July 26, 2023


 Hehe, told ya I'm gonna active back for my blog like I promise, I just really hope people are still remember moi fondly as I've been missin' quite some time, so yeah LOL I'm back gaisss!





Walaweh, Malaysia so hot these days and I'm pretty sure we're always anticipates the latest cute cafe, new dessert spot for Instagrammable moments, Ammi right? So, of course you guys definitely heard about the latest and duhh, the cutest makeup collab ever between LilyByRed MY and Artisanal ice-cream/gelato from CDLC! If you're looking for cute, extra girlies babygirl vibe to hang, you'll definitely need to go and experience new flavors that CDLC creates just for this amazing collab, because both CDLC and LilyByRed shared same vision & values to create strong connection between beauty of natural makeup using only the best, premium natural ingredients into creating something that both makeup and dessert can be enjoy any moments. Not only that, another values that both brands want to emphasize is to seek &  enhance their feel-good factor by indulging them in a seamless blend of beauty with a touch of natural sweetness. Just as makeup enhances one's natural beauty, indulging in delightful all-natural desserts can uplift spirits and bring much joy to one’s life.



Here are the new flavors of ice creams, new flavor of drink and Edible 'Lip tint kit'!


#Like Wild Berry Cream: a tantalizing blend of wild berries swirled with creamily smooth natural
Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. This ice cream offers a refreshing and delightful burst of flavours that expresses boldness, wildness, and freedom. Indulge in the exquisite creation and let your taste buds run wild.


 #Like A Shy Peach: a delectable treat that captures the delicate sweetness of a ripe juicy peach and is interpreted in both ice cream and sorbet form. This flavour embodies the softness, sweetness, and charm of a shy peach. Indulge in its delicate and delightful taste, transporting yourself to a realm of pure bliss.


These Petits Gâteaux & Petite Gâteau  represent the unique charm and the diverse inner beauty of our audience. From the rosy strawberry to the innocent apple, the collection celebrates the spectrum of love, both past and present

#Like Rosy Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream swirled with homemade strawberry and rose jam with strawberry chunks. 

#Like Innocent Apple: Madagascar vanilla ice cream swirled with apple and lemon sorbet. 

#Maybe My Puppy Love: Sakura ice cream swirled with lychee sorbet and white chocolate coated popping candy. 

#Maybe My Past Love: 63% French dark chocolate with chocolate crisp pearls and chilli chocolate ganache

#Dollish Rose Madagascar vanilla ice cream swirled with lemon curd and dragon rose sorbet.

 #French Marsala Macadamia ice cream swirled with homemade butterscotch and macadamia nuts.

For the new flavor of drink, called as  #Like Guava Mojito: - Pink guava juice with fresh mint leaves and lemonade. 

Some of the snippets I took using my Iphone 14 Pro Max, gotta love all the features here, OMG!

In my Opinion, since I already taste all of 'em during launch, I love #LWBC so much for the ice cream! amazing chunks, balance between sweet and sour, and my fav! #LGM drink, also one of the highlight of my day during the launch, I legit add on for like 3-4 cups because I just couldn't get enough of it! I also got to try out some of the new lip kits (makeup and edible makeup as well, lol) the latest Glassy Fixing tint & Juicy Water Tint won my heart, I'm so happy I got to try some of the beautiful colors in my goodies and do some swatches because all colors came out looking so gorgeous! LilyByRed comes with Romantic Mousse, Mood Velvet, Juicy Water Tint, Glassy layer Tint, Bloody Coating Tint, but the two types I mentioned above rocks! Yeay!

Don't forget to visit CDLC and taste all new flavors today!

P/S- * indicates the pictures sent for Media to include in the writing from the brand.