August 23, 2017

Feelin' all Barbie with Scrub District ❤️

Hello, Assalamualaikum my loves!

I am extremely in happy mood because I just got back from visiting my one and only baby niece. Yes! now I'm officially a great Mama Meem to Iris Rumaysa for two months now! My sister delivered Iris on 1st June and It was nut! I mean, even our family is not prepared with Iris 'sudden' appearance because le doctor mentioned to her that Iris will delivered after Eid, but anything can happen and you just CANNOT predict God's plan. How kewll is that and I mean, literally ❤️

So yeah, since I already been promoted from sister to auntie *eewww* I'm not gonna let that nickname take all my youth and feel old out of sudden. But at same time, I feel like I wanna be the kewl, fabulous auntie that Iris Rumaysa know throughout her life. And this fancy auntie will always gonna keep that precious face young and sexy and fair too. So yeah, another alternative to have beautiful, fair skin is to always scrub. Is scrubbing good for you skin? Damn right you are! especially if it's from Scrub District!

OMGGGGG loves! I'm dying to update about this product review since like, ages! When I first bought Scrub District, it were during Mood Republic and I never ever regret try it. It is definitely one of the best Scrub I tried so far and still remain as my top list. I'm not gonna be like some of social influencer that kissin' ass regarding how good is the product just to please her owner, but I reviewed and tried this baby almost 2 months now and I'm in love! It does works with my sensitive skin and the smell? Say Hello to Apricot essence please!

I just hate my lighting when these baby were captured, it looks Meh -.- but yeah, whatever I love the product very much,  though.

What I love most about this scrub? It is formulated in Korea and made with love using brown sugar, rock salt and concentrated whitening ingredients (which is really work with my skin, I just love having healthy and glow skin) that highly approved with KKM. Another reason I'm sucker for Scrub District is the beautiful packaging. The first version Fazukafli, the owner created are in 3 colors, Brown, pink and blue. The second version is London Vibe and the third version regarding with Tropical love. As you can see, I got 1 from London vibe and 2 Tropical love. 

Anywhooooo, the scrub is all packed nicely with same weight 350GM each and the color is sparkly yellow. LOL even the scrub is very fancy just like the owner, literally so fetch!

Urghh, can you notttt fallin' in love with them? LOL

The only problem I found with the product, is that the product didn't come with specific spoon/bowl or whatever to scoop out the scrub, we need to dig slowly and just roughly measured how thick we can take for every scrub session. But others seems working nice LOL I scrub my face during night, Well, every night since we all know during night is the perfect way for our skin to rejuvenate and feel all fresh for next morning. So, never skip scrubbing in your beauty routine :)

Overall look for Scrub District's scrub. 

IMHO, I totally recommend for people out there to give Scrub District a try because not only it works for trouble skin (especially prone acne skin/sensitive) it is also affordable too, roughly around RM60 and lasts for 2 months. My skin definitely feel a lot better when I use this and who knows, maybe we all can get le dream for every girls to have flawless, Barbie pink skin despite we all using heavy makeup to cover our imperfections. How tragic our life is *sobs* but I think, if we have our beauty skincare guidance and we follow diligently, we still able to get our dream skin. Reality check, It is very important for everyone to at least scrub your face twice a week to exfoliate those dead skin. Who wanna keep those anyway??!! T_T 

For more information and purchase, click link below :-


Scrubbin' is my favorite part every time I cleanse my face when I got back from work. Really love it!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 22, 2017

So much ❤️ with ENCHANTEUR Stunning Collection

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum ❤️

Yeay, now I'm officially being less lazy to update my blog besides facing le laptop during work. Man, now I know what it feels to be grown up, have to earn money, got some commitment (and more soon, in shaa ALLAH ❤️ ), being total zombie LOL  Growing up can be sucks sometimes because mainly you need to make lots of decision that not only benefit yourself, but people around you too. And yeah, I am still le lazy bone but I try to reduce my biggest/heaviest (besides my weight -.-) attitude because I feel like I have to change. Not drastically, but surely moves much better compared to before. Being grown up can be such a pain in ass, but one thing for sure, you can always doll up as much as you can and be super cool with it because, it match with your current age now, duhhh!

