October 22, 2019


Hello loves, Assalamualaikum everyone :)

    WOW, my life seriously getting lot harder these days and I’m still in middle of preparing my wedding list and also at the same time, I need to get back my wedding weight (sigh, this part really hit me like bulldozer whatever shitz because it’s damn hard!) So far everything goes nicely as it should, but of course there’s several things need to work out, thank god, I’m not turning to bride-zilla mode yet LOL

    Oh, I also still active keeping up with my blogger/influencer lifeu as well, and thank you so much for the wonderful PR kits that I always received, I just can’t stress enough to say, thank you so much for believe in me and my blog, and my writings and my whatever blabbering I constantly insert in my blog (idk you guys up with that shit, but hell yeah I salute you for that!) one of the product that I got is really pretty and very familiar, user-friendly products especially for skincare lover in Malaysia, this brand never let you down.

     Yup, I’m talking about SAFI Malaysia! And now, the brand came out with BEAUTEA by SAFI with 100% Premium Tea extract that specialize to protect and care your precious skin against harmful ray, pollution and hazardous cosmetics. Beautea by SAFI is here to snatch your wig, yaww!

    As we all know, all wonderful and successful ladies always juggle how to balance between worklife and also keep up with normal lifestyle too, and we need to have good confidence to meet up with people, so besides scoring good impression, appearance also play vital role. Just like life, beauty is an adventure, there will always be challenges that test our confidence. As soon as we leave the house, we are inevitably exposed to three major skin problem which are:-

An environmental pollution such as dirt, vehicle smoke, UV rays and free radicals. These problems contributes to dull skin, dark spots and premature aging.

Next, all stress coming from having a hectic daily schedule, staying up late and hormone imbalances, are also known to  cause oil accumulation under the skin, resulting in acne prone and oily skin texture.

Also known as the silent enemy, cosmetic residue is also known as the third main contributor that triggers skin  problem. When the skin is not thoroughly cleansed, the residue will trigger the accumulation and growth of bacteria, hence clogging the pores, causes the skin to dry, roughen and be dehydrated. Moreover, what is thought to beautify the skin can cause can also be the ultimate foe.

Due to that, SAFI took initiative to obtained from botanical sources such as tea leaves extract, known for its high antioxidant content as well as plenty of other essential nutrients, the tea leaf extracts helps to attain healthy, beautiful and most importantly, glowing skin.  With 100% premium tea that uses carefully selected White, Green and Black tea leaves for healthy skin benefits. SAFI is the first Malaysian skincare brand in the market to utilize the proven efficacy and the beauty benefits possessed by this herbaceous plant through a range of BEAUTEA by SAFI products. 

One of the best features about this new upgraded skincare from SAFI is that, all result of its ongoing commitment to the research and development of skincare products via SAFI RESEARCH INSTITUTE - the world's largest Halal cosmetics product lab, based in Subang Jaya.

BEAUTEA by SAFI combines the benefits of 100% premium antioxidant-rich tea leaf extracts and natural active ingredients that effectively cleanses and protects the skin from free radicals. It is dermatologically tested, FREE from SLES / SLS, mineral oils, dyes, alcohols, parabens, and certified by Halal by JAKIM. So no worries people! This product also applicable for unisex too.

Let’s diggin’ into BEAUTEA by SAFI product, shall we?

The BEAUTEA by SAFI range offers 3 types of cleansers and 1 face scrub. Each works to help detoxifying the skin from harmful pollutants, thoroughly cleanses the residue and also relieves skin from acne and stress; refreshes and improves the skin barrier and defends the skin from free radicals.

BEAUTEA by SAFI Hydrating Gel Cleanser - White Tea & Damask Rose

Helps to hydrates the skin  and minimises pores

This gentle, soap-free gel cleanser cleanses the clogged pores and dirt on your skin. Formulated with a combination of antioxidant-rich White Tea & Damask Rose extract to balance the skin's moisture, hydrate and reduces the size of pores.
* This product is suitable for dry and normal skin*

BEAUTEA by SAFI Anti Acne Gel Cleanser – Green Tea & Neem

Helps to protects skin from acne and controls sebum.

