October 18, 2017

"IDOSPA" Media launch event | Oh yes, I do!

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum everyone! Happy Deepavali, sending all Diwali vibes *happiness sprinkles everywhere*

I am so glad that Malaysia is such a very bright, beautiful country that not only got delicious foods, attraction places for every states but also diversity in cultures! Every public holidays that announce as very essential day to every race is been respected and we got to experience all the happiness in ONE country. That is why, I would like to wish ‘Happy Diwali’ again to my Indian friends and I really hope you guys feel very happy celebrating your day! So then, what I like more about public hols? Of course the fun activity I got to spends with le family and doin’ some family outing, shopping, and also mani-pedi sesh to relax our minds. Oh, talk about something refreshing, recently I was invited to attend one of event that I think, every girls gonna love because it’s about an app that really useful and practical, not to mention it is about SPA!

Well, technically my love ❤️ attend the event behalf of me (thank you so much, sayang) and the event launch in Grand-Hyatt Hotel. When I received some of the pictures and information about the event, it’s really excites me to download the apps and explore the function of that apps. Yerp, as you guys can see from the title, the Apps called ‘IDOSPA’ which apparently connecting all business related with spa and wellness together in one single apps! The idea derived from the company, Idospa Sdn Bhd with one vision, to come up an online spa booking platform in Malaysia to help searching potential customers locally and tourist from all over the world visiting here know current beauty and wealth market in One-Beauty-Center inside le apps. So yeah, ‘IDOSPA’ were born!

As I heard from my love ❤️, the launch is officiated by YBhg Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, an Award Winning Malaysia singer Dayang Nurfaizah, and Jojo Struys, regional TV Host and Yoga Instructor. But the main brain behind ‘IDOSPA’ would be Mr Ben Chua, Chief Executive Officer. 

He mentioned that:-

“IDOSPA” offers users the unprecedented opportunity and platform to not only locate spa services, either in their vicinity or any other location, but also book them at the touch of a button and pay via hassle-free methods. Indeed, today is history in the making, and we’re glad to have you as part of this significant milestone, not only for us, but the Malaysian market as a whole.”

According to Datuk Mirza, he said that:-

“The wellness segment in Malaysia grew 10% in 2014, and the government hopes to develop the spa industry further to attract visitors with money to spend on these experiences. Malaysia's wellness and fitness industry has the potential to become a big revenue earner for the tourism sector and I believe this is a fair statement. Having an application such as IDOSPA will help tourists when they arrive are something that would definitely boost up the Malaysian Tourism industry even more!”

Either you’re an Apple Or Android Junkies, you can download le apps called ‘IDOSPA MY’ and you’re good to go! With a simple and clean User Interface, it makes the application easy and user friendly to operate. Consumers can make their bookings on the go with the app, enjoy the appointment made, and exit once they are finished.

Here, some guidelines I would like to show to you guys about ‘IDOSPA’ apps (gonna be loads of images baby, better have perfect internet line!)

1. Since Imma Apple baby, I download it via Apps Store. Now, time to click!

2. Fill up your information, click the rules and then, notification will be send in your email.

3. BONUS! you can insert my code: MYFIRSTUSE for RM30 off! LOL Next!

4. You can write any kind of places that you can explore when it comes to beauty/wellness spa center. For instance, I key in 'Mont Kiara' and the result displayed only 2. However, for 'Bangsar', these places shows!

5. And then, voila! you can click whatever fuck spas you desire, book an appointment, and pay at the place or via cards/online banking. Your call!

Business owner/Merchants, will also obtain other benefits such as organize management in various area regarding with their business including monitoring databases, customer segmentations, handling multiple centers and have a faster reach marketing platform.  So yeah, it’s win-win situation darlings!

I am really excited to book the spas via IDOSPA since I got some voucher (Oops, don’t be jealous guys! *smirk*) , so I’m gonna have le me, myself and I time this weekend to visit that one and lucky spa LOL 

for more information, click link below:-


Since I’mma Malaysian who loves celebrate all kind of festive, I would like to dedicate to all my readers the look I created just for Diwali!

