October 3, 2015

Momzy birthday celebration

Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

    Okay, tonight I'm just gonna update my blog with lotsaa love just for my mom. I know my mum probably not gonna read my blog, but I don't mind. This is my blog anyway LOL Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys! I've been receiving some product to be review and its related with beauty and health. Definitely not gonna miss our date in future, okay? ♥ 

   Cut the chase!Basically, this entry should be published on September since my mum is a Virgo babe, but I don't have time to upload enormous piccas into my sis's notebook and also I'm pretty occupied with other unnecessary things that I shouldn't supposed to involve with. Double LOL 

    Every year, we definitely will celebrate our mum birthday. And this year, we didn't forget the tradition. We celebrated in Halia, Sime Darby convention centre. Actually, I never knew there is a fine-dining restaurant located in that place since the place is well known for exhibition, wedding and other events that need to be celebrate exaggeratedly. Beware, this entry gonna slap you with thousands of piccass T.T

So, here the signboard that I captured that day. We ate here, a day before my mum birthday *if i'm not mistaken* so, wanna see the decoration?

Beautiful isn't it! It's so simple and classy. You feel so relax when sitting there. Sorry, I didn't take much for the whole room since my foot goes straight to food center ♥ 

Here comes all the foodies!

Some of the foods I took that day. Like usual, I'm photographing most of the foods for my bloggie material. And yeah, I ate all the fruits first before proceed with other yummy foods because it's one of sunnah from our noble Prophet Muhammad :)

Pizza, seri muka and fried banana also been served. My sis eat this since I'm more interested in other delicious foods.

I think this one is quite different compared to other foods I eat that day. Actually, my lil sis consumed this food that called 'mee in pan' Or something, I just came out with the idea for title. Silly me :P

I love this simple dessert. Pancake with maple syrup + ice cream on top. Who doesn't love this kind of lil heaven enter into your fat mouth!

The bread pudding with custard sauce is a big flop, like ever *thumbs down* The sauce is way tasteless and too milky. It didn't make a great combination with that fluffy pudding. Better try harder, Halia's chef. I really love your food, but not this. 

MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE, NO, HIGHLIGHT dish of the day. Baked mussel cheesy. I freaking love this one!

Hello birthday girl! Love you mama. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices you have done these all years. I love you to moon and back ♥ 

Besides Halia, we also eat in Sushi King for fun. I still remember, it was my lil sis treats since she get an opportunity to withdraw some of her ASB's money from account. This is one of the great investment nyeks. Cheers!

I love sushi. The one who despise sushi because they have thoughts that sushi is all raw foods, you're real lame, partner. So sad. So shame LOL

And that night, we surprised our mum with this cutie cake from Baskin Robbins! We really glad that mama is really happy with our ice-cream cake choice. Who doesn't love cookies and cream right? 

And to wrap up that beautiful night, 

My mum bought all these for her birthday gift. I think she spends almost rm2k and I'm thinking dayummm like seriously! But it's okay, as long as she happy, we all happy for her. Happy birthday mama ♥ 

P/S: I think I will stop writing about #Aimiturn23 since it's no use writing those bitter moments. Well, just some part of it. Not all of them. But I'm getting bored to write about entry related with my birthday. Aimi, you're already 23. Cut it out. Act like a matured lady okay, dear self? T.T

Lots of love,
Miss A :)