One thing that I aware with myself when I reach 25, I personally loves anything related with makeup and also good fragrance. I am beginning to become a big hoarder for both and when PR Salina & Associates sent me a beautiful peachy soft-velvety box, I die for like few seconds before I can catch some air to breath. How over-actin' I am!

This box, is the bomb and perfect for gift to someone you love especially girls/mom or whatever because it got almost entire collection consist of Perfume, Perfume lotion, Talcum, deodorant and Body mist that will definitely lift up their mood when they received these baby, or yeah maybe you can give to yourself a nice gift for yourself, I mean you gotta love yourself aite :P

Since ENCHANTEUR is one of my favorite go-to when attending work or just wandering around the house, I will always opt using ENCHANTEUR perfumes regardless any type but I know I will always love Belle Amour and Limited Edition, Magique. I think it is common for every women to feel extra and attractive when spraying perfume, because it shows the power to accentuate and create subtle yet irresistible aura surrounds you. Oh yes!

 ENCHANTEUR is widely known with their French inspired fine fragrances,  and this is another new fragrance, called Stunning! OMG, even I am freakishly shook with the scent, it's literally one of the nicest smell that infused with Turkish Rose, Magnolia, and blends some sweetness from Blackcurrant Bud, Raspberry with lil bit sultry headiness of Sandalwood. If you loves anything related with roses, floral kind of scents, try and get this one too for your collection. Not only affordable, the packaging looks super luxurious. I try Stunning perfume twice and I already in love with it. So much love & yeay!

I'm gonna list down all the price include GST for your reference!

ENCHANTEUR Eau De Toilette fragrance- Stunning RM28.20
ENCHANTEUR Lotion comes in various pack and price from RM5.40-RM17.60
ENCHANTEUR Deodorant also comes in stick, roll-on and spray, price from RM4.90-RM8.40
ENCHANTEUR Talcum- RM4.40-RM11.80

 For more information about ENCHANTEUR, Click link below!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 9, 2017

Soo much ❤️ with ENCHANTEUR Paris for beautiful skin

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

Basically I got this product in very beautiful pink box wrapped up with white silk ribbon, and I already done some Insta-Story about that like, IDK half years ago I guess T.T Yes, I am having trouble to update my blog because of that stupid scratch and ruined my lappy, but now I got le times to update all my pending post. Like literally a lot and I almost forgot about this one because like I said, it's long, long, longg ago LOL but now, here some deets about ENCHANTEUR Paris Body care range ❤️

Introducing, the ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Body Care Range is available in 3 mesmerizing scents of:


ENCHANTEUR Paris Mon Amie Range inspired by sheer happiness. I mean, just look at the color of that packaging, is all about yellow and show lots of fun while applying all over your body. Mon Amie is the perfect scent that perks up your day and best suited for casual outings with friends. A light and refreshing scent of Mon Amie is beautifully infused to match the ENCHANTEUR Paris Mon Amie Light & Fresh Parfum Lotion. It's also offers Double Moisture Parfum Serum with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydration & Olive Oil, which is perfect for immediate intensive and all day hydration while smelling delightful with the Mon Amie fragrance infused in the serum. 

Besides that, to ensure all day freshness, you can always try ENCHANTEUR Paris Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant or ENCHANTEUR PARIS Mon Amie Parfum Deo Mist, it is without a doubt, the best combo for all youths out there!


ENCHANTEUR Paris Belle Amour Range exposing all about blossoming of love and romance. It is a scent that is meant to make you and your love one stay forever. Fairness is lovelier now with the ENCHANTEUR Paris Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion which provides instant and long term radiant fairness from 3 whitening agents - Licorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3. This one is my favorite one because not only its smell very romantic, but it help to enhance lightening of underarm skin tone with the ENCHANTEUR Paris Belle Amour Extra Whitening Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Cool aite!


ENCHANTEUR PARIS Adore Range is a combination of floral and fruity scents evokes a sense of nostalgic magic of lasting impression relived every day. In attaining the confidence, having healthy skin, prenventing all UV rays and pollutants is of utmost importance. The ENCHANTEUR Paris Adore Antibacterial Care Parfum Body Lotion ensures skin stays protected from various harmful bacteria while leaving skin with the unforgettable scent of Adore. 

