August 26, 2014

Liselle X Lisa Lee

Assalamualaikum, Hey all babylove  

I'm really in the mood of blogging about this amazing experience I captured and store it, never ever going to erase in my mind. Oh yeah, before that, Al-Hamdulillah, the sketch event held by KL Sketch Nation is inspiring and everything going well. Except, I didn't go for their sketch jam *sketch sama-sama session and other fun session since I'm only came at Saturday and screw me, datang terlalu awal pukul 10, but the event launch at 2 in the evening LIKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER T.T* Basically, sempat tengok my sketches tersidai di Gallery Titik Merah and others amazing sketches drawn by other fantastic people. Yes, They all very great people  

However, what I love the most during I attend Publika hari sabtu tersebut, I bumped with this amazing and stunning lady when it comes to her art illustrations! check it out!

Introducing, LISELLE!

These are some of the majestic art paint done by Lisa Lee, the founder and also the creator of Liselle. Can you believe that this canvas painting for sale? all the prices range from RM120-RM700 high! *feeling happy, joget-joget suka*

In order to make Liselle more famous not only on canvas, Lisa Lee invented that Liselle can be collected through four different types of Tea and comes with Rose, Jasmine, Blooming scented and Peppermint *I'm not quite sure remembering with Peppermint name, but if you guys ask about Blooming scented tea, the owner claims that the the tea will bloom/grows like magic after you pour hot water inside mug/cup. Make sure it were transparent, though :3*  

and then it comes also with beautiful postcards, cute stickers, Baby Tee and T-shirt with Liselle paint on it, CD's and so on!

What I love most about Liselle is, the owner are very beautiful and petite! very sweet lady with grace. I remembered when I met her, I didn't believe that she spontaneously took pictures with me and give me three kisses on my cheeks   sooo lovable!

It is such a  bliss that I met with a great art illustrator like her. In shaa ALLAH, she's gonna be my role model to pursue my dreams to become a great illustrator too, one day. One Fine Day  

It's such a great loss if I don't buy any Liselle's products because this chance is like, once in a lifetime! met with the owner and bought Liselle's postcards and Rose Tea too such a great experienced to missed out. Thank God I managed to grab these babies before leaving Publika that day and head out watching my sketches. And yeah, thank you to Lisa Lee because you treat me very nice. I feel like macam kawan'kawan girl cina masa I study di St.Mary dulu. Amoi cantik :3

Click here to find Liselle!


Nanti saya update about my sketches. toddles!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)