October 9, 2018

LipAddict Malaysia Tea Party X The Butterfly Project MY

Hello loves! Assalamualaikum (saying with extra pout tonight since this post is all about sexy lippy, baby)

HOLY CRAP, It's been a while I didn't update anything on le blog since I arrived week ago from Perth trip, and I feel super lazy to update almost entirely my SocMed ever since, LOL IDK why, the happy spirit been kinda tame after I landed in Malaysia, leaving my cute little footsies at Perth, ERKKK but I'm gaining my rhythm back to update something beautiful, amazing event that I attend in collaboration between The Butterfly Project X LipAddict Malaysia :) 

Side note: I'm so freaking glad TBF chose me to try out this lips collection, I mean, who doesn't want to get beautiful,plump kissable lips without goin' under the knife and all pain shit but instead, focus on patience, effort and discipline for one month, voila! the result is there! But, lemme show the beautiful place and set up of the event, it's adorable and full with pink!


Okay, just wanna give some heads up, the piccas without my blog watermarks (LOL, I only edit mostly using Paint apps or whatever) all credit goes to lil handsome boi EROS SI, he's good with camera though and I'm so glad he managed to captured amazing candid shots for all butterflies who came and tested out the lip products. The event held at Happ Cafe, but you can just search the place by typing out"Tropicana Avenue" because the location quite new and I remember I came late, almost at 4 that time but I managed to catch up the hype because the event still hasn't started yet because people become incredibly clueless so TBF's fairies help them out and at the end of day, everyone are able to come. Yeay!

The event start with lil brief of the product description, some background for LipAddict is all about. The product is actually under ISKIN New York where most all the products from skincare to makeup are fully manufactured and made from US. TBH, I actually never heard of this brand before (and don't get me started with the price range, people! It's wilddddd $$$$)  These amazing lippies are sell exclusively in Spa(sss), so if you guys happen to love pampering yourself, your lips might wanna get some treatment too by using this baby, where all the benefits helps to moisturize your dry and chapped lips using 11 natural ingredients such as Organic Grape seed oil, Organic Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 7 E, Organic Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel oil and more!

Besides moisturize the lips, LipAddict also helps to enhance your lips appearance, fight ageing sign and finish up your final look for everyday makeup. So let's enjoy some of beautiful moments where everyone having fun tryin' out LipAddict product! 

Oh, another thangg I wanna point out, the decoration is super bliss and all the sweets are so cute! I would really love to express my greatest salute to everyone who involve with the event from start until the end. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! *HUGGGGSSS*

All the beautiful Butterflies who came and all in pink! I meannn, Urghhh demm cute lah weh :3

My favorite section is definitely the dessert table. It's literally the prettiest view and I feel all 'awedddd' when I look at it. All the desserts are good too! 

I still remember Miss Fibbie, the makeup artist who came and demonstrate step-by-step makeup guide from day look to night glam look, and afterwards we play lil game and I got candy during answering her fun quiz LOL I'm such a sucker when it comes to sweets.

Le attempt of Le self to capture the product but EROS SI did better than me, whuttt T.T his photography skill is amazing though. Literally all the pictures lookin' dreamy and fuwa-fuwa pinky :3

Beautiful 12 shades from LipAddicts that will capture your hearteuuu :)

Would you just look at that! I also managed to make new friends and get to know lotsaaa beautiful butterflies from the event, they all so sweet and I’m looking like a potato  LOL

Here are the full swatches that I captured during the event and as you guys can see, LipAddict lippies are basically lip gloss, but what makes it different from any top brands out there is because the gloss acts as natural lip filler that can help boost out your lip appearance with continuous usage. All 12 shades are easy to apply and the colors also quite similar with each other (since it’s gloss, whaddaya expect LOL) At the end of the day, each butterflies receives some goodies courtesy from LipAddicts to try out, so yeah I got these shades, which are Jewels #213 , Sweet Nothing #201 and Glamour #210

For me, when I got the products, The colors fits me so much because I just love nude (Duhh, everyone love this one aite?) and pinkish vibe when it comes to apply lipstick on my lips. I think most of my selfies are fill with these colors if you guys happen to follow me on SOCmED LOL but! I’m not into glosses since I’m more a Matte kinda girl, but LipAddict really help me to widen my interest towards glosses and show me how good my lips look when I’m applying gloss on le lips. First impression? I gotta say, it’s cool diggity bomb man! All the cool sensation just splash all over my lips during first coat and can you imagine the feeling of minty ice glides sexily over your lips, because yeah that’s how I feel. No joke!

 So I’m gonna show you guys two of my favorite colors;

Sweet Nothing. My ultimate favorite because the colors itself really is pretty. For Jewel shade, I totally recommend you guys to wear it during at night because LipAddict also works best as midnight treatments.

Sweet Nothing. Excuse le chin of mine because my skin doesn't behave good since I'm back from Aussie and I'm just tooo damn lazy to upload anything related with my face *sigh*

Jewel on my lip. This color is suitable for both sex, so nothing surprise me if guys also wearing gloss. So cute!

Honest review: For me, LipAddict is such a nice creation for every girls who wanna achieve sexy pout with minimal effort. It's also contains lots of hydration properties such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to smooths the appearance of the lips. I didn't use so much this product since I'm having major worse skin experience during my visit to Aussie, and my lips also not in good condition due to over-cracked (is that even a word? LOL), so I'm not sure whether I should include that as a pro or cons because I know, each of us have different skins reaction when it comes to try new product. IDK whether if weather climate is the reason why my skin react lil bit weird, urghh :( but I'm pretty sure most of Butterflies who receives and try LipAddict products looks amazing when apply this baby but too bad, I'm not one of them. Another reason why I think this product is a no-no because of the stickiness. It's wayyy to thick and it can cause messy if I didn't tie my hair or whatever everytime I'm trying this out during sleep time LOL but Overall, I think the product is good. So guys, don't forget to check out LipAddict Social Medias too!


P/S: I'm truly sorry this post a bit late, but thank you for the reminder though. I feel completely lost these days after I'm back from Aussie, IDK why. 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)