ENCHANTEUR Paris Adore Whitening & Soothing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant further cares for the underarm providing a soothing relieve, leaving skin protected and feeling fresh.

For more information, click link below!


P/S: So, which one is yours fav?

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 6, 2017

MURAD City Skin Duo Event launch

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

This gonna be like a real honest update regarding with the recent event I attend and literally the coolest product ever since I know, most of you ever heard about MURAD Skincare? MURAD Skincare is a pioneering clinical skincare brand dedicated to encouraging people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, and I love most of MURAD's unique philosophy, where it is called 'Connected Beauty' of a person approach to health and beauty that inspires to nourish their skin, awaken their body through physical activity, "eat" their water by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables, and be kind to their mind. 

The event located in RAMA V, where all the delicious foods in Thai cuisines are been served and OMG, the food experience is freakin' good, like LITERALLY the best! I never try to go there before but for first time, it's definitely gives me good impression about the place. Plus, all the people really treats all medias/social influencer really well with good music and proper guide throughout the event end. So, thumbs up for that!

Over the years, the global environment has changed drastically which also resulted in changes in women’s roles. And since we're living in 21st century, all genders are equally important when it comes to work. However, we as women are also working in different kind of environments either indoors or outdoors. So yeah, expect a lot of skin exposure towards radiations, pollution and other bacteria.

Understanding the desires and needs of women today, MURAD launched its new skin care products; City Skin Duo to protect against all five environmental aggressors, including digital devices, infrared radiation, UVA and UVB Rays, and pollution. Aside from protections, MURAD’s City Skin Duo also detoxifies your skin from past damages.
According to Mr Jason, “MURAD skincare has been connecting with its customers in their unique Inclusive Health Approach to build a younger-looking, healthier and happier consumer by protecting and promoting the health of entire body,” 
The City Skin Duo consists of; City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 and City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer.

With many Malaysians spend most of their time looking at electronic screens, Murad has come to the rescue by utilizing a number of game-changing ingredients such as lutein and marrubium plant to address the damaging effects of staring at computer and smartphone screens all day. The product is launched am onth ago and my mum know about it too since she's MURAD Skincare user. I think I kinda need to switch my skincare just like her LOL but man, the price is soooo not appropriate for people who doesn't earn at least RM3000 and above. So yeah, I'm in that category T.T  
“Anti-pollution is the next big thing in skin care. By using the Murad City Skin Duo, you are being protected from the blue light, as well as all those other environmental factors that are damaging your skin.” according to Mr David Whyte, Murad’s Asia Pacific Global Education Educator.

After the product demonstration by Mr David on how to fully utilize the City Skin Duo range, media friends, bloggers and medias (including me yeay!) were then proceed to fruits bar, and "eat" our water by consuming water-rich fruits. 
   Shall I introduce the product for MURAD Skin City Duo? Yes please!

City Skin Age Defense SPF 50++++ is an ultra-lightweight, 100% mineral sunscreen that utilizes environmental protection technology. MURAD has combined a physical SPF50 barrier with the antioxidant lutein, which forms an additional protective layer to counteract not only IRA damage, but also pollution, levels of which are at an all-time high. Next!

 City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer is a night-time moisturizer which detoxifies the skin overnight from the pollutants and toxins that have accumulated throughout the day. Its super-charged antioxidants from marrubium plant stem-cells neutralize pollutants and strengthen the skin’s barrier while you sleep and vitamin C immediately brightens and evens skin tone. 
I already try the sunblock one and it works amazing! It doesn't feel any kind of sticky and absorb really quick! So, yeah bonus for that!

 Le self MOTD with lil bit Aden filter of IG after using MURAD City Skin Age Defense sunblock. Works like a charm, baby!
The City Skin Duo is now available at Murad counters nationwide, oh yeah BTW I got some great news for you loves! enjoy 10% DISCOUNT OFF on CITY SKIN DUO products when you purchase online. The promotion is valid until 31st October 2017. Go get one for yourself now!
Lots of love,
Miss A :)

August 5, 2017

Sooo Cheezy, Sooo Nanda Chicken ❤️

Hello, Assalamualaikum my dear!

