February 7, 2021


 Hello loves,Assalamualaikum, and happy year 2021!


*Okay, I'm done laughing*

I'm finally back on my blog and I cannot believe it's been almost long time I didn't visit my bloggie because I'm more invested towards my SocMeds (you guys can click on icon above, like per usual in case you miss me, bb) There's a lot of things is going on now around us with COVID-19 Pandemic, Economic failure, Corruptions of Gov' management in Malaysia, People dying, Baby COVID Creation (yup all my friends getting knock up due to stay at home rules, congrats btw lol), my works, and so on *sigh* I just, really, really wish these situations will fades ASAP so then everyone can celebrate and travel again because I know, it is super hard for everyone now, either you're in Malaysia and international peeps too. But one of the things that kinda stings is because we have to wear mask. I mean, I don't mind with it, but because wearing masks way too much and stay indoor, make my body and my skin behave poorly, thus welcoming all unnecessary skin problems, or MASK-NE to be exact. Urghhh, since my skin is falls in combination and super sensitive/dry nearby my cheeks, it's really hard to co-op with sudden situation and I need to try lot of try-and-error skincare to adjust back my skin balance. So, I got an opportunity to try out COSRX Pure Fit Cica Range in collaboration with Style Korean Global and I'm so glad because this is the second time I got to try another great skincare from 'em. Thank you so much for believing me and my blog and my SocMeds, and I try my best to give honest review about these babies. I heard lots of good reviews from my beauty-fluencer/skincare junkies babes and dudes that COSRX skincare is one of holy-grail brand that need to try out. And my skin kinda need helps for all these MASK-NE situation, I just know it, I need to give a try for this brand and CICA Range. I've been tryin' some of CICA products before, so I'm intrigued to see vast difference about COSRX from the others. 

Here, I include le video of mine unboxing the box, Check it out!

As you guys can see inside the video and pictures included above, I received 7-8 items inside the care package. And hereby, I will listed down details for the products.

1. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cleanser 150 GM. The Cleanser really gentle and produce mild bubbles when you  lather it on your hand with water, And like usual, I use it as like usual, morning and night time, and sometimes I use it as double cleanse if I happens to wear extra makeup during that particular day. 

2. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Serum 30 ML. The serum contains all kind of benefit for recovering, Calming effect and strengthen our skin barrier and voted as number 1 in Allure Editors pick in April 2020. I think is very common for every skincare serum in Korea, they use droppers applicator because it's one of the easiest method to apply on face. Smart!

3. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Toner 150 ML. OMG, this toner looks so cute because the bottle looks some kind of medical vibe lol idk why I felt like that when I opened the box. The toner is usually use as second step after cleanse because it helps our skin to feel revitalize, and the calming scents soothes my skin at same time. Toner can be use it on cotton pads or solely use on palms, so it's your choice to use whatever method you want. 

4. COSRX Pure Cica Powder 7GM. OHOHOHO, this one is actually kinda surprise me because I never try any skincare in powder type, but when I look up upon the instruction, it's only to use for special step(or simply say, additional step for perfect, balance after-effect face) I sometimes use the powder and mixed together with the toner or Cica Cream and I love it! 

5. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Pad 90(EACH). Another great invention for Pure Fit Cica range for people who on-the-go because the pad helps to calm/soothes redness on skin,anytime anywhere! The cooling effect after use is amazing and I love how thinnnnnnnn the pad is! You can apply on your face for an extra care too, just like the powder. The pads also refresh your skin so then you feel stress-free throughout the days.

6. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cream 50 ML. The cream is very fast absorp, and doesn't leave sticky residue after use, literally one of the best midnight cream to help my trouble, sensitive skin with Centella extract. 

7. COSRX Pure Fit Cica Calming True Sheet Mask 1 EACH. The additional 1 mask in Pure Fit Cica Range is pure genius because it's an extra helps to reduce redness and sensitive red spots on skin, the sheet mask smells kinda medicated, but in good way. So, I have no issue with it whatsoever lol

8. Oh, and inside the package also include cute doorknob sign, bookmarks, few samples to try out and guidelines how to use all 7 Cica Range.

My final verdicts,

Okay guys, I'm gonna be honest real bad. Like, real honest okay. First of all, I'm sorry I didn't list out properly inside the video of the correct steps, so please assure that the correct steps to apply Cica skincare are;


However, during the month I try out COSRX, I use 4 items the most out of 7 items inside, another 3...well I only use it when I feel like I want to (p/s: the cream, the soothing pad, the mask) Well, the mask is only one time usage, so it's basically gone now lol, so yeah... 

Okay, here goes. For me, the cleanser is quite amazing, I tried several cleansers before but for me, the COSRX one did good, but not as good as other cleanser that I used. And the smells is quite medicated, I think this is because of the Centella extract that helps to eradicate trouble bums, acne scars and pores too, so the smells is nice for me, but i'm not sure everyone like medicated scents. It's actually depends on people preferences. Don't hate me, okay lol

For the Toner, literally one of favorite with medicated scents (like usual) but it helps to reduce redness and hydrates my skin so I didn't feel tight after cleanse. I also sometimes mixed the powder with toner and serum most of the times because I wanna reduce redness on my nose and cheeks area. However, sometimes the toner feels flops, but some other times the toner is savior, I actually don't understand why my skin react like that with the toner because I like it. 

The Serum and The powder literally save my skin the most, because all my redness and small acne nearby my ear and sometimes at below around chin area, the zits will reduce the appearance and gone within 3-4 days, so I really like this two combo. And TBH, these two are the main products that I love in COSRX Cica Range. 

For the Cream, I sometimes mix it with the powder, and I like my skin looks okay on next morning, but I'm pretty sure the serum helps most of my trouble spots, so I'm not against the cream, but if you wanna try it, try it baby because I'm not gonna stop you from using it. Oh, the textures is amazing! really glides smoothly on face, so yeah, it's good! 

And for the cooling pad, I didn't use it so much because I'm more focus with the main items, the pads can easily be use during weekends or during my free time in office when I feel stress or whatever, but the cool effect? dayummmm son, it's good! same goes with the sheet mask, it's good but I only use it once and I didn't feel like a princess afterwards with flawless face because my skin is kinda terrible right now, and with help from only one sheet mask? NOPE, life is not easy like that, hunney, lol


Cleanser? 8.5/10

Toner? 7.5/10

Cica Pad? 8/10

Sheet Mask? 7/10

Cream? 7/10

Serum?10/10!!! (yup, yup, yup!)

Powder? 10/10!!! (totally gonna buy it again, same with the serum!) 

Hey, if you wanna buy COSRX Pure Fit Cica Range, I'll include the link below where to buy and what's best for you to try out. 

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Lastly, thank you so much Style Korean Global and Cosrx for the loves, and I hope you guys enjoy my honest reviews. I'll be updating my blog again, soon so no worries, bb, I'm back!


Aimiiii :)