July 29, 2017

PinkBoxCereal X Hermosa by Belinda

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum (:

TBH, being one of another beauty blogger/rising social media influencer (hopefully LOL) is literally one of the best thing ever because you get like, lotsaa goodies and you can try it on and at the same time, you help some of the local Small/Medium business/Online to acknowledge people out there about their product. I mean, yes, the basic of having a very good business development, definitely a powerful marketing. So, as their lab rat, newbie user, I got to experience first and give my thought about it. Speaking about this, I'm thinking of creating new youtube account where I can mumble about Goodies unboxing/ life updates/ makeup tutorial (because what's the better way to get more exposure and gain famous at same time??!!) but I have the most lousy video cam ever -.- I think I need to save some money to buy new cam. I mean, I really don't wanna use my Iphone video because its look soo not professional. So yeah, a good camera comes with very good price tag too. After all, a great quality pictures gives good impression towards the eyes who see it. Aite'?

LOL, I got this baby like 2-3 weeks ago and I feel really honor that the founder of PinkBoxCereal, dearest Shaf and also one of the brand that quite famous on her website, HERMOSA gives me an opportunity to try and experience to have my own personal Limited Edition GoalDigger box and and and and! A full combo set of HERMOSA Beauty Kit that complete with their best items, which are Cleansing Water, Glow Serum 24K and Signature Lip creme!

Shall we dig further? Yes, we shall!

According to the website, HERMOSA Signature Lip creme is infused with Vitamin E and Collagen that helps to enhance hydration and create long lasting effects. The smell is quite OKAY for me, nothing fancy to brag about and it comes with 5 shades. I got the shade named Red Revival. So here some swatches and lips proof.

First swatch applying HERMOSA Signature, Red Revival. TBH, I thought the colors gonna be like a very full coverage and thick blood red kind of vibe, but turns out its more like a very deep pink fuschia once you apply on your lips. IDK about others, maybe the result can be different on everyone lips but this is mine, and this is my blog so yeah, of course I'm gonna talk about me LOL

Second swatches and yeah, HELLO RED! Finally it looks kinda red and does implement the named of the shade. Even in the picture looks like I'm applying red lippy, but when I'm camera-free, the color is different and does gives deep pink fuschia look. The product claims to be long lasting, Smudge proof and Matte finishing, but I found it opposite than what they're claiming about. When I apply the first layer of the lip creme, it does brush off easily after I wait for several minutes (around 5-10 minutes, matte usually take about 1-3 minutes to fully cover the lips, based on my experience wearing any lip matte) So not quite sure about the matte info...ermmm K

I also got the Glow Serum 24K, one of the product collection from HERMOSA. This baby help to prevent acne and glow your face after some times. I never try this one before as currently I'm using Bio-Essence 24K Gold Water as my holy grail. I feel really incomplete without that LOL over-reacting much -.- 

When I apply on my hand, it doesn't feel sticky at all as the product is liquid and easily absorb, so yes to that! Oh, I just love the color of the serum, its all pink (: but the packaging looks kinda OKAY to me because I've seen lots of serum that have similar bottle/packaging like that, so no surprise there. Last product that I got is,

HERMOSA Cleansing Water. I really like this one because it is one of the product that I got when I first attend Pink Box Cereal Housewarming party and it is really cute too! HERMOSA is a good product overall,for a local brand that keep on blooming and improve much better in future, in Malaysia, In shaa ALLAH. So thumbs up!

Clink link below for every details regarding with product above :-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 27, 2017

POWER ROOT X Fullfiling UMRAH aspirations

Hello, loves, Assalamualaikum :)

This entry is for my islam friends and the contest are open in Malaysia only. So, if you fulfilled those criteria, keep on scrolling!

Power Root Berhad, famed for its Alicafe brand of coffee, is helping 36 Malaysians from all walks of life to fulfill their aspirations to perform the Umrah, in a unique initiative to give back to the community.

 “We understand that going to Mecca to perform the Umrah and the Hajj, is an obligation and duty for Muslims. And many of them save hard for years, just to be able to pay for the trip,” its chairman Dato' Afifuddin Bin Abdul Kadir said.

“We therefore decided to do our bit, by helping them to perform the Umrah, considered a minor Hajj, through our “Tunaikan Hasrat Umrah” contest whereby  we will give away 18 Umrah packages. As each package is for two persons, we are actually sending 36 of our customers to Mecca,” he added.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony for the first seven winners, Dato’ Afifuddin said: “To ensure that the winners travel to their Umrah without worries and are well-taken care of, we approached Tabung Haji Travel and Service to provide our winners with one of their top packages.”

 Dato’ Afifuddin also said that the Company was happy to learn that the winners were from all walks of life and very different backgrounds.  A few, shared their heart-warming tales with Power Root.

They are:
i.          Ruhaizat bin Hj Mohamed Amin, a retiree, from Melaka, lost all his savings when he lost his wallet at a shopping mall in Melaka. Unable to find a job, he was hard-pressed to make ends meet.

