December 31, 2014


Assalamualaikum, hey dolls!

Soooooooo, can you hear the clock is ticking tick tock tick tock! Oh yes, year 2015 is around the corner, well...approximately less than three hours to go before I hit my favorite number of my youth 22 years old to 23. Oh my, I'm getting old. No wonder I can feel my face getting a lot of wrinkles LOLOLOL no wrinkles, just smart line on my forehead that shows my matured and feminine side due to struggling becoming a smart and tough lady. There is so much things to do but I don't think I managed to perform well during the period of year 2014. Whatever it is, I am still the girl who have ; 

1) Stubborn fats that still sticking around my ass and my stomach *sigh*
2) I still love to eat. Damn you, fat mouth!
3) and I complain I'm fat. then eat again. *double sigh*

It's okay. At least I can act cute right? zzzz

Well, 2-3 days ago I had super battle with my final exam and it is still continue until 11th January. So yeah, I don't really mind celebrating new year with excited feelings since I know that people are sick worried about what current situation happens in Pantai Timur and missing Air Asia plane. I hope everything going smooth and really hope everyone can be happy as sweet as cake. I really am :( Despite having final exams, my super mum and my family going on vacation at Johore Bahru and shopping there, like last year, leaving me alone in IIUM. 

Because I can't go + my mum didn't buy anything for me due to limited time shopping at JPO + My gedik sis got to buy something for her instead of me -.- I sulked so bad until my mum opened her heart to buy a new leather handbag with combination of Gold/Fucshia colors

The bag have a classy, elegant look and accompanied with 3 side-kick inside it! Goldie makeup handbag and Goldie tag! How cool is that, people! *really don't have a clue why I need to insert exclamation points at every end of sentences*

Sneak peek.

Le inside of Goldie Tag. My mum really know my taste very well since I love gold color. Not too shine or look to 'keling'y LOLOLOL

Le Makeup bag. I REALLY NEED ONE RIGHT NOW and THANK YOU MUM FOR THIS! Best present ever to conclude my sad, tired month for the year of 2014 :') 

SMART. Yeah,be SMART love with SMART Goldie bag 

I'm not a sucker for handbag because clutch is my preference. However, this bag is exceptional since my mum try so hard to please me because I'm really sad that time when she mentioned that she did not buy anything for me. It's okay mum, now I'm okay :3

Le brand. Thank you again mum for this bag. I really appreciate it and I can't wait to use for family vacation in Turkey  The bag is really cool and the price is quite expensive, I must say *because I accidentally check the price tag*, but I assume it was a gift from sweet mother to her precious daughter....LOL

P/S: New motivation to strive harder for my next paper on 5th Jan. ME, come on!

P/S again: I can smell something new is coming up. Oh, please hold that feelings, dear heart! DUPDAPDUPDAP *wink*

Lots of love,
Miss A :)