Serving you, real Cranberry Goddess! (behind curtain is always good spot for selfie LOL don’t judge me)

Happy working back, peeps! (yes, you!)

Lots of love,

Miss A :)

October 13, 2017

Personalized Mug with WePrint ❤️

Hello my loves, Assalamualaikum!

So far, my ear problem progress is getting better and also, finally I am now working as permanent employee in my company! *clap happily* I think that I didn’t do so much for what I contribute while working in probation period, but I am really glad and lucky to have a wonderful boss who trust me to execute lotsaa works related with Accounting and Secretarial job scope. TBH, I love working in the new place compared to before because I were exposed with new environment, handling with new Account software and knows lil bit (and more soon) when it comes to dealing with GST submission, SOCSO, PERKESO, PCB and LHDN documents. I am still learning and I hope I’m getting good with it :)

And for me, when I work in any new company (technically, just only two company I applied, LOL) my essential morning booster would definitely a nice fresh juice or cup of hot chocolate/coffee. So, of course when WePrint Gift offer me to make my own personalized Mug, I just cannot reject that love!

Why I’m so amused with personalized mug? Of course, it is link dearly to my heart because I got an opportunity to utilize my sweet memories and place it in something that I can look and touch every single day. Isn’t that amazing! WePrint Gift mentioned that personalized Mug will be really great for everyday choice and perfect for gift too. By using the latest technique which is heat transfer printing helps to print photos, names or messages according to the design selected.

Personalized mug can be choose either using design tool available in WePrint Gift website or design you own in Adobe Photo or illustrator, upload it and simply print it! 

So, among other designs given, I chose the above template, because it’s show simplicity and neat, which is so opposite of my dear self because I’m such a mess LOL 

Some of criteria about WePrint Gift personalized mug that I got are:-

a)         Ceramic
b)         3.25" Diameter, 3.75" Height
c)         Dishwasher and Microwave safe
d)         Available in 11oz
e)         Grade AA Mug with Premium Quality
f)          Fully imprinted with monogram, logo or any images on the surface.
g)         Available in Glossy & Matte type
h)         No Minimum Order Require (MOQ)

This Personalized Mug is mega cute, I love how the result came exactly what I feel when I see le picture of myself and my love! we look so funny here and I cannot believe, it’s been almost one and half year I met and love him, very dearly despite all the annoying-ness we shared together. Oh, WePrint Gift is not only focus for Mug, but other products available too with high quality product, user-friendly design and super affordable. The steps to order pretty easy, first you need to choose your product, then create your own design and place your order. Like I said, EASY AS PIE!

For more information, click link below:-

EMAIL: enquiry@weprintgift.com

Thank you for readin' this entry! have a great weekend, peeps!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

October 8, 2017

All Yay witth L'oreal Pure Clay Mask : Anti Pores | Illuminating | Hydration

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

OMG, this week is my favorite week because I got to spend time with my favorite niece, or yeah I prefer to call her Gretchen since I'mma her Aunt Regina (LOL, Mean Girls alert much!) Yeah, I know Gretchen and Regina supposed to be like BFF, like so fetch. But in my case, I am her aunt. Eew, I hate being express as 'Auntie' eventhough with my own niece, so I prefer to proclaim my self as Mama Meem. Much cuter and I'm her another mum she can goes to talk if she sulk or mad with my sissy Mok. Oh Gretchen, Mama Meem/Aunt Regina will always be here for you laffff ❤️

You guys can follow me on other social medias especially INSTAGRAM since I upload some of my weekly routine regarding about my darling Gretchen/Iris Rumaysa, my everyday makeup routine/MOTD, Foods and of course, some skincare tips too! I'm really honor to help some of my friends that asking a lot about what good skincare for their skin and TBH, I try to help as many as possible for them because I KNOW we all love having flawless skin and I KNOW we all love looking good inside out too. Yes, taking supplements can enhance our appearance from inside, but it does takes time to see the effect. So, my easy peasy advice is try to have flawless skin via outside too. I always abide my skincare steps by having cleanser, serum, Scrub, sunblock and also mask! However, this is my tips and yes, it works wonderfully on my skin. Besides scrubbing, I love applying mask too. Recently I try the new L'oreal Pure Clay mask that emphasize on Anti Pores, Illuminating and Hydration. The result? AMAZE-BALL!