Combining the efficient powers of Green Tea and Neem extracts, this gentle, soap-free gel cleanser is packed with antioxidants that protects the skin  skin from harmful free radicals. It relieves skin irritation while controlling the sebum production, hence helping to reduce acne scars.
*This product is suitable for normal and oily skin

BEAUTEA by SAFI Detox Cream Cleanser – Black Tea & Black Orchid

Helps to Detoxifies the skin and prevents premature skin aging

Amino Acidic and cream-based cleansers that are extremely gentle to the skin and soap-free, the BEAUTEA by SAFI Detox Cream Cleanser is formulated with enriched Black Tea & Black Orchid extracts with 2x antioxidant benefits that help to cleanse the pores deeply, helping the skin to stay hydrated while maintaining moisture and protecting the skin from premature aging.
* This product is suitable for sensitive skin

BEAUTEA by SAFI Revitalizing Face Scrub – Apricot Tea

 Removes dead skin cells and also unclog pores

Formulated with antioxidant-rich Apricot & White Tea extracts, the scrub cream cleanses the pores, exfoliating the skin without drying it. It helps to restore texture, smooth and brightens the skin. The result is a brighter and radiant skin.
* This product is suitable for all skin types

The instruction to use is pretty simple and literally, everyone kinda already know the basic step of cleanse and scrub right? Just squeeze the tube onto the palm and rub with water until it foams. Lather it onto the face in rotating motion. Rinse with water and enjoy clean, fresh and natural skin. These beauty range is priced at RM23.30 (150g) available at selected pharmacies in Malaysia and online. 

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October 1, 2019

Chocolate Galore @ Belgische Chocolatier

Hi chocolate lovers, are you here? Ehiks! Assalamualaikum :)

Aw, my my my, I cannot wait any longer to update this entry because it’s gonna be full with chocolates (you name it, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate URGHH just heavenly yummy!) I got the invitation from Butterfly Project to attend for the chocolate party and yes, never even regret eating ‘em before flying off to Jeju exactly a week before that LOL but I’m so glad to eat all kind of chocolates because when I’m having family vacay in Korea, we all indulged ourselves with nature, healthy and seafood dishes everyday, so accepting the offer is such a good opportunity for myself plus I got to met my Butterflies babes too! Thank you Butterfly Project and of course, our major sponsor for chocolate party that day ,Belgische Chocolatier, 163 Mont Kiara (shopping mall beside Plaza Mont Kiara)! Can you guys believe that the place literally located nearby my office and I can just drive for like, idk 5 minutes from my office to the place? So cool! 

Following the theme, pink (duh, of course) it’s literally complement the interior design for the cute chocolate cafe. Just simply chic, cute and perfect place to satisfy your craves for chocolate. And don’t you guys worry, the place smells incredible, very clean environment and friendly workers too. When all butterflies gather there, we got to tried 3 different kinds of chocolate desserts per stage (stage?)

1. simply just full with decoration and perfect for Instagram / blog pictures, 
2. The waffles/sushi madness,
3. lastly, the hot lava!

 Well, I just made up the names of each part, but I believe you guys not that dumb to not crack the codes LOL (JK JK JK, I know you’re not, please don’t hate me) So, let’s check out some of good photos I took using my one and only Iphone X (I know, new Iphone design just drop, but I’m always gonna cherish Iphone X because I think that’s the coolest one among all)

When I ate there with my fellow Butterflies, we all have our own favorite chocolate dessert. For example, I love the chocolate noodles and chocolate rice crakers, whereas Iza more fond with chocolate and fruits fondue, Sara on the other hand, totally in love with crispy and delicious chocolate waffles. Well, syafiera kinda love all of ‘em (I mean, no surprise there, all the chocolates is really good tho, plus eating chocolate is one of good food for stress free!) Another my favorite is chocolate sushi. OH WOW, that one taste so good and just rich with chocolate flavors with fresh cut fruits inside the sushi.

Look at me exhibit big dick sunshine mood LOL

Oh wait, the fun part is when one of the owner of the Belgische Chocolatier, pour the hot salted caramel sauce on one of the best selling chocolate dessert, the lava cake that topped with huge and creamy vanilla ice cream. I said it before, and I’m just gonna say it again, this place is really good for all chocolate lovers. You definitely not gonna regret eating tonnes of chocolate dessert here because literally, all of ‘em taste so good. Not to worry darling, inside the shop also provide water jug section for everyone in case you got sugar rush or whatever LOL and, you can also also try hot coffee/chocolate beverages too.

Did I mention, Belgische Chocolatier also gives 30% off for any kind of celebrations (family gathering, birthday party, graduation feast etc) so, what are you waiting for? Heads over there now and try it. I totally recommend everyone to try all, especially the chocolate sushi, that’s the one chocolate dessert I wanna try again, very soon LOL (well my office kinda near, so yeah why not?)

Major thank you once again to Butterfly Project and  Belgische Chocolatier for the amazing foods, and I really hope everyone having good time eating there with your love one. Totally worth it guys!

INSTAGRAM PAGE: Belgischechocolatier | Butterflyproject.my

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