March 29, 2014


Assalamualaikum, Hai dollies! *eh, ada ayat dollies ke? lol, pedulikkan*

since today is this baby March birthday! well,actually mine is 24 but now it's already 29 but whatsoever, let's continue!

Basically, I'm really happy today! Celebrating birthday with the one you love is the most memorable and the sweetest thing ever! Al-Hamdullilah, Umuq saya dah 22 tahun and indeed I'm getting old. Tapi still young di hati. YOUNG K YOUNG. Terima kasih sangat diucapkan kepada my super mum sebab melahirkan dan membesarkan diri ini until now eventhough saya sangat malas+cute+lazy bone+gorgeous+creative and totally babelicious <-OVERRRR, abaikan!

Today, we celebrating all march babiess in the family, which is Aisya nyek,Abang, Arwah papa and also me. It was indeed best because we had an amazing hi-tea at DoubleTree, by Hilton hotel and after that,cuci mata pergi shopping kat Ampang Park. Such a fun day before hari isnin nak shuh-shuh pergi study balik mengadap UIA T.T

The hi-tea start on 12pm and finished at 4 pm. Everything went well and makanan memang best! First time saya rasa laksa sarawak and lempeng Ice-cream. Unfortunately, saya tak boleh nak share all the foodies pic sebab lepas letak kat meja terus makan. So yeah, tak sempat nak snap T.T

Sempat snap ni je. Erk, boleh je kan? LOL

Selfie happy family after eating :3

Endless love, my mum 

Endless love, annoying abang.

Muka biasa adik Aisya Nyek and cute me. LOLZ

I got a lot of texts and birthday wishes too from my friends and my family. Al-Hamdulillah, ingat jugak dorang kat diri ni even selalu sangat lupakan dorang sebab busy. Entah, aku busy ape pun,aku tak tau -.-

I got some of beauty presents too! Below ni is my fav from my mum 

OMGGGG, Sumpah dah lamaaa gila nak cari perfume yang sama taraf bau sweet macam CAN CAN Paris Hilton! I love it so much, thank you Katy Perry for this baby and yeah, thanks to mum too sebab beli perfume Meow! ni from Aussie. LOVE LOVE 

I managed to grab some shawls and also bawal satin for my everyday use masa shopping dekat Ampang Park. Actually, I'm not a big fan of bawal since muka dah terbiasa sangat dengan wide shawls. But,takpelah. Just give it a try!I got birthday present from my Aisya nyek *adik* which is Cath Kidston Polka Dot notebook fresh from UK and RM50 from my sis mok. From abang? His Annoyance is already enough -.- ada abang memang selalu annoying eh? Serius tak pernah jumpa abang yang baik layan adik. Phui!

OOTD for today!

Top: Mango
Seluar: Slack jeans dark brown,Voir
Bangles: Lovisa and Miss-T
Boots: From IG, idk. tak ingat.
Bag: From ex, bought at sometime. Thank you for the heart breaking present for early february,though dear EX!
Shawl: Nine west.
Makeup: In2it, Silkygirl and Maybelline. Not to much pun apply, tee hee 

Loving my life as 22 now 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)