August 28, 2013

Arts lover.

Assalamualaikum. Hai.

Hari ni nak cakap pasal Arts. I did remember I wrote an entry pasal my favorite thing which is ARTS :3 I love arts, every details, the colors are really mesmerising! Basically, I just draw random drawing that I love and suits my moods. Sometimes it does looks kewlll, sometimes nampak weird, sometimes nampak lawa dimata dahku #eh but I really enjoy drawing. 

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My obsession over arts makin menebal dari hari ke hari, and finally I met her. I met her artworks and everything she draws really jaws-dropping. Sumpah saya sukaaaaaa sangat k! And because of her;

She's my inspirations to keep going what I love most,

She's my boo. My everything when it comes to ARTS. When she uploaded her artworks on instagram, makes me realizes, how lucky I am to be one of the painter, one of the freelance drawer, one of the people in a million that can draw while other people have difficulties to draw because they're not-so-talented enough, err

She's my moon and my star  , brighten up my gloomy night thinking, nervous out of sudden, blank. When I looked at her artworks, everything suddenly became so peaceful. And full with love. Everything :')

Her name is AtiraAriffyn. She's 24 years old and studying as an architectural student in London. It happens to be sooo weird when I know that she's an architect, why she loves drawing other than buildings?

Then it occurs to me. She's the lucky one. The lucky one to feel the sweetness of draws randomly and god, I wish I can draw as perfect as she is. 

Because she's soooo awesome and kewlll lol, I requested her to send me this. Guess what, babydolls?

Nice wrapped with blue&white thin ribbon. Ada business card lagi, cutenya >< And Voila!

Magic happens in front of me :') Menangis terharu okayyyy dapat one set of original watercolour painting illustrations of Geisha's then printed with high resolution on exclusive metallic silver postcards with free two stickers! Gyaaaaa T.T

Every Geisha's have their own looks and stories, IF you see them through enough. Hauntedly beautiful. HERMOSA GEISHAS LOVE!

Above from left:Sakura,Sayuri, Reika, Narumi.
Bottom from left:Ayame,Misaki,Hikari,and Miyako.

I love all the geishas especially Sakura, Misaki and Miyako <3

Hey guys, if you want to order this, you can send an e-mail to her at:


I can't wait to have her sticker collections, just a lil bit more.Gyaaa ><

Wishlist 2013:

:Pineng Powerbank
:AtiraAriffyn's Artwork   
:EOS Lipbalm
:Sometime Boxi bag
:And moreee to come..

I love Arts. I  really am. If you love me, then you love Arts. And me LOL 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)