September 10, 2012

Random post

Assalamualaikum and good greets to everyone! Yeah,yeah,yeahhhh I know what you think about,honey.It's been completely a long moments for me that I didn't update any refreshing or interesting entry for my blog.I mean,seriously. Based on my poor time management and my maxis broadband yang lambat nak mati tu ._., so yeah.I think I have a solid reason why I'm abandoned my blog.Perghh, my blog already dusty like super crazy. thank god I didn't have serious illness but i do have Asthma*is that bad? idk,unrelated Q I guess -..-*, Whatever it is,Al-Hamdulillah, I managed to borrowed Zuhey's lappy and try to update some crucial infomation that happened to me 4 months ago.

1.Al-Hamdulillah, on 4th September 2012, IIUM send an offer letter through their link and I opened it, and bammm! I'd been offered to join IIUM Gombak and hold a Degree as Bachelor of Business Administration.Pleasure to ALLAH because even though I didn't get the course that I want which is Accounting,but it's okay.It didn't bother me so much because this programme offer four to five major and one of it were BBA with minor.They given two choices for us to choose the Minor either in Accounting or Information Systems.Insya-ALLAH,saya nak ambil Minor jika berkesempatan, plus at least, ada jugak lah kena tempias-tempias subject Account even tak dapat hold Degree in Accounting. Hehe *trying to be positive* :)

2.My schedule are not very pack compared to when I'm study in CFS,which is also good.Boleh balik rumah after class petang Khamis. Then I can spends  a lot of my sweet time with my family and my cats. Auww,speaking about my cats, tetiba rasa rindu T.T *gedik,padahal this week boleh balik rumah* --"

3.Shocking news.My dad passed away on 19th July,equal with 29 Syaaban 1433M. PLEASEE, Don't ever feel sorry for me and my family.We all, me and my family kena kuat semangat fizikal,mental,rohani,jasmani semualah untuk berdepan dengan Ujian daripada ALLAH yang Esa.And due to respect,PLEASEE don't ask further about his death.It's have been a dreadful moment in this year,2012.With courtesy from me to you, let's together recites surah Al-Fatihah for him.May my dad(Arwah Papa) rest in peace and be among the mukminoon T.T

Well,that's it I guess. I have a class for tomorrow at 10 since I've took 5 subject for this sem,my first year as a degree student.May ALLAH bless me,protect me,and care for me and my family.Thank you for reading my first entry ever after menghilangkan diri selama 5 bulan.May ALLAH bless you,people :)

With love,

Miss A.