September 18, 2014

White Ink

Assalamualaikum, hai lovelies!

Rasanya baru je update blog about the big date which is 17 September, Al-Hamdulillah, I'm done with test kereta, however I did fail in circuit, parking pulak tu langgar tiang T.T Ehehe tah pasaipa nervous sangat dengan hakak habang JPJ sampai lupa step -.- takpelah, janji lepas ni re-test untuk dalam litar. I will, definitely gonna control my nervousness to get that annoying 'P' license. Dangg

Well here, I'm doing some fun, fun things using white ink to draw on black paper. My muses are flower and girl. Girllssss :3 check it out!

Kiss me hard before you go

Classy babygirl 


 Poison Ivy

My favorite girl

Moments of silence. this doodle tribute just for MH17 and MH370 :(

 I will love you till the end of time 

Young and Beautiful

Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) :-

Guna pen apa? 

: for this series, I use Uniball Signo 0.7, creamy white gel pen. Serius, Uniball gel pen memang the best. The color perform nicely and tak timbus to other page. So far I'm using Uniball, memang puas hati. the price pun dalam around rm4-5 sebatang. During I doodled "Moments of silence", I used Pilot gel pen and color dia tak timbul but tak pekat compared to Uniball. So saya sangat suggest kan pada mereka yang nak lukis on black paper, Uniball is the wise choice to pick :)

Guna black paper apa? saya cari tak jumpa pun T.T!

:Jangan sedih, saya mula mula pun tercari jugak black paper/ notebook kulit gelap, finally jumpa di Kinokuniya. Nama notebook tu is Urban Papier Noir by Grand luxe. The paper mainly  polyprop black paper and the price is RM12.50.

Kenapa suka lukis perempuan?

: Because girl is complicated human being. And girls have a lot of different hair styles. Tu yang minat melukis perempuan. Yes, My muse is girl. 

Kenapa suka lukis curly curly? how you start draw the curls?

: Soalan cepucemas :P I gotta say, Curls is my specialty. Probably because curls relate very close with my self. I mean, 'CURLS' = my life journey. Our life not gonna be easy and happy all the times, sometimes we have to face some rocks and shits. Ada pahit manis. Barulah namanya kehidupan. Biasanya saya lukis, spontaneous and direct feelings.

Boleh lukis self-potrait tak?

: The answer is NO. Saya tak reti lukis muka orang. Serius, bahagian telinga is my least favorite part masa melukis. I mean, macam mana nak lukis muka orang tanpa telinga? zzz 

Do you sell your painting?

:Same answer like previous question. I'm not selling my painting or doodles yet. But I do take request from people. Depends on my availability. Just directly PM me on Facebook okay :)

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May God bless you, people! do not hesitate to contact me thru e-mail or Facebook 

Lots of love,
Miss A :)