March 4, 2014

Product review: IN2it Gel tint

Assalamualaikum, hai dollssss!

It's totally been a while I didn't update my online diary, hamboihh kemain, sumpah bajet macam banyak sangat readers T.T over betul.OVER.

Tonight,sumpah kena struggle untuk 2 or maybe, 3 quizzes for tomorrow and I really have soo much little time but I did habiskan satu subject. Dayummm! another one is the killer subject and yeah, gotta admit I don't focus much on this 'another subject' sebab suka melukis dalam class Madam ni. Rasa macam kesian,tapi entah. I can't stop my hands TT.TT

Sekarang kan, musim saya mengada pakai lip tint kan kan kannnnnn! If you guys still mencari lip tint yang best and beautiful colors, you guys should read more pasal product yang bakal I tulis ni, Jeng jeng!

IN2it Gel tint! 

All I can say, I'm deeply in love with this baby since my first application. I love the colors, the packaging and yes, this baby can get in very affordable price even high school girls pun boleh beli, youuu!

-The colors comes in 4 types: Melon, Strawberry(pic kat atas), Orange and idk another one lupa LOL
-tahan lama? Indeed gais! 8-10 hours! Hari ni saya pakai pukul 11 pagi and I gotta admit, now, yeah right now jam kat lappy pukul 12.10 malam ni, still gel tint ni melekat. tapi dah tinggal sikit lah, tak banyak macam masa petang tadi but hell, who cares! STILL TAHAN LAMA!
-Murah RM9.90!
-Cute packaging, sesuai sangat untuk babydolls out there :3 and very convenient too!


Seriously, this is one of my fav gel tint! Oh yes, korang boleh apply this on cheeks and lips too! How economical is that? lepas ni, save budget nak beli blusher hehe :3
Hah, korang boleh beli ni kat Watson, mahupun Guardian. Or Sasa. Just try one, confirm hook up with this le amazing product! 

P/S: Entry berkaitan PERIPERA and Cat Chu lip tint. They are my fav's too!

P/S lagi: Will do lot more about these other products. Just wait, babydolls!

PATI IBUPUTIH SA BEAUTY. Indeed, it is from one and only seller I like! Guess guyss!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)