do love Math but sometimes,memang sangat2 memeningkan. =.=' Oh,before wrap up,wish you people can support my blog by visiting it.I know,I'm not like other blogger retis,almost everyday update about their daily routine,fantastic life journey,bla bla whatever.but I do have my own principle,

"Blogging with loves and intention to shared new things with other blogger." 
May ALLAH bless me. Insya-ALLAH.
Much loves,
Miss A.