December 14, 2014

Product review: Naturactor

Assalamualaikum, hi dolls!

Yeayyyyyyyy, I finally sneak out my time from hectic schedules for this month just to write a fresh, new entry for my dearly blog. I know, BTMA's sucks without new updates! I mean come on, you guys of course know how it feels when we abandon our precious online diary due to non-stop assignments and presentations. Moreover, this month is the final exam month. So yeah, I need to prepare for my finals and my first paper is on 30th December T.T I need a break. over and over and over again zzzz

Here, I wanna write quick updates regarding with makeup products from my favorite place on earth a.k.a the place I wanna visit every year due to beautiful precious pinky flowers sakura! Yup, I'm talking about NATURACTOR baby!

As you lovelies can see, I bought these babies because I used to wear Naturactor skincare products which are Naturactor soap and Hi-Care freshener *CLICK HERE to read*  I had a very bad and terrible problem skin when I was studying in CFS IIUM, Nilai. After few times searching for the best to kill all the acne(sssssssss) on my face, I finally found Naturactor and it works real good for my face. After that experience, I put my trust to Naturactor products regardless skincare or makeup to enhance my puffy face with their famous ever, NATURACTOR COVER FACE (on the left) and MAGIC LIPSTICK (on the right) into pretty, living doll,and natural face * I'm over exaggerating about it* LOLOLOL 

So here are the real appearance that come out from the box. I add up another item from NATURACTOR. Let me list out the names:

NATURACTOR COVER FACE CODE 141 (CF) fair for malay skin.
NATURACTOR SUMMER CAKE CODE 630 (SC) too fair and suitable for chinese skin. wtf 
NATURACTOR MAGIC LIPSTICK CODE 01 (ML) Orange kiss and I love it to max 

Personal review:

CF: I love this foundation sooo freaking much  It does cover all the imperfections of my face such as scars, breakouts and lighten up my face to create dewy-look finish. The coverage stands up until 6-7 hours before it gets cakey. That is why, sometimes I touch it up with pressed powder from Maybelline. But well, sometimes I don't. I love to blend it with wet sponge to create a porcellain kinda look on my face LOLOL The price are really affordable and it last about 2-3 months depending on regular usage. One thing I love most is, when I apply this foundation, it does not pop out new pimples on my face. Most of the foundation that I used, there is always, ALWAYS new pimples appeared on my face but with CF, the problem is solve! yeay 

SC: I used to wear this after I did some facial treatment using NATURACTOR skincare products. It does create flawless face for oily face type. However, I don't quite like it because SC does not provide with the sponge to touch up my face and the price quite pricey, approximately rm69, *why on earth I bought this at first place T.T*

ML: Love this product! I love because it creates orangish lippy look and the price are affordable *same price with CF* It last long around 4-5 hours without eating, but the color can be slightly fade after eat. So yeah, I have to re-apply it back but still it doesn't matter because I love the color!  

Here is the picture of mine wearing CF and ML. The CF blends well with my skin and look nice on this picture but I'm really sorry the picture turn out this way *the duckie lips* because I just want you guys to focus the colors of the ML. Damn, freaking love it! 

P/S: I don't have any other pic that shows best about the products I'm used for this entry. Harap pic ni takde kontroversi erk erk ._.

P/S again: CLICK HERE to read about my favorite makeup remover by NATURACTOR too!

Lots of love,
Miss A :)