September 21, 2016

DeStress & After Love Masks X Maskslim

Assalamualaikum, hello, hi dearlings!

Well guys, this entry probably the last update using someone PC (DOMO ARIGATOU) because after that, I will update my blog during weekend. Yes, I'm still didn't fix my lappy and shut up, I don't need your judging comment about 'hey, belilah laptop baru, blah blah' all that. Nope, Not a good time to argue about that now LOL 

So, as you guys can see, my blog mostly consist of beauty product. I love collecting and do lots of review about latest products in market especially Korea brand. I mean, I literally wear Korea makeup brand on my face including from CC Cream, lipstick, liptint, eyes shadow and brow gel and also my fav, Mask!

However, this can't be happen if you have problem skin so, remember to always love and care for your body and your skin. A good and healthy diet plus exercise helps a lot, and yeah, applying mask is another way to enhance your bare skin to public. Well, speaking about mask, yes! this entry is another favorite event I went not too long ago LOL because the MaskSlim, one of pioneer in daily beauty masks unveil their first successful crowd funded beauty products in Malaysia - DeStress and After Love Mask. Uuu, the second one name kinda sexy. IKR

MaskSlim was established last year with the aim of providing women worldwide an all-natural way to look beautiful by creating a range of natural masks and skincare products that ideals for daily use. Another fun fact about MaskSlim is that all products are manufactured in France, using combination of orange stem cells and only natural ingredients.Since the brand launching these new masks, the event located at MK Curtain Group, Nilai 3 and thankfully my sayang  drove me all over there and support me. Thank you, sayang 

Based on the itinerary given, the event start from 9 until 12 afternoon. However, I skipped the lunch part. Well, the important part is that I managed to go MK Curtain ASAP without missing the main objectives of this event, which is introducing DeStress and After Love Masks. 

Some of the goodies available to distribute for Media and VVIP. But before that, I got to snap some selfies for the amazing props provided by MK Curtain and MaskSlim. Such a dolls!

Thank you sayang  for the piccas eventhough some of it are shaky and bad angle at certain important highlights for posting on my other social media purpose LOL so, scratch the bad and upload the good one for my bloggie  You guys can always check for more about MaskSlim on Facebook page and their website too. I leave the link later.

My favorite of that day, is definitely grab this beauty box full with MaskSlim latest collection. Major Love! These latest masks claims it's only take 15 minutes only to see noticable difference within per usage. Cool right!

During the launching event, most of the important people attend and assist in funding these beauty products through MyStartr. Some of the amazing Guest of Honor are Tan Sri Dato' Soong Siew Hoong- Executive Advisor of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (ACCIM), VVIP Dato KK Chai - Founder of KK Super Mart and Dato' Calvin Khiu Fu Siang - FUNDER and CEO of MK Curtain Group. Others media, bloggers (including me), and guests are also there to celebrate this event.

Estee Leong, the founder of MaskSlim emphasizes that "After Love Mask are suitable for couples and De Stress for students. The After Love Mask has Lavender oils that helps balancing hormones and its smell can set the tone for romantic environment whereas DeStress helps users to relax and sleep better as Peppermint and Tea Tree can soothes, nourish and hydrates skin especially for students"

Both masks will available at all KK Mart stores widely in early October for this year. So, don't forget to get for your mask collection, loves!

Us in After Love Mask. So juicy and fresh after 15 minutes later. The mask really help makes my skin to look radiant and I gotta admit, I'm totally gonna buy this masks on KK Mart. Promise!

After look by After Love Mask 

Besides launching De Stress and After Love Mask, MaskSlim's CSR arm, LiFE Ribbon Community also simultaneously launched its DF Vertical Drums who supported MaskSlim's crowdfunding with RM1K or more at MKAYE CHARIS CHARITY BERHAD, an old folks home in Nilai, between the guest of honors and Mr Jeff Kong -President of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association. This community managed to save spaces, time and water for growing more natural, organic waste as fertilizer which is much healthier than chemicals. Besides that, Urban Farming helps to improves interaction between family members, as the activity to survive whilst healthily bridging generation gap.