This is another cheezy and yummy food review that I tried and I freakin' approve it! My sayang and I love to go for food hunting, and also I'mma cheese lover, so yeah why not trying the Korean restaurant located nearby Solaris Mont Kiara? It's literally the coolest ever since I'm working there and Nanda Chicken just in front of my work building!

Are you droolin' now? Please don't lie LOL up until now I still remember the taste combination of le heavy Mozarella cheese mashed up with spicy chicken ❤️ We both together decide to eat in Nanda Chicken because that day is the pay day, and I really wanna try to eat here since I saw lotsaa people doin' some boomerang shots while playing with the cheese string and also the foods really does look delicious. So here some sneak peek of Nanda Chicken place & decorations.

Simple board and just nearby with Ravi's Banana leaf and Soho KL Mont Kiara parking lot. However, it is very cozy inside!

Nanda Chicken provides Take Away Delivery too, so if you wanna eat happily with your family and friends, you can always count on Nanda Chicken express delivery!

Wanna see the menus?

That day, I chose Boneless cheess (typo much?) chicken with lil bit of extra spicy in it. You can always choose different size and flavors of your preference, since I'm sucker for cheese, of course I will choose that :P

These cheezy Flamingo love Soda bulb really made me feel 'awwwww' LOL As I know, Everyone love unique presentation when it comes to food for Instagram photo worth. I sip the blue Soda bulb, whereas my sayang  ❤️ the orange one. 


The waitress will always help to assist you for proper cook and eat in Nanda Chicken. Our foods is been delivered like this and we have to wait for about 3-5 minutes to melt the cheese. 

After melting cheese session over, let's dig in!

And the rest is history, etc etc LOL oh, the price is quite affordable for me since it's only like RM97 for two people. Kinda cheap huh?  well, it does got same vibe when you dining in Fish & Co, Red Lobster, Fish Manhattan and more. Just normal price kinda stuff (:



Lots of love,
Miss A :)

ABBA IS BACK X Giveaway!

Hello my dear, Peace be upon all of you and happy weekend!

Yeay, finally my room is in total deep clean, I mean, LITERALLY because I always have hard time cleaning my effin' room and I'm still the lazy bone in family. But I think, until when I have to keep up with that attitude? I'm already reach like half of my age living in the most awesome and super gross world that fill with pleasure and pain, so yeah anything new start with your baby step. Even step by step taken, but it's still means good for me *pat shoulder very proudly* T.T

So guys! good news to everyone who's in love with ABBA! This entry is definitely for you out there who love anything in 70's and 80's vibes where ABBA is like the most hottest band from Sweden gain popularity with their amazing songs such as  Mamma Mia, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, and Dancing Queen. My mum such a huge fan of ABBA and I believe if you listen to one of their song, you totally gonna love it!

Thanks to its varied musical genres that managed to reach out to a wide range of audiences, ABBA been selected as one of the greatest band that influence music world and their musics is still relevant today and loves by everyone until today!

This September, AC Music Entertainment will bring the international hit tribute musical Arrival from Sweden – The Music of ABBA. Arrival from Sweden, is a renowned ABBA tribute band, celebrates all ABBA greatest hits and previously unreleased song included “Just a Notion”, directly from Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA. This tribute show debuted in 1995 and already been seen by over million people, globally. Good news for ABBA fans in Malaysia because now is the time to  relive the golden days with the favorite hits like Money Money Money, SOS and even Super Trouper soon! 

For the early bird promotion, AC Music Entertainment offers 10% special discount on all categories ticket except Diamond seat, and a free limited edition t-shirt to each ticket holder for category VIP, Cat 1 and Cat 2.

Ticketing Info
Show Date: 1st September – 3rd September, 2017
Show Time: 8:30PM
Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC
Ticket Price:

Diamond: RM1,000 (Please contact organizer)

VIP: RM 588
Cat 1: RM 418
Cat 2: RM 338
Cat 3: RM 138
Cat 4: RM 88
*All ticket prices are subject to RM4 processing fee.