“I have no words to describe how happy I am to have won this Umrah Package. Thanks to Power Root, even though I have nothing left, my wife and I would now be able to perform the Umrah.”

ii.            Aziana bt Adnan, from Klang feels so blessed to have won the Umrah package, that she wants to do a good deed in return for a  friend in need.  Her first thought was to offer the other place in her package to a female friend, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, so that she can help her make the trip.  However, under the “Mahram” ruling, she has to be accompanied by either her father, a brother or male relative.

iii.           Abdul Mustakim bin Ali, has not had time to let the news sink in yet, as he has been too busy shuttling between  his home at PPR SRI STULANG,  Johor Baru and Singapore where he works as a courier service attendant?  He  almost missed the prize, as he was too busy on his delivery rounds and did not pick up Power Root’s first call. However, thanks to the persistence of the Power Root team, they managed to get through to him.

iv.          Nor Shuhadah, bt Daman Huri from  Puchong, said  her husband and herself are  fans of Power Root beverages, and it was their good fortune that her sister runs a restaurant  in Kota Kemuning where the  canned  Alicafe drinks are one of the top sellers.  She could not believe that her husband’s diligence in sending in the entry forms finally paid off!

v.            Puan Pauziyah bt Jantan of Shah Alam said she entered the contest with an intention of bringing  her mother-in-law to Umrah with her. She said her mother-in-law, who is a very kind-hearted person has not yet step foot onto the Holy Land.
The other winners are: Mohd Hanafi bin Nasarudin (Jerantut, Pahang) and Nawi bin Awang (Felda Besout 6, Sungkai, Perak).

Power Root, listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, manufactures and distributes beverage products and a wide range of herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs that are indigenous to Malaysia.

These herbs, known by their common name as "Tongkat Ali" and "Kacip Fatimah" are known for properties that promote physical well-being, and are highly regarded by Malaysians. 

 The contest was launched on 1 May in conjunction with Ramadhan and will run until 15 September 2017. To participate, customers need only purchase any Power Root product, in packs or in tins, cut out the logos or the opening tab of the tins to be submitted with the contest forms. 

For more contest details, rules and regulations, click links below:-

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

LINOLA to the rescue!

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum!

This entry is all about LINOLA, new upcoming products that just arrived in Malaysia, originated from Germany. For my babes out there who suffer incredible dry, sensitive and rough skin, this is for you! Scroll down for more info.

Beginning this month, Malaysians will meet a brand new super hero that will be rescuing troubled skins nationwide. LINOLA is a well-loved pharmaceutical skincare range developed by Dr. August Wolff in Germany since 1957 and has continually gone through countless research and development exercises over the decades. Today, it is the No.1 preferred medical skin care by paediatricians in Germany. 

Named after its key ingredient, Linoleic acid, which boosts amazing protective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, LINOLA is not just another run-of-the-mill range of products made for dry skin. Wholly formulated and produced in Germany.

LINOLA is heaven-sent for chronic and acute atopic eczema sufferers, as it not only helps with the healing but also with soothing the itchiness and inflammation that comes with the condition. It can also help to improve specific skin problems such as dry, itchy scalp, psoriasis and chafing.

LINOLA Lotion,the hero of LINOLA Brand range, formulated with essential linoleic acids is developed especially for all forms of dry and stressed skin. It contains linoleic acid rich vegetable oil and is free from harmful mineral oils and silicones. This Lotion is most suitable for very dry skin as well as eczema sufferers. Its No.1 standing in Germany under the best supportive medical care category for all types of dry skin for two years consecutively (2012 and 2013) is a testimony of the product's efficacy.  

TBH, the time of interview/sharing session kinda messed up since I couldn't show up by myself, so I had my sayang to cover for me. Thank you sayang for everything, so as a gift, I will give to him some of the goodies he got from the session. LOL I actually don't mind with others, but I just love the figurine and LINOLA lotion. It is simply the best and non-sticky at all!

Linola products will be available this month exclusively at all Caring pharmacies nationwide. So great news for all Malaysians who having trouble finding and wasting time for the perfect health care because now it's magically appear in front of you. Yeay!

 The products that will be available and their selling prices are listed below:

•       Linola Lotion (200ml) – RM79

This one is my favorite! No doubt it is No.1 best-selling in Germany, it really does gives just enough moisture for everyday long wear.

•       Linola Shower and Wash (300ml) – RM69

•       Linola Hand Lotion (75ml) – RM35

The first three Items are the goodies I got, so IDK about others LINOLA's range, but it must be really good like the three above :)

•       Linola Foot Lotion (100ml) – RM55

Of course, every pair need to match with each other. Hand and foot much? LOL

•       Linola Protective Balm (50ml) – RM55

I'm DEFINITELY gonna get this, soon! It's perfect for your intimate area, plus it is mineral oil and silicone free.