L'oreal have always been my favorite for drugstore cosmetics besides Maybelline and Bourjois Paris especially for their lippies and eyes. Even though it's drugstore brand, but it really does match with International/High-End cosmetics line which gives zero fuck for me to try 'em out! So, when I saw the ads about these babies, I just couldn't resist my self for tryin' out L'oreal Pure Clay masks. When I open the box, the packaging came in very neat and clean condition and it really look hygienic too. 

Each Clay masks provides different benefits. Lemme start with the Anti-Pores, where the clay derives from Moroccan Lava clay with Rosemary extract. The color of the clay is earth green and TBH, I wear this baby first among others because it's related with pores. I mean, hello, everyone struggle with their pores, so am I! Urghh, if you have small pores, you're one of lucky son of bitch, Yes you! *rolled eyes*

Anti-Pores clay mask help soften skin and eliminate dead skin cells/remove blackheads and my favorite part, it does regulate sebum secretion because my skin is between combination to oily skin. So, infused together with Rosemary that also manage to purify skin make it such a good combo. 

Next baby would be Illuminating Pure Clay mask, which this mask mixed with British Kaolin Clay and Lemongrass extract.

As you guys can see, Illuminating is like a mirror reflection ,so it does help your skin to look radiance to max and have that glass-porcelain kind of surface for your skin appearance. Wearing this mask regularly will help the skin to look soft and brighten. This mask got special effect with beads for exfoliation purpose compared to other two. 

Last, but not least, Hydration Pure clay mask!

This mask is another favorite of mine because I love the smooth textures compared to other two due to lemon balm essential oil that helps to hydrate and purify skin tone. The mask derived from Bentonite Clay, that extracted specifically from North America due to Mineral-rich properties. When I apply this baby, my skin doesn't feel any tingling/skin irritation because it helps to balance my skin PH and also provide extra intense hydration. I think this Pure Clay mask is really good for people experience dry skin. Give it a try, you gonna love it!

Swatches for each mask: Anti Pores | Hydration | Illuminating

Overall result, all pure clay mask from L'oreal is the bomb, but my favorite goes to Anti-Pores and Hydration. IDK why I'm not a big fan of Illuminating, but the clay mask is really good too. The only major DRAWBACK I found with these babies is that, the product didn't come with disposable spoon or whatever to scoop the hell out of mask from each bottle. It's really not a good thing if you keep on dig your finger inside every time you apply for hygienic purpose. Okay, I take back what I said earlier about the packaging LOL but I still love all masks!

Some of le selfie of mine during Illuminating and Hydration Clay mask during application LOL (I feel nude without makeup T.T) Each Clay mask have an easy guidelines, basically you just need to apply on your face and leave it dry for 10-30 minutes before wash it off. 

And voila, some of the result selfie of mine after done 'clayin' le face!

After-effect for Anti-Pores Pure Clay mask ❤️ I feel my pores size all reduced and less oily.

After-effect for Hydration Pure Clay mask ❤️ I do feel really fresh and happy with the result!

I did said, some right? LOL excuse with le makeup, but Bear in mind that good skin also require lotsaaa effort. Maskin' is one of it! Yes, you can opt using the face sheet too, totally up to you darling as long as you comfortable with it. 

Based on result, L'oreal Pure Clay Mask is definitely a YAY! you guys can get it at nearest drugstores or by online via LAZADA MALAYSIA, HERMO MALAYSIA, etc and have some fun 'clayin' around, like I do :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 27, 2017

Anna Sui X Guardian Malaysia travel bag collection launch

Hello dollies, Assalamualaikum!