Thank you soo much for the lovely events and congratulation, Estee Leong and the team for pulling off this products. I believe these masks gonna be huge and well received by everyone regardless their genders and race. I totally suggest you guys to wear After Love Mask, it's really worth it 

Goodies twimee!

 Make sure you guys try one of these mask. It's really good, OMG I can't event describe more for it, it's like uhqoriwghpodjcfqigijofjf (yeah I don't know what I'm mumble about for this great product LOL)

I also received on of the best seller sleeping mask on MaskSlim's website for free. Thank you for the opportunity, MaskSlim! 


P/S: There's gonna be surprise by MaskSlim this upcoming November. It's real huge and I will include more details later.Till then :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 17, 2016

Souffle De Velvet x Mad About Coco

Hello, Assalamualaikum, Bonjour!

Finally, the moment of something sweet, something fluffy, something light have safely landed on my blogpost this time because I kinda struggle with everyday workout, taking care of my pets (yes, do I mention I'm having a pair of syrian hamster now? LOL) and also events I have to attend,which I loveeee every minutes of it? Yup I really am. This is another event I love besides Urban Decay and Alpha Girlfriends SONY Malaysia. Wait, you guys didn't know what entries I'm mumbling about? CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE, will ya 

Proudly present to you, the latest collection of Bourjois Malaysia X Watsons, Rouge Edition, Souffle De Velvet new 8 shades of sheer matte lipsticks! 

Personally, I heard about Bourjois products because yeah, most exclusively sell in every Watsons outlet but it never occurred on my mind that I should buy these amazing lil shit due to money crisis and also the price range kinda expensive. However, once I try the shade of Rouge Edition, Matte finish version, I'm completely hooked   I love their bright and bold colors available because it shows personality and confidence of a woman. But yeah, I am no TayTaySwift that love to wear red lipstick all the times, so I stick with warm and nudish color as my fav choice. 

When I know, Bourjois launch next shades besides Rouge Edition, I need to go for it, ASAP. The event start pretty early and the location is sooo cute. I love Mad About Coco due to their yummy chocs dishes, so thumbs up for the location  I did some registration, blah blah blah and let's start shall we?

The first thing I got when I arrived there, The organizer ask all beauty bloggers that attend that day (including me) to enter fun game involving cute/very creative pic taken and publish on IG with #SouffleDeVelvet #BourjoisMY as token of entries to win all 8 shades of their latest lipsticks collection. 

Some of the amazing photos I took during that day and I couldn't resist myself to try some of the latest shades, Souffle De Velvet that been raving about. 

Yup, you gotta love all their new colors  Bourjois creates rouge edition Souffle de Velvet with Matte colour veil and Blushed lips effect. You guys can actually use this new baby as blusher too. How cool is that! 

Enriched with hydration-guarding agents, its velvety formula gives a soft sensation with up to 10-hour hydration and long hold, as pleasant to wear as a balm. A fine and smooth veil is applied on the lips with a light, silky texture creates a real bare lips sensation. Besides that, these collection focuses on semi-sheer matte veil compared to their previous collection. It is indeed delicately fragrant notes of blueberry and violet unique hybrid texture offers bright gentle and fresh make-up result!

All new shades have very cute and classic names too! Yes, all the colors are to die for but my personal favorite is shades No.1, which is Orangélique. Wanna know rest of it?

I didn't organized those colors according to their shades *WTF* So sorry guys, but fret not! the colors match with every skin tones, that's for sure. Okay, let's hear some of le namess.

01. Orangélique A fresh and energising orange for a diabolically angelic smile. 
02. Coquelic’oh ! A very dense and bold orange red.
 03. VIPeach Neither orange, nor pink, this coral makes the lips peachy soft. 
04. Ravie En Rose A charming and delicate pink for kissable lips... give in to the temptation... laugh!
05. Fuchsiamallow Deep and intense pink enhanced by a hint of blue to give all its sweetness and bite. 
06. Cherryleaders The red of the range: a very luscious and dashing cherry red. 
07. Plum Plum Pidou Addicts of bold colours can sleep soundly. They will be delighted with this light-asa-feather plum. 
08. Carameli Melo A subtle alchemy of nude, brown and pink for a shade that will make you lose your composure!