•       Linola Forte Shampoo (200ml) – RM69

•       Linola Sun Lotion SPF50 (100ml) – RM79

Not a huge fan of applying sunblock, but desperate times calls for desperate protection. Thank god I'm such a 'Puteri Lilin' or else I get sweaty and all flushed red over my face/body. ZZZ

 •       Linola Face (50ml) – RM69

The only problem I found from these health range is the product packaging is super boringgg and looks kinda dull. But overall, the ingredients and benefits will help to lower down the cons. 

stay tuned for more! 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 23, 2017

Eid Mubarak 2017 X OOTD ❤️

Hello loves! Assalamualaikum ❤️

So like, basically, today is the official last day/date for Eid 2017 and kinda feel sad about it because who knows whether I can still encounter Ramadhan for next year. To be honest, this year is really not a good year to celebrate Eid because of certain unfortunate unforeseen event that happens to myself like, 2 weeks away before celebrate Eid. It is major embarrassing and the most funniest thing happen to my body, some of my friends got some laughing stock too when they know about my condition (dem yu -.-) whereas other gives lots of positive vibes and show me lots of love. Auww, thank you! 

Without further ado, the 'bebel' must go on! For this year, I challenge myself to do some improvement over my makeup skill whether I'm getting good or nu-uh. With le hashtag #RayaMakeupChallenge I created on my INSTAGRAM, There's couple of pics I posted to show the spirit of Eid and of course, to show off my Eid's outfit. Yeay to that! 

Oh, BTW, you guys can always FOLLOW and LIKE my pictures on INSTAGRAM because IG basically my second heartbeat when it comes to publish anything before I posted thoroughly in le blog. So, yeah no offence bloggie, IG beat ya! but dear bloggie also still the best ❤️


First OOTD for Eid! Actually I'm wearing other dress before posting this one on my IG because I'm not very sure whether previous one I wore during first day of Eid looks good for my IG feed. Plus the size also kinda bigger and too boring, totally spreading 'Makcik-Mak Mak' vibe -.-



This one is an impromptu pic before my family and I go to one of mumzy goodie old friend in Subang Jaya for Eid Open house.Yeap, expect a lot of Open houses after Ramadhan Mubarak month because we need to fill those tummy with delicious Rendang, Nasi Impit with peanut sauce, Lontong, Lemang etc. The night scenery kinda kill the mood but I insist my sissy Nyek to snap some photos and turn out only this one look good. K


This one taken yesterday where all my friends, UIA babes and my sayang ❤️ visit my house for food gathering. Thank you for everyone who coming, much loves!


Now, let's keep on scroll for all my #RayaMakeupChallenge and I really hope you guys understand that I'm still learning and this is some kind of continuous artwork on le face. Yes, Makeup is another whole knowledge that need to practice and earn bit by bit. I'm gonna upload from the latest photo until the oldest one. Here goes!











All my makeup details are listed on my INSTAGRAM, so guys, do check it out! Thank you so much for spending time readin' my Eid 2017, see ya next time, In shaa ALLAH ya Ramadhan & Syawal, two most beautiful month in Islam ❤️

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

July 20, 2017

Neutrogena X STYLO ASIA Fashion

Hello loves, Assalamualaikum :)

So this post kinda late, but here goes nothing! Finally, a fashion that lasts for all seasons is here! Introducing Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 fashion collection, a series of 30 designs presented at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival (MBSTYLOAFF) 2017.

Created by local fashion designers Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee, the Happy Skin 24/7 collection interprets the happy mood that one exudes with healthy, great-looking skin. 

As the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand, we believe beauty starts with healthy skin – a condition which gives women a lot of positive energy in their daily lives. Imagine looking into the mirror every morning to see healthy and radiant skin, wouldn’t your mood naturally lift and your day start better? Indeed, healthy skin has the power to make one happy and that’s why our latest campaign advocates Happy Skin 24/7 with Neutrogena, according to Julia Teo, Associate Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.

Teo added “Through our fashion debut at Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival, we hope to demonstrate the inner-joy of having healthy, great-looking skin, a result of using Neutrogena skincare, and share it with Malaysian women - what better way to do this than to come up with a fashion collection, inspired by the concept of Happy Skin”! 

Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee – two unique designers who draw their inspiration from things that intrigue them in creating interesting prints and colours! Thanks to their creativity and hard work, we will see how they bring the youthfulness and joy of Neutrogena's Happy Skin 24/7 concept to life tonight.

Kittie Yiyi’s quirky sense of humour translates into her designs, which are often joyful and loud, yet smart. The Raffles Design Institute KL graduate’s motto is: “Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it makes you happy!”

Kittie’s collection is inspired by the quintessential beach girl on a holiday. Coming from a faraway beach land, she wanders into the city in her flowy, comfy loose-fitting outfits. Her happiness is infectious – and it shows in the way she dresses. Featuring flared silhouettes, ruffles, cheerful stripes and heart-shaped prints, the collection flaunts the beach girl’s confidence in her own skin with transparent details and cut-outs.

Hazzer Wan Lee, creative director of HWL by Hazzer Wan Lee Fashion Atelier Kuala Lumpur, graduated with a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from Herriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Hazzer’s fashion collection is inspired by the water splash, a signature of Neutrogena Deep Clean range of cleansing products, and the first step to Happy Skin 24/7! Fluid lines and cascading layers come together to bring out the beauty and energy of water in hues of blue, green, orange and pink. The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as denim, organdy, PU leather, cotton silk and dyed fabrics results in a unique 3D effect that mimics the movements of water.

For more information, please click link below:-


Lots of love,
Miss A :)