Okay guys, this is another fun event that I recently went (well, technically, my cutie patotie love to be exact) went to the event on behalf of me since I’m sick and busy dealing with real life working LOL but OMG just looking at the pictures he snap and sent to me thru Whatsapp made my day! Sometimes I feel like I’m torn between earning money diligently every month VS attending lots of amazing, exclusive events that I can meet with new peeps and learning lots of new thing too. I mean, growing adult suck but I have to endure it. Yup, not everyone loving their job right? But if you love your job, yeay for you J well, I still love my job anyway but yeah…feels kinda sad because I really want to go to new and next events so bad! *crying river*

I did mention the event is supposed to be fun right? LOL it is incredible and not to mention, it’s related with one of the most successful  person in beauty and fashion World that literally scored everything for every girls. Can you guess who is it? *smirk*

Oh damn you right, my friends! Finally, yes, finally Guardian Malaysia collaborate with the one and only le famous Anna Sui in conjunction of launching new set of travel bag collection! To me personally, I’m really happy that Guardian step up their game to attract customer by coming up with this initiative because TBH, I’m much more on Watsons Girl compared to Guardian. But not anymore when I heard about this launch!

Some of demonstration for all Anna Sui travel bag collection.

This amazing collaboration happens due to understand every women needs that love to travel but still wanna pack their belongings in cute and sophisticated travel bag. Oh did I mention that these collections came with 4 designs, which are Trolley luggage in 24” and 20”, Tote bag and the cutest one is, designer case! I mean, look at these babies, peeps! Don’t you just feel love around the air?

Some of the models giving pose as poise AF and at the event, the genius behind this collaboration, Ms.Christina Low, Marketing director of Guardian Health & Beauty, also mention that each of Anna Sui travel collection designs inspires by beautiful scents, butterfly, roses and vibrant colors. And the most interesting part is that every bag got their own stories!

But my favorite would definitely from Trolley luggage 20” story because the butterfly pattern is her ‘thang’ for Spring collection in year 2009. Apparently the colors are the same, except that, She replace some of the butterfly pattern to her beautiful ‘Romantica’ bottle perfume, which looks really classy and super pink!

Another next best story is her inspiration for tote bag, TBH, the stripes is monochrome vibe in the first place, and for the flower inspired by one of her gown for Spring collection in year 2007. She treasures that one the most because it is still one of Anna Sui iconic pattern and also become part of the cover page for her latest book, “The World of Anna Sui”

For the designer case, it’s basically inspires by her tremendous pattern, colors and packaging of Anna Sui cosmetics line up until now.  I feel really amazed with Anna Sui collection even though I actually never have one before FML but whatever it is, I know that this travel bag collection will definitely a big hit, guaranteed! Oh, another thing is that Anna Sui will also unleash two limited edition perfumes EDT in 30ML  name “Dream Yellow” and “La Vie De Boheme” RM99 each inclusive GST.

For Anna Sui Travel bag collection redemption, the steps is super easy, so  make sure you guys follow exactly what I listed below:-

1. For every minimum purchase of RM20, you are entitled to obtain 1 stamp.

2. Next stamp will be given IF and ONLY IF you guys buy any products from these major brands such as Bio-Essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea and Pantene. 

3.  Collect 10 stamps and you’re done! You can redeem each bag with half of the prices:
Trolley luggage 24” :  RM159.90 (RP: RM399)
Trolley luggage 20” : RM129.90 (RP: RM199)
Tote bag : RM69.90 (RP:RM129)
Designer case: RM59.90 (RP: RM 99)

4. All the stamps will be release TOMORROW! (So excited!) on 28th SEPTEMBER 2017 until 31st DECEMBER 2017 (while stock lasts)

5.What the hell are you waiting for? Time to shop!