And yet, still my favorite is number 1.

ROUGE EDITION VELVET • 17 shades • Intense matte result • 24 hour hold

ROUGE EDITION SOUFFLE DE VELVET • 8 shades • A matte, sheer result • Hydration and hold up to 10 hours

surely I recommend both because the colors can help lift up your moods every time you wear it. I love Rouge Velvet Edition more, but you can never underestimate their Souffle De Velvet Edition :)

Okay, enough crapping with lipsticks, check out their cute decoration and foods that provided by M.A.C friendly staffs.

Did anyone die in chocolate land? Because I am T.T

Yes, I am certainly sure I die and go to Chocolate heaven 

My favorite is the crunchy churros with pink dipping sauce. Love that one! Oh, the cake pop tart? AMAZEBALL!

Yup, you gotta love their overly cute new shades and their delicious sweet treats. Bourjois definitely deliver their theme very well. I'm very impress with their efforts and thank you for inviting me to this cute pre-launch Souffle De Velvet 

Wait, not finish yet. Of course, I got some of the goodies courtesy from Bourjois and Watsons. Say what??

I managed to got 4 new shades and 2 shades of current velvet editions. I am really happy with it and the box is so pretty, I couldn't throw it away LOL  


P/S: I will update more events and product review after this. So tired right now, I think I write with sleepy face in front of lappy zzz

Lots of love,
Miss A :)

September 15, 2016

Colorful Anime Carnival (CAC)

Hello, Assalamualaikum lovelies!

So far, I'm getting lotsaa product reviews and invitation to attend this month and also upcoming month. However, CAC is another great event for you guys if you're an anime freak!

Colourful Anime Carnival (CAC) is a charity anime, comics and games (ACG) event that is supported and is part of the main charity event - Colourful Carnival, which would be held on the same day and place. CAC hopes to bring anime and cosplay fans together and at the same time do good deed and support the needy.

On the event day, CAC will be having events that are related to ACG such as doujin booths, anime song concert and cosplay competition.

The main events for CAC are:
·         Cosplay Competition
·         Anime song Concert

Guest Cosplay Participants
1.      Kiba Lee
2.      Rei Akira Strife & Jerry Lucis Strife
3.      Lea Jones & Mikki Kairi

Cosplay Competition
Cosplay Competition is the main event for Colourful Anime Carnival. The competition will feature a maximum of 20 participants. Each participant will be given 2 minutes to showcase their cosplay.  The competition will be judged by the event’s cosplay guests.

Anime song Concert
The anime song concert is a concert that focuses on anime song performance (anime opening/ending theme, insert songs). The concert will be held 5.00pm to 7.00pm

CAC have decided to use Anime because it is a highly known among most of the teenagers & young adults. Besides, the main aim for this Colorful Carnival is to encourage teenagers to come out from their homes and connect with the world outside. They believe that this event will be charitable because it will bring fun to the people around and at the same time collect funds to donate to the people in need. 

Oh, not to forget, for those people or company who wanna take part in charity anime, comics and games event, CAC is welcoming for ya!

Details for doujin booth setup are as followed:

· .Booth style: Push carts, tables
· .Booth fee (all type including one chair):
-   Push carts: RM300 per cart
-   Tables: RM200 per booth (4’x4’)
1.Ensure the place is clean and tidy
2.Booth must be presentable

Colourful Anime Carnival would love to have you participate in the event as part of promoting anime and anisong culture, and support the orphanage for a greater cause. CAC accept any kind of donation and will issue a resit which is tax deductible.

If there are any enquiries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact Wong Shire Wein at 0123589173 or Alex Ling at 0163396046. 


Venue: Endah Parade, Sri Petaling (level 2, Lot 2-083)
Date: 18th September 2016, Sunday
Time: 11.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.
Target Audience: Approximately 5000 - 10000 visitors
Event Beneficiary: Rumah Charis (Old folk’s home and orphanage)
EMAIL: colourfulanimecarnival@gmail.com

I try my best to attend this event, so I kinda hope we can meet there, dearlings! :)

Lots of love,
Miss A :)