December 8, 2015

Current favourite make up haul!

Assalamualaikum, hey loves!

I had neglected my bloggie for almost a month and I feel so,so,so,so bad about it! I'm sorry :( It's all because of overload assignments and paperwork that need to be submit within short range or period. Not to forget about my broken laptop screen too. I don't have time to go to any computer shop to repair it even though I have enough money. Yes, I spends most to unnecessary things rather than my cute laptop. FML

I'm not gonna nag much about it, so here some sneak peek that I want to publish later *after my lil sis return from her classes this friday to borrow her lappy -.-*

You guys familiar with The Face Shop product! IKR  that's how I feel when I first bought make-up from this brand. I absolutely love all of it, especially the CC cream, the pink compact inside pink box. I will definitely do review about it because that's my personal favorite. Plus, it did not irritate my pale,sensitive skin too. So, yeay me! 

Actually I'd receive this about month ago but I still don't find appropriate time to update about CiUM lipbalm product from AirAsia company. I will do the review after I finish with my works. OMG, over gila -.-

First pose \o/

Second pose :3

Third pose 

I know, I miss you guys! I miss my blog too. All the pictures I publish here are my face wearing CC cream from The Face Shop. Can't you see I'm freaking love this product! Remind me to update about this amazing CC cream. In shaa ALLAH 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)