For more information, log on to Guardian Malaysia website: CLICK HERE

P/S: Tomorrow is pay check day! Definitely gonna stock up some of essential things, and yeah in other meaning, I need all of Anna Sui travel bag collection. So bye!

Lots of love,

Miss A :)

September 24, 2017

So much ❤️ with ENCHANTEUR 24H perfume lotion

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

First of all, I would really glad to say ‘Awal Muharram’ to all my muslim people (eventhough I wish quite late, I know that) May ALLAH bless all beautiful souls out there and yes, another new year for all Muslim and let’s get crackin’! Let’s enhance and empower ourself with lots of good deeds and spread positive vibes to everyone. I really hope I’m getting better throughout this new year because I didn’t think I achieve so much in my life and I still haven’t find my own purpose in life. It’s been 25 years I breathe, live, eat, poop, and whatever but I still feel there’s emptiness inside my heart. I really need to top up more all the good knowledge when it comes to my own religion teach. I need to improve, I have to.  

So yeah, enough mumble for my own damn self, I received new parcel from PR regarding with latest and improved  Perfumed Body Lotion from one and only, Enchanteur!

I think Enchanteur must really love me and le blog because PR keep sending me these new baby and I’m really happy with that :) so, thank you so much! For me, personally I think these new product is really a-must-have to people that exposed themselves with quite unhealthy lifestyle (literal meaning, the one who work under heavy air-cond and didn’t get well very much with sun) sadly, I’m one of these bad category (yeay me T.T) because I work in office and sometime might suffer occasional dry and dull skin, which is quite bad for long-term effect. So from there, I know that drinking enough 8-10 glasses of water just couldn’t boost the hydration of my skin, I need to apply lots and lots of moisturizer too! Wow, never thought that my skin need that because I always apply on le face alone, though LOL (and pretty much I claimed my self as beauty blogger without knowing this fact, FML)

With the latest and new Enchanteur 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion that specially formulated with Rose Water to nourishes and hydrates, White Lily Extract that rich with Amino Acid and Pure Olive Oil, widely known for moisture properties,  it is too damn perfect for all busy ladies a lotion that will keep their skin moisturized, youthful and glowing all day long with just one application a day.

Based on the observation, It is clinically proven that with a single application of Enchanteur 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion, skin enjoys immediate moisturize and hydration for up to 24 hours. It delivers luxurious moisture thus provide a comfortable texture to the skin and does not feel sticky after application due to aqua effect too.

These new babies from Enchanteur comes with 3 variants: Charming, Romantic and Alluring which keeps le skin soft and smooth with hydration up to 24 hours and smell good all day long. Lil brief for each scents listed below:-

ENCHANTEUR Charming (made for the sensual, elegant & sophisticated)
• The fragrance which captures the essence of sophistication and chic femininity opens with an exotic mix of Rose and Muguet that’s embraced by Citrus and Aldehydes. It then undergoes a subtle change as the base notes of Musk and Cedarwood become more apparent to perfectly complement your inner style.

ENCHANTEUR Romantic (made for the uplifting, cheerful & feminine)
• A scent which bears the joyous burst of zesty Mandarin with lively, green crisp of Violet and Galbanum that signify the beginning of a wonderful love. Just like true love that grows deeper, Romantic blossoms beautifully with Bulgarian Roses and White Jasmine mingled with delicate scent of Mimosa and Orange Flower. Lingering warm Sandalwood and Vanilla wrap up this lovely concoction that puts romance in the air. 

ENCHANTEUR Alluring (made for the seductive, passionate & mysterious)
• An exotic, seductive fragrance that exudes a sweet mysterious aura. It blends fruity notes of Bergamot and Passion fruit, dissolving into an intoxicating bouquet of Rose and Iris, and warmed by rich Vanilla, Musk and Vetiver – thereby concocting a bold scent that’s one of a kind.

You guys can get it from local drugstore, major supermarket and pharmacies with retail price as low as RM11.90 (GST Inclusive) and weight 220ml per bottle. So guys, go get some!

For more information, click link below:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)