September 11, 2015

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Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

Casual conversation between a guy and me.

Aimi: Jangan risau lah, Anas! in shaa ALLAH perancangan ALLAH itu baik. You will find better. Eh entah-entah nanti hang banyak scandal keliling pinggang. Lelaki kan perangai macam tu sikit *smirk face*
Anas:No, that's a boy. Not a man.
Aimi: Anas, nak tanya. 
Anas: Yes?
Aimi: Kalau berkaitan dengan CURANG, guy yang CURANG, So is that mean he is a boy, and not a man?
Anas:That's a boy lah. Fikir main-main je. A man will say the love words through her parents.
Aimi: Wow *amazeball*

Some deep shit I realize today. LOL 

Al-hamdulillah, thank you Anas. Nice words even you're just below me. You're super matured compared to me and hats down for that :)

Current mood: Crushing for someone. IDK why, but I kinda miss you. Hiks 

Al-Hamdulillah for everything. May ALLAH bless. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)