Contact No.
AC Music Entertainment: 03-2181 4333
Ticket Charge: 03-9222 8811

OKAY LOVE, NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO DISCLOSE SURPRISE! I am given an opportunity to invite 2(TWO) of my lucky readers to attend ABBA concert on 3RD SEPTEMBER 2017. All you have to do is:-

1) Follow my Instagram (ON ICON ABOVE), show me some loves & Comment: I'M FROM YOUR BLOG! 

Easy peasy, aite? I will choose the winner next week and winner will be contacted via DM. So, good luck!


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 29, 2017

PinkBoxCereal X Hermosa by Belinda

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum (:

TBH, being one of another beauty blogger/rising social media influencer (hopefully LOL) is literally one of the best thing ever because you get like, lotsaa goodies and you can try it on and at the same time, you help some of the local Small/Medium business/Online to acknowledge people out there about their product. I mean, yes, the basic of having a very good business development, definitely a powerful marketing. So, as their lab rat, newbie user, I got to experience first and give my thought about it. Speaking about this, I'm thinking of creating new youtube account where I can mumble about Goodies unboxing/ life updates/ makeup tutorial (because what's the better way to get more exposure and gain famous at same time??!!) but I have the most lousy video cam ever -.- I think I need to save some money to buy new cam. I mean, I really don't wanna use my Iphone video because its look soo not professional. So yeah, a good camera comes with very good price tag too. After all, a great quality pictures gives good impression towards the eyes who see it. Aite'?

LOL, I got this baby like 2-3 weeks ago and I feel really honor that the founder of PinkBoxCereal, dearest Shaf and also one of the brand that quite famous on her website, HERMOSA gives me an opportunity to try and experience to have my own personal Limited Edition GoalDigger box and and and and! A full combo set of HERMOSA Beauty Kit that complete with their best items, which are Cleansing Water, Glow Serum 24K and Signature Lip creme!

Shall we dig further? Yes, we shall!

According to the website, HERMOSA Signature Lip creme is infused with Vitamin E and Collagen that helps to enhance hydration and create long lasting effects. The smell is quite OKAY for me, nothing fancy to brag about and it comes with 5 shades. I got the shade named Red Revival. So here some swatches and lips proof.

First swatch applying HERMOSA Signature, Red Revival. TBH, I thought the colors gonna be like a very full coverage and thick blood red kind of vibe, but turns out its more like a very deep pink fuschia once you apply on your lips. IDK about others, maybe the result can be different on everyone lips but this is mine, and this is my blog so yeah, of course I'm gonna talk about me LOL

Second swatches and yeah, HELLO RED! Finally it looks kinda red and does implement the named of the shade. Even in the picture looks like I'm applying red lippy, but when I'm camera-free, the color is different and does gives deep pink fuschia look. The product claims to be long lasting, Smudge proof and Matte finishing, but I found it opposite than what they're claiming about. When I apply the first layer of the lip creme, it does brush off easily after I wait for several minutes (around 5-10 minutes, matte usually take about 1-3 minutes to fully cover the lips, based on my experience wearing any lip matte) So not quite sure about the matte info...ermmm K

I also got the Glow Serum 24K, one of the product collection from HERMOSA. This baby help to prevent acne and glow your face after some times. I never try this one before as currently I'm using Bio-Essence 24K Gold Water as my holy grail. I feel really incomplete without that LOL over-reacting much -.- 

When I apply on my hand, it doesn't feel sticky at all as the product is liquid and easily absorb, so yes to that! Oh, I just love the color of the serum, its all pink (: but the packaging looks kinda OKAY to me because I've seen lots of serum that have similar bottle/packaging like that, so no surprise there. Last product that I got is,

HERMOSA Cleansing Water. I really like this one because it is one of the product that I got when I first attend Pink Box Cereal Housewarming party and it is really cute too! HERMOSA is a good product overall,for a local brand that keep on blooming and improve much better in future, in Malaysia, In shaa ALLAH. So thumbs up!

Clink link below for every details regarding with product above :-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)